Helping Clients Succeed®

Strikingly Different Selling

Imagine if your product went from just one of the crowd—to consistently standing out as the superior choice.

Every day, salespeople are competing in their industry for the same customers—and there is only one winner for each sales opportunity. How can your salespeople stand out and sell more?  

Helping Clients Succeed®: Strikingly Different Selling helps sales leaders and teams learn to differentiate themselves based on what matters most to the customer—helping the customer succeed. This customer-centric approach allows sales professionals to be seen as trusted advisors throughout the sales cycle while consistently delivering predictable sales results. 

Course Introduction:

Helping Clients Succeed: Strikingly Different Selling


Of Sales Meetings are Unsuccessful*


Of the Time, Buyers see no or Minimal Difference Between Vendors**


Average Global win Rate for Deals Over $100,000**

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Course Details

Helping Clients Succeed consists of four tracks, one for sales leaders and three for sales leaders and their teams. The solution engages learners through weekly learning and application spaced over time. Each track includes multiple learning modalities, reinforcement microlearning, and powerful sales tools built within the flow of work. 

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