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Help students close the career readiness gap.

Your current programs are preparing students with the knowledge and technical skills they need to begin their career. But how well are you developing essential "soft skills" to help them lead and collaborate with others?

Today’s employers are reporting a massive career skills gap that is on track to grow. Innovation and technology are demanding a workforce that demonstrates unprecedented emotional intelligence, initiative, collaboration skills, and more. Even with the strongest academic preparation, recent graduates are lacking the leadership and communication skills required to thrive in today’s workplace.

As a result of FranklinCovey courses, I have seen co-workers and employees transform from frightened, nervous individuals into confident speakers who share a well-designed message. I have seen confidence blossom. I have seen employees improve their writing and presentation skills. I have witnessed leaders start holding effective one-on-ones with their team members. To learn these skills and practices in college- before one ever enters the workforce would be incredible and so helpful.
Amanda Chauncey, Manager of Learning, Major US Bank

College & Universities Provide

  • Academic Theory

  • Industry Knowledge

  • Technical Skills

  • Functional Skills

Employers Need

  • Personal Skills

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Managerial Skills

  • Organizational Skills

The gap is an opportunity.

Compelling research reveals both the gap in career skill development and the opportunity for institutions to better prepare students for the workforce.


of 32K students are not confident they will graduate with enough relevant skills to enter the job market. (Strada)


of employers rate recent college graduates as proficient in leadership, while students claim 70% proficiency. (NACE)


of employers said they would hire without a 4-year degree, in favor of someone with the right skills. (WES/FW)


of hiring managers say education systems have done little to address the skills gap. (SHRM)

Why LeaderU?

For years, institutions have been working to close the soft skills gap from the outside-in.

LeaderU takes an inside-out approach by helping you teach students career skills or "soft skills" with all of FranklinCovey's award-winning content. Students who have completed your program can show verifiable evidence of the skills they developed with a FranklinCovey certificate.

I knew students would be excited about the FranklinCovey certificate, but they were really excited and proud of themselves when they completed this course. The certificate is a tool they can use in their portfolio when they are looking for employment. It’s one extra thing that sets them apart from everyone else.
Christy Ruiz, Charter College

Teach Career Skills

Help students develop essential career readiness skills.

Access FranklinCovey Content

Teach the same content used by leading organizations.

Award Certificates

Set your students apart with verifiable soft skills.

Integrate LeaderU with any degree program.

Your curriculum and course syllabi already map out a robust educational experience for students. But as accreditors continue to look at course objectives, how do you ensure students develop the essential career and "soft skills" promised in the program?

Career Skill Modules

Business, nursing, engineering, IT, and other programs excel at preparing students. But how well do you develop essential career skills listed in course objectives? LeaderU career skill modules are flexible and can be introduced throughout any program from freshman to senior year. You simply choose the content you need and when to cover it.

Full LeaderU Courses

Rather than create your own learning paths to introduce career skills, LeaderU course content is ready to go. You can deliver award-winning leadership content "out of the box" through the resource library. Present content from courses like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®, Leading at the Speed of Trust®, and more in any course or program.

Improve co-curricular initiatives.

Give students an opportunity to earn professional credentials to add to their resume, while they are working on their degree. LeaderU can be used to improve your existing career-readiness and student leadership initiatives.

Career Center Services

Improve your existing career services department and courses with leadership content from FranklinCovey. All students can benefit from learning the essential skills they need to excel in the workforce. You can close the career-readiness gap by exposing your students to professional-level leadership training content used by Fortune 500 organizations from around the world.

Leadership Programs

Like many colleges and universities, you likely have an optional leadership program available to your students. You can offer award-winning leadership content from LeaderU to a choice few or the entire student body. Give your institution a competitive advantage with an impressive leadership program based on professional content.

Expand your continuing education initiative.

Improve your existing professional development program with FranklinCovey content.

As a credible institution, you already have the platform to grow your continuing education program. By expanding your course catalog to include professional development courses from FranklinCovey, you can provide alumni with valuable leadership certificate opportunities that will help them achieve greater success in their careers.

Offer award-winning courses.

If you are like most institutions, you have some great professional development courses offered to the community. By partnering with FranklinCovey as a world-renowned expert in leadership development, you gain access to award-winning content to add to your course options.

Facilitate Courses Online or In-Person

Prior to the new normal of online classrooms and virtual training, we were all convinced that nothing compared to a live instructor-led experience. Whether you choose a 2-week, 8-week, or a 10-week FranklinCovey course, a live-online experience may be exactly what your community still needs.

Offer Self-Paced Courses

Busy professionals love an online course that gives them the flexibility they need to experience course content within a structured schedule. FranklinCovey self-paced courses are turnkey and ready to go through Canvas. And you can choose the duration, depth, and price for any FranklinCovey course.

FranklinCovey Instructors Are Here to Help

Taking on a new initiative to provide more professional development courses to the community is easier than you think. If you need help, FranklinCovey can provide you with a certified facilitator who is experienced in delivering FranklinCovey training content in a powerful way.

Improve Learning With Course Materials

Historically, FranklinCovey has provided physical materials for each participant to go along with a course. Having materials in hand gives people a rich and immersive experience with the content. However, digital course materials (editable PDF) can be more practical and cost-effective.

Enhance your emerging leaders program.

Establish a Principle-Centered Leadership™ program with FranklinCovey certificates.

If "soft skills" are so soft, then why they are critical to leadership roles within your institution? LeaderU certificates provide verifiable evidence that your emerging leaders have developed essential career skills to effectively manage a team or lead a department. Simply select the FranklinCovey leadership content you need to improve your current learning and development initiative for emerging leaders.


Improve culture with confidence.

Creating culture change and taking on mission-critical objectives can very challenging. Everyone's heart and mind need to be in it, to win it. With LeaderU, employees can earn a certificate that demonstrates their understanding of core principles, to show leaders they are ready to improve culture.

Create a Culture of Trust

Time and time again, research shows that trust is the key driver of high-performing teams and organizations. It's the one thing that changes everything. By ensuring individuals earn a certificate in the Speed of Trust content, everyone will be able to speak the same language and contribute to building a culture of high trust.

Address Unconscious Bias

What is the measurable impact of bias is at your institution? You may see signs of bias in the form of employee disengagement, slow decision-making, or unhealthy turnover/retention. By ensuring everyone earns a certificate in FranklinCovey's Unconscious Bias solution, you'll know everyone is united with a shared vision to take action. (Unconscious Bias certificates are coming soon to LeaderU.)

Grow Student Enrollments

The lifeblood of any institution is the student body. You may already have an innovative idea to increase enrollments that will make all difference. So how do recruit your employees around this mission-critical objective? The 4 Disciplines of Execution certificate will ensure everyone is playing the same winnable game.

Improve Completion Rates

Student success is a long, arduous journey. A 100% completion rate may be an unrealistic goal, but research shows that focusing on moving the middle 60% of students to graduation could make a significant impact. A 4 Disciplines of Execution certificate ensures your team is focused and committed to the same Wildly Important Goal.

Access FranklinCovey's award-winning content.

LeaderU provides you with the same award-winning content used to develop leaders at Fortune 500 organizations. Gain access to FranklinCovey’s robust library full of hundreds of videos, worksheets, articles, and more. By integrating LeaderU into your existing LMS system (like Blackboard, Brightspace, Canvas, and more), you can choose the most relevant resources to share with your students. Create your own learning modules, show videos, or craft assignments to support any existing course.

The LeaderU certification process.

Whether you co-brand with FranklinCovey or use our course certificates, the LeaderU certification process makes your job easy. LeaderU provides the proctored exam, issues the certificate for a passing score, and lists the student’s achievement with a public profile on Credly’s Acclaim platform.

Close the skills gap with FranklinCovey.

For over 30 years, FranklinCovey has trained leaders from the most respected organizations in the world, including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and educational institutions.


leaders in 17,000 work units of 1,100 organizations have been studied/interviewed.


copies of bestselling books have been sold, including The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®.


countries throughout the world have organizations implementing courses from FranklinCovey.


of Fortune 500 organizations have worked with FranklinCovey.

Questions? We have answers.

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