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Become an Authorized Leader in Me School

FranklinCovey partners with schools to implement the key paradigms and practices of The Leader in Me through professional development, coaching, and resources in the first three years. Thereafter, schools continue to access resources and coaching to sustain their efforts and continuously improve. Download the process map here.

On-site Professional Development


FranklinCovey delivers transformational professional development to schools through its network of consultants. Staff members learn how to make leadership development a part of the everyday student experience, including teaching leadership principles in meaningful ways, creating a culture of share leadership within the school, and helping students take more ownership for their academic learning
and goal achievement.

The Leader in Me Coaching System™


Through a mix of on-site coaching, community coaching, and virtual touchpoints, The Leader in Me Coaching System™ produces real behavioral change. FranklinCovey coaches combine new learning with practice, feedback, and reflection in a learning cycle to ensure that staff members develop a deeper capacity to implement The Leader in Me.

Annual Resources


FranklinCovey provides Leader in Me schools its world-class content (such as The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The 4 Disciplines of Execution, and The 4 Roles of Leadership) in various formats including web-based professional development, videos, student curriculum, classroom materials, home materials, etc., through the Annual School License.

What is The Leader In Me?

The 21st Century Leadership & Life Skills.
Best-Practices & Universal Principles.
And a New Mindset.
Expanding Around the Globe.

How is it different?

A Different Paradigm.
From the Inside Out.
A Common Language—The 7 Habits.
Implementation Is Ubiquitous.

What is impact?

Evaluation of The Leader in Me in Two School Districts based on Teacher and Students Reaction, Learning, Application, and Overall Impact.

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