Participant’s Feedback

Apollo Health and Lifestyle Limited Participant – July 2023

Attended the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 4.0 workshop. I must say this i1s one of the best workshops and would recommend everyone to attend. I am sure the 7 habits would help me to become effective in my both personal and professional life.

Apollo Health and Lifestyle Limited Participant – July 2023

Completed The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 4.0 It is a well structured program to conduct self in various spheres of work and personal life. It details out important elements of private victory and public victory and ways to achieve it.

Apollo Health and Lifestyle Limited Participant – June 2023

7 Habits of the highly effective people, signature edition 4.0 – Genuinely one of the best workshops I’ve attended. The Content was awesome. I would recommend this workshop for everyone to attend to excel in their Life. I am sure, the learnings from this session would help me to be more effective in both my Professional and Personal Life.

Building Great Leadership Program Participant – June, 2023

Program facilitated the participants to evolve, apply multiple digital tools, some being very imperative for driving business digital story. The program also assisted to enhance network and take development steps to kill blind spots as emerged from 360 feedback.

Building Great Leadership Program Participant – June , 2023

Training was very useful and Impactful. Because the learner was able to articulate and implement the learnings within the team also with stakeholder. Approach towards handling the challenges is improved and is more towards solving the issues. I feel this training has really impacted as a leader and I looks forward for better results.

7 Habits Participant – March, 2023


It was a very pleasant experience to attend such an interactive and an informative training session conducted by FC . Great Trainer .engaged well with participants in the discussions and the activities. The top three take awaysfrom

This workshop for me are:

  1. Be Proactive.
  2. Put First Things First.
  3. Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood.

I would definitely try to implement and share my learning with my team members for best possible results. I would be using HIDDEN RESOURCE FINDER,MY CONTRIBUTION STATEMENT, 5 – MINUTE PROJECT PLANNER, FOCUS ON IMPORTANT, NOT JUST THE URGENT

With my team members. hoping to have the utmost results too.


The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – Open Workshop – February , 2023

It was indeed a great program and I could learn a lot of things from workshop.

The three main things which I learnt from this workshop are mentioned below.

  1. Proactive Thinking – Pause , Think and choose your response to any event / stimulus.
  2. Start with the End in mind – Always start your communication . meetings with the desired objective in mine and drive the process so as to accomplish the desired result.
  3. Emphatic listening – Listen to understand the message before we start responding . This will help us to understand the position of other person better.

I have started my weekly planning and it is giving me immense benefits in my personal as well as professional life .

I look forward to much enriched and fulfilled effective life in future .

Leadership Participant – Open Workshop – January 2023


It was nice interacting in the program. There was a lot of learning and I have enlisted top 3 takeaways as below:

  1. Create an environment of Mutual Respect and Trust.
  2. Clarifying purpose of the decision/ work so that team also feels motivated to achieve.
  3. Keeping a compelling scoreboard – to be maintained by the team themselves.

Thanks and would certainly like to keep interacting via various online modules, tools and resources as outlined in your email.

Leadership Participant – Schneider Electric – January 2023

Quality of the content & delivery was great & ability of trainer to keep everyone engaged is excellent.

Program simplifies a complex area of leadership, strategy execution; through processes and (relevant) techniques.

The 7 Habits Participant – Schneider electronic – January 2023

Both the program and the way it was presented were very much appreciated by participants with special mention to JTBD and BYOC, also evidenced by the scores and the comments.

Presentation was simple & real life examples was awesome.

Great BYOC and others scores for Level 3, not an easy task given the complexities of the content and the need to relate the BYOC to it.

The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – Deloitte – July, 2021

The session was incredible. Just wanted to say thank you for this contribution in my journey. I think I would want to invite you to my 80th Birthday where you can see how this session has changed me inside out.

The 6 Critical Practices Participant – TTT / All Access Pass Client – June, 2021

I wanted to extend our heartfelt thanks for conducting such an insightful and impactful session on 6 Critical Practices. It gave us much needed clarity and a different perspective on the whole module.

We look forward to many more connects with you in future. Wishing you, your loved ones and the entire Franklin Covey Team, good health and safety!

The 4 essential roles of leadership – Schneider Electric – May, 2021

Thank you for a great training.

Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples which all made for a really enjoyable and informative course.

Yes, it is bang on helping us. Not only on my BYOC but also in my other professional as well as personal activities which i do. I think it helps us to be better individuals.

The 7 Habits Participant – Open Workshop – December, 2020

Hi FC team ,

Thanks for inspiring me and making me to think a lot to help others and do some thing for needy people , will keep you posted about this foundation,need your wishes,support and blessings.

The 7 Habits Participant – September, 2020

We would like to thank Franklin Covey India for adapting to the virtual sessions so quickly amidst the pandemic. With a move to the virtual mode as well, the quality of the training “7 Habits for Effective People” has not been compromised.

The sessions are engaging and very interactive. The modules have a right balance between theory and the activities which keeps the participants engaged at all times. The e-participant kits also help the participants stay connected with the content of the training.

Overall the Training “7 Habits for Effective People” have proved to be very helpful for all our employees.

The 7 Habits Participant – SRI Aurobindo Society – September, 2020

When I have my priorities in place, I feel an urge in myself that I am responsible for completing it on time.

I do not procrastinate my word and I take all possible measures to get my priorities done.

I shall keep practicing this.

The 7 Habits Participant – SRI Aurobindo Society – September, 2020

Thank you for your email,

These followup mails are really helpful as a push in the right direction as in beginning one needs a push until following the new habits becomes an inbuilt and self inspired habit.

Following are my few insights while working on the habit in last 2 weeks:-

  1. A constant churning in mind has started and going on towards planning the work on many dimensions which was missing previous to attend the workshop.
  2. While planning for long term goals, the 1st thing i noticed happening is direct impact of the same on my short term goals , in the sense getting more defined and in alignment with the long term goals.

So that my short term goals ( work) is now straight away an integral part of the long term goals, making every effort of mine to count towards the future of my business.

This one thing particularly has been the biggest takeaway for me as of now as it has saved a huge bundle of my work, energy and everything coz even a smaller work or planning or efforts taken today are contributing towards the final- long term goal, which again is supposed to open up in to a NEW Final goal.

Looking forward to much of such kind of revelations and its application in practical work directly, knowing its a long process although.

The 7 Habits Participant – Ericsson – August, 2020


Following three takeaways from Training:

  • Time Matrix: calendar management
  • Trying to be Proactive
  • Think Win Win : Habit of mutual benefit.

The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – Collins Aerospace – March, 2020

Thank you. I have completed the actions mentioned in this email. The follow ups are really helping.

Strategy to Execution Participant – HCL – February, 2020

We want to take this opportunity to appreciate and acknowledge the effort you took to deliver a wonderful session. I could see participants engagement.

Look forward for more such interactions.

The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – Page Industries Limited – February, 2020


The top 3 takeaways from this workshop are:

  • Give pauses before responding.
  • Be empathetic and the paradigm shift happens.
  • Focus on the solution and not the problems.

The 7 Habits Participant – Siemens Technology and Services Pvt Ltd – February, 2020

Dear Sir,

Below are my 3 take ways from training.

  • Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood: This is the beautiful concept which will solve most of the conflicts which will arrive while addressing any point.
  • Leader: 2 most important criteria for any leader 1) Character and competence. This is also a really beautiful thought process which was come out from practical.
  • Begin With the End in Mind: One of my favorite topic.

The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – ECI THE ELASTIC NETWORK COMPANY – January, 2020

Hi Team,

Thank you so much for the follow up. Below are the takeaways from the Workshop I attended.

  • This training cum workshop has helped to rethink on personal as well as professional goals.
  • It helps to understand the ways to keep up with the ever-changing world around you (we can call it Mindfulness).
  • Change in perspective of looking at things that are happening around.

The 7 Habits Participant – Terumo India – January, 2020

Just a HEART FELT note of thanks for an amazing session delivery and your partnership!

Look forward to many more.

The Leadership Summit 2020 Participant – HCL – January, 2020

On behalf of HCL Talent Development team, we would like to express our appreciation for an insightful session at the Leadership Summit in HCL.

When planning an event such as this, it is imperative to gain the participation of experts in the field. Your willingness to share your time and expertise on the topic of ‘Leadership Essentials in the New World: Learning Agility & Dexterity’ added much value to shaping the leadership conversations. The positive responses to the session are a reflection of Franklin Covey’s acceptance and credibility in our industry.

Once again, thank you for making the Summit successful, and we appreciate your continued support.

The 6 Critical Practices and leading AT THE SPEED OF TRUST Participant – 3M – October, 2019

  • “The program is really good and helps you identify and act on development areas. Trainer was interesting and fun guy :)”.
  • “Really effective, trainer was done his best to clarify things to us”.
  • “It was one of best program and I am glad to be a participant”.
  • “These program can be organized very often”.
  • “It was very useful. Learned many useful things to accelerate productivity, remove stress, and hence personality. Thank you :)”.
  • “The trainer & training was very impressive and kept the audience involved. It was a great learning experience. Had a useful session today. Thanks :)”.
  • “Wonderful facilitation, very interactive and had personal stories to share. Kept the session lively and interesting”.
  • “Would like to attend more of these trainings”.

The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – Elico Health Care Services – October, 2019

Dear Sir,

Habits are what we do consistently, and character is one of the habits that will ensure effectiveness in the long run.

In any industry, endeavor, or situation, it’s necessary for us to commit to continuous learning. Whether it’s reading books, listening to podcasts, taking up classes, or attending workshops, we should be devoted to improve ourselves. It’s only through self-improvement, self-renewal, or self-care to become most productive and effective. Covey also explains that to make learning a habit, we should focus on four key areas: Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit.

Body: Doing exercise for half an hour/day and maintain the fixed bed time.

Heart: Meeting friends regularly and plan outing with family.

Mind: Teaching mathematics to kids regularly. Learning and sharing knowledge to team members regularly. Reading a book daily before bed time.

Spirit: Doing Meditation daily.

The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – Elico Health Care Services – September, 2019

Hello Team FranklinCovey,


It is my privilege and pleasure to get associated with such wonderful Trainers from Franklin Covey. The Training Program I attended on “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” was really Interesting and more insightful.

The 3 major Takeaways for me from this Training are:

    • Focus on Circle of influence what is well within my control. Let not be concern on Things which is beyond my control. Plan to increase the Circle of influence Be a Transition Person.
    • List the Quadrants. Identify Big Rocks and Focus on Highest Priorities First. Identify the Tasks coming under Q3,Q4 Quadrants and try to avoid or eliminate them. Prepare the weekly plan.
    • Habit of Daily Self- Renewal. Plan for Daily activities on the Four Dimensions of Renewal (Body, Heart, Mind and Soul.) Learn, Commit and Do – Learn, Commit and Do – Learn, Commit and Do.

The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – Elico Health Care Services – September, 2019

Hello Team,

It was pleasure interacting the trainer in two days program and has given lots of helpful information on 7 habits, after attending this program as per me it is must for everyone who are seeking the new heights and passionate people who are willing to change themselves to reach next levels.

As per me my take aways are:

  1. How to be proactive to conquer any unnecessary issues.
  2. Think end in mind which is very useful for everyone who wants to reach their goals without fail.
  3. Sharpen the SAW is also very necessary where do have to keep ourselves always up to date.

The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – Transsion India Pvt.Ltd. – September, 2019


My key takeaways of the training program are as follows:

The way we see the world is entirely based on our own perceptions. In order to change a given situation, we must change ourselves, and in order to change ourselves, we must be able to change our perceptions. People see a successful person, team, or organization and ask, “How do you do it? Teach me your techniques!” But these shortcuts that we look for, hoping to save time and effort and still achieve the desired result, are simply quick fixes that will yield short-term solutions. They don’t address the underlying condition. I understood several underlying principles of successful living – Professional / Personal, through this training program.

Leadership Participant – Colorcon Asia Pvt. Ltd. – September, 2019

Dear sir,

Hope you are fine and doing well!

Key take away from the workshop:

  1. Organizational greatness.
  2. The whole person Paradigm, see the people as whole i.e. body-to live, heart-to love, mind-to learn & spirit-to leave a legacy.
  3. 4 Imperative of great leaders – How great leaders use skill set & tool set to unleash people or team members highest contribution towards organization purpose.
  4. Leadership mindsets Ordinary leader Vs Great Leader.
  5. Becoming a Trim Tab – Consistently doing the right smaller things over time to have great effect.

Implementation plan of learning from the workshop with team:

  1. Identify the gaps or area of improvements by reviewing LQ1.
  2. Will work on 1-2 areas at a time and will ask for specific behavior that can improve, specially w.r.t. 1st imperative i.e. Inspire trust.
  3. In next 3-4 month will work with team to percolate 2nd imperative i.e. Clarify Purpose, Clarify Team purpose & vision using Job to be done, strategic link & MMM analyzer.

Principle Centered Leadership Participant – Colorcon Asia Pvt. Ltd. – September, 2019

Hello Franklin Covey Team,

Thanks for your follow-up mail on this workshop.

Key learnings for me as below:

Leadership Training:

  1. Inspiring trust though Learner mindset.
  2. Asking good question- leading from back.
  3. Align Sysstems.


  1. Use of SCARF Model in improving conversation.
  2. Grow and Develop others.
  3. Understanding bias and mitigation plan.

The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – Transsion India Pvt.Ltd. – September, 2019

Dear Franklin Team,

Greetings and thanks for the superb training session.

My pleasure to get this email and would like to have further emails from Franklin team.

Top 3 takeaways from this session for me are:

  1. Being Proactive: Planning in advance, Planning big rocks at the start of the week and using important matrix effectively. Shared this with my team as well so that they can also get some benefit out of it.
  2. Put first thing first: To prioritize work, focus on what’s important. Don’t get distracted by urgent but ultimately unimportant tasks.
  3. Seek first to understand, then to be understood: when someone presents us with a problem we often jump right to prescribing a solution. This is a mistake. We should first take time to really listen and then comprehend and then make recommendations.

I am sure following this program will help me in becoming a better human being and a better professional as well.

The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – Transsion India Pvt.Ltd. – September, 2019

Hi Team,

Thanks for conducting great session which helped a lot in professional as well personal life.

These 7 habits are easy to understand because we learned these habits with ample examples and videos which we can co-relate in day to day operations.

Key take away for me is from Habit :2 Begin with the end in mind. Currently we have introduced very aggressive series in market , we have launched this with great pre-launch buzz and this has been inject in all stake holders that we will see new Tecno and for that we are doing pre-launch activity , channel correction and investment planning, Here we witnessed right investment , product positioning and ownership of result by all stake holders. So begin with the end in mind helped to all team member. So this is focused and long term planning.

Habit 3 : Put first thing first helped me a lot in priority setting , as in sales operations you have to interact all stake holders and every stake holder shares different challenge with you. So here you need to categorize all challenges from high priority to low priority to avoid any business loss and delay in solution of urgent n important task. This is very important for time management as daily , weekly monthly and so on.

Habit 7 : Every day what extra you learned and delivered which is measurable is something I picked from this habit, If you are not In IC profile than learning curve , motivation and sense of ownership of team is only value addition you are adding in system. In current competitive scenario one should upgrade by understanding more in product , financials & competitiveness of other players is sharpen the saw.

Looking forward for many more learning here.

The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – Aon Consulting – September, 2019


Though there were a lot many takeaways, the 3 important ones for me have been:

  1. The circle of influence – how to expand that.
  2. Overall 7 Habits of effectiveness.
  3. Planning your big rocks at the start of the week.

Principle Centered Leadership Participant – Open Workshop – September, 2019


At the onset, let me express my deep gratitude for the quality programme delivered. My key take aways are:

  1. Mastering the art of coaching – The program was a paradigm shift in my understanding about coaching. I need to practice it further to perfect. I need more support in practicing this .
  2. Execution skills Improvement – In a fast changing world, its difficult to concentrate and improve the skill of execution. Will need to practice consciously ti improve.
  3. Neuro Leadership thinking – It was a very great attempt to see the reason we think in a pattern. Will need more exposure and research to understand the same to perfect !

Leadership Participant – Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. – September, 2019

The following are the top three take aways from this workshop.

  1. Inspire Trust
    • Mind-set, Skill set and Tool set. I will start to receive the feedback from others (Subordinate , Colleagues, superiors etc.,) and this will be a one of the resource to know how others see me as a leader. Based upon the feedback, I will implement required changes in my leadership characters.
  2. Talent
    • Attract, Position, Develop and Reward. I will implement the workshop learnings to create a great place for working. We will a create a talent centre which will take organisation to next level and will this will improve the compliance / productivity.
  3. Money Making model
    • Cash, Margin, Velocity, Growth and customer. Essential at this moment to keep our organisation as a competitive at this current scenario. We have to manufacture cost effective Drugs by implementing the robust process and day by day further improvement for sustainability.

The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – Transsion India Pvt.Ltd. – September, 2019


Greetings for the day & thanks for the fruitful training session.

Here are some key take away from each habit which I will keep practicing on day to day life to meet the personal and professional goal.

  • Be Proactive
    • Don’t spend your time just for impression management by reacting to external events and circumstances. Take charge and assume responsibility of your life as you have natural need to influence the world around you.
  • Begin with End in Mind
    • Don’t spend your life working aimlessly, tackling whatever job comes to hand. Have a vision and clear goal for future and align your actions accordingly to achieve it in reality.
  • Put first things first
    • To prioritize your work, focus on what’s important, meaning the things that brings you closer to your personal and professional vision of the future. Don’t get distracted by urgent but ultimately unimportant tasks.
  • Think WIN-WIN
    • When negotiating with others don’t try to get the biggest slice of pie, but rather find a division that is acceptable and beneficial to all parties. You will still get your fair share and build strong positive relationship in the process.
  • Seek first to understand, then to be understood
    • when someone presents us with a problem we often jump right to prescribing a solution. This is a mistake. We should first take time to really listen and then comprehend and then make recommendations.
  • Synergize
    • Adopt the principle that the contributions of many will far exceed the sum total of individual contributions. This will help us achieve goals which we could never have reached on our own.
  • Sharpen the saw
    • Don’t stress yourself too much just strive for a sustainable lifestyle that allows you time to recharge and recuperate, so that you can stay efficiently effective in long term.

The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – Transsion India Pvt.Ltd. – September, 2019

Dear Team,

Thanks for your email. This will not only reinforce the learning but also help us to follow focused steps as per my mission statement.

Thanks for a lovely session , I am never going to forget the same & I am sure this is my life-time asset.

Thanks a lot!

Leadership Participant – Open Workshop – September, 2019

Dear Franklin team,

Leadership workshop was good with many takeaways.

Top 3 takeaways are:

  1. Treat people as mind / body / heart / spirit- Very useful throughout the life.
  2. Trust building- speed of trust.
  3. Inculcate responsibility within the team- Avoid micro management.

Leadership Participant – Asianet News Network PVT LTD – August, 2019

It was a my pleasure to get this email and would like to have continuous emails from your side, have given below the details required.

Top 3 take aways from the Worksop:

  1. Change in perception on Big and small things in my professional life.
  2. More streamlining and allocating time for knowledge updation and other most important little things both in professional and professional life which would act as a fulcrum to achieve bigger milestones.
  3. More systematic approach in work procedures.

How to implement my learning with my team:

  1. Increasing the trust level of team members by spending an hour in a week – not at a single stretch to improve their analytical skills and insight towards work.
  2. Empowering them more and make them feel like leaders.
  3. Reviewing the team performance at regular intervals and inviting suggestions from the members to improve from the current level and to ensure the execution of the same.

Happy to hear more from your side.

The 7 Habits Participant – TRACTORS AND FARM EQUIPMENT LIMITED – August, 2019

It was a great opportunity to attend this superb workshop with the great FC trainer.

Learnt a lot and it is very difficult to choose only 3 take away.

I would like to mention:

  1. Being proactive-Planning the week in advance and using Important and urgent matrix regularly and effectively-After planning my week in advance, I am trying to compartmentalize my to do notes daily for professional and personal both fronts.Shared this with few of my team members and expecting them to get benefit out of it as well.
  2. Seek first to understand then to be understood-Trying to discuss and dive even more deeper before any taking any decision/reaching to a conclusion. Trying to reduce distractions during discussion and Also trying to develop capabilities of my team so that they can take decision themselves rather than offering them a ready-made solution.
  3. Sharpen your saw-Learning new things, exploring EDX to learn some new courses. Also adopting the concept teach to learn.

Big thanks to TAFE for giving me this opportunity and to Franklin-covey south Asia for developing, designing and conducting such a great program.

I am sure following this program will help me in becoming a better human being and a better professional as well.

The 7 Habits Participant – TAFE – July, 2019

Dear Sir,

Apologies for delay in reply as I was on Official Tour.

Referring to below mail, the Most Important Take Aways for myself are as follows :

  1. The Circle of Influence
    • As part of my work, I have to follow up & get updated lots of requirements for Daily Work in my Organization. Delays from support teams made me sometimes loose my targets. Now, with this new Idea, I am trying to support teams with what ever is in my scope. Few initiatives from my side actually made others move too. Will definitely practice this more in coming days to see how it works up.
  2. Personal Mission Statement
    • This actually made me understand & think in terms that was never done before. Had started making one, thinking it was easy. But have already revised it thrice, as I concluded that I forget few things each time. Will try to draft one & then make plan on how to achieve it.
  3. Time Matrix & 2-20 Principle
    • This matrix has been of big help. I could figure out priorities more efficiently. Have actually got my other two colleagues also follow this & has benefitted all of us. The 2-20 Principle also worked few times (Not everytime till now). But lot of unwanted discussions were definitely avoided.
  4. Think Win Win
    • This actually was felt being a repetition of Circle of Influence during practice. When making others feel & understand their benefits with the coverage of tasks expected within time frame, the activities moved ahead. I too got the benefit of adhering my time lines for delivering my output expected.

These were the few learnings I tried to implement. But since not much time has passed, I would continue with this exercise for more time, to analyze the benefits.

The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – Avon India – July, 2019

For me following are the three takeaways:

  1. Be Proactive: I think it is important to be proactive which makes you solve most of the problems of life.
  2. Nothing is more important than mental peace, which now I intend to work on.
  3. Prioritize. This would be the third habit which is “Put first thing first”. I lack in this and intend to work on it.

Leadership Participant – Open Workshop – July, 2019

It was a my pleasure to get this email and would like to have continuous emails from your side, have given below the details required.

Top 3 take aways from the Worksop:

  1. Change in perception on Big and small things in my professional life.
  2. More streamlining and allocating time for knowledge updation and other most important little things both in professional and professional life which would act as a fulcrum to achieve bigger milestones.
  3. More systematic approach in work procedures.

How to implement my learning with my team.

  1. Increasing the trust level of team members by spending an hour in a week – not at a single stretch to improve their analytical skills and insight towards work.
  2. Empowering them more and make them feel like leaders.
  3. Reviewing the team performance at regular intervals and inviting suggestions from the members to improve from the current level and to ensure the execution of the same.

Happy to hear more from your side.

The 7 Habits Participant – TRACTORS AND FARM EQUIPMENT LIMITED – July, 2019

My top three take aways from this programme are as given below.

  • Put First things First
  • Sharpen the Saw
  • Think Win-Win

I have already shared these habits with the team and I am monitoring their progress in implementing these in their daily life.

The 7 Habits Participant – TRACTORS AND FARM EQUIPMENT LIMITED – July, 2019

The top 3 takeaways for me were :

  1. Be proactive – doing a weekly plan at the beginning of the week.
  2. Put first things first – fill in the big stones that are important & has to be completed then fill in the smaller stones in the To-Do list.
  3. Time matrix – for every activity that comes across – classify it under urgent vs important matrix. Prioritize on the activities that fall under ”important but not urgent”.

My steps for implementation would be to focus on the habits 1 to 3 & Habit-7 everyday.

After two weeks, focus on habits 4 to 6 along with habits 1 -3.

Focusing on all 7 habits is quite overwhelming.

I would like to get your feedback on my thought process above.

The 7 Habits Participant – TRACTORS AND FARM EQUIPMENT LIMITED – July, 2019

Top 3 learning’s need to be implemented are as below:

  1. Need to check with team about target/ goals clarity & required resources.
  2. Making a habit of weekly schedule by self & all team members.
  3. Working on Time matrix; need to cut unimportant and quadrant and increase not urgent quadrant.

Leadership Participant – Open Workshop – July, 2019


I was such a great learning experience during the course. Here are my top 3 take away:

  1. The whole person paradigm – I should first this in front of my eyes when I interact with anyone.
  2. Extend trust – The implementation of how trust should be given spread abundantly or conditionally.
  3. Character and competence – Invest to build the Creditability and trust from team.

Leadership Participant – Open Workshop – July, 2019

Thank you for your wishes and guiding.

It is absolutely true Sir.

“To be effective leaders we must develop a new mind-set, Skill-set, and tool-set, to generate lasting results.”

Thanks a lot for planning to provide me tools such as audios / videos and tools & Expecting the same.

The key take aways from the leadership work shop are:

  1. 4DX for execution.
  2. Whole person – paradigm & 13 high trusted behaviors.
  3. Empower people – develop people by giving free hands and solve their unmet demand.

Leadership Participant – Jubilant Life Sciences Limited – June, 2019


Here are my top three takeaways:-

  1. Skill-set alone would not make you a great leader, mind-set and tool-set are equally important.
  2. Focus your attention on WIGs, PIGs can wait. Make your team accountable.
  3. Work on building credibility by increasing character and competence. Trust is a skill that can be learned

The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – Open Workshop – June, 2019

Dear Team,

The training was very helpful.

It is really a great help when I plan my week with my big rocks already in place and now I’m able to find time to do the things that really matter and focus on my Q2 activities as well slowly and steadily.

Leadership Participant – Jubilant Life Sciences Limited – June, 2019

Dear FranklinCovey team,

Thanks for your below mail.

I fully believe in below two statements which should bring lot of changes.

  • A Shift in paradigm – Changing the way we see the world.
  • Doing the right small things consistently over time.

Below are top three take away from the workshop:

  1. Understanding Human as whole body paradigm ( Spirit, Mind , Body and Heart and its co relation as Inspire Trust, Clarify Purpose, Align System and Unleash Talent ).
  2. 4 Discipline of Execution.
  3. Voice Conversation to unleash talent.

I am definitely going to implement 4 Discipline of Execution with my team for various projects to convert it into successful execution. I am regularly reading about it so that I can master this art which is very vital for my role.

  1. Focus on W.I.Gs. ( Wildly Important Goal).
  2. Measure lead behaviour.
  3. Put up a Scoreboard.
  4. Schedule Weekly Accountability talks.

I want to master this art to get best output from team in a systematic way.

Leadership Participant – CMS Info Systems Limited – June, 2019

Top 3 Takeaways:

  1. To understand people as a whole looking into all the aspects of Sprit, mind body and heart, Having a vision and importance of aligning the team from top to bottom to vision and mission to achieve the same.
  2. Change of paradigm:- the way to look at things differently and approach of inside out and people connect and its importance.
  3. Focus on things to do 80-20 concept, doing things on daily basis , prioritizing impactful things in given priority lines.

The 7 Habits Participant – Siemens Technology and Services Pvt Ltd – June, 2019

Phrases that I would use as a proactive manager would be:-

  1. Let’s do this together.
  2. I trust that you would produce a solution.
  3. I’m there if you get stuck.

Things that I think I’m wasting energy on would be:-

  1. Getting impatient while expecting response from someone through email.
  2. Taking responsibility for others’ tasks if I feel they’re not doing/getting it done on time (Taking someone else’s monkey on my back).
  3. Thinking about what others would think of me if I did this or that.

I could let go of things I’m wasting energy on, in following ways:-

  1. Letting others take their time to understand and respond to my emails while waiting patiently.
  2. Letting others complete and take responsibility of their tasks and helping them instead, if required.
  3. Not thinking too much about small things.

The 7 Habits Participant – Siemens Technology and Services Pvt Ltd – June, 2019

My 3 key take aways from the training is:

  1. free myself from dependence to independent and become interdependent.
  2. Think on conflicts for a win-win.
  3. sharpen the saw.

The 7 Habits Participant – Siemens Technology and Services Pvt Ltd – June, 2019

Dear Team,

My top three takeaways from the Workshop were:-

  • Working in Quadrant 2, i.e. consistently working towards what is most important (almost on an auto-mode) rather than on what is imperative.
  • Creating a win-win situation which might sometimes even mean losing short term for gaining a long-term benefit.
  • Trusting team members on their job and letting them lead, brainstorm among themselves, take responsibility, ownership and find a solution.

Second part of the question “How you want to implement your learning with your teams” is not applicable since I’m an individual contributor and don’t have a team as of now.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People for Managers Participant – May, 2019

Would like to take this opportunity to Thank you all for your guidance the best practices shared.

Special Thank for:

  • topic specific focused guidance.
  • opening up the basket of best practices and his own experiences to better explain the topics.
  • And more importantly getting us the FUN experience for these 2 days.

Thank for brushing up our thought process and making it shine again with a different perspective to it…

Leadership Participant – AUTOMAT INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD. – May, 2019

Greeting of the day!

Firstly, I would like to say big thanks to whole team of Franklin Covey and for conducting just a wonderful and learning seminar.

During the workshop there were many points which give a thought process to view and analyse the situation in different way i.e. change of paradigm. Though there were lots of learnings but the three key learnings are :-

  • Consider your team member in four dimensions – Body/Heart/Mind and Spirit.
  • Inspire trust and be trustworthy.
  • Four E’s & P i.e. Energy/Energies/Edge/Execution and Passion.

I would like to implement the above three firstly by trying to make gradual changes in myself because even after having rational thinking and approach, at few instances you lost yourself and go out of the track. At the work place, doing the same thing in same way with same people creates monotonous. So, for changing anything else the start should be from “I” or it could be said like this “Change of paradigm for yourself is key of all new beginning”.

The 7 Habits Participant – Open Workshop – May, 2019

It was really nice to be part of Franklin covey Family!

This training is one of the best training I ever had..

My top 3 take away from this training are…

  1. Character vs Private and Public Victory.
  2. 7 habits quadrants.
  3. Sharpening your SAW.

The 7 Habits Participant – Open Workshop – May, 2019

The training content was very good and it provoked lot of thoughts and provided lot of action items. Initially it looked like too much work and I thought of using my regular path J.

Below are the 3 areas I’ve to work upon:

  1. Identification of big rocks.
  2. I do follow the weekly planning – but there is always some spillover to next week – so I’ll work on finishing the tasks as planned.
  3. Will start a daily planning.

Leadership Participant – AUTOMAT INDUSTRIES – May, 2019

It was an excellent workshop I ever had on Leadership which has not only shifted my Paradigm but also had shown the ways how I can evolve myself to be better leader.

Following are the three important take ways from this program:

  • Whole Body Paradigm Shift of entire team members including me by getting our spirits, mind, heart and body aligned to mission and vision of organisation.
  • Alignment of few systems by empowering team members to take quick decision to improve the efficiency of the system. Already started working on this at the end of 2nd day of Workshop.
  • Clarify procedures to put right person at right place. Fixing responsibility and accountability of team members.

Once again thanks for your follow up mail.

The 7 Habits Participant – Maruti Suzuki India Limited – May, 2019


Three takeaways:

  1. Scheduling the week before the start of week.
  2. Taking pause before the response to a particular stimuli.
  3. The concept of talking stick; understanding the other person before making the other person understand you.

The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity Participant – Siemens Ltd – May, 2019

Nice training, it was a great trainer.

Implement 1st 5S exercise from this week.

  1. No WhatsApp(social media) in office working hours as well as at home. Only during some specific breaks. This is addiction while kills personal, family as well as office life.
  2. Act on important first.

And many more to go which can benefit our organization as well as us………

Be in touch.

The 7 Habits Participant – Open Workshop – May, 2019

After completion of my first training session I have gone through all the 7 Habits Contracts and I am done with the respective week planner. Now, after the seven weeks I can feel that I have gone through lot of transformation. My working habits and the personal relationship with the team have been improved. Further, I feel that it is a continuous process. Now it will be my opportunity to look at my effectiveness from my point of view and from my superior or team. Ultimately, the objectives of my life shall have to be determined as to how I can work towards becoming the highly effective person I want to be.

The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – Open Workshop – May, 2019


Thanks for the mail, though entire training was very good and fruitful.

The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – Open Workshop – April, 2019

Hi Team ,

1st of all I would like to thank you for your continuous notifications and reminders for the initiatives & practices we need to do in order to develop a better habit .So as to make & see life with a higher perspective . After my training in Dec last year ,I do feel I am able to observe things around me with a better perspective .

Following my two days training sessions in Gurgaon ,I ensured to check internet for the videos that were shown during the sessions .Believe me the lessons were so impactful .

Whatever situations I come across both in personal & professional life .When I deal with things on a daily basis with respect to friends ,family ,Work ,people around I try to apply the learnings of the 7 Habits training . 7 Habits are like Mantras to deal with things in better way & hence am finding life more joyful ,meaningful .

Moreover I also try to help out others –my family members & friends I interact and try to help in their problems by preaching them 7 Habits training lessons .I feel so good am able to help anyone with this magical learning sessions we had .

Thanks once again for every thing .

I will strive to do better .

The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – World Vision India – April, 2019

I would like to mention that the course has been very useful. I am more conscious of some of the principles and remind myself of these often.

I try thinking win-win while problem solving problems at home and at work. Haven’t come up with anything significant but at least I have started thinking win-win.

I would also like to let you know that I classify my to do list into Q1, Q2, Q3 ad Q4 and try to accomplish as much possible during the day. I also further classify my work as Big Rocks and Little Rocks to complete the important tasks first.

Thank you very much.

The 7 Habits Participant – TAFE – April, 2019

Thank you very much for learning me a lot which were around me and could not noticed till the attended the 7 habits course .

I hereby convey my special thanks to TAFE too for providing me the training.

This workshop brought into me a lot of change.

I am bold now. Previously, I was very tense while facing new things or assignments. May be in work place or in my personal life.

Change in communication habits ( Like say thanks) and optimum actions (previously working more and result was less. Now I am working less which required only and giving me better results) in my routine life are much effective.

There was a change in my thoughts related to humanity too. Previously, I am much aware of all the principles which covered in the workshop though other sources and followed also. But didn’t had the needful results. May be have some gaps in my applications. This workshop abled me to identify and fill the gaps.

Thank you very much to all who organised the workshop in 360 angle.

The 7 Habits Participant – Biological E – March, 2019

Had a wonderful time with trainer during two days. Training was very interactive and informative to all of us and my top three takeaways are as follows. This will be implemented with my team soon.

  1. Be Proactive but do not reactive.
  2. Think Win-Win.
  3. Sharpen the saw.

The 7 Habits Participant – Open Workshop – March, 2019

I have already started implementing the above take aways in my personal & professional life.

  1. I am trying not to respond immediately with my family members and my colleagues and controlling my emotion, feeling , situations during respond. Trying to use proactive language and demonstrate my positive attitude in my expressions. Already found out the jobs which are within our control and the jobs which are our area of concern. Based on the finding we have trying to increase our circle of influence so that we can include few concerns within our control.
  2. I have already started weekly planning at week end & also daily planning based on the priority jobs. Also shared my views with my wife & departmental colleagues for effective time management and best results.
  3. We have already got excellent results by applying the habit of creative cooperation. Our General Manger asked to identify the area of challenges and area of concern in our department for 2019-20. I have shared the mail to the concerned are owner of my department to exercise individually and later we conducted brainstorming session which added tremendous benefit. It was very much evident that the collective outcomes became much more effective than the individuals.

Leadership Participant – CARGO PARTNER LOGISTICS INDIA PVT LTD – March, 2019

Thanks for the follow up email.

The 3 key take aways and how I will implement my learnings are:

  1. Try and view every Team member from all 4 dimensions ( Body, Mind, Heart and Soul). This will help me in utilizing the potential of the person and will create synergy, the net result will be far much more that what would have been accomplished otherwise.
  2. Believe that every individual wants to contribute, succeed and eventually leave a legacy. This is paradigm shift because otherwise it is very natural to say that this guy is good for nothing / not good enough / have -ve attitude etc etc. I will start looking at things in this way and am expecting new things to open up.
  3. Engaging people is another thing which I have picked up and will use it more and more. When the complete Team starts seeing what is the mutual goal I think much more will be accomplished. Knowing all the Team members at a much deeper level will help me in making progress in this dimension.

The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – Eternis fine Chemicals limited – March, 2019

Dear Franklin Covey Team,

My experiences: Fantastic learning experience, helping us to self-dive and introspect the areas where we need to improve to enhance our effectiveness. The approach to achieve this is explained in a very detailed manner through this training. I plan to pick-up two areas at a time and build on them to make it a habit.

The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – Open Workshop – March, 2019

Thanks for your mail.

Entire exercise is very much useful to me, though I am refined my mission statement, still I feel to sharp it more like big rocks which I try to find and complete but few of them miss every week due to other occupied appointments.

Please guide me how to achieve the mission more closely

The 7 Habits Participant – Bergen Group – March, 2019

First of all I would like to thank you for the wonderful session of “The 7 Habits of highly effective people” at our Corporate Office.
It was indeed a good learnings and a lot of great things I personally came to know with the experiences you shared during the training.
Secondly please accept my apologies for replying a bit late.

Okay so coming back to the subject and to answer the question about top three take-away’s from this workshop are:

  1. Listen to understand first patiently and not just to reply. Well for me that means “Always respond and never just reply because response is after deep analysis and thinking while replying is sometimes without actually proper understanding the depth of the subject”.
  2. Always clear in your thoughts about the final outcome (End) while starting any particular job. Be it a project, a meeting, a phone call or anything. You should know where you want to reach by starting that.
  3. Try to be proactive in your approach so as to be prepared always. Whether it is related to answer the queries of your boss in office or to handle your big boss at your house.

The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – ZF Wind Power Coimbatore Limited – February, 2019

Dear Sir,

It was a great program. The 3 takeaways for me which I could immediately identify and absorb are as below :

  1. Idea of putting first things first which really helps in the prioritization in this age of complex work schedules.
  2. Improved personal interrelationships thro Thinking Win-WIN. This gives us a structured approach towards confict resolution.
  3. Sharpen the saw was an eye opener in this ever evolving world of changes and the need and importance of self renewal.

The 7 Habits Participant – Molex India (Private) Limited – February, 2019

I thought of giving you updates on some of the actions I have initiated post the training on 7 Habits of Highly Effective people.

1. Body, Mind & Heart:

I have started (re-started would be appropriate) my morning walk, along with my wife. We find some time for chit-chat (heart) during this half-an- hour walk. Also, I have re-started the ‘Sudarshan Kriya’ in the morning which keeps me energetic throughout the day. 10 days have passed like this without any interruption and hope to continue so. This time I have a resolve to re-start even if the routine breaks during travel etc.

2. Mind:

Last weekend, I went through the entire course material and prepared a long presentation. Rajashekar and I did a knowledge sharing session on 25th Feb with rest of the top management team and first line managers in our company. (16 people attended the session).

3. My ‘Mission statement’ is still incomplete, probably will be able to accomplish this during this weekend.

Shall update you as things improve in my life.

Leadership Participant – Ellucian Higher Education Systems India Pvt. Ltd. – February, 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and my top three takeaways are:

  1. Start engaging with the people and have more meaningful conversations.
  2. Make people comfortable and help them.
  3. Trust – Value of trust.

The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – Open Workshop – February, 2019

Dear All,

It was a great training session which can help in professional as well as personal growth.

The content is deep & very condensed.

I think each habit needs months of practice, till it’s reflected in our behavior sub consciously.

Right now working on habit 1 & weekly planning.

Leadership Participant – Linde Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. – February, 2019

I also believe that life is all about EXCELLENCE. In this competitive world we have to strive for excellence.

My top three takeaways are: –

  1. The whole person paradigm – Body, Mind, Heart & Soul. How by ignoring one of these we risk converting person into thing.
  2. Effects of High and Low Trust i.e. Trust dividend and Trust tax.
  3. Overcome FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out and thus get away from managing the job of people.

I would like to practice the leadership behaviours and also act on feedback recd. through LQ1 by improving my active listening skills.

The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – Open Workshop – February, 2019

It is my gratitude to FranklinCovey for considering and nourishing me in the aspects of life where I was lacking.

The three things which I carry forward from the training are as follows:

  1. Clear about my strengths.
  2. Understand and then to be understood my area of improve.
  3. Building friendship with others.

The 7 Habits Participant – TAFE – February, 2019

Greetings and Thankful to 7 habits learning.

The learning given me lot and build more confidence in leading regular life in personal as well as professional.

There is a lot of change in me in communicating and negotiating. I am not much worry as earlier at the same time things moving as well.

Speed of Trust Participant – Aditya Birla Capital – February, 2019

Dear Sir,

I would like to thank you for superb execution of “Speed of Trust” program for our distributors.

The program conducted on 01-02 Feb,19 was simply excellent and well appreciated by the participants.

The content and course delivery was very effective and will definitely help the participants in their personal and professional lives.

Looking forward to conducting many more such programs in future.

The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – Open Workshop – January, 2019


Thanks for the program which was great to learn and facilitator spent lots of good learning time with great experiences with us. Many things we knew but never implemented in our life which was eye opening for myself.

Below are top three take-aways from the workshop I attended

  • Set my weekly planner every week and review.
  • Focus on mission and goal.
  • Balance life with professional and personal environment .

Leadership Participant – Practical Action Consulting Ltd – January, 2019

Dear Franklyn Covey team ,

It has been great participating in such an enlightening workshop.

Three best take aways are :

  • 13 high trust behaviours.
  • 4 Disciplines of Execution.
  • and role of a trim tab.

Hope we will be communicating further in coming weeks.

Leadership Participant – The Kalyani School – January, 2019

Dear Sir,

I would like to thank everyone, for this the workshop. I am glad , I was given the opportunity to attend it.

Best practices that have worked:

  1. I try to support them and help them achieve their deadlines.
  2. If there is a problem between two members in my team, I listen to both of them individually and then call them together to sort out their misunderstandings in my room. If the dialogue takes time, I move out of my room or tell them to continue their talks in the adjoining room. I do this, because , I feel everybody should be looking forward to coming to the school and should be happy. I believe in creating a family in the school as most part of the day is spent by all of us in this place.

The 7 Habits Participant – Agilent Technologies India Pvt Ltd – January, 2019

Dear Franklin Covey Team,

The workshop was excellent & thought provoking.

Top 3 takeaways from the workshop which will be implemented by me:

  1. Being Proactive to ensure I am ultimately responsible for my happiness.
  2. Put first things first by focusing on highest priorities ,eliminating the unimportant, Planning & staying true to the plan.
  3. Achieving daily private victory by spending each day renewing body, mind ,heart & spirit to achieve balanced & meaningful life.

The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd – January, 2019

Three insight I have taken from this workshop:

  1. One need to achieve private victory first and then look for public victory.
  2. All habits are based on character rather than personality.
  3. One can apply more than one habit to acoomplish the effectviness , may be combination of both private and public victory.

The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd – January, 2019


Thank you for follow up mail. I really enjoyed the workshop. All the 7 habits are important to become effective leader in personal and professional life. Few have been already following in my professional life but may not be strictly. Here are the my three takeaways from the 7 habits workshop.

  1. Be proactive.
  2. Begin with end in mind.
  3. Put first things first (I have already been using weekly plans for office activities now sharpening it post workshop).

The 4 Disciplines of Execution Operating System Participant – Varroc Polymers Pvt. Ltd – December, 2018

We all were fortunate to have a Trainer like you who has simplified such a Complex Subject into a very Simple one like an Transparent Water which is originated from a Spring.

The 7 Habits Participant – Garware Bestretch Limited – October, 2018

Greetings of the day!

I have attended your 2 days training session on 7 habits in Aug’18 & it was wonderful & life changing for me.

The 7 Habits Participant – A.T.E. ENTERPRISES PRIVATE LIMITED – October, 2018


I always believed in making emotional deposits. However this attribute became stronger after I heard it at the 7 habits workshop once again. I always give a helping hand whenever anyone demands and then feel completely satisfied after extending help.

At present my complete focus is to help my Mother In Law who keeps forgetting things and keeps on asking same thing again and again. I very patiently help her out everyday.

The 7 Habits Participant – National Assembly Secretatiat – October, 2018

Thank you for sending this reminder. It is so motivating and brings us back to the roots. Please keep sending us.

The 7 Habits Participant – SIS Group Enterprise – October, 2018

Dear Sir,

The top three takeaways:

  • Think before speaking.
  • First things first.
  • Motto of life.

All these can only be achieved by getting it in our daily habits and practicing it, I have started implementing some of the basic concepts on daily lifestyle whether at work or home.

The 7 Habits Participant – TAFE – October, 2018

I am very much proud and fortunate enough to be a part this esteemed Workshop. The major take away from the program are as below :

  • Private victory : Self-awareness is very much important first in order to meet personal & professional goals of life. (adapt to proactive Response/Increase Circle of Influence/Goal Setting.
  • Put First thing First :Prioritizing the important Tasks first . (Put Big Rocks first, Q2 Quadrant activities should be on priority).
  • Identify WIG and Pursue it through the four Disciplines of Execution.(Create accountability/Act on the lead measures/keep a Scoreboard to track/Focus).

The 7 Habits Edition 4.0 Participant – IBM – October, 2018

Hi Sir,

I would like to thanks entire “Franklin Covey” team, for conducting such a wonderful, relevant and life transforming training sessions.

It has increased my productivity and collaboration effectiveness within my team, multiple times.

Thanks once again.

The 7 Habits Participant – TAFE – September, 2018

Thanks for your support, Really it’s a excellent training program and applying these concepts into our regular day to day activities is somewhat challenging to practice. I have taken more good things and esp., how to handle Important and Urgent things in our schedule, how to respond whenever people are coming to us for helping or any discussions (Habit 5) and Exwcution Excellence topic also good to give confidence to apply in our day to day activities.

The 7 Habits Participant – TAFE – September, 2018

Dear Team Franklin Covey,

Greeting for the day !!!

My Top three take a ways from this workshops are :

  • Execution Excellence: It is most important thing for an organisation so definitely I am going to implement this with our teammates.
  • Personal Victory :( Be Proactive, To Begin with the end in Mind, Put First thing first ) so I will work and improve myself , I will make my Mission Statement within this week and so on.
  • Sharpen the saw : since world is changing vey fast and to be competitive into the field we have continue increase our skill set . So I will definitely work upon my weaknesses with the help of you people.

Looking forward your kind support to awake me and enlighten me for my goals.

The 7 Habits Participant – TAFE – September, 2018

Dear Sir,

It is truely a Signature Workshop.

The three most important things that I am going to implement in my day to day work-life are :-

  1. Sharpen the Saw.
  2. Begin with the End in the mind.
  3. Putting the first thing first.

As per the present scenario, I am doing my work proactively. So, I would like to have other two habits on board to become independent. And for overall development of self, I would like to have the habit of “Sharpen the Saw”. I am very much hopeful that these habits would take me to the next level.

Thanking you,

The 7 Habits Signature Edition 4.0 Participant – September, 2018

Dear FC team,

Thank you for your follow up.

It is always very difficult to imbibe new habits. I am still in the phase of learning the 7 habits.

Last day in a crucial meeting in my organisation, I was waiting for my presentation that I made while working whole previous day however discussion went in different direction & I have been told to discuss this presentation internally 1st.

Thanks to Habit 1 – I paused & did not respond immediately & later on personally put my point with my company’s MD. Also I am consciously trying Habit 5 being the poor listener till date.

The 7 Habits Participant – Mattel India – September, 2018

The 7 Habits program was very powerful and insightful.

I will definitely cascade the learnings to my team and also implement the same in my personal life as well.

According to me the top 3 takeaways are:

  • I will be mindful to be more empathetic while listening to people.
  • Be more proactive.
  • Always be clear about what end is to be achieved before beginning.

FranklinCovey Program Participant – Daimler India – September, 2018

Thanks to you, I have grown in the organisation, improved my organising skills, & my time looks more sorted now compared to two years back.

FranklinCovey programs have been an eye opener on how to improve communication with peers/cross-functional members & address crucial topics in an audience which would comprise mostly the management.

Leadership Participant – Jubilant Life Sciences – August, 2018

My 3 Take Away from the Work shop were:

  1. Create A transparent Atmosphere among the team Member’s.
  2. Build a Trust based Environment.
  3. Recruitment based on Character.

I plan to implement all 3 learnings in My Team using the Understandings of the Work shop.

The 7 Habits Participant – TAFE – August, 2018

Very Good morning ,

Any way it’s really interesting and helpful to have 7 Habit to learn. really helpful to me to grow personally as well as a leader ,with team no doubt .

Priority, think proactively , planning of all day today activity .

All the way all seven habit , leadership & Coaching ( PLP) are very important, we know it but without practising anything are immaterial.

Leadership Participant – Shakti Foundation – August, 2018


Top takeaways from the training are:

  • How to identify WIGs . Develop strategies to allocate more time and resources on addressing the WIGs.
  • How to identify lag measures?
  • How to identify Lead measures?

The 7 Habits Participant – Vedanta Limited -Aluminium & Power – August, 2018

Thanks FC ,

This training is life changing for me , am p[practicing each and every moment of my day to day work to live in this habit.

Top three take away is:

  • Listen to understand mot to reply.
  • Proactive response give pause.
  • Focus on Q2.

The 7 Habits Participant – A.T.E Enterprises Private Limited – July, 2018

Dear Sir,

One of the great learning from “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is “Teach to Learn”. I learned the best during the time of teaching the learnings of “The 7 Habits” with my colleagues and friends.

The 7 Habits Signature Edition 4.0 Participant – June, 2018

Dear team,

The session was really transformational and consisted of all the insights that were helpful to put 7 Habits in action.

I have reviewed my Personal Mission statement again after the workshop and have already installed the app.

Following were my top three take always:

  1. Taking time to choose my response to pause for perspective – I will take time to give a mindful response to various urgencies of my day and life.
  2. The power of Choice – My choices shape up my consequence so I will take accountability of my choices.
  3. Taking care of PC of Self – Focusing on improving my health by exercise and realization.

Again I would like to thank the entire team for this wonderful workshop.

The 7 Habits Signature Edition 4.0 Participant – June, 2018

Thank you for the workshop. Had many learnings.

I wish to enhance the application of these principles. I hope to seek advise and assistance from franklin.

The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity Participant – Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt Ltd – June, 2018


1. Q2 Planning:

Good day! It was an eye opener training on how to schedule the task & prioritise.

Post training, I started segregating the task & delegate the urgent but non important task to the respective peoples. I started to follow & focus Q2 planning effectively.

For the past one month since training, it was crucial time for our department to deliver important milestone of QG09 document review in PRM , which is the most important & urgent task (Q1J).

Today is the PRM meeting, we accomplished our task . especially I have used Q2 planning tool ( I avoided non important & non urgent tasks ).

2. Daily Q2 planning :

I started to plan my activities daily 10mins & Weekly 30 mins.

The 7 Habits Participant – Modern Insulators – June, 2018


It is very good experience to share learning with accountability partner.

My accountability partner is also from same profession and pass through similar situation while working in organization.

I share all my learning with him and also discuss the situation how we would handle.

There are some situation where we blocked and mutually come to conclusion.

Thanks for giving us a learning platform.

The 7 Habits Participant – Modern Insulators – June, 2018


The habit -5 always makes us comfortable for mutual understanding.

It helps us to develop an bonding between colleague or partner.

Sometimes we agree and sometimes we disagree for any point on discussion.

But it helps to understand others view on same subject and also encourage to listen others view empathically.

So to adopt listening habit, this is habit -5 always helpful to us.

The 7 Habits Participant – Roche Diagnostic India Pvt Ltd – June, 2018

Dear Sir,

It was a great learning session and has opened a Positive Paradigm of success ahead for a win -win situations. For me the three tale away are:

  1. To further strengthen my Character – the roots of me that will sustain me for success.
  2. To aim in developing myself further from Independence to Interdependence .
  3. To look for Win – Win – the habit of Mutual Benefit.

The 7 Habits Participant – Bajaj Allianz – June, 2018

Dear Team,

It was a very satisfying workshop with a lot of takeaways. Though, in our day to day life (personal as well as professional), we exercise quite a few things but still knowing them and knowing their effects through this workshop have enlightened a lot. I am committed to practice all the learning to become more effective.

Regarding implementing my learnings, the process the already started, rather I would say that it was earlier also there but many a times it used to lose the track on some activities, which would not happen now.

I have recently joined new department. The first learning of cultural ethics is getting implemented. I am stressing my new team to know and understand their jobs, the products which they sell, master the process which is used to get the processing done etc. I am also teaching them on how to be proactive with live examples and importance of pause before responding. I am trying to teach them the importance of being inter-dependent, Quadrant II of time Metrics and also Emotional Bank account.

The 7 Habits Participant – A.T.E Enterprises Private Limited – June, 2018

Thanks for imparting the valuable knowledge during the workshop. The immediate learning from you is to “Laugh out Loud”.

Top three take away for me from the workshop are:

1. When we listen with the intent to teach, we learn at a deeper level.

2. Create and live by a personal mission statement.

“Begin With the End in Mind” i.e. The Habit of Vision to sustain and grow in the V.U.C.A. world).

3. I put important things first and eliminate the unimportant.

The 7 Habits Participant – June, 2018

It has been a great and enriching learning experience for me personally by going through this signature training program.

I want to take up all these learnings with the team in an informal way. Teaching the team with theory would not work and hence building up the conversation with practical and daily work items would help them to relate in a better way.

The 7 Habits Participant – Modern Insulators Limited – May, 2018

Earlier I was nonbeliever over such sessions which can change the character. Now it is really proving to me even that on every single when I come across in discussion with my team or plan my work.. the lessons reverberate in self.

Thanks for giving such a nice boost up which will help us in long term.

The Speed of Trust Participant – Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt Ltd – May, 2018

Hi Good Morning !

I am trying to establish Trust with Peers and Colleagues and meanwhile extending to other department colleagues.

I am applying 13 behaviors, especially Display Respect and Talk Straight more often.

The 7 Habits Participant – Viacom18 Media Pvt Ltd – May, 2018


This was not just a workshop, I feel this was the first step towards changing perception. The Key take aways for me are:

Paradigm shift: every person has his own paradigm through which he works or every person has his own process. If we can align ourselves with that then it would be easier for everyone to function. We shift our paradigms.

Change should first come from within.

Win Win: I will win..I will make you win also.

Leadership Participant – FMC United Pvt Ltd – May, 2018

This was a great experience to learn about leadership. I personally like the course material and our instructor. My best take away is as follows

  1. Whole person paradigm – I think we are not working or living in home by using our all four parts. Need to practice this.
  2. Trust – two way traffic and I need to analyze my team members strengths and weaknesses and work on it.
  3. Small achievement, recognition, small celebration – make SMART goals like WIGS and make small targets with specific dates not more than 3 months.

The Speed of Trust Participant – Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt Ltd – May, 2018

First I would like to thank Franklin covey for such a valuable training .

My three key take away from the workshop as follows.

  • The 4 cores of Credibility (Integrity, intent, Capabilities and results) – From this 4 cores, I would like to concentrate more on Integrity & Intent. Will utilize the available resources effectively and will create avenues for further development.
  • “SEE – SPEAK – BEHAVE” – influencing one dimension will effect a change in other. An efficient process to develop and earn the dividends of high trust.
  • “The 13 behaviors of high trust leaders” – A better application and a right method of these behaviors in situations will lead to improvement of the 4 cores of credibility and smart trust.

The 7 Habits Participant – JM Financial Services Ltd – April, 2018


Here are the three key takeaways for me from the 2-day workshop:

  1. The habits / teachings are useful and can be implemented both in Professional and personal life.
  2. Allows individual to introspect, question, thing about what are their goals in life, where they stand presently and where they would like to be in future.
  3. Habits are designed to develop a person’s character and personality. These habits can help an individuals’ become independent, a good team player and a better leader.

The 7 Habits Participant – Modern Insulators Limited – April, 2018

Dear Sir,

Your training and guidance on Habit 1 was very useful indeed.

It has literally changed my modus operandi to deal with important works.

Now I feel more confident while taking challenges for important works.

It has really reduced the excess and miscommunication and we find overselves able to plan and execute the work in right manner.

The 7 Habits Participant – Siemens Technology and Services Pvt Ltd – April, 2018

Dear Sir,

Thank you for wonderful experience and learning given to us.

My top take away learning are as follows:

  1. Effectiveness of P and PC balance.
  2. Freedom to choose between stimulus and response.
  3. Mental creation with clear agenda and objective with focus on top priorities. Know your big rocks and use time matrix.

The 7 Habits Participant – Modern Insulators Limited – April, 2018


I have gone through the Habit -1 that is “Be Proactive” ..

Specially the has touched my heart.

This habits transforms my attitude than earlier.

There is a situation where I could not achieve sales target of a product and pushing my team to achieve this.

I have changed the approach by changing reactive behavior and language to overcome the situation.

Now some proactive language and good analyzing techniques is helping me toward achieving the target.

And I am confident within stipulated time frame, I would be able to achieve target with my same team member and they would also achieve their target.

Thanks to the program and to Mr. Covey.

The 7 Habits Participant – Modern Insulators Limited – April, 2018

Thanks a lot to our trainer sir who gave us effective training about 7 habits.

This week practicing on habit-1 Be proactive- as I am a product of my choice & also responsible for choice.

The Speed of Trust – Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt Ltd – April, 2018

My top learnings are as follows:

a. Recognition of trust components viz. character and competence.

  • ‘Intention’ was an eye opener.

b. Improving trust quotient is a ‘hard’ skill.

  • Economics based.

c. Pragmatic advice: “Act like a parent” to improve relationship trust.

  • Experience based.

The Speed of Trust Participant – Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt Ltd – April, 2018


Good Morning !

I have understood the importance of Being Trustworthy – How it accelerates day to day job.

Building credibility is a long way task , but once established then it has to be sustained.

With Trust things moves very fast and favorable for achieving our targets (Individual and Organizational).

7 Habits Participant – Unilever – April, 2018


Thanks for this further intervention in making me more effective.

7 Habits Participant – CESC Limited – April, 2018


Thanks for the wonderful program that we went through.

I am focusing well now and practicing.

7 Habits Participant – April, 2018

Dear Sir,

I really appreciate the program I have gone through about “The 7 habits of highly effective people”.

The top three takeaways from the program are habits being proactive, thinking win-win & seeking first to understand then to be understood.

7 Habits Participant – CESC Limited – April, 2018


I really feel proud and lucky to be a participant in the Signature Workshop on “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.

7 Habits Participant – ITMinds Limited – April, 2018

It’s really good feel to be connected with FranklinCovey team.

Positively these habits will reflect well and will be good learning for team also.

7 Habits Participant – PTCL/Ufone – April, 2018

It was really nice to see your email about the extensive training program “The 7 Habits”. It was an excellent learning experience for me and I have gained a lot in these days. It was a huge learning experience.

Leadership Participant – Bank Al Habib – March, 2018

Best Practice worked for me this week :

One on one meeting with almost of my colleagues (working under me) by treating them Whole Body Person to know their priorities in life. It has helped me in Trust building in the team.

Leadership Participant – Bank Al Habib – March, 2018

Key take-away from the workshop are :

  1. The fun lies in enabling the team.
  2. Hit the core , of anything for maximization , and while it comes to a human hit his soul, ( dil ki tar chehr do ) in order to be effective in the information age.
  3. Spirituality : do things with spiritual-like zeal & passion , if one wants to be a real genuine success.

7 Habits Participant – Dassault Systèmes – March, 2018

I must say this workshop was an eye-opener.

My take aways are:

  1. Understand the other person before judging. Look at him from his lens too.
  2. Don’t React, rather respond.
  3. First thing First: Prioritize work. I usually get into things that come to me as and when. Due to which my important things are ignored.
  4. Plan for the day the previous evening.
  5. Have plan for the week.

I know I need to pull my socks and get into the execution and implementation of the above learnings. I have already started that.

I take my family for granted and hence, I have started talking to them in a polite way rather than reacting. I have understanding things, why they say that or do that and where exactly I am going wrong.

Started Prioritizing my work on Personal and Professional ground.
Also, have started focusing on Self.

Once again thank you for the excellent program. I loved the handout J.

7 Habits Participant – BAIF – March, 2018

Thanks for your mail.

The programme has given me very important insights.

  1. Being responsive with team rather than reactive.
  2. Building relationship in a way that will move from I to We.
  3. A Win- Win approach.

Project Management Essentials – SIS Group Enterprise – March, 2018

These are three points that I have added in my work place post my Project Management workshop:

  1. Interviewing the project assignee properly.
  2. Change request form.
  3. Closing the Project.

7 Habits Participant – Essar Oil Ltd – March, 2018

Thank you for the wonderful two day Learning session. Each habit had something to offer, however the key takeaways for me have been the following:

  1. Time Matrix, where I am going to move from QIII to QII.
  2. Using the Proactive language. Realised the impact it has on the behaviour and attitude.
  3. Designing personal mission statement as a part of begin with end in mind habit.

7 Habits Participant – Essar Oil Ltd – March, 2018

Thanks for your message.

I liked the training. My team members have already taken this training & more aligned for increasing effectiveness. I have planned to share my learning & take them on-board in devising future strategy to elevate team skills to next level.

Project Management Essentials – SIS Group Enterprise – March, 2018


For me top 3 take aways from the Project Management Essentials program are as following:

  1. How to manage conflict of interest.
  2. There must be documentary evidence of approval for very change request in the project and approving authority must be informed in written about increase in cost/budget, delay in project delivery due to proposed change.
  3. Every project must be properly closed.

7 Habits Participant – Modern Insulators Limited – March, 2018

Dear Sir,

It is pleasent experience to practicising the 7 habits in our daily life of office as well personal also.

  1. So many times we are blamming others for our faliure. During practicising 7 Habits I realise I am responsible for my decisions and I should work my center of influence instead of center of cencern.
  2. I have started morning walk along with my spouse after practicising 7 habits.
  3. One day I was discussing with my son (23yr) regarding practicising 7 habits. It is pleasure to share you that He shown me book of 7 habits of highly effective peoples and told that he it already going through it.

In future I would be happy to share you my experiences regarding 7 Habits.

Thank you for such a nice and effective workshop.

7 Habits Participant – March, 2018

The recently concluded workshop on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People gave me another perspective as to how I can enhance the way I look at my personal and professional life.

My three main takeaways from the workshop are:

  1. I have started identifying activities in quadrant 2 on priority and plan my work daily and try and meet targets.
  2. Sincere effort is also being made to be more Proactive than Reactive in my dealing with others.
  3. Effort is also being made to follow the 7 habits myself.

7 Habits Participant – Modern Insulators Limited – March, 2018

It is an fantastic learning session for two days attending the 7 Habits signature programme. We have understood these most powerful habits by going through good presentations and audio/video.Our facilitator also helped us to understand the same very easily. We are thankful Mr. Covey and our trainer to help us learn new.

7 Habits Participant – March, 2018

Hi Team,

Top 3 takeaways for me are as follows:

  1. Power of ‘Pause’ – First habit of ‘Be Proactive’.
  2. Invest in yourself and everything that you care off, it should not just be your professional life.
  3. It’s all about my choices that is going to define my destiny.

Really looking forward to start implementing or practising the learnings in my real life.

Thank you.

Leadership Participant – Aludecor – Feb, 2018

The key things I learned in the “Great Leaders” Program are :

  1. Whole person Paradigm, persons have 4 dimension.
  2. Imperatives of Great Leader.
  3. And align systems for execution.

The thing I will do is:

  1. first map the engagement levels of individuals.
  2. Clarify purpose, give their position on the organization and give them direction as to where the company sees them in future.
  3. Defining Wigs.
  4. Map and track plan for achieving the Wigs.

7 Habits Participant – Essar Oil Ltd – Feb, 2018

Thank you for conducting a wonderful workshop on the 7 Habits of Effective People on 15th & 16th Feb’18 in Mumbai.

As a participant I am grateful for the knowledge imparted during the workshop which was enjoyable and interactive. Personally I feel though I may have been observing some of the habits it is necessary to give it a proper direction to get the desired results. That is where the workshop has helped in making us understand. Your way of conducting the workshop was liked by one and all participants and is commendable.

I have already expressed my satisfaction to the learning team of our Company for making me part of this workshop.

To put things in one word the workshop was ‘Excellent’ by all means.

Thanks for your guidance and coaching. It would be a pleasure to be associated once again in future.

Leadership Participant – Tata Business Support Services Limited – Feb, 2018

High Trust is crucial it helps empower your team and builds confidence in them to take decisions and helps them grow.

It also gives you the scope to do larger things and not micro manage there by also increasing your area of influence.

7 Habits Participant – Essar Oil Ltd – Feb, 2018


The program was presented in an enthusiastic, very insightful and interactive way. The content and examples can be related not only to work environments but also to events and situations in daily life. This program made me feel refreshed and motivated me to do better at both home and work to achieve goals I ignored due to daily chores.

Thank you FranklinCovey for this.

7 Habits Participant – AYM Syntex – Feb, 2018

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for the enthralling 7 habits workshop. I am very much pleased to attend the session for 2 days.

It is the life changing experience for me. I wish God give me courage to follow the 7 habits zealously through out my life.

7 habits will definitely benefit in my personal and professional life.

7 Habits Participant – Hero Motocorp – Feb, 2018

Hello Franklin covey team,

Thanks for writing to me, have a good day.

Session we had on the 7 habits was highly motivating and I am applying most of the take aways in my daily life ever since.

  1. I have been more interactive with the people around me and trying to build EBA (Emotional account Balance).
  2. I have written down my PMA (Personal mission statement) and reading daily in the morning to influence my sub-conscious mind.
  3. I am following strict schedule of reading self development books (Sharpening the saw).

Thanks again for motivating me to improve myself.

7 Habits Participant – Feb, 2018

It was very good and energetic session, although overall workshop was worthy and specifically my 3 take away are:

  1. Purpose of Life.
  2. Discipline in Life.
  3. For a successful life, live a life of contribution.

I will share my learning with my colleagues, family members and friends.

7 Habits Participant – Bank Al Habib – Feb, 2018

It has been a wonderful experience to attend a training session in Multan regarding subject. The change what i am feeling is the gaining of confidence by adopting “Proactive Approach” in managing the assigned task well before time and to keep in mind the alternate solution of possible adversarie.

Further i am also tyring to adopt other six habits discussed in detail.

7 Habits Participant – UPL Limited – Feb, 2018

7 Habits is a radically changing program and it made me realize that although we are aware of most of the basic things in life we do not channelize them effectively, we are not fully conscious about it in the moment.

A definite discipline and channelizing of our thoughts and energies is imperative.

There were a lot of learnings from this workshop.

7 Habits Participant – Feb, 2018

The three best things which I have now is :

  1. Begin with end in mind.
  2. And to achieve the above – Be Proactive is the most important step i.e. Habit-1.
  3. I see now these two changes are getting incorporated in my vision, also I see my vision and mission statement more clearly now.

I am sure with all the proper planning, will be able to achieve all the goals.

7 Habits Participant – CLP – Feb, 2018

One of the major changes which I have experienced in my life is the existence of paradigms i.e. the way I see things not the way they are. I have discovered that when I am able to understand the exact reality as it is, then I am better prepared to deal with tough situations later. I am now more open to discuss with people issues, concerns instead of just making up images, thought patterns based on my own understanding. Of course I could not have this understanding when I was growing up but nevertheless I can work even now.

I have drafted a mission statement for myself now. I already had a blueprint in my mind & had written it down. After completion of workshop, I finalized it & framed it. Three key action areas/goals for myself to implement are: I am a product of my choices, not my conditions. Other peoples emotions should not control my behaviour. I need to listen with the intent to understand.

One of excellent examples which inspired me is that of Viktor Frankl who exercised the power to choose his response to his terrible conditions. Definitely we are in a much better condition compared to his. So there exists lot of potential to improve which I will continue to do.

7 Habits Participant – Feb, 2018

Dear FC Team

Glad to be part of this program!!!

Top 3 take away for me from the workshop I attended are:

  1. Understanding other person before making assumption.
  2. Giving importance to thing which matter most rather which seems urgent.
  3. Planning A, B & sometime C should be back in your mind for all the task you handle.

7 Habits Participant – Samriddhi School – Feb, 2018

The ineffective habit, i think that i had with me is that i tend to beleive any person in no time and i usually share everything with that person not keeping any secrets of mine but as the time passes i usually end up having betrayed and abandoned. The effective habit of mine might be I dillute myself with any people having no age limits and any surroundings so that i communicate well with them and i m somewhat successful enough to make my place in their heart and the people in contact with me really takes me as one of their best well-wisher.

7 Habits Participant – Feb, 2018

Respected and Distinguished Concern,

Thankyou very much for the nice reminder. It was a wonderful experinece of having a training session from farnklincovey Pakistan. I certainly would like vail the similar opportunities in near future.

It was like a source of insipiration and motivation lighted in myself and i am trying to transmit it to my family, friends and colleagues.

I think the take aways from this workshop were to take control of life, plan it and develop it, for personal and public victory.

I also want to be trained as a trainer, to spread this message effectively to the society.

Please keep guiding time to time.

7 Habits Participant – Siemens – Jan, 2018

I am trying to implement my effective paradigm to understand my kids. I used to shout if I see them doing mischievous things. But now I started understanding them and at most I don’t yell on them and tell them in an effective and convincing manner.

Leadership Participant – C&S Electric Ltd – Jan,2018

Thanks really to send such lovely Pic to see our memory and A big Thanks to FC Team and our trainer to groom us in such well practical way to understand the Leadership skills in better manner & to implement . ​

I will surely in touch with you & also will meet some other Training Programme also.​ ​

7 Habits Participant – Alkem Laboratories – Jan, 2018

Dear sir, ​

Its really fantastic experience that we experiencing while following / living the 7 habits.​ ​

7 Habits Participant – Cavinkare Pvt Ltd – Jan, 2018

I can never forget the example of the redwood tree in the program .I am now focussing on character building, character is universal, timeless, objective and once built shall always be at work.​

Building character at some level is becoming a better person, better colleague, better family man and a better humanitarian. Its living a life of honesty, rightfulness and forthrightness.​ ​

7 Habits Participant – Siemens – Jan, 2018

Hi, ​

In the program I learnt how to be proactive not reactive(context based reaction), Time matrix(differentiating the urgent and not urgent works) and how to sharpen the saw(keep on improving the skills) as my top take aways.​ ​

7 Habits Participant – Cavinkare Pvt Ltd – Jan, 2018

My Learnings with 7 Habits:-

  1. To be more empathetic to the other person’s way of working. To understand their pain points and try to find a solution to them.
  2. Priorities setting thereby try for Work Life Balance.
  3. Try to find out ways where all can mutually win.
  4. Time management.

7 Habits Participant – Alkem Laboratories – Jan, 2018

Dear Sir,

Its mind blowing experience , we are feeling relaxed and enjoying the work as have started working with 7- Habits.

Relaxed and tension free with work satisfaction.


HCS(Qualifying Opportunities) – Sundaram Finance – Jan, 2018

Dear Sir,

FranklinCovey’s Qualifying Opportunities and Closing the Sale training sessions were great learning experience for me.

I would like to share a few things which I learned from this session:

  1. One of the best things that I learnt is – “NO is not a rejection, it is just an information.” It really helps in maintaining my positive attitude.
  2. Instead of being sales centric, we should be client centric. Client’s need should be the priority and then only we can achieve a win-win output.
  3. More time should be allotted in discussion than in sales pitch. If we are able to understand the client’s need properly, both the parties can save a lot of time.
  4. Handling Objections has become a lot easier now: a) Be ready with a few anticipated questions, which will increase your confidence and save time for both parties. b) Listen, and then ask the client what he actually needs and leave the reshape the query in such a way that client himself/herself will provide you a better solution.
  5. Right amount of time should be invested in right prospect. Excess time to a bad prospect and less time to a good one can lead to a failure and waste of a lot of time.
  6. We should help client in making decision. The aim should be that no meetings goes without making any decision.

Finally, I would like to thank our trainer who made the session so interesting and energetic till the end.

7 Habits Participant – Open Workshop – Dec, 2017

Dear Sir,

We have started practising synergy in our team as it a very effective technique. We are more tolerant, having more patience to accept the opinion of others and ready to accept differences in people and to look for third alternative. Mauritius is a good example with complex urban background 98% literacy and different socio.ethnic background of people. When we applied it to our in our own scenario organization we have understood how the synergy here and how could it be helpfulas a team.

Leadership Participant – Dec,2017

Hi FC team,

It was a great session on Great Leaders and I must compliment pur facilitator on the tireless efforts in keeping it so alive.

VP-Bennett Coleman

7 Habits Participant – Cavinkare Pvt Ltd – Dec, 2017

Dear 7 Habits Team,

Habit: To Synergize

I am supposed to co-ordinate with a lot of departments. Though I would like to say that these Synergising skills are always required, these have been further polished and done more meticulously in the last week after finding the bigger and smaller rocks.

7 Habits Participant – Cavinkare Pvt Ltd – Dec, 2017

I have started thinking about the situation and started to think from the other persons shoe. This is helping me to think and decide in a way how best it can benefit both of us.

This takes time to perfect but if I develop this I think I can come out with blazing covers in most of my situation.

As far as my Mission I am still fine tuning it and am givning my self 10 mins a day to re write it.. This is the time I spend for myself and it give me a great feeling which I have never done.

7 Habits Participant – PTCL – Dec, 2017

Dear Sir,

Thank you for such a wonderful training, it was very insightful and interactive. Content of this training is really helpful in both of my workplace and personal life.

Each habit is useful and need to be implemented equally but considering my nature of job and my work place below are the three take aways from many which I have gained and will implement.

  1. Put First thing First:
    Planning is the integral part of any work, I am practicing daily planner from many years but still sometimes I fails to manage my work equally, and from now onwards the daily/weakly planner will be my priority to set.

  2. Seek to Understand first then to be understood:
    My nature of work demands me to coordinate with different departments, so I will implement this habit by coordinating with people in a positive way and before putting my own point of view on any matter I will try to understand other’s point of view first, I think it will help me towards better conversation.

  3. Think win-win:
    Usually we don’t think of others benefit we always put ourselves first and forget that team work is always better. In any matter from now onwards I will consider to take out solution where both parties are satisfied not by force but with willingly.

Leadership Participant – Open Program – Dec,2017

Dear Franklin Covey team


Many thanks for taking us through such an interesting workshop. I would say, that this workshop has come at the right time for me as paradigm shift is required to unleash my team’s talent in-order to achieve economic results expected from New Business team.

I have decided to take ahead followings with my team post discussion with my senior in detail:.

  1. Defining of New Business Section’s purpose and JTBT of 3 team members.
  2. Defining of WIGs and conduction of WIGs sessions (LAG & LEAD measures scoreboard).
  3. Mechanism for regular feedback sessions with my team and introduction of 13 leadership behaviors (one every week) for my team.

7 Habits Participant – Alkem Laboratories – Dec, 2017

It was very good experience for me to learn, How I grow good things in my behaviour?, that workshop was very useful to develop our personality, positive feelings & communication skills.

It was very useful to remove the all bad thinking’s from our mind. I learn from this workshop that positive thinking, understanding capacity are very important when you think positive the circle of concern reduce & circle of Influence will be increase.

I want to implement these learning on my workplace with positive energy (i.e. change of pattern/proactive), proper planning & its proper implementation.

7 Habits Participant – Dec, 2017

Hello there,

I have been wanting to attend this program for long and happy though late finally I could make it last week.

Though exeperience is valued but it also comes with baggage and first step is to unlearn and recalibrate my approach.

To begin with, I’ll focus on

  1. Be Proactive
  2. Begin with the end in Mind (revisit, refine) and
  3. Seek First to Understand, Then to be understood.

Since, I’ve taken up a new job, I’ll have opportunity o implement my learning with-out any prejudice or bias.

7 Habits Participant – Siemens – Dec, 2017

I am glad that I attended the & habits workshop. It gives me confidence to face any situations in my life. My key takeaways are:

  1. Always be proactive.
  2. Think Win-Win.
  3. Personal mission statement.

I would like to improve my professional life to lean new technologies surrounds me also to improve my competency.

In personal life, I want to be a successful investor.

7 Habits Participant – Cavinkare Pvt Ltd – Dec, 2017





7 Habits Participant – PTCL – Dec, 2017

Dear FC Team

Thank you for contacting me!

3 takeaways from the said workshop are;

  1. Emotional bank account.
  2. Changing ineffective paradigms to effective paradigms.
  3. P/PC balance.

I would like to work my teams on

  1. Spends enough one-on-one time with team.
  2. Seeks feedback on ways I can improve.
  3. Want to be punctual in professional & personal life.

7 Habits Participant – Cavinkare Pvt Ltd – Dec, 2017

One of the key ways of making deposits in emotional bank accounts is keeping commitments. Earlier due to my non proactive nature + no focus on sharpening the saw (poor exercise regimen) I used to be pre occupied and tired for meeting personal commitments. However both these have had an epic shift in my ability to keep commitments and making deposits in emotional bank account.

One key learning now is the amount of activities and experience my son and I are able to pack in over the weekend.

7 Habits Participant – HSBC Technology and Services – Nov, 2017

The training was quite good and useful to me. I want to specifically highlight the below points:

  1. The content of the training was very good.
  2. All habits were based on certain principles that are fundamental in nature and don’t change over time.
  3. I would certainly recommend this training to others.

Some of the things that I personally liked are:

  1. Circle of Influence vs Circle of Concern – Focus on you circle of your influence and constantly work to expand it.
  2. Put First Things First – Urgent Vs Important.
  3. Creating Weekly Plans based on your key roles.
  4. Thinking Win-Win for mutually beneficial solutions or agreements.
  5. Sharpen the Saw & Keeping some time for yourself – Balance and renew your resources, energy, and health to create a sustainable, long-term, effective lifestyle.

7 Habits Participant – Hatton National Bank PLC – May, 2017

Thanks a lot for communicating with valuable information.

I always promote your institution to any organization.

7 Habits Participant – Open Workshop – May, 2017

The 7 Habits Review session held on Saturday was fantastic and people appreciated it. The participants were very happy and seemed to have enjoyed the session.

Though all 18 participants from the original session could not make it due to personal reasons but I feel they would regret not attending, after listening the feedback.

I would like to say many thanks to FranklinCovey for arranging this session for us.

Leadership Participant – Open Program – March,2017

I have never got an opportunity to do live trading session with my team. But, I think if I get this opportunity that will be beneficial for my team members. Then I can start taking live trading session individually so that they can understand market conditions easily how market behave in different time zones.

Yes, I scheduled Team Clarity Meeting.

Feedback of meeting is that I understand more precisely what are the problems faced by my team members in achieving their goals. They need motivation and guidance so that they can build their confidence which helps to improve their performance.

7 Habits Participant – Open Workshop – March, 2017

My top 3 takeaways were:

  1. Classify all tasks under urgent and important and then prioritize
  2. Achieve private victory before aspiring for public victory
  3. Think win win

In my teams I intend to implement all of these.

I would want them to prioritize tasks in the right way.

I would want to achieve private victory by being proactive, beginning with the end in mind and putting first things first.

Thinking win-win in all transactions.

7 Habits Participant – Open Workshop – February, 2017

The 3 big take away’s for me from the program are

  1. Freedom to Choose :
    Focus on what you are in control of and not let the circle of concern eat into your thoughts, this single learning if implemented will make me at peace.

  2. Begin with End in Mind :
    Working on the personal mission statement helped in putting the relationships before other things. Compass before Clock, The ability to schedule the big rocks or priorities.

  3. Teach to Learn :
    No other training i have attended focuses on this aspect and as they say teaching is equal to 10 times learning. As Aristotle said “Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.

Leadership Participant – February,2017

The tools and research that I use as a mentor are very much effective and that can be seen from the over all performance of the team. All the things are running smoothly and providing with appropriate output.

Project Management Participant – Australian High Commission – February,2017

All of us enjoyed and had a great session on Project Management. It was a great learning and the handouts are useful and serve to remind us of the key learnings.

Very pleasant and lively trainer.

Thanks for organising this training program.

Leadership Participant – February,2017

My execution of plan.

What are the top 3 challenges you face with your team’s priorities and execution. What are the best practices that have worked for you so far. Please reply to us quoting examples.

Ans : The team faces the problem of achieving monthly profit

2)another major problem is office timings do not match with market timing.

3) There is negative attitude from some team members that we cannot trade in such situation and they wanted change is office timing

Practices :

1)The team together has decided to take very less trades and minimal profits or losses when the market is closed.Trades are taken after market opens as volatility in market increases.

This is helping the team to incur less losses and achieve daily profits which helps to achieve monthly profit.Taking less trades or minimal losses is helping the team to achieve monthly targets.

This startegy is changing the attitude of members..As discussed currently with them, they have started achieving daily profits with this plan/strategy.Even if they achieve loss it has become minimal.

2) performance of team and individual member is calculated on weekly basis using scoreboard

As a mentor I don’t want to pressurize the team by giving them targets.So I have asked the team to set target for themselves.

This target is compared with the weekly performance.

If it’s not achieved then together new idea or plan is considered for achievement.

This scoreboard is helping thems to measure their own performance and be consistent or better.

Leadership Participant – February,2017

For new intern- it is very difficult to explain back-end process of work and to change their mindset with organisation six mind set
For Trainee dealer- to mange their ego as they are more experienced and senior who are working under me

I have tried to build relation and trust and its under control now some of them got good experience of mine now its going smoothly.

Leadership Participant – February,2017

What or whom will I study?


How will I document the best idea?

By Studying their system.

Where and when will I test it?

At my workplace.

How will I educate key stakeholders?

By conducting a meeting.

How will I institutionalize the process?

By tracking it on a daily basis if the system is being implemented or not.

What measures will tell me if the new system is working?

Tracking the weekly results will give an idea for improvisation.

7 Habits Participant – Alkem Laboratories – February, 2017

The program is very good for its contents and helped me in modifying my way of doing things day to day.

Practicing it continuously is what it requires to achieve its true meaning.

All habits are good and each has a direct correlation with each other, hence to get good results all habits to be practiced as well as linked together to get the needed results.

Helping Clients Succeed – Daimler India – February, 2017

My key learnings were on;

  1. Better ways to handle objections (yellow lights etc.).
  2. Benefits/Advantages of keeping End in Mind for any customer call/meeting to enable customer make a decision.
  3. Realise , on Sales – Can Get Quantity by Qualitative Approach.
  4. Got tools which can be used / applied – Qualifying Pipeline etc.
  5. New Closure techniques – addressing price gap etc.
  6. Benefits of rearranging the funnel (upside down).
  7. Would help in better handling customer quarries, etc.
  8. Advantages of doing prior homework to any customer call meeting; like Identifying customer Beliefs etc.
  9. Advantages in creating Win-Win situation for both customer & Company.
  10. Highlighted the Sales impact w.r.t original pipeline data quality

7 Habits Participant – Alkem Laboratories – February, 2017

It was indeed a great learning I had during the 7 Habits of highly effective people workshop held on 18th-19th Nov.

Leadership Participant – Open Workshop – February,2017

Dear Team Franklin Covey,

After going through the personality development challenge and Trust Action Plan, I found the actions/plans required to increase my character & competency.

7 Habits Participant – Open Program – February, 2017

A one of a kind workshop with so many aspects that I have learnt and revisited through the 7 habits. Whilst I like to believe that I picked up on all 7 habits, it would be a little less than the truth because it truly takes time to work on each habit diligently. I have started to practice a few promises that I have made with myself and they have brought a wonderful change in me physically and mentally. I keep my focus on private victories whenever I feel something is not making sense and it makes me stronger and more proactive and less reactive.

Wonderful trainer and mentor throughout the workshop, we need many such individuals around us filled with positivity and “we” attitude.

7 Habits Participant – Oracle – February, 2017

Thanks for the wonderful training and session provided.

7 Habits Participant – Oracle – January, 2017

7 Habits apply on all four levels of Leadership

An individual has to start building his trustworthiness by having a right balance of his character and competency.

Once the group is empowered to achieve the desired results through synergies, it will help organization to align its goals/objectives in a better way to meet the needs of the stakeholder.

This results in higher level of trust and more empowerment in Organization.

P / PC Balance: The principle of Effectiveness

I am responsible to assist people with their questions on process/policy. Empower knowledge to the group. Maintain a knowledge base via proper documentation and resources.

7 Habits Participant – Shriram Value Services Pvt Ltd – January, 2017


The three things which I took away from training as

  1. Be proactive
  2. Put First Things First
  3. Think Win-WIn

I discuss the time management & begin with the end in mind with my team. Both Private & public life time management play a big role in our day today life. Begin with the End in mind will helps in project management more effective & productive.

7 Habits Participant – Asian Paints – October, 2016


Habits are overlapping components of knowledge, attitude and skill. They are interrelated, interdependent and sequential.

The first three habits Being Proactive, Begin with the end in mind and Put First Things first helps us to achieve Private Victory and progress from dependence to independence.

The next three habits Think Win Win, Seek First to Understand than to be Understood and Synergize leads to Interdependence, mutual benefit and finally Public Victory.

7 Habits Participant – Open program – January, 2017

The workshop was a great learning opportunity for me. Specifically, the goal setting exercise (Habit 2) has helped me pen down my thoughts on where I want to be. I haven’t yet been able to reach the end of it, i.e., write down my mission statement, but I hope I will get there in a bit.

The lesson on Circle of Influence and Circle of concern is quite useful in focussing on what we can do to mitigate situations (Habit 1).

I plan to continue the learning process on an ongoing basis.

7 Habits Participant – Capgemini India Private Limited – January, 2017

Hi team,

I am sharing my experience as I have started practicing these habits. I am becoming increasingly aware of change in my effectiveness and the feeling of being in control or being responsible.

I consciously practiced two habits more than the others. I wore these two lenses and analyzed my actions or contemplated actions thru these lenses.

The two habits are “Being Proactive” and “Seek first to understand and then to be understood”

Being proactive helps me to focus my energy on action instead of worrying about things I have no or little control over.

The other habits gave me the Aha experience multiple times. Before judging others I pause for few seconds and try to understand the other person’s view point or reasoning behind that behavior and many times I found that my judgment of other person was incorrect.

I am discovering more each day.

7 Habits Participant – Asian Paints – December, 2016

It was a nice conducted workshop, apart from some big vocabulary words, which sometimes you get lost into, when may be initially you might have understood.

Though there were several things, which were takeaways for me, but right now I may not remember everything. But to put down 3 of them are mentioned below.

Be proactive i.e. need to initiate myself for any change / development / creation

Growth / Rise in status of any manner is not the measure for anybody’s effectiveness, which I believe is right, but sometimes you change when you are in the material world.

Understand others on being in others shoes, before getting yourself being understood.

7 Habits Participant – Asian Paints – December, 2016

My key take away from the workshop are as follows:

  1. To be pro-active in my circle of influence.
  2. To be an empathetic listener ie. Listen to understand the other person than to think for an reply.
  3. Managing task depending upon their priorities following the “ urgent and Important” quadrant.
  4. Not allowing circumstances to overpower my emotional balance.

Once again I would like to thank your team for conducting such an impactful workshop.

7 Habits Participant – Open Workshop – December, 2016

This program is one of the very good program I attended. I like the Maturity Continuum where I learn the how our habits shapes our life to achieve desire result. Some of these habits are followed but not consistently. I will try to follow it consistently. Also like the Emotional bank account which would help me to improve on relations. And Habit 5, which I believe that want to follow but when it most required I forget it. So henceforth I will try to follow it consciously.


7 Habits Participant – Open Workshop – December, 2016

This program is one of the very good program I attended. I like the Maturity Continuum where I learn the how our habits shapes our life to achieve desire result. Some of these habits are followed but not consistently.

I will try to follow it consistently. Also like the Emotional bank account which would help me to improve on relations. And Habit 5, which I believe that want to follow but when it most required I forget it. So henceforth I will try to follow it consciously.


Helping Clients Succeed and 7 Habits Participant – Havells – December, 2016

Thank you very much for training & development initiative where I have been a part of it.

Please find enclosed herewith on the job learning experienced during few days after demonetisation.

  1. Proactive-We became Proactive for Retailers Confidence to be maintained at Retail Outlets after demonetization.
  2. End in Mind- Planned visit to major retailers with question in mind that they may ask & our answer to be uniform.
  3. Put First thing first- How to receive payments—different means like Paytm/Swipe Machine. Got stickers pasted.
  4. Think win-win—We motivated them & ensured they deal in organized brands only. This will help them on GST & our counter sales will go up.
  5. Seek to understand & then to be understood—We had collected market intelligence report & shared with authenticity.
  6. Synergize—we did used this opportunity to make them our loyal retailers.
  7. Sharpen the saw – They are ready to face the situation with confidence.

Leadership Participant – Habib Bank Limited – December,2016

My three key take aways from this workshop and my plan to implement each one in my teams is as follows:

1. Whole-person paradigm: The academic background of each member of the two teams is different. While assigning tasks I must take into account the person as a whole: what his physical and mental capabilities are and how I must engage their mind, spirit, heart and body for assigned tasks.

2. Levels of engagement: what choices are the team members making in reflecting their commitment to work: 1) Rebel; 2) Malicious Obedience; 3) Willing Compliance; 3) Cheerful Cooperation; 4) Heartfelt Commitment; 5)Creative Excitement. In my teams there are members who respond negatively to a direction given and then there is a need to convince them to follow the directive. I can now categorize their response in terms of their level of engagement and then work to see how this can be further improved/rewarded.

3. Four imperatives of Great Leaders: I understand that the purpose of any assignment needs to be clarified; inspire trust by demonstrating that I am myself capable to fulfilling the task satisfactorily by quoting examples/share previous experience, demonstrating my own character and competence; align systems to ensure the worker has the required tools to deliver the assigned task; unleash talent by exploring the hidden capabilities of the worker.

7 Habits Participant – Open Workshop – December, 2016

Thanks for the wonderful workshop. Below are the list items that I would like to start working on.

  • Improve my circle of influence
  • Have a clear short term and long term goal
  • Create a to do list on basis of my weekly/monthly calendar the prioritize my work
  • Improve on my listening skills
  • Read books to improve my knowledge and also spend some time doing physical exercise every day.
  • Teach the principles to my friends and colleagues

7 Habits Participant – Open Workshop – December, 2016

Take away for me:

  1. Begin with the end in mind
    – to be a stronger self, considering myself also as production capability for the longer run. Also, ‘I prefer to’ attitude than ‘I have to

  2. Put first things first
    – Not to postpone Important and not urgent – Allocate time for these activities in the week planner and adhere to it

  3. Continue building Trust
    – avoid withdrawals – Have a pause and think before your response to avoid negativity and don’t hold grudges as they could make us worse

7 Habits Participant – Capgemini India Private Limited – November, 2016

Hi Bob,

It was a very refreshing & effective program. The couple of days we spent has made us more emotionally stable and our perspective towards life has changed. It created an awareness that the 7 habits are for our internal knowledge which can be applied on the personal front or at the work place.

Thanks for the wonderful knowledge shared.

7 Habits Participant – Shriram Value Services Pvt Ltd – November, 2016

Dear Sir,

My top three takeaways from this workshop and how I want to implement my learning with my teams would be:

Habit 1: Be Proactive
Adopt Proactive behavior
When confronted with a situation like a team member not finishing the work accurately despite proper guidance, a proactive behavior should be adopted instead of being reactive and losing patience. That will enable to keep the mind clear and think about other alternatives.

Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind
Envision outcomes before action
Setting clear agenda before every meeting will help achieve objectives for all stakeholders. Also setting clear goals for team members and explaining what is expected out of them will enable them to perform well.

Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood
Give Empathic response
Listen and respond emphatically to team members’ concerns instead of judging, advising or probing them.

7 Habits Participant – Shriram Value Services Pvt Ltd – November, 2016

Dear Team,

Actually, it (Two Full days session) was a wonderful experience.

As I am little Bulky (92 Kgs, Height 169 cms), I would like to give priority on reducing my body weight.

As part of this, I started doing One day (24 Hrs) Fasting with only water intake on Last Saturday, During evening, I felt little un easy, but able to Manage.

It was really a good feeling. I am going to continue this, One day fasting on every 2nd and 4th Saturday of Every month as it was a off for us.

Also, planning to have one hour session with my son for every week end to brush-up his Mathematics exercises.

I will keep you posted on my weight reduction process periodically.

7 Habits Participant – Capgemini India Private Limited – November, 2016

I was fortunate to attend and receive this wonderful training.

  • Liked the concepts – Private Victory & Public Victory.
  • How to win over Private Victory which is key factor
  • Scripting of my Mission statement
  • Emotional Bank – Build your Deposits.
  • Circle of Influence & Circle of Concern

Special Thanks for imparting the training and dwelling us into soul searching mode…

7 Habits Participant – Open Workshop – November, 2016

  • What best I got influenced is The entire program built on Timeless value based or Principle based.
  • The module insist on the “You” or “I” who has to bring the change
  • The insight on – Unless there is private victory, the chances of achieving higher needs are slightly difficult.

This program is more for personal or self-development, than professional, as it is a composite or a holistic approach to life which comprises of Private life, Personal Life, Professional Life, Social life, Spiritual etc.

7 Habits Participant – Capgemini India Private Limited – November, 2016


This program has been very interesting and well structured. I could connect with most parts of the program and looking forward for imbibing them in my daily life.

Three top takeaways are:

  1. Build on your character as they form the foundation of any growth.
  2. Create weekly calendar to manage and focus on Professional, personal and self growth.
  3. There is much more to life than the work that one tries to do.

7 Habits Participant – Open Workshop – November, 2016

I have committed myself that I have to execute these principles in My life.

  1. Create the vision.
  2. Daily and weekly Plan.
  3. I have to work on my mental toughness and thought process , I have to think differently .For that I need to unwind my some older thought.
  4. Have to do things by own rather than get it done through others . More on self action.

Will take help from Ms. Behzad.

She has been excellent in whole training process .I have been gone through so many training process.

It is my feeling that she really wants to help the people with her through knowledge and experience . She is the best trainer I have gone through .

4 Disciplines of Execution – Maruti Suzuki India Ltd- November, 2016

I have started to implement the WIG from the month of Aug’16 which is correlated to the basic targets and the specific goals that I have set for the department as a whole to win.

The targets for the month are clearly defined at the beginning of the month (by 3rd) and weekly follow up is done.

Although there is a ranking system for every month (it is required as we follow a bell curve system and it becomes difficult to justify at the end of the year during the appraisal) the celebration is done only when the department score is in excess of 80 points.

Leadership Participant – Maruti Suzuki India Ltd – November,2016

Since the work environment is in a factory premise and the factory rule applies to all individuals so generally the atmosphere is of Industrial Age workers.

Whatever things are under my control try and incorporate the learnings and use the knowledge worker rule to the best of my capabilities.

Example of a few basic ones:

  • Treat the problem as a problem and not associate the problem with the person.
  • Listen to feedback patiently and take it positively.
  • Never refuse to a leave application.
  • In case 3 (out of 7) person applies for a leave on the same day, if required (in case of pending work, shortfall in target, specific work to be done) explain them the seriousness and ask them to decide amongst themselves which one will sacrifice their leave and ensure the person gets a preference next time the same situation arises.

League Annual Conference 2016

Thank you for your support in making L&D League Annual Conference 2016 a huge success!

It was our pleasure to have  FranklinCovey speaker for the conference. We received great feedback for your session and the conference. We appreciate the level of engagement and energy you brought to the discussion.

7 Habits Participant – Islamabad Marriott Hotel – October, 2016

Dear Team,

I would like to share my experiences while practicing habit 1. The action plan whatever I had set to practice to take right decision at right time for that follow the behavior on pause and respond based on principle, use proactive language and behavior, receive negative feedback without becoming defensive and be sincere about time management. I follow that 3 steps like Plan Your Week, Live the habit, Teach to Learn accordingly. Even though its ongoing process I feel better than before and it is keeping on me more energetic and motivated toward achieve target of my personal and professional level. I also shared about it with my team members and they also appreciated and taken it as a way of living effective life.

7 Habits Participant – Open Workshop – October, 2016

Hi, I attended the The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People training on 10/18/2016 and 10/19/2016 held in Islamabad Pakistan.

The training was very helpful and was an eye opener for me in many aspects.

Though the whole training content was excellent but the top most 3 take away for me from this training are:

  1. Circle on Influence Vs Circle of Concern.
  2. Begin with the end in mind (Compass comes first then comes the clock).
  3. Think Win Win.

7 Habits Participant – Open Workshop – October, 2016


Truly speaking attending this program has been a life changing even for me. Following are the three key takeaways for me from this program:

  • The Maturity Continuum of Dependence to Independence to Interdependence that takes one from Private Victory to Public Victory. I feel this is the core of the entire learning program without whose understanding one cannot really appreciate its effectiveness.
  • The critical of Personal Mission Statement that allows one to look into oneself and tap the innermost needs & expectations and that helps one map what one wants to achieve in life and without which one cannot have a truly guided life path.
  • The Time Matrix that allows one to effectively manage one’s time and do away with the wasteful expenditure of time on QIII and QIV activities and focus more on QII and QI activities to get the best out of life.

While there are many more takeaways from the program I feel that the above three will be most difficult and time consuming and once they are understood and implemented, I will have my path set for habits that will take me towards Interdependence.

7 Habits Participant – Sterling And Wilson Limited – October, 2016

Thanks for wonderful messages and support for my growth. I am really hovering around 2nd and 3rd habits and going deep into my mission statement and goals and aims. So, haven’t stepped into the 4th habit.

7 Habits Participant – Open Workshop – October, 2016

It was a very insightful session that I have had.

Irrespective the we all are aware of these 7 habits, I learnt how effectively this can be used now in my Personal & Professional life.

Take aways for me from this session :

  1. Stick to your Principles, never let the Situation take control of your self
  2. Focus more on the Character rather than Personality only.
  3. Try to expand your Circle of Influence rather than feeling helpless about the Circle of Concern.

This is really helpful and am trying my best to excel each of the habits!!!!

Thank you

7 Habits Participant – Open Workshop – September, 2016

Dear Concerned,

Just wanted to share my experience while practicing habit 1. I started off by planning my week before the start of the week. I choose few big rocks and locked them in my calendar. I did a Teach To Learn session with my accountability partner and shared with him how I will try to be proactive and fulfill my commitments for the week.

And I can proudly say that I achieved all my big rocks for the week and the only reason why I was able to do so was because I was proactive.

7 Habits Participant – Open Workshop – September, 2016

Dear Team – FranklinCovey,

I would like to thanks for enabling me to understand how “The 7 Habits” will make the life better and attain personal & professional goal in the best way.

There are many take aways –

  • Through my learning, I will exhibit and share the first three habits of “Pro-active”, “Begin with end Mind” and “Put First Thing First” with the Team and will continue.

Once again thank you to FranklinCovey – Team and also would like to thanks all the participants for sharing their experiences.

7 Habits Participant – Fabindia Overseas Pvt. Ltd. – August, 2016

Dear Franklin Covey team,

First things first.

Please accept my best wishes on the success of the workshop.

I had great two days that involved a lot of introspection and thinking.

7 Habits Participant – Open Workshop – August, 2016

Dear FranklinCovey Team,

At the outset, I would like to thank you guys for the great learning at the workshop. It was indeed a great experience in terms of widening my horizons.

Leadership Participant – Maruti Suzuki India Ltd – July,2016

Trust Action Plan

  1. Based on your LQ data and your own judgment, what do you need to do to increase credibility and build trust?

This is something which was not tried before me. I need to make it successful or in other words deliver results in the new ideas on which the team is working.

I have tried to bring in transparency and so far I have got positive results.

  1. Are there specific individuals with whom you need to build trust? List their names below and the actions you will take. List any specific behaviors of trust that apply.

Challenge what I feel I will face in practicing and building trust with team members:

7 Habits Participant – Open Workshop – August, 2016

Good Morning,

  • Become a transition person. I am going to implement this with myself and train my team members as well.
  • Think Win-Win to be revisited.  The current approach at work needs to be tailored to suit the growing team and also with contacts.
  • Seeking to understand from other’s perspective.

I will make a checklist, listing all the positive points as well as areas where I need improvement. This will help me to begin with the end in mind. I will review this periodically to ensure the paradigms chosen by me are effective.  This way I can be effective both with my self-development and my teams development.

7 Habits Participant – Open Workshop – July, 2016

It was a very effective workshop right from its start. Although we know of these Habits, not often do we put them to use or rather we don’t know how to exercise these habits effectively. This workshop has taught me how to exercise these habits so that it brings out the best not only in me but also the people I interact with every day be it home or office.

It is very difficult to pin point the top three, cause every habit has its own significance.

Leadership Participant – Maruti Suzuki India Ltd – July,2016

First, I would like to covey that it was a wonderful ‘Leadership Workshop‘.

Once again, I would like to thank FranklinCovey India for conducting this workshop.

All of the inputs given in this workshop are extremely valuable.

7 Habits Participant – TAFE – July, 2016

As I have learnt during our learning session, here I will share my experience for the same.

While I was in workshop I got the information that we need to close the financial books for the month of Jun-16 on 1st working day only in place of 3rd working day. It was as per the management requirement. In this context I found that it will be difficult to complete the job as per the target time. After a thought process I listed out all the activity which was required to meet the target date. Based on that I worked out the time required to complete the job, it has came as it will get completed in 2 days, where as target was to complete the activity in 1 day only.

Than with the help of list I started working that which are the work I can complete in advance i.e preparing data base, checking the data etc., and based on that I found that 30% of work can be made ready before the month end. Balance 70% work can be done on that day only as needs monthly closing of books. And again I have stretched my working hours to complete the balance job and able to meet the target time.

Hence, by listing out my work I was able to plan the activity accordingly to meet the target the date. And in turn got appreciation from our HOD also.

TA League Annual Conference 2016 – People Matters Media – June, 2016

Thank you so much for your support in making the TA League Annual Conference 2016 a big success.

It was our pleasure to have FranklinCovey  as a part of the conference. We have received a great feedback for the session and the overall event. We appreciate the level of engagement and energy you brought to the discussion.

Request your feedback too to incorporate in our upcoming events. I am confident that this community will continue to grow and we will need your support in making it happen 🙂

Have a great week ahead and see you soon.

Warm Regards,
People Matters Media

Speed of Trust – Emcure Pharmaceuticals – June 2016

Dear Sir,

Most of the time it is seen that there is a communication gap between two individuals while spelling out the expectations. It is utmost necessary to give entire data to a colleague so that he can be dot on the target. Other most important thing is many a time people assume certain things and based on the assumptions target is given to the team member. Assuming that the person who has been entrusted the job will be successful, the entire team depends on his / her success. But due to lack of clarity in expectations if this person fails then the entire team fails to deliver. We have to send our colleagues to outside government agencies for various task like attending personal hearings or representing our case. In such cases this behavior becomes vitally important to achieve required results.

7 Habits Participant – Indira National School – June, 2016

A wonderful training program which definitely changed my way of thinking to quite an extent.

The most effective one was where first if a child didn’t submit his work on time. I used to consider the excuse for not doing the work on time as a false excuse. But now I do reconsider that there must be a problem and hence the child has not completed his work.I agree I teach the higher class and hence completion of work is mandatory but I give a thought and then take a decision.

I am still unable to say no..i love the work pressure and I am a workaholic. Even if it tolls on my health. Here I am not able to say a no or be firm. Give in very easily to higher authorities colleagues or even students.

There are many effective practices though.

Like I have been very organised from the beginning. But now I try to also teach people in and around me someway or the other to get organised or help them in some manner rather than getting annoyed.

7 Habits Participant – Open Workshop – June, 2016

  • I always had a problem planning long term. All my plans would get lost as the time progressed. My first takeaway is planning the “Big Rocks” first, and plan them weekly. The time management matrix was really good.
  • My second problem was I didn’t know where am I heading. Every day I come to work, spend the day and life goes on. Its only after a few months of that, I realize that the year is almost over. I have become one year older without achieving much. Thanks to the trainer who asked me to write my own, personal, mission statement. I now have my personal mission statement and can track where is my life going, and can plan for the “Big Rocks” which are in alignment with my life’s mission statement. This would be my second takeaway, although in a sense it is similar to the first one.
  • The third take away would be the cause-effect paradigm. Though we have heard the “See-Do-Get” paradigm many times as fables and as quotes (as you sow, so shall you reap), it was still an eye-opener. It made me conscious that though we might not have control on every situation, we can always shift the paradigm and react in a better way. Good that it applies to all set of habits, and better still, is guided by a principle. I can now formulate my own See-Do-Get paradigm for my unique situation, apply a principle, and move on. I did try this 2 times, though my training completed just 4 days ago.

7 Habits Participant – Indira National School – June, 2016

At the beginning when I heard about the workshop I thought it would be like any other workshop, but as we went through two days of training with  it was an enlightening experience.

I understood that just being good is not important it is necessary to be great.

I have started enjoying my work more and giving my 100% percent as I know I need to excel.

I am planning to do something for physical exercise but haven’t been able to turn it into practicality so just waiting for things to strike.

The lessons learnt are always at the back of the mind.

Thanks again for this enriching experience.

7 Habits Participant – VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd – June, 2016

For first 4 weeks, I would like to practice above 3 habits in each of the activity I do / going to do to become independent.

Apart from that, I wish to practice Habit no. 5 First to understand then to be understood as it is very essential to build relation ship.

Let me share the progress every week on above as much as transparently.

7 Habits Participant – Ericsson – June, 2016

Dear Franklin Covey Team,

Please accept this note as a token of appreciation for your outstanding support to cater our requests.

All requests shared with Franklin Covey team were duly accepted and delivered on the requested dates without any fails, the team always made sure that the required training gadgetry is reached at venue well in advance and with a pool of Brilliant Trainers all the workshops were delivered with the expected feedback.

7 Habits Participant – Sanofi India Limited – May, 2016

I have been trying to practice the 7 habits in my daily routine, with good success. Today , I would like to share one recent incidence , where I practiced WIN WIN habit & got the success;-


Started thinking it in daily life. One recent example is in recent LATITUDE skill workshop for our Insulin FF, Delhi , where one of SSE, who is suffering from back pain & having seat belt , informed me that he was finding it difficult to attend the workshop as he would have to sit whole day in chair. I sensed, he is a sincere guy, told him that health is a top priority for all of us. Since we have two  rooms at hotel(for our visiting RTDM colleague& upcountry FF) , if he try to sit & attend, whenever he finds it tough, let him wave me & go, rest in the room. He agreed & in fact he not only participated in workshop fully, sat both days in chair, I made everyone clapped for him. I feel , I was able to achieve the desired result of having his presence & involvement in this imp workshop.

7 Habits Participant – BOLD – May, 2016

At the onset I would first like to thank you for the wonderful session that you had conducted for us. Keeping the past history in mind and given the context I think I had a very good feedback on the workshop, in the way you aligned engaged people in the workshop. They found the session enlightening and feel they can apply some of them in both professional and personal life.

Thanks again for the wonderful session.

7 Habits Participant – Asian Paints – April, 2016

Synergy is the highest activity in all life.

The highest forms of synergy focus the  four unique human endowments, the motive of win-win, and the skills of empathic communication on the toughest challenges we face in life. What results is almost miraculous. We create new alternative , something that was not before that.

Different persons have different skills, expertise, knowledge and strength, so by the synergy we can get the advantage of all this things, we can produce miraculous results. In life different persons have different need so by this habit we can understand the others need and same way others can understand our need and we both can utilize our knowledge, skill and expertise to fulfill both need and can arrive at win-win situation.

In short we can produce miraculous result by demonstrating this habit.

7 Habits Participant – Open Workshop – April, 2016


I would like to share my experiences while practicing Habit 1.  The action plan whatever I had set to practice to take right decision at right time for that follow the behavior on pause and respond based on principle, use proactive language and behavior, receive negative feedback without becoming defensive and be sincere about time management. I follow that 3 steps like Plan Your Week, Live the Habit,Teach to Learn accordingly. Even though its ongoing process I feel better than before and it is keeping on  me more energetic and motivated toward achieve target of my personal and professional level. I also shared about it with my accountable partner and he also appreciated and taken it as a way of living effective life.

Thank you

7 Habits Participant – Scope – April, 2016

Thanks for the wonderful training we had. My top 3 takeaways which I am focusing to implement in my day-to-day activities is as follows:

  1. Always focus to be in “Quadrant” “Important but No-critical” and make sure that this gets addressed at this stage, rather than going to “Important and Critical”.
  2. Spend quality time (non-work related) with my team.
  3. Understand issues from other perspective before responding to a solution.

Leadership Participant – Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company Limited – March,2016

I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to you for your imparting very effective & impactful training session  on Leadership .  It was highly insightful and you made it more impactful with your command on the subject and beyond .   We all are not only inspired with your sessions but also resolved to work on the improvements .

For me it was a great learnings on  – Great Leaders – Great Teams & Great Results.

Leadership Participant – World Health organisation – December,2015

Greetings from Bangladesh!

At first I would like to thanks FranklinCovey team for their outstanding performance and successfully completion of leadership and managerial training in Bangladesh.

World Health Organization

7 Habits Participant – Open Workshop – October, 2015

Its was an immense pleasure for me to be the part of team to be trained for 7 habits of highly effective people.

And more above that the trainer , who had lighten us with all examples to dealt with.

Each and every aspect of 7 habits were the best. And the takeaways were each and every moment of the session.

Even though to conclude with.

  • Be Proactive : Which has cleared the COI, due to which I have started concentrating on Influence, which actual is the driving element on both front Professional and Personal. I am planning in advance what my team has to do and what is the resource they might require.
  • Q2 : It’s a blessing for everyone , to be focused and only focus. It tell us our actual cause of existence here. Using Q2 my priority and important list has strength my vision . I will be using this tool for my people to help them out to be more productive.
  • Habit 2 : Has cleared what should be your outcome, which helps to channelize what efforts are required to get it.
  • So even when I assign any task to people , I tell them what is required for our betterment.

These are few but best take aways.  At last I am really thankful to be a part of these learnings.


7 Habits Participant – Colombo Stock Exchange – October, 2015

Thank you very much for enlighten us in many areas that we never thought about:

Following are my main take home points;

  1. Don’t respond immediately, take a pause.
  2. Don’t make conclusions without understanding the paradigm.
  3. Have a not to do list as well as to do list.
  4. Have a weekly plan.
  5. Understand my key roles and responsibilities.

I would like to implement my learning’s with my team by:

  1. Having few small meetings with my team members to share what I have learned as time permits.
  2. Sharing the video clips.
  3. Discuss how we can improve our day to day functions.
  4. How we can prioritize our goals.
  5. Try to understand all the new projects before we start by doing some preliminary studies.
  6. Sharpen our knowledge by doing presentation on the areas by each individual on the areas that they are specialized.

7 Habits Participant – Pathseekers School – September, 2015

I  had never attended a program like ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers’. Actually when I heard about it , I wondered what it be all about. Moreover, when I saw those questions in pre assessment , I thought I am good at everything. Why would I need such training? But, reality came out to be totally opposite, as you said in the program that all are very happy with themselves.

You made me realize that I should re-think about my habits. I actually never followed any of these habits except for  ‘Sharpen the saw’. I have now started  working on ‘The 7 Habits ‘.  I observed  one thing I and people around me often are reacting rather than responding. How could I tell my students to respond and not react when I was doing the same. Also I am trying to inculcate next two habits in me , so that I can understand these first and then set an example for my students. The time matrix is helping me to prioritize my things , I often ask myself whether I am in quadrant 2 or not. Yes , I synergize with my colleagues as by collaborative efforts the output achieved is better. These habits have made me more organized and focused. I am happy and thankful to you for making me realize the need of these 7 habits.

So I am working on myself and my students. I am getting good results on it.

7 Habits Participant – Pathseekers School – September, 2015

This was a highly useful workshop and learning experience as it made me aware how I could make my life more meaningful and organized and also become effective in whatever I do. I learnt that we are ultimately responsible for our life and no one else is. I learnt how paradigms are so important because when we change the way we see things then automatically there will be a quantum change in the way we do things in our life. Our thinking and values need to be aligned with our principles. It is important to act and not react to any situation. We need to take ownership of our life. “I choose to”, ‘I’m going to’ should be the terms we use. Proactive people focus on their circle of influence and not circle of concern.

I also learnt that in order to be more effective I need to begin with an end in mind. When I am clear about the goal I want to achieve then I will physically work to achieve it. Also, I have to focus on my highest priorities by removing all the unimportant things my time is wasted on.

If I seek solutions that give benefit to others too then achieving win-win is easy  .Empathetic listening is good and helps to gain trust of others . So first I need to understand others and then be understood.

Creative cooperation /synergy helps in getting better result and I can learn to respect others views and difference of opinion through it.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – September, 2015

Hello Sir,

First of all I would like to thank you for sharing the ‘Leave a Legacy’. It was an amazing video. It was one of the great experience to change the paradigm and to turn the ineffective habit into effective habit. As earlier I used to think that I have never taught small children in my life but after changing the paradigm it was changed into an effective one and now i take it in a different way like to teach small children will be a new experience and I will learn different things. I will surf internet and learn from my colleagues and from kids too. As a result my teaching will be effective and I will enjoy. Moreover, I have learnt to choose the work at top priority and start doing it and not to blame anyone for the result I get. Habit 2 helped me to develop a personal mission statement and to begin with the end in mind in everything I do. My personal Mission Statement includes the following points.

7 Habits Participant – Pathseekers School – September, 2015

Respected Sir,

This journey through the seven habits has been an ongoing process, going through life with greater awareness and understanding. It has equipped me with a self monitoring tool, whether it has be with the end in mind, with using empathetic listening with my daughter, or sharpening the saw. (Though all the habits require constant monitoring to make them a part of me, the ones I have mentioned here, are the ones I need to improve in myself, and sometimes falter.

I would like to thank my Principal for taking this initiative to equip all of us. It has become possible, only because this wonderful program got conceptualized!

Leadership Participant – Parle Agro Pvt. Ltd – September,2015

It is indeed a great pleasure to participate in the leadership program. The trainer as given us in depth insight on the topic. It will definitely change our individual understanding & thinking about our business. At the same time it will also be easy to look at complex matters in simple manner.

Leadership Participant – Parle Agro Pvt. Ltd – September,2015

Dear FranklinCovey Team

I want to thank you for all the help and support in conducting Leadership program and making it a success.

FranklinCovey team you helped us to make a good choice and  coordinated extremely well with all pre-program activities.
Everything went smooth.

I want to thank the FranklinCovey Trainers and Coaches you for all the passion and inspiration with which you drove & facilitated the program.  We are your fan.
We believe and see the picture of Great Parle Agro  in front of our eyes.

I am happy we took decision of going ahead with Franklin covey as partner.

In coming days we will require Franklin covey team help in transforming our learning into reality.

Have a good day.

7 Habits Participant – Capgemini India Private Limited – September, 2015

It was a great training for me and extremely well.

In my past 23 years+ of IT career I have attended various trainings some technical some non technical (as in the IT parlance) but this one is special.

I can relate to this and also already follow / perform quite a few of the teachings in my life, but to put everything in a simple and meaningful framework and as a tool for being effective individual and also affect the surroundings (people, organizations, society) in a positive way – I think this is where lies the essence of the training.

If I am to be a bit more specific on the topics covered, my likings were:

1.The Mission Statement – quite simple but difficult when you ponder for words to put it on a piece of paper.

2.The Emotional Bank Account – when I was putting down names in a paper, I realized who are the people I really care for and some of them I ignore or take for granted. I do not mean I take advantage of them, but it’s like… I know they are there for me.

There are many trainings which have got lost in the training rooms and I do not intend to do the same for this training and I am sure with your support in the initial weeks I will be able to put things to practice.

Once again – thanks!

7 Habits Participant – Watanmal India Pvt. Ltd – August, 2015

Thanks for the great opportunity!

It was a very nice program.

I have learned a lot, but since you asked for top three learnings, I feel that

  1. Weekly planning.
  2. Emotional Bank account (EBA).
  3. Time Matrix are three top learnings.

Besides, I would like to add one more learning (i.e.) Six paradigms of Human interactions.All these four learnings are very useful and would like to implement in my daily activities,both personally and officially. I will implement this learning with my team.

7 Habits Participant – TAFE – August, 2015

I am very much glad to have such “WONDERFUL “program…..

Once again thanks to my organization for given to attend programme.

7 Habits Participant – Venkateshwar International School – August, 2015

I am beginning to feel the positive difference by applying habits of highly effective teachers as was presented in your workshop. The importance of synergy is integral to bringing about a radical enhancement of academic quality. When a group of teachers put their heads together to formulate a common strategy, the students are bound to be benefited. Within my department I discuss teaching strategy regularly with my teachers to bring about synergy. Difference of opinion is always welcomed in such discussions to arrive at a common approach which we then apply while teaching and dealing with students. Such synergy discussions always throw up best solutions.

Leadership Workshop Participant – United Bank Limited Pakistan – August, 2015

It’s been a great pleasure to write you about feedback on the workshop I attended recently. While the contents of said workshop were exceptionally organized and systematic with respect to understanding the core of a whole person paradigm and alignment of strategies, I would like to mention rather applaud an equally exceptional delivery and presentation of the contents by trainers .

Regarding implementation of learning with teams, I look forward for a continued and enhanced interaction with my team to inculcate the understanding and value of “small things that matter while applied consistently”. I will utilize the formats and systematic approach that has been imparted during the workshop to make best use for the organizational and personal goal achievements of team.

Thanks for being an effective partner in this journey to Greatness.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – June, 2015

It was an enlightening workshop. Although the concepts discussed in the session is obvious and I knew about it, the tough part is following it in day to day life. In the helm of daily affairs, I end up being ineffective. Now that I have gone through this session, this is what I choose to do going forward, each day, every time.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – June, 2015

My key take always from the workshop are

Maintaining and living in my own inner atmosphere without getting influenced from external stimuli. Being proactive rather being reactive (pause and think,then react). Managing time with respect to time matrix learnt i.e. remaining in second quadrant that is of EFFECTIVENESS​

Leadership Open Workshop Participant – May, 2015

Thanks for your email. I must say this was one of the most enlighten session on leadership. I always had a problem in defining my leadership style and this session has helped me to articulate a few things better on my goals and objectives in life (personal as well as professional)

The entire session was a takeaway but if I have to name top three they would be,

  • Job-to be-done and money making model under ‘Clarify purpose.
  • 4 disciplines of execution under ‘Align system’ and
  • Inspiring people to find their ‘voice’ under ‘ Unleash Talent’

5 of us from our organization have attended the session and we are planning to have a reflective session and gather our thoughts on the various aspects of our learning and use the ‘Teach to Learn’ concept with our next level leaders.

Leadership Open Workshop Participant – May, 2015

Thanks for your email. I must say this was one of the most enlighten session on leadership. I always had a problem in defining my leadership style and this session has helped me to articulate a few things better on my goals and objectives in life (personal as well as professional)

The entire session was a takeaway but if I have to name top three they would be,

  • Job-to be-done and money making model under ‘Clarify purpose.
  • 4 disciplines of execution under ‘Align system’ and
  • Inspiring people to find their ‘voice’ under ‘ Unleash Talent’

5 of us from our organization have attended the session and we are planning to have a reflective session and gather our thoughts on the various aspects of our learning and use the ‘Teach to Learn’ concept with our next level leaders.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – May, 2015

Thank you for such a wonderful program. This is very helpful for my personal & professional growth.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – May, 2015

Thanks for excellent coverage of the program.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – May, 2015

Thanks a lot for the introduction of 7 habits.

I am now confident to face any situation in better way than the previous way it was being handled. Emphatic listening practice shall ensure mutual respect and trust among peers and coworkers. This way, I would like to be known (and remembered) as effective person on professional as well as personal front.

Leadership Workshop Participant – HCL – May, 2015

I deeply appreciate your time and effort that you put in last two days to inculcate effective thoughts and practices in us.

I am highly grateful and thankful for your effort and intend to carry on the association in the future.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – May, 2015

Dear sir/ma’am.

At the outset, let me take this opportunity to commend the amazing facilitation at the two day workshop. He exuded so much confidence and knowledge.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – May, 2015

The take back from the two day session was immense and immeasurable, but what really stood out for me was.

Look forward to the following 7 weeks.

Leadership Workshop Participant – HCL – April, 2015

It was wonderful attending  the two day FC Leadership Program. This is the best Program organized thus far at HCL – speaks of the learning we have had and the feedback we have given him.

7 Habits Participant – Delhi Public School – April 2015

I found “The 7 habits of highly effective educators” very motivating , informative and useful. May be I was aware of few things previously, but was not aware of correct order and how to use them in life.

For me it was an excellent learning experience.

7 Habits Participant – Vodafone Shared Services India – March, 2015

It was a truly a pleasure and worth attending The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People workshop. The workshop helped me to really think through and create my own personal mission. It emphasizes and shows how to build a sustainable and strong foundation of our long-term success, on the things that truly matter in life and less time fretting about the things we can’t control.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – March, 2015

I found the workshop was very useful and effective. Below are the three most useful takeaways for me.

Looking forward to receive and work upon the emails and activities.

7 Habits Participant – Delhi Public School – March 2015

Before the workshop I used these seven habits in my life but after attending the workshop I realized the importance and I got a clear view of how to build a relationship between a teacher and a student. A relationship which is special. A relationship which brings you closer to your loved ones. A tension free lifestyle. After this workshop I became a person who takes along the views of people and gives each person the same equal value.

After the workshop, I’ve tried developing a team which is always free from low self esteem and a team which is not scared of obstacles that comes in it’s way. And a power to transfer your qualities and leave your legacy which remains effective even if you’re not there and which makes people remind of you.

7 Habits Participant – Diamond Management and Technology Consultant(PWC) – March 2015


I found the training to be really helpful for me. I had the following key takeaways and have tried to implement them in my daily routine

I have been constantly trying to work upon and share my learning from the workshop. I am sure we will continue to remain in touch if I face any concerns.

Leadership Workshop Participant – DGS Private LTD – March, 2015

Thank you for contacting, I really like the way you guys are following up after the training. I am really excited to work with my team with some (if not all to start with) new and innovative things I’ve learned.

Once again, I thank you for a great session and I will sure keep you guys posted on improvements and implementation.

Leadership Open Workshop Participant – February 2015

It was a wonderful experience of attending the leadership training . A lot of new things have been learned by me during those 3 days.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – February, 2015

The training has been immensely useful.

7 Habits Participant – Delhi Public School – February 2015

The video of 80th birth day was really inspiring. It forces me to think that what I have done for others to make them remember me.  How people will remember me after my life span.  One of my principles in life which my father taught me is that  “not matter if you are unable to help anyone but never hurt anyone”.  I believe that I am a value based person due to the influence of my father.

The concept of Begin with End in mind is really a great motivation. I don’t took any great mission in life, even though whatever work I deal, whether at my workplace or my personal life, I try to visualize both the positive and negative effects of it, which make my work easier.

7 Habits Participant – Delhi Public School – February 2015

I wish to express my sincere thanks to Franklin Covey for taking me along the journey of 7 habits of successful people.

The take way has been quite a few amongst which some definitely had a major influence on my daily work style.Videos were also very thoughtful and of high quality.

My sincere thanks to Franklin Cover Institute and my school for nominating me for this program.

7 Habits Participant – Delhi Public School – February 2015

As I was focusing on the Habit 4 I was thing how I could deliver this habit into my students as when we are preparing for team game this is very important to have a positive attitude among our teams as we cooperate each other during match performance the result is positive, so I started thing positive with my co-teachers teacher that my class will come on time I will get enough time to coach on the field where as I can leave them on time and they will reach in class on time for their next session, slowing I am getting positive result but it will take time I know. but I am sure I will get my results in good amount.

7 Habits Participant – Delhi Public School – February 2015

I realized that at times we become too possessive about our views and modus operandi , and want to do the things exactly how we want to do . The concept of synergism is probably the most important aspect of any relationship whether at home or at work place .

Success of any organization will depend upon this synergic bond.

Thank you so much.

7 Habits Participant – Delhi Public School – February 2015

This was an interesting experience. I began introspecting a lot. Now I understand the importance of taking on responsibilities and not blaming circumstances or others. It makes you a better person if you accept responsibility.

Planning ahead with the end in mind is something I always did till a point. Sometimes, there are situations which are beyond control. But one must learn to make the most of it.Thinking ahead makes one charge ahead.

Co-operating and coexisting is the new mantra. For which  understanding others and appreciating differences is a pre-requisite. There is a constant need to renew and reinvigorate self.

7 Habits Participant – Delhi Public School – January 2015

The workshop was excellent in every aspect. Actually, it has been difficult for me to name only three take away, I can sincerely tell of so many.

7 Habits Participant – General Mills India Private Limited – January 2015

I feel privileged to have attended the session- a very well planned & structured session.

Here is my key take away:

  • Private victory before Public victory.
  • How can Empathetic listening help us achieve desired results in contract to Autobiographical responses.
  • Sharpen the saw or Continual Improvement is the key.
  • Creating mission statement & weekly plan.

I loved the overall session & found it really easy to grab my key learnings each hour during the entire training. Loved the trainer as well.

I look forward to interact with you & your team for next 6 months.

7 Habits Participant – Delhi Public School – January 2015

I was really fortunate enough to attend the session as it has given me new strength to achieve, what I wanted to.

When I sit and think, these habits propel me to move forward and push me to analyze critically my actions and decision taken by me. I hope practicing these habits would enable us to sustain better.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – January 2015

Thank you very much for your follow-up regarding the learning of Seven Habits and practicing the same regularly. Basically the whole workshop was fantastic and I learn a lot from the workshop. I must follow every instructions with proper planning. 

7 Habits Participant – Delhi Public School – January 2015

Oh…… I can not explain all habits separately. But one thing I would like to mention that I have changed myself . So many things were there which were negative but now I am feeling so much positive energy and thinking in my self. Like  now I mange my time better, I think about relationships well, and of course I was Mr. Helpful but now I am helpful but first I complete my work after that I give my hand and mind for help to others. One more thing I would like to mention here that before this workshop also some things I was thinking like what we learnt in workshop and after the workshop i always try to manage every thing in better way.

Leadership Open Workshop Participant – January 2015

I am replying fairly late to this email, but I would like to say that it was a great workshop full of learning.

My 3 key takeaways:

  • Mind-set, tool-set and skill-set – the 3 important aspects to every leadership thought
  • The whole person paradigm – Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit – to look at an individual as a whole
  • The 4 imperatives that address the needs of the whole person.

I have taken away specific action points from the study of each imperative and over a period of time I intend to make small but significant changes to my behavior as a leader.

Additionally, I have defined action points from the LQ as well as an internal feedback tool and I intend to understand where I need to change.

Although it has been 2 months since I attended the workshop, I have not taken any action yet. It is only now that I will begin to implement my learnings over the next few months. Appreciate your help and support.

7 Habits Participant – Pathfinder Global School – January 2015

It’s quite beneficial for me to lead an effective, organized life. It is a life changing experience to me. This is worthwhile for to be organized, planned, to be proactive. I feel the core stone for all the habits is Be Proactive. If I will be able to achieve this habit in my life, my life will be a success and people will know me for my proactive language and proactive behavior in the end.I want to create a masterpiece of my life. The journey so far with 7 habits is commendable I have started achieving my private victory.

It is definitely so over empowering that I have started believing that every one’s life is revolving around these habits. It’s helping me to achieve ineffectiveness to effectiveness and will guide me as a guiding light in the very dark movements of my life to achieve the utmost priorities.

Thank you 7 habits for entering in my life.

7 Habits Participant – Delhi Public School – January 2015

Thanks for the lovely workshop conducted. It was really a reinforcement for me on how I am neglecting few very important things in my life.

7 Habits Participant – Delhi Public School – January 2015

After completing my activity for the First habit, things were clearer to me. I thought the person, my daughter,  who is affected by her challenges and thus posed the challenge before me should be included in my Circle of Influence.

Thus I started sharing with her the first Habit , i.e. being Pro-active as also understanding the importance of the Circle of Influence in our lives. She is now very open to ideas and has started thinking about her concerns.

7 Habits Participant – Cannon Hygiene (India) Pvt. Ltd – December- 2014

Listening carefully and emphatically , I feel is one of the most difficult tasks.  You really have to make an effort to start with. I had to control my urge to  speak in between  and just plain listen. It is difficult but not impossible. The same conversion  suddenly has a whole new meaning and a great impact on your understanding the subject/ person.

I was away on a holiday last week and that seemed to be the best time to listen, listen emphatically to your loved ones. I enjoyed the experience and got much more from my vacation. Thank you so much.

7 Habits Participant – Delhi Public School – December 2014

My ineffective habit- After coming from school,I was always worrying about what to cook that would please both my husband and children,I  would  constantly phone them all , to find out what each one wanted  to eat, and trying to please everyone and in the bargain not getting any time for myself.
After the workshop I decided to just ask once in the morning and then cook what i felt was the best.
Result- I was told what i had to cook before even asking, and could plan better and i now get more time for myself.

My effective habit- In school I  work well  in a team, am  always fair and  helpful when delegating work,and carry out tasks with responsibility when given.

Result -Am well respected and am always given help ,when i  need it.


7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – November 2014

I am implementing these in my day to day life by starting to plan the week with important things first.Understanding what are the QII and QIII. I am doing and managing them.

Taking care of my health and body.Trying to understand first then to be understood.

Also I am looking at Paradigm shift. This is playing a very vital in my personal life.

Leadership Open Workshop Participant – November 2014

It was an interesting eye opener program which excites me.

The sessions were very nicely aligned to reach us effectively without any boredom.

Thanks for the wonderful session.

7 Habits Participant – Scope – November 2014

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a powerful sermon in these times of complex and ever changing world. Covey through his book provides the foundations for a strong character. The strong character leads to Effective Habits.

The tools suggested in the 7 Habits courses are effective and if practiced can be life changing. The Habits are not new to us, but put in the perspective and in a logical manner the habits force us to question ourselves, the way we have been managing our lives. The 7 Habits course has made me do exactly that – Question SELF with a view of becoming an  EFFECTIVE INDIVIDUAL?

7 Habits Participant – Scope – November 2014

This incident happened very recently last week.

One of the task that was agreed by my team member was not completed as per the timeline. Hence there was an escalation.

When I received the escalation email and I was not aware of the commitment that was made by my team member. I lost all controls, First conversation with the team member was completely in a lose-lose conversation where both trying to justify the answers at our end.

I went back read through the material that was given in the training session . Again had other conversation in a listening , listened patiently all the answers and questioned the team member in a different way it was more on an empathetic listening and conversation.

Finally we planned the activity with other team members we involved the team members who are best in executing that particular task. Informed back the stakeholder the revised timeline with an apology .

Together we were able to complete the task well before the timeline.  I think Synergize helped us.

7 Habits Participant – Scope – November 2014

While practicing the below habit I really understood, how important it to Begin with the end in mind.  I will try to explain how it helped me during my Block leave.

I went on my block leave ( i.e. 10 working days of leave) two weeks after completing the training. Eventually as part of training schedule we need to practice the 2nd habit during that week.

During my block leave as part of planning on the first day I listed down all the personal work that I want to complete during this 10 days of leave. It took almost two to three hour to decide all that I wanted to do. All together I decide 8 things which I wanted to complete.

As I wanted to leave and experience the learning, I kept motivating myself to accomplish all that I planned to do. I agree this was not  natural for me, I had to push myself consciously to complete the task. When I pushed myself to complete 3 task, I saw a complete different approach in me for rest of the planned work, I was self motivated, full of eagerness and energy to complete all the task.

Towards end of my block leave when I was reassign that how I utilized my time, I realized that I have completed few personal work which was pending for more than a year.

This was all possible because this time my approach and my thought process  was completely different.  Now I know the importance of “Begin with the end in mind”,  I also realize that I need to practice this habit on regular basis so that one day it will be a natural thought process for me.

7 Habits Participant – Absotherm Facility Management Pvt.Ltd – November – 2014

I enjoyed the session and though everything shared in the session was a take away, still below are the three critical things that I would like to absorb from the session.

  • Setting your mission statement.
  • Weekly planning.
  • Seek to understand then to be understood.

I would want to implement these learnings with my team by –

  • Making them understand the importance of having a mission statement in life and helping them make one for themselves.
  • Would plan the departmental week including all the stakeholders.
  • By demonstrating active listening to the team.

4 Disciplines of Execution Participant – Rockwell Automation India – November 2014

Just wanted to drop this short note to update you that our 4DX journey at Rockwell Automation India has formally taken off this week.

We had an intense leadership staff meeting to ratify the war & battles and we’ve been able to weave in the element of collaboration in a good measure .

This was followed by the Manager certification workshop.  I am expecting this initiative to make a huge impact on our ability to drive better performance – and I look forward to staying connected with you.

7 Habits Participant – Delhi Public School – October 2014

It seems that the application of these seven habits in life is a real transformation towards achieving a happy life. We cannot change the circumstances but our reactions to various situations determine our happiness in life and the realization of our goals.

I feel that after learning these seven habits, I am making conscious efforts to realize my goals. I have stopped bothering about unimportant things that do not assist in the realization of my goals. Some of these habits have become part of my life whereas some still require my special attention.

I really need to focus time on myself to adopt the seventh habit ‘ Sharpening my saw’. This week I will focus on it and would see its implications towards the achievement of my goals.

7 Habits Participant – Scope – October 2014

I really feel very fortunate to attend this program as all the seven habits had been a complete eye-opener for me.  Without knowing about these,  I had been following few of the habits in my life , however now when I relate to them, it paves way for me to hone myself into a better person .

As the saying goes, “ Preach what you practice , I will ensure to practice these seven habits and inculcate  the same into my  team  by setting an example to them.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – Delhi Public School – October 2014

It was great and awakening experience of this workshop. So many things are learnt by me from this workshop.

  1. There is always a choice. My selection is only the factor which gives us happiness or sadness.
  2. No one is responsible for my failure.
  3. Emotional Investment is necessary for relationship.
  4. I can effectively co-relate my workshop outcome to my VEDIK and SANSKRIT knowledge.
  5. My happiness depends upon others happiness. So always I should give joy to others. At the end it will ultimately come to me.
  6. Satisfaction is not in materialistic goods but in good relationship.
  7. My way of living should be from SWARTHA to PARMARTHA.
  8. I should practice my good conduct daily. Sharpening my saw!
  9. I should always think for the progress of institution. My progress lies on institution.
  10. I should try to reach interdependent stage of life.

Leadership Open Workshop Participant – October 2014

The work shop experience was great !

The content was apt and thought provoking at times including one of the most inspiring videos of great men.

My Top three takeaways from the workshop are :

  1.  For me to be a great leader I need to have “High Trust”. I need to walk the talk here with the behaviors of the high trust leaders, Though most of the times I do practice most of the behaviour patterns the key now would be do it consistently so that the team trusts me completely.
  2. To create systems which are aligned with the organizational goals using the tool sets given.
  3. To unleash Talents of the team. Begin Leadership conversations with the team and ensure that they grow in the levels of Initiative. This way I would like to inspire average performers into good/great performers.

Leadership Open Workshop Participant – KSB Pumps Ltd – October 2014

It was really a good experience of having training session about Great Leadership.

I personally got inspired further to take ahead few goals of organization ahead effectively.

I would like to mention top 3 learning as below,

1) What is difference between good and great leadership?

2) How to become great leader?

3) How to get distinguished as a great leader?

I want to implement my learnings through,

1) By strengthening my teams further by clarifying the objectives (purpose) in detail to perform consistently.

2) By unleashing talent/s from existing teams by empowering and giving them liberty in their functions to surpass the performance parameters.

3) By taking continuous 360 degree feedback , by improving my leadership skills I would like to help my team to excel the performance.

7 Habits Participant – Scope – October 2014

It’s been a great pleasure and honor for me to be part of this pilot batch who had the privilege to attain this training.

I will also like to take this opportunity to say thanks for the effort and commitment of your to push us to live this habit to be a better and effective person.

7 Habits Participant – Symrise Private Limited – September 2014

Honestly this is the first time I have attended a good quality work shop which is useful to both personal and professional life

  1. Habit 3  Put first things first: I have understood about important and non Urgent quadrant where I need to stay
    This is an eye opener which triggers me to concentrate on important issues which may be urgent at a later date
    I have started applying in my personal life too.
  2. Think Win Win:  After the work shop we are preparing a contract to finalise the civil work for a big work
    In this there were many points which are fully loaded in favour of our company. By this I could able to view other side and we called the vendor for a one to one discussion and could able to close the contract with the minimum changes.
    This really helps to understand others perspective .

3.Sharpen the saw: I could able to understand the learning has got no age limitation and it gave me a great opportunity to take care of my health. By this I have started doing walking exercise atleast 40 minutes per day and minimum 6 days in a week. so far I could able to maintain this momentum and hope to practice the same

Already I had a discussion with my team both in office and in house also. I have chosen my wife as partner to monitor the consistency.

7 Habits Participant – Scope – September 2014

Thanks for the training session . One of the best training session I attended in whole of my career.

3 take away  which I chose to apply in my personal and professional life  is as follows :

Proactive language instead of reactive language. That will definitely lead me to the win-win situations.

Time Matrix- Four quadrants.

To communicate effectively we must first understand each other.

Overall it was very enriching and eye opening session to me personally . More interested to get in to detail .

Leadership Open Workshop Participant – KSB Tech – September 2014

From the last week’s workshop I found all the 4 imperatives namely Inspire trust, Clarify purpose, Align systems and Unleash Talent  as equally important for any leader or organization to succeed.

My three take aways are:

1.       Clarify purpose: This is to be done by focusing on customer needs.

2.       Align systems: The work systems need to be commensurate with the purpose, & need be tweaked periodically with close feedback mechanism.

3.       Unleash talent: Focus on people development to bring in overall independency in operation.

In my organization fortunately the necessary culture & systems are in place to address the mentioned three imperatives. My plan is to check & evaluate the utility and effectiveness of existing systems by employing the learning  received by me during the workshop.

Leadership Open Workshop Participant – September 2014

Thank you for taking us on journey of learning ,new paradigms of leadership.

Most important was leadership is all about People. Going beyond yourself and reaching people ,empowering them, nurturing them and making them good Human Beings.

In this process our approach towards Team members should be considering them as whole person .Body,Heart,Mind and Soul together.

Character and competency are two important aspects while unleashing talent but character is one step up and more important when question of choosing among equals.

I would like to implement the learning step by step starting from Building Trust among Team to the highest level ,which is foundation of further steps. Key is in listening .

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – September 201

The top three takeaways for me were:

  1. I need to know my own strengths better, to ensure that I start with a personal vision statement and begin with the end in mind. I took up the Strengths finder test and found the top 5 strengths I had. I will now try to revise my vision statement based on these.
  2. Just because in a transaction, one is winning more doesn’t mean the other is necessarily losing. A win – win need not be of equal magnitude. What is a win for me might be tiny compared to what’s a win for someone else.
  3. If there is one habit among the 7 which I am not a great practitioner of it is: “Seek first to understand, and then to be understood”. Having a ready reply or a solution is not the point of listening to someone. I’ll try and practice that.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – Sept 2014

First time I heard about this program sometime in year 2000, and since then, I was frequently looking for opportunities to grab the material on this topic… here and there, on net, through books… to read / hear and internalize the concepts of this excellent program. I am glad to say that, attending the program has helped me with a great impact to start with this change I was looking for.

Let me thank …

1.       Coveys for whatever they have built for the man-kind through this program.

  1.       The trainer have been a awesome facilitator and made the learning for those 2 days very interesting.

3.       My organization …for nominating me to this program.

On “Teach to Learn”, I plan to conduct interactive sessions / discussions in my team on each habit.

7 Habits Participant – Delhi Public School – September 2014

As explained proactivity is the best tool to shape our future as practicing this habit would automatically sequence all other habits. In our day to day life we come across with situations where we need to pause and then act accordingly. For instance

·         While invigilating during exams I have observed that some children ask you one or other thing repeatedly even if it does not have any sense and this may trigger you to lose the temper. There I need to be proactive, to exercise my freedom of choice to act diligently. Probably the child in not in right frame of mind while taking exam or nervous or scared. In this particular instance my effort should be to make the child comfortable in spite of losing my temper.

·         Being the class teacher of class XII, regularity of class XII children is a big question as they have the tendency to miss the school. At times I come across with the situation where a particular child is a regular defaulter and I with no intent of listening to the child may react or over react. There again I can use my circle of influence rather than circle of concern to motivate the child to be regular. Though we have been practicing these habits by and by but reinforcement supports our belief systems  and better placed.

7 Habits Participant – Delhi Public School – September 2014

My one effective habit which helps me in my professional as well as in my personal life is of making a ‘Weekly Planner.’ This I have been doing for quite some time and this helps me to meet my deadlines well in time. By doing this I feel relaxed and am able to focus more on work in hand.

My one ineffective habit which perturbs me at times is that I am unable to understand someone else’s viewpoint. I feel irritated that why he can’t think on the same lines on which I think. Also, it makes me think that I am right and he should be doing it my way not according to his perception.

After attending the two days workshop I am trying to change my paradigm and maybe gradually I’ll get successful in doing so. But actually the workshop helped me to think differently and to learn to value other people’s opinion.

7 Habits Participant – Delhi Public School – September 2014

It was an overwhelming experience to attend the workshop.I feel it was a kind of introspection for all of us. Being educators it is important to brush up our knowledge every moment. When I gave the pre-assessment, to my surprise I had scored above the benchmark nearly in all but the one I need to work upon is Habit 6. I was facing great difficulty in tackling issues with my teenage son , but when I tried the method to listen to a teenager through the video shown in the workshop, I actually found that it works. it can also help me at work. I felt motivated to settle up personal issues in family. And once your personal affairs are taken care of, you excel at work. I found that Habit 7 needs to be given a thought. Yes upgrading ourselves is very important. Thank you for actually changing our paradigms towards life.

7 Habits Participant – Delhi Public School – September 2014

It was a great pleasure to attend the workshop that has great relevance to gain control of our lives. My three take away from this workshop are :

·         I have full control over my life and have the ability to make choices. Circumstances cannot be changed but I can change my reaction to it. I can chose the most appropriate action under all circumstances.

·         With conscious efforts, I can save myself from indulging in non urgent and non important things. I can make life more meaningful by doing important tasks.

·         Writing of mission statement on daily basis can help me achieve my purpose and would assist in keeping my efforts towards the attainment of goals.

7 Habits Participant – Delhi Public School – September 2014

This workshop has proved to be a turning point in my life,where I have learnt to maintain balance in my life by prioritizing things according to their importance in my life. It is really very essential to understand others to get a win – win stage in a particular situation.If we make an effort to understand others we will automatically be understood.

7 Habits Participant – Delhi Public School – September 2014

To put down my realization through this workshop has been a colossal task as there was plenteous to gain through it but the gist of the workshop that I carried with me at the end of two days can be aptly summed as –

We are an outcome of the habits that we choose to have.

I find myself deliberately work on the circle of influence rather than focusing on the circle of concern and also make conscious efforts to shift from quadrant IV to quadrant II in The Time Matrix.

The workshop not only made me introspect and analyze myself as a person but also nudged me to view my life in retrospect. It set me thinking what am I aiming in life and what efforts are being put in by me towards my goals.

7 Habits Participant – Delhi Public School – September 2014

Dear Team – FranklinCovey,
Greetings and thank you for the facilitation! To me, it is particularly fun to be part of the engagement in proxy. Since I get the opportunity to be a part of the e-mail follow-up for every batch that gets trained at all our four schools, I’ll be able to ponder over the same questions multiple times. In all probability, my responses would vary depending upon the state of mind am currently in – thereby giving a deeper insight into my psyche and a larger development potential for growth mindset. Now to the exercise: One effective habit I possess is empathy towards others. When I understand and accept the logic bubble cum situation of people associated with me, the reactions I give to what they do or do not do are sensible and constructive. It makes them more receptive to my suggestions. Thus, whichever personal or professional projects/experiences we are involved in become a mutually enjoyable process for all of us! One ineffective habit would be inability to delegate work to others. Even though interacting with people on work-related matters comes easy to me, I find it more comfortable to tackle a job on my own than seek help. Resultant, it takes me longer to complete the job so my urgent-important slot is mostly full. I seem to be always running – albeit happily so – against time!

7 Habits Participant – Delhi Public School – September 2014

1.     Optimism is the key to a magical life

2.     Magic is as a realistic abstract

3.     Intrapersonal strength translates into interpersonal associations and leads to holistic success

7 Habits Participant – Delhi Public School – September 2014

The top three take away would be:

1.     Use Habit 3 more

2.     Focus on Area of Influence

3.     Synergize

7 Habits Participant – Stryker – August 2014

Thanks for a great experience with invaluable learning.

Implementing my learning is a tricky task which needs more though. However, the weekly planning is definitely something that can be implemented immediately and the learning shared with the team so that each of us gains from this and works together better.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – Societe Generale – August 2014

This is an excellent training program and has been very effective in my routine life both  personal and professional .

7 Habits Participant – Target Corporation – August 2014

FranklinCovey India  its not just me who feels that you are a great  partner to work with.

You all have proved it year on year, how you live and embody the habits of effectiveness that your organization stand for.

7 Habits Participant – Gorkha Breweries – August 2014

We had an excellent  7 habits program .

Much appreciated and look forward to future collaborations as well. Please keep us updated on all your available programs.

7 Habits Participant – COGNIZANT – August 2014

It was a great learning session for me when I attended your 7 Habits training on 22nd August, 2014. As I said, in my Cognizant career, I have more take-aways from this training that any other training I have attended.

Thank you for a fantastic training.

7 Habits Participant – Syngenta India Limited – August 2014

Thanks, it has been wonderful program; the best I ever had in my life. Below are key three take away:

1.       To be effective – means in every p[art of life being personal or professional.

2.       Our thoughts decides our destiny – concept of Paradigm

3.       Foundation principles & its importance in life.

7 Habits Participant – Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited – August 2014

I would like to congratulate Franklin Covey group for having such a good program. With a very simplistic way the program conveyed the message of Mr. Stephen Covey to us and we had a very pleasurable and interactive session. At the end of the session, we wished that we could have another day .

Leadership Participant – MSM Discovery PVT LTD – August 2014

Thank you for a great Training program shared with us. In fact, this training program is a concentrated pill with all nutrients in it to become an effective and powerful Leader.

CHANGE IS INEVITABLE- So, this training started with a right note- i.e. To lead others, we should first lead ourselves effectively.

My first and foremost attention will be on ME…i.e. to have personal victory as the program taught us.

Now, I am concentrating on first 3 Habits, Be Proactive, Begin with End in Mind and Put first things first..

Already started acting on these habits… Will come back with the results in due course.

Leadership Participant – Reliance Communications – August 2014

The training programme was very good and effective . Some of the key learnings are :

  1.  Leadership is communicating to people their worth and potential so clearly , that they come to see it in themselves.
  2.  Leader needs to build trust and Integrity with the team members.
  3. Great Leaders see people as a whole , body, Heart, mind and spirit. and work to unleash  their full creative potential.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – Tafe – August 2014

The 7 Habits workshop conducted in Delhi was a super hit with participants and  FranklinCovey facilitators were amazing.

7 Habits Participant – BNY Mellon – August 2014

After the session on The 7 Habits, I am by default relating all the situations in my daily life (work/professional) with all the 7 habits.

This is actually helping me to be more Proactive than being Reactive [being the 1st Habit]. This is leading to exceptional results.

I have also purchased all the e-books (6 books) that you mentioned during the training and currently reading them. Started with the 7 Habits just to refresh.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – July 2014

It was really nice to take part in the workshop of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.Well I have already form a team with 3 members, all of them are colleagues. We started our discussion session 1.5 weeks before.

Now we are at the end of practicing habit 1. We sit daily to discuss the habit, share our thoughts and experience, follow the habit and observe the partner for the same. We are at the end of the 1st habit.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – Endress+Hauser Flowtec (India) Pvt. Ltd – July 2014

First of all, let me take this opportunity to thank you as because this workshop gave me whole new outlook to look at my life.

Thanks a lot for this enlightened  experience.

Leadership Open Workshop Participant – UNICEF – July 2014

Thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule and facilitating a wonderful session yesterday on ‘Building Effectiveness & Leadership”

The presentation was very well received and you have left all participants with few simple yet very strong messages, which I am sure people will ponder over in times to come. As you mentioned during your presentation – small changes have big impact – and one never knows what could be a Trim Tab in one’s life / could have an impact and be a course changer in one’s life journey

7 Habits Participant – Mercedes-Benz India Pvt Ltd – July 2014

1.       Being Proactive rather reactive:

I will take my time to react rather than giving a knee jerk reaction.

2.       Seek first to understand, then to be understood:

I will try to be a good listener within our team. I will implement this in my personal life also.

3.       Sharpen the saw:

I think this is most important quality if anybody wants to sustain and keep efficient work. Responses based on personal reviews are important

7 Habits Participant – India Medtronic Private Limited – July 2014

The 7 habits program was incredibly interesting. The basics of life was so very well explained.
I intend to immediately work on the first three habits and share the learning with my team and near-dear ones. Also, the discussion between circle of concern and circle of concern was very helpful.

7 Habits Participant – BNY Mellon – July 2014

First of all, let me take this opportunity to thank you as because this workshop gave me whole new outlook to look at my life.

For me, there are not only three but many take away and some of them are below.

·         I have learned to set priorities by deciding what I want in life.

·         Long term planning

·         Private victory follows public victory

·         Learn how to listen empathetically

·         At least now I can think of win-win

7 Habits Participant – NY Mellon – July 2014

Overall it has been an excellent learning experience. I am very much thankful to BNYMellon for giving me this opportunity & I am also thankful to the trainer for delivering the training in a way that was worthwhile for my personal & professional development. I would be using all the tools and methodologies learned in the program in my personal & professional life to become a better individual.

I would definitely recommend this training to all the individuals at all levels of the organization. I would also recommend this trainings to my friends & family members.

7 Habits Participant – BNY Mellon – July 2014

First of all let me tell you the work which you all are doing with such expertise of people is commendable.

The session was all about reinventing myself and plan the outcomes in structured manner.

Below highlighted was the key take away for myself:

  1.   Organize your personal life and you will grow in professional life as well
  2.   Your life is made of the choices that you have made, but the results would be not   choice based but its principle driven
  3.   Be proactive habit needs to be in our blood

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – Kashf Foundation – July 2014

First of all I would like to say thanks for the effective training and then followups. It will definitely polish my skills as a manager further.

In response to the following email, my first three take aways from the training are:

1.       Let my team manage themselves against the clear expectations through win-win achievable and measurable agreements/expectations with team

2.       Build trust by making deposits into the emotional bank account, your success is my success

3.       Be a Q2 manager by devising a three years clear strategy and plan and then monthly/weekly planning and implementation based on it

Leadership Participant – Honda Siel Power Products Ltd. – June 2014

Leadership workshop was  Great. It is first step in the path of practising Great leadership traits.

The three top take aways :

  1. Change leadership from control to release.
  2. Inspire Trust
  3. Align team mission /vision with organisation mission/vision

First I will concentrate on point no 1. and see how can I change myself and get results from team involving them to set their targets which will align with organisation mission/vision.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – BASF The Chemical Company – June 2014

Thanks for the experience I had during the workshop on “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. I had experienced the process of 7 Habits and started implementing one by one consciously in my work and personal platform.

The main take away for me from the workshop are;

  1. Be Proactive,
  2. To begin with end / result while doing things
  3. My Goal during any discussions will be “Win-Win”

Apart from the above I had also built my personal mission statement, which I am refining.

Will Keep updated, Thanks!

Leadership Participant – Honda Siel Power Products Ltd – June 2014

Leadership workshop was  Great. It is first step in the path of practicing Great leadership traits.

The three top take aways :

  1. Change leadership from control to release.
  2. Inspire Trust
    3. Align team mission /vision with organisation mission/vision

First I will concentrate on point no 1. and see how can I change myself and get results from team involving them to set their targets which will align with organisation mission/vision.

7 Habits Participant – Mercedes-Benz India Pvt Ltd – June 2014

The Workshop was just awesome and an eye-opener in many ways.

Actually there are many takeaways from the Program but I will try to prioritize the top three –

1)      Increasing the Circle of Influence instead of spending more time on Area of Concern. This will help me to find the “Real Me”.

2)      Categorize the tasks into Q I or Q II and focusing more on Q II activities by thinking about the End and planning accordingly

3)      This Planning will also help me in my journey from Independence to Interdependence through Win-Win thinking, Understanding the colleagues.

I have planned a department meeting in this week to share my experience and will also share a video or two so that each team member will also start thinking in same direction.

7 Habits Participant -Asian Paints – June 2014

I have installed a new app “Living with 7 habits”. Very good app and it now guides me to build my mission statement along with training material. I prefer to share it with before this weekend. I realized habit 2 playing important role in 7 habits and i prefer to take much more time in it. This is the first time i am drafting my mission statement. I tried it in draft for more than three times and it really thrilled me and raised me a lot of questions. Great exploration to myself to an extend.

Thanks for your followup and guidenance to improve my effectiveness in a wonderful journey.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – Hashoo Foundation – June 2014

First of all, I would like to thank and commend your team on organizing such an outstanding training. Indeed it was very revealing and helpful in all its aspects.

You asked for three top take aways from this workshop; honestly it is very difficult to rank them as each and every bit of this training was full of excitement, involvement and in the end learning. It has given me an opportunity to identify and then accept my weaknesses to become a highly effective manager. I was earlier with a doing perfect mindset but now I have realized number of things to improve; hope your support and guidance will remain with me for the next 16 weeks.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – KSB Pumps Company Limited – June 2014

Thank you for your email. It was a wonderful experience going through this leadership transformation course.

I am very excited to work on how to become a highly effective manager. This though remains a challenge as the expectation to climb out of day to day services is not an easy one especially when there is ‘interdependence’ involved. Peers pulling you back to get into ‘day to day’ affairs and solve urgent problems and not allowing you to focus on important ones. This very challenge if overlooked can deplete the EBA and personal relationships.

In order to make it more effective I have advised my Human Resource Department to provide an opportunity to at least all the managers, in the organization, to go through this workshop experience so we can collectively achieve the management mantra of ‘you success is my success’. I feel the maturity continuum can be better realized for each individual if everyone shares the same vision.

The top three takeaways for me have been:

1.     How to effectively Manage myself

2.     How to effectively Lead others

3.     Means to Unleashing the true potential

Thank you for providing such an enriching perspective. Words are undoubtedly the most inexhaustible source of magic.

7 Habits Participant – Tafe – June 2014

Excellent presentation.  As it goes without saying that ” THE BEST SPIRIT OF THE GAME IS THE TEAM”.  Team success always relies on accepting the defeat without loosing heart, if one wants to go to heights.
Would subscribe for more insights of this sorts.  Thank you.


Leadership Open Workshop Participant – Lotte Chemical Pakistan Ltd – June 2014

Many thanks for your follow up email, Franklin Covey has all credit for arranging such great workshop for future leaders, since the workshop was full of learning and it’s really hard to figure out only three take ways but none the less, here are the main three in my point of view
1- Building the Foundation
2-Looking the Big picture – The whole person paradigm
3-Inspiring trust

As long as the implementation of learning is concerned, I have scheduled it in my in leadership contract and essential booklet and will progress accordingly (also have done WIGS meetings with my team)

Thanks once again, need your more guidance/ follow up mails to implement the learning in future as well

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – EY Global Shared Services – June 2014

Thanks for all the help.

Change in paradigm is what I think I see as the big effect. The moment I started thinking i am not sure about the background of his/her actions and reactions. The thought itself made me curious to listen and understand more. Helps to reduce the disturbance and stress.

Focus on the big rocks is another thing. The below provided items are sliced out from the day’s schedule and make it a point to execute it.

  1. Spending an hour to learn
  2. Time to exercise

Leadership Open Workshop Participant – Karvy Computershare Pvt. Ltd – May 2014

First of all let me thank for the mail. It was a good three day interaction and found the program very useful. Got the insight of my leadership score ; positives & negatives, basis which i am creating my own time bound goal book to convert negative in to positive.

The key takeaways of the program are ;

1.       Understanding of 13 behaviors of high – trust leaders

2.       The four disciplines of execution and WIGS & PIGS

3.       Trim Tab concept

As a leader, my challenge is to influence my peers and boss on various counts. This work shop has helped me to understand the action plan to overcome this. I have already shared my LQ1 during the work shop and working on the gaps for better NPS.

Leadership Open Workshop Participant – HSBC Technology and Services – May 2014

Many thanks for the learning opportunity. It was very well packaged and well delivered by FC .I will give you a live example of how I have put the last point to practice in my personal life. I saw that my daughter was in need of a new bicycle though she wasn’t expressive about it. I told her that if she learnt 5 new songs, completed reading 1 book by early June, I’ll get her a new cycle.

Thinking about it, I realised that by June her holidays would have got over and the joy of having and riding a cycle would be better during the holidays. It also occurred to me that I was putting pre-conditions on her which signalled lack of trust. So, I took her out to cycle store and got her a gleaming pink cycle completely unannounced.

I later told her, she still needs to deliver on the music and book reading commitment, and that, I trust her to do it anyways. There are no words to describe the joy I saw on her face and I know she will not fail me. Thank you FranklinCovey !!

Leadership Open Workshop Participant – Sri lanai – May 2014

Thank you again for contacting and alerting us on what we need to be.. It was such a great way of having our

mind-set refresh in how we can start working on the inbuilt skills & tools that were hidden within us.

The learning about how we can change ourselves to be on the knowledge worker age. Treating people as

“people” is something we as leaders should be voicing to the management too and letting the team members

come out with their free thoughts rather than going with what they are told to do.

Also the learning on 4 imperatives was a very strong message. Having to clarify the purpose of a task assigned

would really become a key in our working environment.

7 Habits Participant – Bayer Group of Companies – May 2014

Implementation of  my Learning with our teams

1.     Started Planning by putting big rocks for important dates ( For Professional and also Personal)

2.     Started Network with people outside workgroup, also taking the responsibilities of outside group people for the Growth of the Organization.

3.     As I want to improve my leadership Ability by taking a step ahead and also I strive a lot to improve the Performance of our group.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – FAIVELEY TRANSPORT RAIL TECHNOLOGIES INDIA LTD – April 2014

The Training was very good & effective I had been attended many of the training from last 10 years I found this training quite different and effective. Top 3 take away Time management – concentrate on II quadrant Concentration on PC I just need to focus of Habit 7 –  sharpen the saw Implementation at work place : Start with weekly plan & monitor the gap Concentrate on 4 dimensions of Habit 7

7 Habits Participant – Hero Motorcorp – April 2014

Thank you very much for having such a close follow up, which helps me be sincere to my attempts on practicing the Habits suggested to me through the work shop on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

On the first stage of assessing my Paradigms on my various Habits, on the Effective and INEFFECTIVE ones, in the beginning it was a Challenge to self to question my own thought process on the surroundings. The way I see the world around me , what is my level of understanding was the questions I stared asking my self.

I started looking at things differently, when I started questioning myself.

First level, I’m practicing more with the Effective Habits to have clear understanding on my Paradigms. By that way trying to understand the INEFFECTIVE Habits.

For example, my effective Habit was Sending Good Morning messages on daily basis to my friends

My Paradigm on this Habit
– Maintaining Relationship will help me in accessing timely information from them ; Enhancing their Love and Regards towards me.

My Behavior on this Habit
– I make sure , I keep in touch with all and share information with them whenever possible and what ever suitable to the occasion

What I GET from this Habit
– Love and Regards ; Timely information Bad or Good so that I revert suitably. This Habit gives my lot of Satisfaction and Happiness.

This way I started looking at my Ineffective Habits, which are quite a few and started working on the same, which is giving me satisfied improvements, helping me first in Work place effectiveness.

7 Habits Participant – Bhutan Development Bank Limited – April 2014


To begin, the thing i found most useful was to be proactive. I have always been a very reactive person but after this training, i have learned to pause before responding both at home and at work.

I have never been a person to plan for the future and neither have I planned for the week ahead for any work. Now that I know how important it is to plan ahead, i have started implementing them in my work.

Taking care of small things such as health and social relations has never been my cup of tea. But as of now, i am trying to build up on socializing with colleagues as well as those outside of work, health and things related with sharpening the saw.

7 Habits Participant – TAFE – April 2014

The learning take away is enormous, but to be practical and precise, I have started practicing the habit – seek to understand and then to be understood.

It so happened that the day after the training I was so excited that I wanted to consciously practice the habit as much as possible but it so seemed that everything around me was pulling me away…I must say a real testing time.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – Federal – Mogul Goetze India Ltd – April 2014

I would like to highlight top three take away from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People program :

1.       Dependent – 1, 2 & 3 habits for achieving private victory.

2.       Independent- 4,5 & 6 habits for public victory.

3.       Interdependent- 7th habit for total victory and continually improve.

Also, I was doing things as per habits, but now after taking the training session on the same I am pro-actively started things and that with positivity of the things and most importantly I am trying to change the paradigm of my outlooks.

I once again thanks my management in giving me this opportunity of having being trained on 7 habits and thanks to trainer on explaining the things with such a clarity and using right concepts in understanding the things efficiently.

7 Habits Participant – Bayer Group of Companies – April 2014

This is the best training program where I have learnt a lot in planning things and executing them and continuing to do the better.

This is helpful in both my professional and personal life.

Thanks a lot

7 Habits Participant – Hero Motorcorp – April 2014

This Workshop made me to revisit the Basics of Life. The trainer influenced me a lot , made me THINK hard on my Purpose of Living.

The Top 3 take away for me from this workshop are

  1. I’m responsible for my Life – I need to be Pro-active instead of Re-active. – I’m trying to be as calm as possible to practice this
  2. Searching the Purpose of my living – Wish to be a responsible person as a Family Person to everyone at Home / as an Employee to my Employer / as a Colleague and Friends to my fellow colleagues at workplace
  3. Doing things by Prioritizing – Trying to list out the things need to do both in Personal and Official life and attempting to complete the same. For Example, when I received this mail on 15th Apr.’14 , I listed it to complete today.

By practicing the above 3 at first level , I aim to have control on my life.

Looking forward your communications to enhance further my skills.

7 Habits Participant – Bhutan Development Bank Limited – April 2014

To begin, the thing i found most useful was to be proactive. I have always been a very reactive person but after this training, i have learned to pause before responding both at home and at work.

I have never been a person to plan for the future and neither have I planned for the week ahead for any work. Now that I know how important it is to plan ahead, i have started implementing them in my work.

Taking care of small things such as health and social relations has never been my cup of tea. But as of now, i am trying to build up on socializing with colleagues as well as those outside of work, health and things related with sharpening the saw.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – Mindtree Limited – April 2014

I am writing this email to thank for this wonderful workshop on “The 7 Habits of Highly effective people training program” on 13th and 14th March 2014 at Bangalore. A quick introduction about me, I haven’t really attended any course for more than 5+ years and I was wondering if I will be able to sit at one place and attend a 2 days session but I was surprised, I not only attended the session with complete interest and also actively participated in the session.

Though most of the workshop was covered through audio visuals lectures given by Stephen Covey, the trainer explained the concepts with good contextual examples along with Indian narratives and stories which helped us digest the concepts and also relate them to our regular life. Through out the session, the trainer made us understand the importance of practicing the habits and not just attend the session and forget them and that’s exactly what I am doing now.

7 Habits Participant – TAFE – Mar 2014

First let me tell you this is the 1st training program which has been able to change my way of thinking or approaching the things differently and also it has really given me the opportunity to be a better human being rather than being a top CEO of some company.

Three most important takeaways are given below:-

1. To increase the emotional bank a/c with my life partner, co-worker, friend, relatives or my boss.

2. To care about my body and be physically fit.

3. To live the 7 habit entire life every day/hour/minute/sec.

Leadership Open Workshop Participent – Oriflame – Mar 2014

First of all Thank You so Much for the Fantastic Programme, It was indeed a Great Privilege, to attend this workshop.

I went to this Programme to Develop myself as a Great Leader, but now I can say that I went “To Enable the Greatness within me”.

First Take away from this Programme is that we all work or rather live with our Paradigms in life, We all think that whatever we feel, we see is always right. And somehow we think that ,  we are Leading the Teams  in the right way, But Honestly realised that we are not Leading them, we areControlling them. In the entire Process of Controlling them we somehow forget to Identify the hidden Talent or Hidden Passion in their lives. To summarize this, I think It was a Paradigm Shift for Me.

Secondly,  To Become a Great Leader you need to Engage  the Mind, Body, Heart & Spirit of every Individual in the Team, with the Help of the 4 Imperatives . Inspire Trust, Clarify Purpose, Align Systems, Unleash Talent. But first realise and know your own Mission, Vision in Life. And then only the Team will reach to the Level of Creative Excitment.

Last But not the Least, you can become a Great Leader, By using the right Mind Set, Skill Set, Tool Set.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – Mar 2014

The workshop was very helpful to show us what we internally want in life and the contrasting present situation we find ourself in.

It has helped me to

1.      Know the target / position I would like to be in future and course changes I need to make in the present situation.

2.      One strong message – you are responsible for the consequences and not to blame other for it.

3.      Tools to segregate and focus on few important than trivial many.

Looking forward to work with your team to make the change happen.

7 Habits Participant – Adani Enterprises Limited – Mar 2014

I found the course very enriching and an eye opener.

Following are the three most imp takeaways for me:

1.        To identify what is that I require/wish personally and professionally.

2.       Importance of a structured approach to reach for our goals at personal and professional front

3.       Success is possibly by adapting right virtues (as detailed in 7 habits) in our habits.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – Faiveley Transport Rail Technologies India Ltd – Feb 2014

The Training was very good & effective. I had been attended many of the training from last 10 years. I found this training is quite different and effective.

Top 3 take away

1. Time management – ie concentrate on II quadrant

2. Concentration on PC

3. I just need to focus of Habit 7 – ie sharpen the saw

Implementation at work place

1. Start with weekly plan & monitor the gap

2. Concentrate on 4 dimensions of Habit 7

7 Habits Participant – Hitachi India – Feb 2014

Thanks for the mail and follow up reminder. It is indeed great to commence practicing these habits. I did commenced practicing Habit No. 1 and it seems to be slowly but gradually transforming my competencies and personal character.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – Feb 2014

Thank you to Franklin Covey for conducting the wonderful session.
My top 3 take-aways from the workshop were:

1. How to priorities one’s life according to one’s mission statement i.e. purpose in life.

2. Plan each activity and choose which ones are important according to one’s priorities.

3. How to build deep relationships with others by thinking win-win.

I hope that through practicing the 7 habits, I can take steps to become an effective person.


7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – Feb 2014

First of all thanks a lot for such a wonderful experience and excellent program to be a part of it.

Planning my full week, prioritizing the things what are important and urgent to me and the most important thing understanding what someone is saying and then making myself understood.

I have already implemented first habit to be proactive and with my teams using help of talking stick(always reminds me).

7 Habits Participant – Asian Paints – Feb 2014

Thanks for such a wonderful session on the 7 Habits.  The workshop was wonderful.  After coming from the workshop, I am still grappling with old issues (Quadrant 1 & 3) due to my earlier methods of working.  However, I have a sense of direction & am confident that I will be able to close all old issues & operate more in Quadrant 2.
It might take some time, but now I am on the right track….

There are a lot of take-aways from this workshop

There are also other take-aways such as helping newer colleagues in problems faced by them & being an emphatic listener.

Although there are still some areas where I need to work hard, I am confident that I will start getting the results of the habits which I have started practicing.  Thanks again for all the insights which I have gained from the workshop.

7 Habits Participant – Tata Capital – Jan 2014

Wishing you a merry Christmas & a very happy new year.

Have been a follower of 7 habits for more than 2 month now.

Professionally, my boss ha increased his  reliance on myself. Responsibilities have increased.

On a personal front, it has reduced fights between one of my best friends by following the logic of rule 5 & 6.

The videos and regular communication done by your team is encouraging & motivating.

Hope it make me a much better person than I am today.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – Oxigen Services India Private Limited – Dec 2013

The session was thrilling as the trainer didn’t lower his energy even for a minute and was very inspiring and motivating. The session would definitely impact our life in all aspects. And the best part is he made us realize that there is no professional or personal life as we have only one life. Work is life and life is nothing without work.

Thanks for the enlighten.

7 Habits Participant – Ferrero India Private Limited – Dec 2013

Highly appreciated the programme, very easy to use tools to develop both in personal & professional life.

I would definitely like to implement all the habits to be more functional but will start up with 1. Be proactive  2. Think win win 3. Put first things first..

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – Dec 2013

Thanks for reminding me and I am very much inspired with this workshop and materials provided.

3 takeaway for me is:

–          I am in progress in preparing my mission statement, then derive long & short term plan to reach that. I need to practice that all my actions should align with that goal.

–          Focus on Q2 & 1. Already started the month & week plan and driving towards the compliance. I will share the same with my team.

–          Sharpen the saw: started spend time on my health by simple exercise and reading good books. I promised myself that I will learn new thing every day related to any subject.

The last I am trying to teach the same to my team. I planned an in-plant training with my team in coming week with help of 7-habits book given during training and videos. This will make me memorize what I learned. Also as per agreement book I completed 1st week job list like weekly planning/ listen the audio.

7 Habits Participant – Syngenta India Limited – Dec 2013

I’ve started practicing the 7 Habits:

  1.  One of my colleague yesterday was mentioning on how his team is fearful of him  and thus doesn’t want to open up and take it’s own decisions for the fear of their boss (that’s him).

I briefed him on how Habit 1 and Habit 5 (point no1 and 2 from above) can help.

  1.  In my daughters school for a corporal punishment issue with a child of 6 yrs old – the issue splatted to newspapers, police complaints, boy stopped coming to school and rejecting to go to any other school.

With the Listening skills and WIN-WIN approach, during the Parents Teacher’s meet,  I proposed that the school should provide a Teacher and a Counsellor to come out of the Trauma and ensure that he doesn’t lose his academic year, studies for his age and is helped to come out of the trauma. The Parents were convinced that taking the issue legally further will only bring in more disturbance to the child.

We also asked the school to share protocol on how such cases will be handled in future with remedial classes and what punishment would be prescribed to a teacher if she deviates from

the protocol, to ensure that such things do not occur in future.

  1. For the habit on WITH END IN MIND – me being in profession of Occupational Hygiene, I went to 2 flour mills and educated them on how wet cloth on respiratory area and rest periods can help to reduce risk of Occupational Asthama – unfortunately both the guys already had reoccurring cough and cold issues and I wished that I had met them before…

Last but not the least, I should admit that I’ve been trying to SEEK TO UNDERSTAND FIRST AND THEN BE UNDERSTOOD as a wife more after the course.

For the next week, I’ll like to read through the 7 habits contract and finalise my mission with more clarity and try to follow the Priority Matrix.

7 Habits Participant – Magna Closures & Mirrors – Dec 2013

Good day and thanks for the best in class training program, which was an eye opener.
I would like to mention the following as my Top three take aways and how to implement the learning

TOP Three Take aways

How to Achieve the same
1How to win across peopleHabit 4 and 5 thinking win win and first understading others and then expecting them understand me.
2communicating effectivelyHabbit 2 End in Mind
3Manage work within given timeHabit 3 Put first thing first

Leadership – Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd. Pakistan – Nov 2013

Thanks it was a great learning experience. in my opinion the top three take aways that I got from the workshop are as follows : –

  1. I realized I just don’t want to be a good leader but a great one and being great takes a lot of work and a shift in how we see the world and our team and strive not just to be better but different, making the impossible possible.
  2. To view the people that I work with, from top right down to the bottom as whole people and to engage them at all four levels i.e. Mind, body , heart and Spirit., if we fail to engage any one of these within our team members we merely make them things and cannot get the best out of them. ( Shift into the information age )
  3. Become a trim tab. i.e. To know that even though I might be one person in a large organization but one person with great vision and leadership can change the path of a large organization and steer it towards greatness.

Thanks for a great learning experience.

7 Habits Participant – Tata Capital – Nov 2013

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend the training program.

It was a lot of learning and a lot more of continuous learning now every day and each moment.

In fact there are a lot many things which have to state, I would like to implement all the learning’s in my daily life and update you on the improvements which happen over the period.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – Nov 2013

The top three takeaways from this programmer to me are Manager should have mountain view of the things happening around identify the problems in the way coming around and keep the alternative action ready to switch over in case the problem persist. Translating into habits we can say

Be Proactive

Begin With the End in Mind


7 Habits Participant – Tata Capital – Nov 2013

It was one of the most endearing and mind opening workshop for me.  I say that the first important take away for me is “Be Proactive” which I was not always . Straight away, I have implemented this first habit on 25th November 2013 when I approached our Human Resources  on an issue which is very important for me. The matter is at the discussion stage now.

The second take away is the planning part of my office work. I have scheduled my priorities for today in such a manner that I want to finish my work by 6 o’ clock.

The third take away is the job of a listener where I need to understand the other person first and then myself. I will implement this in my office as well as home.

7 Habits Participant – Tata Capital – Nov 2013

Thank you for the insight provided to us and hope to practice the same to lead a less stressful and more effective life. It was a very informative and interactive session.

Brief on nature of work

Being a part of the IT team involves interaction with a lot of people being stakeholders and vendors and constantly striving to bring both parties to a common goal. This is challenging as more the number of people, more the views.

Being a mediator means being fair and achieving end results. However during the course, it also results in one party feeling that it’s not in their favour. Pressure and project timelines leads to blame game and endless politics at all levels.

Work life balance is disturbed as hours are stretched and affects time with family.

Key learnings

1.       Practice seek to understand first habit in all discussions and reviews

2.       Be proactive and not impulsively react to people’s views.

3.       Begin with the end in mind. Have a definitive goal and not being distracted by project challenges

4.       Spend more time with family by exercising choice and leaving office on time.

7 Habits Participant – St. Gregorios High School – Nov 2013

Kinder Campus my preschool has been celebrating differences last 13 years and is known for its synergy. My team is wonderful to be with and have achieved a lot together.

And very recently I had the golden opportunity to put together a mega event for my kids school St Gregorios High School, for which I had been working very closely last few months with an entire team which had never come together ever before this. It was a grand success with a footfall of over 9000 people and sailed through beautifully thanks to the synergy we had developed amongst us.

This surely wouldn’t have been possible without so many heads, hearts and hands coming together.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – Idea’s Retail Division – Nov 2013

Yes it was a great experience, infact very new and very full of learning . Something very common but was hidden so far from understanding and implementation in our daily life. I appreciate the decision of enrolling myself for this program and hope that this program will keep on adding value to others lives as well .

Leadership – Cognizant – Nov 2013

The leadership workshop was a very enlightening workshop and a great opportunity for me to reflect on ways to improve the way I work with people. My three takeaways from the workshop are:

  1. The 13 behaviors to inspire trust. I intend to make a list of key stakeholders that I regularly interact with and use the trust action plan to figure out the right behaviors I need to exhibit in order to improve my trust quotient with them
  2. Using the vision builder and linkage to strategic goals. We often tend to get carried away with the day-to-day deliverables without thinking about how it fits into what the organization does, and the linkages between my goals and the organizations vision. I intend to spend time with my manager to clarify these, while also building a similar linkage for my team.
  3. Using the Leadership conversations to unleash talent. I intend to spend time figuring out situations that need me to ‘clear the path’ and working out my strategy to make that happen.

7 Habits Participant – SRIRAM MILLENNIUM SCHOOL – Nov 2013

Let me be very honest about what ever I have been practicing from the 7 habits.  My focus has primarily still being circle of concern and influence.

So when I know that a thing is falling in my circle of concern I become less flustered and don’t run my self down.

The second thing I have been practicing is about being non reactive.  Helped me tremendously. …and I realize after wards while reminiscing that it was really not worth it to get angry or reactive.

Thirdly and I must confess I was extremely bad at it was prioritizing my work. My mind would run amock with the thought of things lined up. Now I understand it is ok to take up something first and leave the rest for time being.

It was also because of this that a family holiday  could be planned. It was truly a blessing and bonding time for us.

Coming to the most difficult part is creating a win win situation. Can’t see that happening ….feel its very tough in today’s world.  I think I would require the maximum assistance in that area.
I think only this much for now.  Bit of a slow learner I am …… take a while to absorb things.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – Nov 2013

Thank you for your consistent follow up , now we are at the last habit which is the most important one to keep the learning renewed all the time and to keep practicing . Practicing synergy  was felt  a need for a much long term application compared to all others whose application and results we can see in quick terms . Have a great weekend

7 Habits Participant – Tata Capital – Nov 2013

I have 2 reportees both are industrial trainees and pursuing Chartered accountancy course.

Since juniors, I had a habit of forming an opinion before hand and always tried to listed with that pre conceived notion.

However after applying the rule of habit 5, I think it changed my managerial efficiencies.

Now I listen to my juniors without any pre conceived notion.

They also felt the change and complimented me for being more reasonable with them.

7 Habits Participant – Sri Lanka Telecom – Nov 2013

Dear FranklinCovey Team,

The training course was one of the best program that I have participated. Specially it is the best training material.

How to balance the work and home life, how to switch between ‘Urgent’ and ‘Important’ tasks and how to change people’s habits were my take aways.

7 Habits Participant – St. Gregorios High School – Nov 2013

Firstly my heartiest greetings to all on this festive season. The celebrations in the Gregorian family continue as we are approaching the mega event,GREGORIAN GALA on 16th Nov. Friends during my holidays,i consciously tried to follow the first habit i e  BE PROACTIVE. I am happy to confess that i was quite successful in my attempt. it was mostly on the family front.

Leadership – Godrej Tyson Foods Ltd – Nov 2013

This is to update you that the trust action plan is being implemented.

We have conducted team clarity meeting discussed our WIGS and clearly defined each members role and expectations. Lead measures have also been identified.

Clarity in roles and expectations as well as identification of WIGS and Lead measures have increased sense of purpose and team cohesiveness.

7 Habits Participant – St. Gregorios High School – Nov 2013

Yes, my personal mission statement is in place.  I have refined it since the FranklinCovey workshop because I realized that I had cluttered my life with too many rocks.  I have shifted some of them now and feel lighter.  Before the Diwali vacations, I actually made out a list of urgent, important, not important and trivial tasks that I needed to achieve in the 15 day time frame and it worked beautifully.  The only glitch was deciding what was urgent and what was important.  I tend to classify all tasks as URGENT which often causes me some amount of angst. Thank you FranklinCovey for the insight you have given,  Loved the video on Stone.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – Nov 2013

Once again , my due appolgy to be late in responding , due to my long absence from pakistan , although i feel that if i am practicing first things first then i should take some time to address these pending emails, and i promised to myself to  try to adhere to it in future . As i was  accompanied with a collegue who feel seriosuly ill , therefore i had to take additional pressure of work during market search during his absence , but i tried to normalize it to shift the   room based working /calculations to my ill collegue which he can  easily do whilst taking rest at hotel room , therefore i managed to show empathy to him whilst  making myself least over burdned and without any disturbance to work

7 Habits Participant – St. Gregorios High School – Oct 2013

I would like to share an incident which changed my way of looking  or rather judging my students. Anytime a student would not complete his notebook or not do his/her h.w. or while away his/her time in class; I would think the child is not just interested or  he/she is overtly pampered brat. One such child I came across, I tried to get him do his work somehow. One day I told him that if he continues this way I would have to call his father( thinking that he would do his work out of fear). This boy replied with a mocking grin that his father never scolds him no matter what he  does. I was convinced that the parents were responsible for pampering the child and spoiling him.
But I did not give up him. I somehow tried to get his work completed. One day the child opened up to me and told me that his father had left them and his mother had to work whole day to fend for the family. I was shocked. I felt so guilty that I had passed my own judgment that this child was pampered and spoilt.

From that day onwards, I try to keep my mind free of any judgments because I do not know what the other person is going through. I keep no inhibitions or preconceived notions about anybody. I feel my relationship with my students has enhanced.

Still trying to be proactive. May be it will take some time.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – Global Shared Services – Oct 2013

The following are my takeaways from the program:

  1. Work from Quadrant II perspective – work and focus on things which are important but not urgent.
  2. Be Proactive  – Always take charge of my life/decisions and execute plans to make things happen.
  3. Sharpen the saw – Constantly improve my skills at workplace to keep up with the demand of the current scenario.

Implementation of learning with my team:

  • I will be an active listener and improve further upon my listening skills
  • Build and work on my networking/grouping skills to get higher productivity and better results
  • Drive and follow a win-win culture so that the assignments get completed as well as the employees are engaged/happy

7 Habits Participant – Cognizant – Oct 2013

Hi All,

First of all Thanks for giving opportunity to learn 7 habits and making us understand the value.

Gains for me from this training were

1>     I learned the philosophy I knew is how interconnected to these habits.

2>     Learned effective methods to handle life theories.

3>     Most important learned why and how effective communication is important.

Thank You

7 Habits Participant – Tech Mahindra – Oct 2013

First of all I would like to give my feedback in few words, this was the actual truth of the life which we all know but do not get this implemented. All the 7 habits are the truth of life and following/implementing it will change your life up side down.

Thank you for building such a nice course.

My three take away will be the 3 habits which is more meaningful to me.

1.       Begin with End in Mind

2.       Put first things first

3.       Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

7 Habits Participant – St. Gregorios High School – Oct 2013

Thanks to Habit 1 my use of reactive language and hence the attitude has dropped down drastically.

My choice of getting associated with this workshop was after I read the book and I realized my inner call to act in my circle of influence and do the best I can to expand it. I am so glad that this circle is ever expanding. Thank You Dr Covey

Through this 80th Birthday Celebration exercise my visualization power has surely increased multifold and I’m sure I’m going to have a bash there with all my near and dear ones with me and I’m going to need a really big venue as all these students whose life I’m going to touch on through this whole journey are going to be present there at the party. there will be a lot of people of the education fraternity as we are all going to be working very closely on this. Theres a lot to do for them to talk about so I have get started right away. See you there at the party too.

Leader in me – St. Gregorios High School – Oct 2013

The Stone Video is indeed inspiring and reinforces so beautifully that only you can design your destiny starting just with a thought. Would love to watch more of these. Please recommend how I could do this.

It feels very nice to be working on myself once again and this journey really makes it easy to do so. The exercises mentioned herein feel like steps towards something big at the end. Thank you for the guidance.

7 Habits Participant – Bristol-Myers Squibb – Oct 2013

It was indeed a wonderful experience at the workshop held on 16th and 17th Oct2013. For me this workshop came as self realization where I found that I am not been fair to me by letting my ignorance to lead me to lot of stress, confusion and directionless journey. Best thing about the workshop was that it made me realize that all the answers to my queries lies within me only.

Few things that I have started immediately are:

1.       Getting up one hour early than usual for a healthy walk and some reading/preparation for the day

2.       Cutting down in oily food and unnecessary snacking.

3.       Avoiding quadrant 3 and 4th  activities like unnecessary phone calls

4.       Planning weekly

I will keep you posted as I experience good things out of these habits

7 Habits Participant – Tech Mahindra – Oct 2013


There is a remarkable change in my perspective and response to situations. I am able to observe and reflect on my efforts to make a positive impact on relationship bank accounts that I have started my focus on.

7 Habits Participant – Bristol-Myers Squibb – Oct 2013

I really feel enlightened after attending the 7 habits workshop.

The 3 most important take away for me are as follows:

1.       TIME MATRIX : I will to implement this immediately both personally and professionally to have better work life balance which currently is in disarray.

2.       EMOTIONAL BANK ACCOUNTS: 5th Habit of “Seeking to understand before being understood” for me was the most important learning. This will, I believe help me manage my internal and external customers much more effectively . Will practice the same on joint workings and while coordinating for work with our AZ colleagues.

3.       SHARPENING THE SAW: This workshop has really made me feel that I have probably not given enough time for my development. I wish to read more and practice the theory in my day to day working. I will start from reading “Good to Great” book.

Leadership – Genpact – Oct 2013

I was part of leadership session you did in Genpact few weeks back. Once again many thanks for a great program and it is really helping in bringing change on 4 aspects we discussed.

7 Habits Participant – Tech Mahindra – Oct 2013

Thank you for the wonderful and well planned session. My 3 key take away from the workshop:

1.    Reading the book and attending this workshop – there is a big difference

2.    What Pro-Active really means – just more than planning

3.    How to articulate Win-Win situation.

My plan to take this with team:

·         First things first – concentrate on Q2 activities

·         Define and implement the Process for the team

·         Sharpen the saw

·         Build technical competence.

7 Habits Participant – Tata Capital – June 2013

Tried to follow the first habit last week ‘ Be proactive’.

During office, tried the following things:

a)      Boss had to give a presentation to the CA professionals. Volunteered for help with 2 of my reportees. IT was the first time that I was able to be creative while designing the presentation. – The presentation went very well.


a)      Had a friend with whom there were some ego clashes and we stopped talking. Applying the 1 habit, I tried to be proactive and called first which resulted atleast in getting the bitterness out of our relationship. i.e. if not friends then surely not enmies too.

7 Habits Participant – Tech Mahindra – Oct 2013

Thanks a lot for the mail and my heartfelt gratitude at providing me a course that will help focus & conserve my energies to the greater wars within. While I do not profess that I have followed the 7 Habits, I do sincerely think that I have been able to implement some or most of them in pieces throughout significantly throughout my career and to a lesser extent in life. The latter part is where I think I need to today focus my attention to. I personally think felt during the start of the session that these are probably not things unsaid or unheard of before, but the timing and the power of encapsulation make this time a worthwhile spend.

The three important takeaways for me from the Signature Workshop & in a simple manner I have tried to elucidate what I will need to do to make me a better person in dealing with these aspects. I hope and I am confident that this is the right path for me.

1)    Personal Side: Thinking Win-Win + Begin with The End In Mind + Seek First to Understand, Then To Be Understood

Personally, a significant chapter has commenced with my son (a teenager) who is today grappling I know with questions, letting the mind wander around. The program has provided me an avenue to introspect my own relationship with the child. The combination of these 3-habits and my own understanding of my gaps has reflected in my reactions to his first term examination mark sheet. I have started spending time with him, not to sit and pass judgment, but to analyze where challenges are, what help he requires and what if any is bothering him. I would want to see a positive change in myself, before I expect it from the child. I think he is seeing the difference too. That in itself is a huge thing to me. By the way, I have no other concerns about behavior, attitude, honesty or integrity in his behavior – adolescence is innate and the reflections are to be addressed carefully, lest, it upsets the harmony at home.

2)    Professional Side: Synergize

Many of the first 5 Habits, I have actually lived through and attribute it to two things: my value systems and my upbringing. I see those as my biggest strengths and use the energy to pass on to my colleagues & friends. It has given me many of the traits that my colleagues see in me as a role model. However, when I went through the session I realized that these only resulted in Private Victories. I realize today that if the 6 Habits are not strung together, there will be discordant notes as we play. This 6th Habit has me thinking along.

3)    Emotional Stability

I have always thought highly of my emotional stability and as I meditate closely on that thought I realize today how hollow it can turn out to be. Circumstances maketh a man. As I view this rationally, I do understand that there have been situations where I have been unduly allowing the circle of concern lord over the circle of influence. This lead to an erosion of my personal energy, ineffectiveness and self-doubt stepped right in to cloud reason and confidence. I think today, I realize that and take in things fully understanding what I can influence, what’s in my control to change for the better.

7 Habits Participant – Tafe – Oct 2013

First of all i would like to thanks for remembering and continuous follow up,Really i feel change because i am using this in daily life in professional as well as personnel and listen C.D. daily in my car during tour.

Leadership – MOL Pakistan – Oct 2013

It was great opportunity for me, to attend such a nice course.

The key takeaways are:

1.       Understand human beings paradigm

2.       Clarify the purpose to team

3.       How to unleash the team talent

Implementation plan is to involve the team, so that they feel their contribution as value addition.

Leadership – Godrej Tyson Foods Ltd – Oct 2013

Thanks a lot to be so effective in delivering great leadership program.

The TOP Three takeaways are

1-      Great Planning- for that our mission , objective and Strategy should be aligned .

2-      Mind Set

3-      Continuous learning towards development.

7 Habits Participant – Bright Autoplast Limited – Oct 2013

I have made mission statement and taken a hard copy using your website.

Though it is very raw and will require more refinement.

Recently we had meeting in Nasik , here the end in mind was very useful , I discussed with my colleagues and we decided what outcome we want from meeting and as per that we decided to proceed . That has helped to have synergy while talking .

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – Blue Coat Systems – Oct 2013

Thank you for the email, it was really great to attend the workshop!!

I am more confident than I was before, even my manager noticed it , I could build better relationship with management. I am more productive by just following the Circle of Influence, lesson which I learned from workshop. Also, I am able to deal with customers better using the Win-Win method.

Looking forward for your emails and tasks.

Leadership – Godrej Tyson Foods Ltd – Oct 2013

It was a great opportunity to be a part of Leadership development program. From three days workshop, I gain lot of knowledge. First take away I would say a shift of paradigm to consider a person as a body, heart , mind & spirit. First I have to change myself then I can see the world changing.

Second will be the listening – I started working on this

Third is credibility & trust  – character & competence will build Credibility & trust.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – Nielsen – Oct 2013

It was great opportunity in my life to attend this 7 habits of highly effective people program. Thanks to Franklin covey &Co. for making this happen.

3 take aways..

·         Listen with the intent to understand and not to reply

·         Paradigm shift is needed in life whenever its required

·         Think about myself  rather than thinking about others always.

Listen and share your ideas in team meeting with the intent to understand and put the solutions

7 Habits Participant – Tafe – Oct 2013

Thanks for sending mail for reminding us. I enjoyed lot by learning 7 Habits during MDP program and I thank once again to FC  for the same.

I practicing it very honestly but I m failing sometimes . But I will not leave as it is.

I started feel some clarity in mind and work.  I shared my learning with my parents, friends, neighbor and sub ordinate.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – Regal – Sep 2013

The 2 day training program was par excellent. The material covered and the way it was presented was truly exceptional. Kudos to the training program and the trainer.  3 key take aways from this program that i plan to focus on are

  1. Be Pro-Active
  2. Focus on Big Rocks
  3. Think Win-Win

I would like to more Pro-Active and not let things drift or remain a spectator to goings on that affect  me. I would like to prioritize my work and focus on those that are Important and not Urgent. I will strive for Win-Win scenario in most (if not all) of my endeavors to the extent possible.

Leadership – Godrej Tyson Foods Ltd – Sep 2013

It was a great opportunity to be a part of Leadership development program. From three days workshop, I gain lot of knowledge. First take away I would say a shift of paradigm to consider a person as a body, heart , mind & spirit. First I have to change myself then I can see the world changing.

Second will be the listening – I started working on this

Third is credibility & trust  – character & competence will build Credibility & trust.

7 Habits Participant – BNY Mellon – Sep 2013

Thanks for your mail. 2 days spent in the 7 habits workshop will stay with me forever. It made me look at life in a different way and gave me a direction just when I was feeling a bit lost.

For me the 3 major takeaways would have to be, the concept of Emotional Bank Account, The Urgency-Importance Matrix and beginning with the end in mind.

Thanks again for sharing this wonderful program with us.

7 Habits Open Workshop Participant – Regal – Sep 2013

It is very well organized, methodical, very creative and works very well with diverse groups of people. This training provides the participants with the knack for thinking out of the box both on professional and personal front.

Presentations / Lessons of Stephen Covey given in between the sessions was utterly amazing and those videos really depicts his broad experience and knowledge on various areas of life.

Examples that were quoted and the activities done during the training were superb. I really enjoyed them.

Leadership – Godrej Tyson Foods Ltd – Sep 2013

There were many takeaways from the leadership program. However I would like to begin with the 3 top which I have mentioned below ;

Difference between Functional Job & Job to be done : Understand the expectations & needs of the customers first. Is it in sync with what we believe it is ?. Even if it is slightly different, get the team , productions, logistics etc  aligned to the customer’s expectations. The ultimate aim being to make our customers intensely loyal so that they recommend us to others as well.

Difference between WIGS & PIGS : Make the team understand how to differentiate between them. In simple language our most urgent and important priorities need to be the ones we tackle first (prioritize among priorities) because there are only 2-3 priorities we can handle well at any given point in time.

Money Making Model : How the business we are doing can be improved upon in terms of cash flow, margins, speed of execution, growth etc. Discuss with individual members of the team and chart out a path for them.

Leadership – Godrej Tyson Foods Ltd – Sep 2013

It was a great opportunity to be a part of Leadership development program. From three days workshop, I gain lot of knowledge. First take away I would say a shift of paradigm to consider a person as a body, heart , mind & spirit. First I have to change myself then I can see the world changing.

Second will be the listening – I started working on this

Third is credibility & trust  – character & competence will build Credibility & trust.

Over a period I will need your help , Thanks a lot .

7 Habits Participant – Tafe – Sep 2013

The program was really useful and the facilitator was also thrilled to see the retention of learning and implementation of the same in job situation.

All the participants showcased immense interest how they implemented the learning in the live job situation.

To summarize, the session was very valuable and refreshed the learnings of the participants as these behaviour skills need to be consistently practiced so that they are imbibed and become part of our routine.

Leadership – Godrej Tyson Foods Ltd – Sep 2013


First of all thanks for having a great facilitation. The workshop was wonderful and the best every workshop I have attended so far.

Basically I learned about 4 key Imperatives – Inspire Trust, clarify purpose, Align System & Unleash Talent  with lots of real videos which are key to become a great leader and with this the  top three take aways from this workshop are …..

1.       Go through in detail the LQ1 score card of mine against all 4 Imperatives and practice on the one where I scored low ratings

2.       Practice 13 behaviors of high trust building in our day to day life, professional as well personal

3.       Practice various tools like “Job to be done” for smooth working with my Internal as well external customers

4.       Defined WIGS and PIGS of my department as well of the company and focus on achieving those regularly.

Leadership – Godrej Tyson Foods Ltd – Sep 2013

The leadership, workshop was fantastic. My key takeaways are the 4 imperatives, which I plan to work on.

Inspire Trust, Clarify Purpose, Align Systems and Unleash Talent.

I have already started to work on foundation….

7 Habits Participant – Aditya Birla Finance Limited – Sep 2013

First of all I would like to thank you for such a wonderful workshop. It’s indeed a life changing program. It was nice meeting Stephen ( The videos) seems he was almost with us and the trainer

My top 3 takeaways,

1.       To widen my circle of influence.

2.       Listen to understand & then be understood.

3.       Start with end in mind.

I have begun engaging my team in the learning & specially on ”put first thing first” & time management.

Helping Client Succeed – Sep 2013

Things participants liked about the  training  program

  • One of finest session I  have attended
  • Very engaging and compelling, His energy and vigor was excellent.
  • Excellent session. Faculty had rich experience

7 Habits Participant – Kashf Microfinance Bank Pakistan – Sep 2013

I have seen all videos in linked address. I have gained a lot of knowledge and learning. I think so that the main learning which I have taught is, Stimulus and response, that have helped me a lot and many problem I have solved through this technique, because where I am working that is sales related and interaction related job where everyone perceive my communication as well as my gesture and body language.

Thanks Franklin Covey Team.

7 Habits Open workshop Participant – Agro Tech Foods Ltd. – Sep 2013

Firstly, I would like to thank you for such a wonderfully designed program. It was nice meeting Stephen (It was like he was almost there) & the trainer.

My Top 3 takeaways (in no particular order):

1.       Widen your Circle of Influence

2.       Listen to Understand not to reply

3.       Sharpen the saw i.e. invest in PC as well.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – Sep 2013

I am planning to build on my time management skills. Specially to be proactive, start with the end in mind and to put first things first. I feel that these practices will allow me to effectively plan my personal + professional goals without being getting dragged into the Quadrant III activities as usual. Having being overwhelmed in Q III activities, I used to be confused about my own goals at certain times. I was questioning myself about how I was supposed to archive what I really wanted. Your training program shredded some light about how to start with.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – Sep 2013

The knowledge I/we gained from this training is long lasting for ever in our life.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – Sep 2013

Thanks for the follow up mail. I would like to thank you for teaching & updating us the principles/ techniques and habits to be built in in every phase of life in very organized form.

  1. I have started to listen the audio in my car on daily basis while traveling, of the lecture from Mr. Covey to learn and to make my subconscious mind to abreast of all the techniques.
  2. I am trying to strengthen the good principles in me. (pro-active)

3. Win-Win seems very fruitful in theory, but very difficult in practical life, but trying to working upon it. Hoping for the best.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – Sep 2013

My experience with 7 Habits of highly effective people workshop is the best. I have attended few workshops and read many books to find purpose of my life but got none and wasted so much time on it. When I attended this workshop I realized that answer to my question for purposeful life lies inside me and I found it. Now I will lead my life what I want to be. A great thank you to Franklin and Stephen Covey.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – August 2013

Thank you for the follow up email, it was really great to attend the workshop!!

I am more confident than I was before, even my manager noticed it J, I could build better relationship with management. I am more productive by just following the Circle of Influence, lesson which I learned from workshop. Also, I am able to deal with customers better using the Win-Win method.

Looking forward for your emails and tasks.

Project Management – Open Wprkshop – August 2013

The best part about the program was that it was an interactive session. All our expectations/queries were met and we are going out with a new mindset/ tools to handle the project in outside world.

Helping Client Succeed – TCS – August 2013

Thank you for your valuable contribution to our Sales Training last week

It is your time, valuable presence and zeal to train the associates that makes this program a success.

The participants thoroughly enjoyed your session on Helping Clients Succeed and overall there was some very good learning for all.

Seeking your cooperation for creating effective learning in the future.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – August 2013

A very good program for the people to relook at their behavior traits and improve the effectiveness among the employees. Any transformation has to start with people.

7 Habits Participant – Ericsson – August 2013

I am really impressed by the course content the way it was delivered to me, the small interaction done by trainer was really mind opener.

7 Habits Participant – TCS – August 2013

Top three take aways:

a) I want folks to know that I found my voice and I will help them find theirs. I want to constantly encourage their potential as i see it, have the courage to call out gently if they are missing their mark and be dedicated for their growth and effectiveness
b) I have hitherto abandoned them in the name of being a hands off manager. Now I want to be available to run alongside and patiently mentor them.
c) I want to strike a high balance between courage and consideration. Often times, I compromised courage in exchange for respect to the other person. I want to seek to speak the issues clearly while being respectful to the other person or team.

Leadership – TCS – August 2013

It was a wonderful experience!
There were many important questions that were never asked about self were probed (self)!!
Gave direction to identify purpose and live to full potential!
Planning to help to team to help them grow as individuals with a purpose!! (which eventually will help effective organization)!

7 Habits Participant – DSM Sinochem – August 2013

First of all let me thank FranklinCovey for the  Excellent ways of making us understand this subject.

For me the take aways are

–       Win –WIN

–       Start with an end in Mind

–       4 Quadrants

For my team, I am already started practicing – seeking to understand before seeking to be understood..

7 Habits Participant – The Shriram Millennium School – August 2013

One effective habit of mine is that I work in a very organized manner. This helps me to keep pace with the requirements of my job profile and to deliver in a positive, rewarding manner. It helps me to keep away stress and keep calm at all times.

One ineffective habit of mine is that when people around me do not deliver as per requirement it bothers me and I am ready to take their responsibility on to myself to reduce the time lag in delivery. This often allows people to take things lightly. I am slowly learning and realizing that different people have different response time and not everyone will work in a systematic manner as you would. This helps me to set more realistic deadlines for staff and delegate work as per capability.

7 Habits Participant – DSM Sinochem – August 2013

It has been an awesome experience attending this workshop. I have following 3 key takeaways from this session:

–       Put first thing first

–       Think Win- Win

–       Seek first to understand then to be understood

A.    Put First thing First : be more sharp on Prioritization & work on IMPORTANT things! Would quantify my 1 sample week & identify my own Quadrants(As-Is) and then work towards the Q-2(Not Urgent- Important). Start with Weekly Mission & Role reading. Continue doing the BIG ROCKS & SCHEDULE WEEK

B.    Think Win- Win: Build on Mutual Respect & Mutual Benefit spirit within peer group & especially extreme tough personalities.

C.    Seek first to understand then to be understood: Listen with INTENT to UNDERSTAND.

I have picked up a chronic issue in my organization “Harmonized Weekly Dispatches” to be solved by using the Effective habits(all above)

7 Habits Participant – ILO – August 2013

Thank you for this opportunity to learn the 7 habits.

I learned various tips during the training. I want to rank the top three tips are as follows;

  1. Circle of Influence
  2. Time Matrix
  3. Diagnose before you prescribe

I want to use the learning from the 7 habits program in my personal and working life. I requested my son for Accountability Partner and he has accepted my request. Similarly I am going to be Accountability Partner for my colleague in office.

7 Habits Participant – Target Corporation India – August 2013

We would like to take this opportunity to thank and appreciate the FranklinCovey India Team for all their efforts in helping us with having Target facilitators certified on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Closing the Execution Gap workshops. We have successfully facilitated 2 each of these workshops at Target over the last couple of months.

It’s been really wonderful to partner with FranklinCovey Teams. They not just talk and teach the 7 Habits, but are living them each day and in every interaction. Some things that really stand out in them are;

·         Demonstrate high level of accountability

·         Collaborative Mindset

·         Very easy to relate to

·         Effective Communicator

·         Demonstrates high level of Integrity and Trust

·         Highly Inspiring 

·         Being Proactive 

·         Effective Communicator 

·         A Leader 

Leadership – Syntel – August 2013

We have mid year review and quarterly award activities.

I have discussed individually to all team members on their performance and where they are and can contribute on the account growth.

For motivation the team members who have volunteered in the WIG items have motivated in Quarterly awards.

7 Habits Participant – Cognizant – July 2013

Thanks for a very reflective program. I am glad I got an opportunity to attend this and take time to talk to myself, connect the dots and truly be aware of what is going well and what’s that missing.

In my view, these are the three takeaways:

–         Self awareness

–         Having a thought and turning that into a habit

–         The world is not perfect, never going to be and how do I work on myself to lead a life that is effective, less stressful and have balanced emotions.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – July 2013

Few learnings from 7 Habits:

  1. Now I am looking at things from all angles possible.
  2. Have become more positive towards problems, arising both in workplace and at personal level.
  3. Listening to others is what I have started practicing
  4. I am practicing to take time before making any decision
  5. Trying to understand people, listen to them, being patient and then resolving issue or providing guidance.

Few concepts that currently I am practising in the work place:

a. Have shared the 7 habits concept with my team.

b. Trying to bring in more positivity in the team

c. Planning for week happens on every monday & we share our plan with the core team

d. We are training our team to become more independent…for ex: now the team washes their plates by themselves after meal. Small step, but yet very effective.

e. To do first thing first – This concept has been shared with the team, and I am observing team to respond very positive to this. eg: Staff keep a track of things that are most important and urgent &  then they try and accomplish it within the time frame.

I personally feel that by practicing one habit every week, has helped me in getting my job completed on time, and I feel less stressed while I return home from work.

7 Habits Participant – Cognizant – July 2013

It was a wonderful program.

I am looking at Habit 5 “ Seek first to understand ,then to be understood” is something that I would like to work on both on the personal front and for professional front.

I would find time & again seek support on the same.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – July 2013

I have made the personal commitment and signed the learning agreement. I’ll ask my mom (who I look up to as she lives some of the habits) to partner me on this.

7 Habits Participant – Adani Enterprises Limited – July 2013

Thanks! In fact there was a lot to take away; but out of the entire learning, the prime three take-aways’ are listed below:

1.       The importance of Time Management Matrix and segregation of work into the four quadrants (Habit No 3)

2.       The importance of Empathic Listening and its application in personal relationships and official relationships (Habit No 5)

3.       The importance of Habit of Self Renewal in the four areas of our lives : Physical, Social/Emotional, Mental & Spiritual (Habit No 7)

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – July 2013

As a Habit I have started to plan the week in advance and plan my day as well. So I started last week immediately after the training course was over. I planned my week and identified my big rocks for the week. I have started to say no wherever I don’t think I’m not going to add value to others or myself (Quadrant III) activities and also planned every week for 2 hours to reflect and work on Quadrant II activity.

Thanks for your inputs will keep sharing my small private victories with you over the course of the time.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – July 2013

The 3 important take aways for me are as under:-

1.       The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People are very simple and easy to understand.

2.       This is the need of the hour for both my Personal & Corporate Life.

3.       The Aha moment for me was that these simple habits have tremendous power once imbibed and put to use.

Personally for me this has become a Geeta/Bible which I’m focused to imbibe over the period. I’ll be in touch with Col. Vijay Dhawan and would keep updating him on the progress. There are 2 major reasons for it :-

a.       My personal relations with my Spouse & parents was strained over a period of time due to over drawn EBA. I’m on course of building on it as I’m putting in huge deposits at this point in time.

b.      I have personally been a huge victim of Prioritization & Procrastination. I’m sure working on the 7 Habits, I’ll be able to prioritize better & eradicate procrastination.

This will definitely help me to take care of relations at home and at work.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – July 2013

The three biggest takeaways which I had from the training which I will try to incorporate in my life:

  1. Being proactive – Not letting others influence your reaction and adding a pause between reaction and stimulus
  2. Keeping the end in mind: I have to work towards setting up my goal and being clear on my long term aspiration
  3. Try to stay in the 2nd quardrant in my professional and personal life

I have already started sharing my learnings with the team. At this point, it is more towards gaging their understanding and interest in these concepts. I plan to work along with them towards this things slowly so that we both can draw support from each other.

Leadership – TCS – July 2013

It was a wonderful experience!

Was excellent logical flow from 7H to Leadership Foundation!
Tools provided are very handy!
Main difference from the regular project management is the mind-set…which will work in the long term for sure!!!

the trainer with his personal experience and excellent commitment made a huge difference to the entire program!! Hats off

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – April 2013

We are using the 7 Habits at work and can see a clear difference in efficiency before and after the workshop.  It has had an impact on daily activities like scheduling, prioritizing, etc

It was an eye-opening experience and I have tried to incorporate it into all spheres of my life.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – April 2013

The content was very good; trainer was very engaging, and the participative and interactive format was a great change!

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – May 2013

Great trainer, amazing content and good program for self improvement and introspection. Tests how committed we are to improving ourselves.

Leadership – Open Workshop – May 2013

Good ideas and principles; useful for people of management level.

This program has very good frameworks & is relevant to myself. Found the instructor amazing too.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – May 2013

Very nice, informative and relevant to my life in the corporate world; this program also has a great impact on our personal lives and interpersonal relations

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – May 2013

Very good explanations, insight on how all 7 Habits should be used collectively & can be part of improving everyday experiences.

The program definitely met my expectations and the trainer always kept the interest levels high.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – June 2013

Have attended a lot of programs but this was the only time I was clued into the entire process without switching off.

Leadership – Syntel – July 2013

Our core work is maintenance and enhancements to the application. With an aggressive Risk-reward in place, we have been finding it difficult in first 4 months of 2013 to meet the expectations in terms of defects & quality.We internally re-reviewed/relooked at the internal process along with RCA of defects and have formed a “Governance Team”. This Team would be of Senior members and main objective of  this team would be to take ownership and review of releases/code deployed into Production.

We are already seeing positive improvements and numbers seem to be very good for June month. We would now look to see consistency in performance over next few months to really determine the success of this initiative.

Leadership – Syntel – July 2013

I did use all the resources presented here and studied them thoroughly. Found them to be very powerful and and I am sure will push me to go through the rest of the pending work as quickly as possible.

Below are my responses.

Trust Action Plan – Challenges

1) Getting the point across to the people with whom I am trying to improve trust

2) Being open – still have a few doubts on my mind on being completely transparent, but going to try this

3) Sustenance of attempt to build trust – keep working on it and building the momentum

Personal Development – Challenges

1) Self discipline – As one embarks on this personal development journey, it is important to be true to yourself and exercise self discipline

2) Social and communication skills – Creating mutual respect, mutual understanding and creating creative cooperation seem to be a challenging task

3) Finding one’s inner voice and obeying it – There is far too much noise out there, which makes this task quite formidable one

7 Habits Participant – Novartis – June 2013

The material, trainer and the subject was very good. Overall it was interactive. One of the best training I have ever attended. Trainer was amazing especially the examples given and energy shown.

7 Habits Participant – Capgemini – June 2013

It was a beautiful program. The objective was very clear. Lot of learning, sharing, involvement.

7 Habits Participant – Mastek Limited – June 2013

It was great workshop and I am very much impressed and sure practicing these habits will definitely bring change.

My 3 take aways:

1)      Habit number 1 – Habit of be proactive – I am the responsible for whatever happening in my life. I need to be proactive if I want change in my life.

2)      Circle of concerns and circle of influence – I need to work on my circle of influence and it will automatically reduce my circle of concern.

3)      Need to give more focus on character instead of personality

7 Habits Participant – Tafe – June 2013

Thanks for  your kind inspirational follow up mails with Guidance & motivational follow-up mails.

I am going to follow the instructions of Habit1 given in trailing mail.

Yesterday I have registered on your website & given reply for the same on email.

Yesterday I also Plan my activities for the week partially & today morning also planned for the day activities & review the same in night today.

Today Evening I will heard the Audio CD.Also list down the big Rocks & start thinking over it. I already start teach to learn complete 3 habits to my father-in-law.

Leadership – Open Workshop – June 2013

It was great to attend the three days sessions  as it opened new windows of ideas and actions to lead my teams more effectively.

The three take away are none other than

  • whole person paradigm
  • clarifying purpose
  • inspiring trust

I could see why, in the past , some of my initiatives could not see the light of the day due to lack of the buy in.

Our team can deliver best if they know clearly where they are heading towards. Solo flights cannot be successful. It has to be a collective approach.

Candid feedback  will also help people to know of their strengths and area of improvement and thus each member can utilize his/ her potential to the fullest.

7 Habits Participant – Tafe – June 2013

It was one of the most unforgettable experience for me during the learning of 7 Habits during the course, I had earlier  gone through the book by Mr Stephen Covey and was spell bound that time too, But during the course it was an eye opener, Thanks  for creating such a formidable program.

7 Habits Participant – Tafe – June 2013

The Workshop was really amazing as well as adventurous for the endeavors.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – June 2013

This was an excellent workshop to be part of..

I have realized how important listening is, to understand before to be understood and not to be judgmental even in areas when listening is not so important. I choose Habit 5 implementation in my days to come.

I would love to have Win Win solutions in all possibilities, but situations might not be a cake walk all the time and hence would like to work on building capabilities towards highly creative solutions which can yield maximum results and benefit both professionally and personally.

Habit 7, Sharpen the saw is something which I have been neglected for some time now. This is a must and needs to be worked upon immediately….QI activity as of now and will be gradually moved to QII.

7 Habits Participant – Tafe – June 2013

It was an immense pleasure to attend this workshop and I have enjoyed thoroughly by attending this and find below the top 3 take aways

1.Circle of Influence

2.Think WIN-WIN


7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – June 2013

The training was an interesting & invigorating experience, it put things into perspective for me & really made me sit back & “think”

Some of the ideas that made quite an impact was “Begin with the End in Mind” & writing a personal mission statement. I am still working on completing it & making it more precise

Also the 3rd Habit of Putting 1st things first & trying to live “above the line” in the 1st 2 quadrants was something that was very apt for me in my professional life

Also liked the concept of the big rocks & making time & place for them first before letting the little things get in your way

Thanks again for the learning experience, it was definitely worth my time

Leadership – Open Workshop – June 2013

Thank you for a very effective Program, I had some very good takeaways.

Of the 4 imperatives I have to work upon the following two imperatives :

  • Clarify purpose
  • Align Systems

I will work with the team to get clarity on the Job to be done rather than the functional work using the Analyser.

Arrive at a compelling vision involving the team applying the WIG builder tool

Use the Lead measure builder and Lag measure to progress continual improvement

Apply the “clear the path approach” to help them achieve their vision aligning to organisation goals.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – June 2013

Three main things I took away from the workshop were

  1. Begin with End in mind
  2. Seek first to understand, then to be understood
  3. Think win win

I have discussed the findings with my team as well and first of all we have rescheduled all our targets and plans in detail with all the variables and the focus was the end and the timelines when the project will be completed.

Since the demonstration was carried out during the course about consoling the subordinate in order to create win win situation.

Leadership – Cognizant – June 2013

It was great and enlightening to attend the workshop, loved every minute of it. The knowledge shared was immense.

Valuing individuals in the team and taking care of their 4 dimensional aspects increases our dollar value. I would like to have the paradigm shift from the Industrial Age I was in until now into the Knowledge Worker Age.

I learn that Speed of Trust was faster than anything and would consciously make efforts to step up the levels of engagement each time I interact with my team.

4 Disciplines of Execution – Cognizant – June 2013

My top 3 takeaways:

1.       WIGs – Define and execute 3

2.       3 way goal planning (Supervisor<->Self<->Direct-reports)

3.       Developing Lead Measures for goals

Implementation with team:

Immediate implementation is to revisit the goals by taking into account my supervisor’s goals and having my direct reports identify their WIGs and define their targets for success.

7 Habits Participant – Tata Capital – June 2013

Thank you very much for this follow up.3 top take aways were-

1.       Plan a week in advance.

2.       Prioritizing the things towards achieving end goal in mind.

3.       Improve skills on regular basis.

I would like to start these from myself before implementing anything on team. I would like to go away from micro management of team and build a trust among us.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – June 2013

The training is really fruitful and helping- especially my daily effectiveness on planning, learning and effectiveness. I am enjoying with your follow up- a new experiences.

7 Habits Participant – Cognizant – June 2013

I had tried this and really works for better ,some times in a discussion one has to be openminded and welcome all differences in opinion for betterment of thyself and has to be humble that the way one is looking may not be the only way and value others perception so that the picture of today is beautiful,tomw is splendid and dayafter is magnificient and sustainable.This is what i can see from the video on Mauritius .i value this habit extremely.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – June 2013

This is really fantastic  to start the morning with thought that what legacy we will leave behind  and the video is truly speak louder of actions than words .I am moved  and a thought has crept in that when i say goodbye to this world  a  thought of doing something even if it  adds to 1 millionth part of a humble contribution will add delight to my life  as well when i retire  i would realize that i had left something  myself being unknown which others will make best use because i had understood first and then acted.Thank you for such wonderful enlightment.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – May 2013

Thank you very much for the feedback that you have sent.

I / We are Happy that you have picked up some of the most important lessons from the 7 Habits Program that would definitely help you in your personal and professional life. These habits would surely enrich your life and make you more effective. We wish you all the best in your journey to be more effective and enjoy the fruits of success which would surely follow.

do continue to write in and share your experiences as you implement the 7 Habits. We would be very happy to help with your imbibing the new Habits!

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – May 2013

The course was very informative and that can be practiced in my day to day life.

The main e things that I took from this course is

1) Choices are available in plenty and I should learn to select the correct choice any only I am responsible for selecting my choice.

2) Need to work as a team,

3) Need to spend time to sharpen the saw, on my office, health & family.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – May 2013

I am suffused with a renewed vigor to implement a lot of stuff that I once tried after reading the book way back in 2001.

My top three take aways from the program are:

1) Importance on character building(private victory), stuff which are not immediately seen

2) The power of empathy

3) Sharpening the saw

I am deeply influenced by these three points and currently am trying to work it into a habit for me.

7 Habits Participant – Tafe – May 2013

It was a wonderful experience, me being a part of your workshop. I would like to share the three take away from your workshop.

  • Being Pro-Active, Sharpen the saw.
  • Working in Second Quadrant.
  • Developing the habit of saying “NO”.

I am planning to Implement one by one in my daily activity, as an Initiative I have made a written plan for the upcoming month of June’13.

7 Habits Participant – Tafe – May 2013

It is very good learning at 7 habits program.

I started categorizing and relating my work with 7 habits.

I improved my

  1. Follow up (begin with end in mind)
  2. I categorized to do important but not urgent things quadrant 2 works like taking daily reports from dealers that made my weekly report on time.

3. Review of performance is very transparent regarding the dealership.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – May 2013

Attending the 7 habits workshop was a wonderful experience for me to say the least. Facilitator was simply outstanding and left no stones unturned in sharing relevant & practical examples on the habits & other fundamental concepts throughout the two day workshop.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – May 2013

The programme was really very useful and I am expecting to achieve a lot by implementing it.

7 Habits Participant – CBRE – May 2013

At the outset let me thank you for the wonderful journey of the 3 days at Pullman Gurgaon, which made me look really differently at myself.

My top 3 takeaways from this program:

  1. It opened a radical and different way of thought process.
  2. I realized that  – Change is within and not outside
  3. It also becomes clear that if we do good – good always happens to all concerned

How I want to implement my learning with my team:

  1. I have already discussed with a few senior team leads on the way to think differently
  2. We will have more team meetings to discuss the 7 habits
  3. I intend to present the audio & video cd’s to a large part of my team.
  4. I have encouraged a few of them to buy and read the book of 7 habits.

7 Habits Participant – CBRE – May 2013

Thanks for taking us through this effective self-development program.

It was indeed a beneficial training session on cultivating effective habits in both my professional and personal life to enhance a better work-life balance.

The key takeaways from the session for me are:

  1. Proactive approach in both professional and personal life
  2. Prioritization of work schedule (Time matrix) based on their importance and urgency Viz., mid to long term goals
  3. Creation of positive emotional bank account (EBA) with a clear sense of thinking and acting over Win-Win situation all the time.

I’ve started to practice the “proactive habit” this week with my peers and subordinates and I’m already energized with the power of this habit.

Thanks once again for this program.

7 Habits Participant – Tafe – May 2013

This is a very Good Training Programme i ever had & the way the  trainer was explaining is really impressive. By the effect of which & the promise which we had with trainer some of my Colleagues ( who were a  part of that training ) & ofcourse myself we have Started,

1) Exercise: which we haven’t taken seriously.

2) Planner: which we haven’t considered necessary & Finally

3) Paradigm Shift : Started looking at things ( Paradigm Shift) in really positive way.

And all other points of the programme is also very important & we will be practicing & concentrating on each of the points….slowly but surely.

I really appreciate for raising your concerns in this regard & I look forward to hear from you.

Leadership – AkzoNobel – May 2013

I had one of the best 3-day workshop on Leadership last week in Gurgaon. Thanks for making those 3 days exciting and interactive for me to learn a lot from it. Since actively attending the workshop is half the job done, I have started working on some of the learning I had from this workshop to ensure that the learning are active and alive.

7 Habits Participant – Cognizant – May 2013

On the onset, let me congratulate both FranklinCovey and the trainer for a wonderful session on the “7 habits of highly effective people”! The entire workshop has been an amazing  learning experience.

The weeks post the workshop have been challenging but I would like to believe that eventually with enough perseverance I shall be able to reach the results that I have set for myself which I think will make me a better individual.

Leadership – Akzo Nobel – May 2013

Very relevant programme in terms of content and to my need & well delivered. The program methodology and videos show were very inspiring.

Would like to take the execution program

7 Habits Participant – Cognizant – May 2013

What I did  was put the card in my kitty for daily morning references before starting my day it refreshes my memory and to live my day as it comes with this habits ,I had started practicing the first habit Be Proactive it is really working as  it  helps in going forward and to anticipate unknowns also a firm foundation for other habits

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Leadership – Syntel – May 2013

Top 3 Takeaways from the workshop

· Clarify Purpose – Explain the team the vision, target and strategy set for the team’s function for the year

· Align Systems – Clarify Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) to the team, get their inputs & conduct regular WIG meetings

· Unleash Talent – Get feedback from team members on how we can improve as a function

How you want to implement your learning with your team:

· Clarify Purpose – Team meeting with the entire team to clarify the vision, goals and strategy for the year

· Align Systems – Work with the key leaders to develop a model to regularly define WIGs via taking team’s inputs and tracking them till closure

· Unleash Talent – Conduct in-person meetings with key performers in all different locations to get their feedback for improvement as a function

7 Habits Participant – Asian Paints – March 2013

I undergone through the  manual for review and better understanding of the 5th Habit “Seek first to Understand, Then to be Understood”.

Earlier while asking feedback from my superior, my superior have identified one drawback in my self. My drawback was, I was judgmental and expressing my views immediate without understanding core of the discussion. I was in very hurry in replying during the discussion. After attending this workshop, I am focusing on Empathic Listening. And surprisingly after around one month of this practice, I got feedback from my superior that I have improved in listening. This feedback I got from him without asking of feedback.

Another point that I observed that after empathic listening from my colleague and sub ordinate, I am able to understand their expectation from me better and at the same time I also make them satisfied while discussing. It helps me in improving the relationships with them also.

Empathic Listening is the Key for Effective Communication.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – April 2013

Weekly planning has been a great tool. I could really finish a lot of work because I did not spend time trying to remember what to do. At the end of the day there was sense of achievement which was like a glucose for the next day.

Placing big rocks at first releases a lot of tension. I have been avoiding many of them because I was afraid of the time and effort it would need. Finally I could place them in the weekly plan and finish some of them. It is a great stress buster: finishing some Q-2 work.

Looking forward to the next video.

7 Habits Participant – BAYER – April 2013

It was great experience to learn about 7 habits . What I like the most are as under :

Chosen 2 habits for bring change in my self that is

1.       Think Win-Win

2.       Synergize

I have started to practice the same in my personnel and professional life.

Leadership – Syntel – March 2013

The Team Clarity- meeting was conducted right after the Trust Action Plan.

Approach was to define the Internal & External customers. Tools have helped to define the customers, most important goals and Job to be done in a great detail, and have opened up many discussions that helped to define the Strategic goals. The exercise has helped us to create Wildly Important goals and measures. We have defined the team purpose statement aligning to the Customers goals.

We have defined the score board for each of the WIG and tracking on weekly basis.

7 Habits Participant – Cipla Limited – March 2013

It was a very nice program.

I learned some of the very important things

1.    Being proactive,

2.    First thing first,

3.    Win win situations

4.    Be faithful to Absentee

5.    Planning

And also other things such as Goal setting and achieving the Goals Will implement week to week basis and review. Try to improve and fulfil personal and social goals.

7 Habits Participant – MICROSOFT – Jan 2013

To me Wooden displayed Integrity and Intent to such an extent that he perhaps didn’t need a large dose of capability to achieve results.

What I admire is the fact that he could achieve such outstanding results, even without harping about the goal.  This, to me, is the ultimate level of self-confidence that one can have and the epitome of unconditional belief in people and their capabilities.

I hope to achieve this much self-belief one day, so that I can encourage my children to achieve their potential.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – March 2013

I would reiterate the fact that this programme proved to be a, powerful and effective tool, in changing the way I looked at handling certain aspects of my personal and professional life. This programme has really changed the dynamics of my thought process helping me connect the dots and do things the simple way.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – March 2013

yes i am feeling a good change in my attitude and personality after practicing this habit. I have choose one of my colleague and my daughter as my accountably partners and i teach them and asked them to keep check on my habits and attitude and behavior daily.

  1. The last but most important thing i have learnt that IN FACT I HAVE EXPLORED MYSELF, AS THESE ALL WERE INSIDE ME BUT I WAS NOT AWARE OF.

Leadership – Syntel – March 2013

The one things I could do more effectively that would make all the difference is using the best out of the internal system designed instead of depending on others for help.

Yes, I did scheduled a meeting with team and where able to find 2 WIG which has been measured.


  1. Decrease Timesheet difference from 200 hrs to zero by 31st March
  2. Increase Monthly Revenue from 80K to 90K by 30th April

The response/feedback from the meeting was good and 3 of them came forward and have volunteered to contributing on the above WIG.

Out of above 2 WIG, the 1st WIG has been accomplished, where for 2nd WIG it needs to be broken down more to measure the success for which next week team meeting has been scheduled.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – March 2013

I am delighted to receive and reply to the first follow up mail.

The first takeaway from the program has been, undoubtably, the personal mission statement. My mission statement came as a complete surprise to me. The things I think is important in life and was striving to achieve has not figured in the mission statement at all. What I found in my mission is a quest for peace which I thought was not my cup of tea until now. The mission revealed a new me to me and the truth has still not sunk in. I will now make a roadmap so that I can live my life in line with my mission.

The second most significant learning has been P/PC. I have been in a caregiving role for last many years. I learnt that even if I want to take best care of people who matter to me, I need to take good care of myself first. Now I need to work out a plan for my own development and well being.

The third concept that is an eye opener is win-win. I knew about this but somehow could not practice it when it came to practical  situations, mainly for trying to rush to a solution. I will now try to take more time and explore more when there is a problem or disagreement.

Thanks again for the follow-up mail, hope to hear from you soon.

Leadership – Syntel – March 2013

Thank  you for mail. At outset, I would like to mention, this was a great experience.

Takeout for me from this workshop are :

  1. Inspire Trust – This is the most important activity. If Trust is there with positive attitude, you will ‘make it’ even though if team has few shortfalls.
  2. Focus on WIGS – do not get carried away with PIGs.
  3. Talent – Create a culture to attract high  performing people.

I will be using the framework and tools provided to work with my team and my boss, so that we will have planned approach to enhance leadership skills and will not miss on execution.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – March 2013

It was a great training program, very informative. Great learning. Few of the take aways for me are under:

1) Work life balance: used to get bogged down of work. Work load used to replicate in my personal life as well.

2) Time Management

3) Prioritization of the things at professional and personal life

4) Making subordinate responsible instead of taking his responsibility on you (saying ‘No”)

I would definitely like to implement the learnings. I will try to bifurcate the personal and professional work life. Time management for every facet of work. Taking up with my team mates for responsibility with end in mind and with a definite time frame.

7 Habits Participant – Asian Paints – Jan 2013

I refer page number 53 to 77 of Green Manual for revision of Habit: 2, Begin with the End in Mind.
Presently I am reading the book “Men search For Meaning” written by Viktor Frankl, this book is referred during the 7 Habit workshop.
“Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation. You can not control what happens to you in life, but you can always control what you will feel and do about what happens to you. “
I revised certain points in Personal Mission statement, to make my personal mission statement more clear and meaningful for my life. And by reviewing personal mission statement on regular basis, I am able to keep my self with my mission and so I put my efforts to achieve my goals. It is helping me to achieve what I really want, and due to the same it gives enjoyable feeling to me and my loved ones.

Leadership – Syntel – March 2013

Among the many things, these were some of the key things that I believe would create a big impact in terms of helping teams realize their potential.

Clarify Purpose: Team Purpose Statement: Asking the question – ‘What is the specific job your customers (internal or external) are hiring you to do?’
Starting with this itself sets things in a new perspective. All membes of a team need to be aligned towards a common goal – I will start by asking this question for each of us beore moving on to other steps.

Align Systems: Execution – WIGs: Seperating WIGs from PIGs helps all in a team in what needs to be achieved. All of us in a team to work on defining WIGs, then Lead measures, Scoreboard etc.

Align Systems: NPS and the Customer Interview: What tells you that you are on track? The NPS. There is no voice bigger than that of the customer. The NPS and the Customer Interview will show how you are doing and what needs to be corrected. Review NPS at quarter-year intervals and perform required course corrections.

7 Habits Participant – Reliance Industries – March 2013

The 7 Habits of Highly effective people – Signature work shop was mind blowing and knowledgeable.
This program gives me an avenue to OPEN up my MIND and ensures me to see the challenges in right spirit.
The 3 Key Take Aways of the programs are:

  1. Think “WIN – WIN ” and to see how I can reach it.
  2. Seek FIrst to UNderstand & then to be Understood, which helps me to Cultivate listenining skills and gives insight to me to react in right order.
  3. SYNERGY — Really it is ” ENERGY ” which helps me to reach the goal easily with collective efforts.
    I want to Implement this with my team mates and channel partners by modifying my habit and implementing on them. Also I wish to put an effort to modify their habits also to reach the objective.

7 Habits Participant – Tafe – March 2013

Your program was very useful to me personally, since I was searching for some kind of direction for last 6 months…

From this development program you thought me one beautiful thing that ” anyone and everyone can make their life happy as they desire, only thing is that they ought to be systematic, and systematic life s easily achievable if these 7 habits are followed n applied continuously”
Which means that u have thought me a pathway in which I need to travel. I strongly believe that I can.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – March 2013

It was a fantastic learning experience attending this training & has definitely bought a lot of insight to the way we should manage a team. I thank you a lot for making this clearer during our workshop & look forward to have more such interactions in the future.

7 Habits Participant – ITM University – Jan 2013

Being proactive helps me to handle a situation in a much better manner.
Also, it encourages me to behave like a transition person. So, being a transition person I can take better decisions on things without pre-conceived mind.

7 Habits Participant – Syntel – Feb 2013

Hi team – As an organization, we want to thank you for conducting the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People Signature Workshops by Franklin Covey”. …………………………………………………..
This is one of the best workshop which I attended. I have learnt many new things which would help me to become more productive. I hope the new habits which I learned here would help me and our organization in long run. The “paradigm shift” was great . I learned to look at the things from various perspective. I learnt to focus on areas where I can influence or make difference rather focus on short term concerns. Thanks a lot for this amazing workshop and also thanks for arranging the transport. …………………………………………………..
Even I agree to the fact that the training was very good. The course content was well prepared and there has been a very good emphasis given on the practical application of various topics discussed. There have been many new learnings and also gained some great ideas which can definitely help us in our day to day life. Once again, thanks for giving us this unique opportunity. …………………………………………………..
The session has been truly a value-add. It’s contemporary and there is a considerable take away. It would not only empower us as an individual but would also enable us to improve overall effectiveness that would certainly reflect in the leadership style of every individual those who attended this session. Thanks for nominating us for this training. …………………………………………………..
Training workshop was very good. Along with the 7 habits I learnt many other things like Time Matrix Management, Characteristics of Good Mission statement etc. Though some of the things taught in session I already knew but trainer explained the ways to implement these things in day to day life. Thank you again for nominating me for this session.

7 Habits Participant – Reliance Industries – Jan 2013

Thanks for giving guidelines of the 7 Habits, such a wonderful habit. I am implementing these habits rather making daily routine to follow these habits and getting best results.

My sale in my territory increased by 150% and as I am trying to live in IIIrd quadrant (Important but not urgent) I can give much time to my family also.

Leadership – Open workshop – March 2013

It was great workshop and has clearly added values to me as a Leader.
Three Take ways are:

-Structured framework for Great Leadership
-Utilization of the Toolsets at various Leadership Paradigm
-Focusing on vision for the group and identifying WIGs

As a case study, I will be implementing Leadership Process for my “Operations Excellence” team.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – March 2013

Firstly, I would like to thank you for giving me an opportunity to experience such a wonderful learning experience. To be honest, I had come for this workshop thinking that it would enable me to do better at my workplace. However, after attending the workshop I realized that this a learning experience that would enable me to become a better human being than just being a leader.
Please find the 3 top take away’ s from the workshop.

1) How to look at things from different perspective that would help me come up with multiple solutions.
2) How to maintain work life balance by ensuring that the Quadrant II (Important but not Urgent) are given enough importance.
3) Importance of planning and documenting it. Not only leave it on paper but also make attempts to execute them.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – Jan 2013

I whole heartily appreciate for the updates & followup mails being sent. It has been a great refresher of what was learnt, exercised during the 7 habits training program. I would also put on records of the effective training conducted by FC at Bangalore.
My heartiest thanks to the Franklin Covey team for the effort shown towards the frequent mails & refreshing the concept.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – Jan 2013

Truly amazing but simple habits to be followed religiously. I would like to thank Franklin Covey team for sharing the same with us. There main take aways from the workshop are as below:

  1. Why to begin with end in mind? Unless we are clear about our ultimate goal, we will not know the path to be followed.
  2. How to prioritize by identifying Q2, Q1 activities? Thereby effectively utilizing our time and also focussing on important activities.
  3. Listening with empathy. I think I am poor listener. By the time I finish listening, I am always ready with an answer which indicates I listen to respond and not to understand. Which I will change.

7 Habits Participant – ITM University – Dec 2012

Thanks for making such clear understanding of relation between character and personality. It helped me a lot.

7 Habits Participant – ITM University – Jan 2013

After attending this workshop i feel lot of improvement in me.
the vision has been changed considerably.
i have learnt to listen and then react.Habit -1 helps me professionally as well as in my personal life.
Also , In my professional life planning plays an important role I do planning earlier also but to differentiate the things as important and unimportant helps in conducting my task properly
i really want to thank you for this .As it plays important role in grooming my behavior and relationship.

7 Habits Participant – Asian Paints – Jan 2013

3 take away are less that you asked for, it should be much more than that. Just to summarize

1) Family is of utmost important and all happiness and effectiveness both in the workplace and personal life will flow from that.
2) It gave an opportunity to introspect about things that we though we are doing well but can do better
3) It also gave an opportunity to improve the things in terms of relationship ( professional and personal) that can be improved by implementing the programs 7 habits.

7 Habits Participant – Asian Paints – Jan 2013

It was the best program i have till date attended . My three takeaways from the program
1) Taking Responsibility by making our own choices which can happen only when we have clear values and strong character , so my initial idea is to work upon habit 1 BE -Proactive
2) Putting first things first and planning out our day, week , month and the tools which was though is also found very beneficial ,I Have started using the tools for 1st week now
3) Giving the importance to relationship.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – Jan 2013

One thing is very true whatever I have learned & tried to incorporate from the 7 Habits Program – It has changed my life & my approach towards life, work & looking at things differently.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop KATHMANDU – Jan 2013

Be Proactive: I have learned to be proactive, and self awareness enables us to stand apart and examine even the way we ‘see’ ourselves— our self-paradigm. It affects not only our attitudes and behaviors but also how we see other people. It’s become our map of the basic nature of mankind.”

Put first things first: You have to ask the ultimate questions of life when you’re dealing with personal leadership issues. But once you have dealt with those issues, once you have resolved them, you then have to manage yourself effectively to create a life congruent with your answers.”.

Think Win Win: This is a frame of mind and heart that constantly seeks mutual benefit in all human interactions. Win/win means agreements are mutually beneficial, mutually satisfying… Most people think in terms of dichotomies: strong or weak, hardball or softball win or lose. But that kind of thinking is fundamentally flawed.”

7 Habits Participant – Cognizant – Jan 2013

The top three takeaways:

  1. Enhanced envisioning skill, identifying the mission , documenting, planning & working effectively towards the same.
  2. Investments on process capability along with process-the EBA concept & implementation
  3. Sharpen the Saw-the priority to be given to the same. The task quarters & apportioning of the chores for effective utilization.

7 Habits Participant – ACC Limited – Jan 2013

The most I like the idea of building character, values and P/PC balance. I have started to practice them and feel soon I shall be recognized as a different person.

7 Habits Participant – The Leela Kempinski – Dec 2012

Thank you so much for helping/assisting me to plan my week well in advance for last three weeks. I have a clear well defined – understanding of my daily objectives both personally and professionally.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – Jan 2013

At the onset, thanks a lot for the wonderful program. It was well thought through for administering and follow-up. I am extremely confident that in the next few weeks, I will be a ‘changed person’.

7 Habits Participant – ITM University – Dec 2012

The workshop was very interesting and enlightening to me. The top three takeaways for me were

  1. I take care about what is my circle of concern and circle of influence.
  2. Try to avoid unwanted interruptions.
  3. Try to manage my activities with daily planner

I am extremely happy that I got such a wonderful opportunity to attend this program. There are many key learning’s of this program. Main 3 things are – How I will implement are being pro-active, being in my circle of influence and not bothered about circle of concern and also avoiding unwanted interruptions.

I have become pro-active and I now take a pause, think and then react. Also, now I am carefully planning my week with most important tasks first and then the less important ones. I am now more concerned about things that I am directly affected by.

I have now started keeping a planner for my weekly planning. I revisited my mission statement and I am trying to follow it religiously. I have learned to take a pause and think first and then react to the situation.

I found it very effective when i listed my priorities and now I know where to focus actually. I am able to manage my time better and also I keep revisiting my mission statement.

7 Habits Participant – ACC Limited – Jan 2013

The course was immensely useful to me, it was an eye opener.

The most important takeaways for me from the workshop are following:

  1. The concept of four levels of leadership and the fact that it starts with trustworthiness of an individual. The balance of character and competence to improve the trustworthiness.
  2. The 7 habits.
  3. The Maturity Conundrum showing relationships among the 7 habits, Public Victory, Private Victory and stages of interdependent progression.
  4. The Time Management Matrix : Urgent, Not Urgent, Important, Not Important.
  5. The importance of living effective life in Quadrant – II.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – Dec 2012

Yes, really enjoying practicing the Habits and feel more effective when I have priorities in place.
Thanks a lot for your guidance. Life is getting interesting by the day 🙂
Looking forward to this week to make deposits!

7 Habits Participant – ACC Limited – Nov 2012

First of all I thank you for becoming a medium for improving my thought process for leading my life.
I have read the book and I could understand it well after your lecture. I am working on improving my personality i.e.becoming interdependent. I am working on Habit 1,2 & 3.

7 Habits Participant – ITM University – Dec 2012

I found it very effective when I listed my priorities and now I know where to focus actually. I am able to manage my time better and also I keep revisiting my mission statement.

7 Habits Participant – The Leela Kempinski – Dec 2012

Dear Franklin Covey Team,
Thank you for such a wonderful session.
To sum up so as to what I have gained from this training in three points is tough however , I feel after the workshop I have unveiled a new me through “MY OWN” mission statement. It has summed up all that I have understood and would truly improve me as an individual.
Thank you.

7 Habits Participant – Godrej Agrovet Limited – Nov 2012

It is really wonderful experience. What I have learnt is -you have to make an impression on another person to whom you are listening empathetically that you are serious about what he/she says and involved in his problem as if it is yours. It helps us to communicate with him with right perception. You may perceive him rightly as he feels. This makes understanding him and in turn the person understands you very fast and effectively due to matching your and his perceptions. Great!

Thanks for great learnings with you and hats off to Mr. Stephen Covey for his great work on developing this program.

7 Habits Participant – Godrej Agrovet Limited – Nov 2012

When our priorities are in place we feel relaxed and comfortable. I would like to share that I had to prepare for my presentation for all India managers review meet and the presentation for the same was my priority. I did it well in advance. I had a problem in my LAPTOP three to four days before the presentation. But fortunately due to prior preparation of presentation which was saved in my pen drive anticipating the problem with a laptop, I could do it well without any eleventh hour running around and unnecessary tension. I have started practicing the HABIT 4 Think win win.
Thanks to you and Dr. Stephen Covey for the same.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – Dec 2012

Overall the complete understanding of the 7 habits and how to utilize them for managing self, working with others was a major takeaway for me.

Listed below are my top 3 takeaways from the workshop.

1. The maturity continuum, moving from dependence to Interdependence stage.

  1. The exercise of building mission statement.
  2. The usage of time matrix for effectiveness.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – Nov 2012

I am extremely happy that I got such a wonderful opportunity to attend this program. There are many key learning’s of this program.
Main 3 things are – How I will implement

Planning a week – Would plan in advance for coming week & will closely monitor all activities & also will finish same in the same week. If in case one of the activity is not completed then will carry forward in next week.
Becoming a good listener & not responding immediately – will always try to listen to others first & then will take a pause & will analyze & will respond proactively.
No bad mouthing – Will never talk about any body in their absence. If friends do same then will ask them to talk to person directly about their concerns.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – Nov 2012

My Top three take-aways:

The reason that I spend a lot of time in quadrant IV activities in my private life is because of the amount of time I spend in quadrant I of my professional life.
I often listen to reply when I really should be listening to understand.
I need to deal with the big rocks first and place them in my schedule and let the pebbles fall around them.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – Nov 2012

I read about win-win agreements from the 7 habits, Dr.Covey mentioned 5 important things, one of them is making deposits in emotional bank account to establish high trust. I have started making these deposits to my parents and i feel great about it. These are some of the few things i am choosing to do these days:

  • Preparing and serving morning tea
  • Teaching them yoga and relaxation techniques
  • Spending special time to just listen to them
  • Few days ago i massaged the legs of my dad
    All these small little things have really helped me in building slightly better environment at my home and i am sure as i continue to develop and build my proactive muscles, things will certainly become better to good and from good to best :).

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – Nov 2012

First of all I would like to thank you and the FranklinCovey for organizing such an effective program & opening up our minds to a new paradigm of being effective while enhancing the relationships.
I learned lot of new insights in each habit, I’ll mention the general three key take aways here,
• To live with the interdependence in mind
• Have an awareness on our behavior, thoughts and paradigms
• EBA concept

I started practicing the first habit and I’m planning to teach each of the habit at the end of the week to a person who is interested in learning.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – Nov 2012

Firstly, thank you for the fantastic training program! I have been to many trainings in Sri Lanka & Overseas but this is up there as one of the best & most effective Trainings I have attended; thus exemplifying us how to be effective.

My focus is more on achieving Private Victory right now. Once I get to the independent level, I will strive for public victory.

Taking this to my team, I believe I can live by the Principles, I can inspire them to believe in this. I have selected a protégé whom I hope to take through the concept for the next 7 weeks.

In conclusion, I would like to thank FC Sri Lanka & the organization for this fantastic program. It was indeed life changing!

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – Nov 2012

It was my dream program which i wanted to attend from last one year. The top three learnings that i have carried with me is

  1. I am a product of my choices- this is the greatest change happened in my mind. I am already not complaining about anything in my life after the program.
  2. I was having trouble with only one aspect of my life, which i got the answer -I was focused on production only. Now I am clear that for my entire life i would focus on Production Capability and always strike a balance between both.
  3. Weekly Planning – is one of the good tools i have learned to have better build up of my life.

I am grateful for the program. Simultaneously i have started reading the seven habits book again. I am also sure that i will provide a better leadership in future.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – Nov 2012

First of all I would like to say that I am very lucky that I had attended such a wonderful program.

I was thinking that I will learn lot of good management skills from this program before attending, but after attending this program it was so clearly understood that basics matters. Basics which we learn from our life are what make an effective personality and the rest all the good results are only by-products.

It’s a mind boggling program personally for me.

I had started teaching my team on regular basis step by step; even it will help me to have continuous learning and also I had recommended them for this program.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – Nov 2012

Thank you for conducting a wonderful workshop, the trainer did a great job and captured our attention and imagination for two straight days. I wish her the best of luck in reshaping futures and eventually reshaping the future of the entire nation, keep up the good work guys you can bank on us.

The top three takeaways for me from this workshop are as under:

  1. I discovered a sense of direction and purpose of my life. The personal mission statement exercise was an amazing experience.
  2. I learnt to prioritize in life i.e. First things first.
  3. The weekly planner and the exercise in which you put in the big rocks first was very thought provoking, in addition to that the concept of emotional bank account is widely applicable almost everywhere. Thanks to that I’ve been making tiny deposits ever since.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – Oct 2012

The three key takeaways from the workshop were:

1) Effectiveness is more important than efficiency.
2) One should have a personal mission in life so as to get a sense of direction and also to make life more meaningful.
3) Nothing is impossible in this world. If you have a very strong determination, it is never too late to try to change your attitude and inculcate good habits.

I intend to share the learnings from the workshop with my team members. I would also start implementing them personally and pursue them with a strong sense of determination. I would also take this opportunity to thank you and your very talented team for such an enriching experience.

7 Habits Participant – COGNIZANT – Oct 2012

The program is extremely good and I am glad that I could attend this program.
The key take away for me is,

I was good in work but never had looked at the personal life.
That needs be addressed and improved upon and I have started working on this a lot.
Believe me I could see the difference in my personal life.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – Oct 2012

It was wonderful experience & at the age of 48 I realized the facts of life. I felt, very unfortunately I did not get the opportunity of attending the program earlier. Anyway it is not too late. I have started reading the book. The book which was boring, has now become very interesting. The book was in my shelf for last 12 years. I bought one more for my son. 7 Habits for Teenagers. He is enjoying it. From the bottom of Heart I thank you for showing me different world altogether.

Learnings: First focus is only on private victory. Step by step approach. To begin with only two steps….of course one after the other.

  1. Be proactive : Try hard to be Proactive.
  2. Write Mission Statement & make commitment to self.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – Oct 2012

First thank you so much for the overall designing a very ‘effective’ life changing workshop.

All the “7 Habits” have been very introspecting and inspiring. However, listing the top three takeaways form the workshop as follows:

  1. Mission Statement – To give a sense and purpose of living a meaningful life and to decide up on the priorities accordingly and design the life the way we want.
  2. The Large Rocks – To identify and take care of our large rocks to put them first
  3. Sharpen the saw – It is very important to keep it first on each week’s planning as we, otherwise, too busy to ‘sharpen the saw’.

Implement the learning with the team :

  1. Implemented Weekly planning and daily planning.
  2. Implemented ‘Teach to learn’
  3. Started taking care of Big rocks based on Mission Statement.
  4. Reviewing and comprehending again all the ‘7 Habits’ to make them habit and refining.

Thank you so much again.

4 Disciplines of Execution – Cognizant – Oct 2012

It indeed was very enriching experience for the last 3 days, going through a structured approach on effectiveness. Every aspect of it is very impactful and to the point, Just to pick 3
• The foremost thing is the importance of private victory – Attain independence – before going for public victory
• Significance of principles – Universal and time invariant. Doesn’t change whether you ‘understand and agree’ or ‘not’
• The much needed renewal for Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Social aspects.
I already started practicing the approach in day to day life. I guess it’s all the more important to follow the steps consciously than just going ahead and doing what you think right at the moment.

Thank you very much for compiling such wonderful thoughts.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – Oct 2012

First and foremost I would like to pay my gratitude for being a part of this program. This is one among the top 2 learning workshop I have ever attended. Thanks to THE TRAINER for his wonderful way of conducting the sessions.

My take home learning’s:

  1. The concept of maturity continuum & with the learning i.e. If one even understands it & owns it that only brings a sense of maturity within oneself whatever situation I am in.
  2. Concept of circle of Influence & Concern. Learning of some practical situations & being able to correlate in day to day daily life, and finally
  3. Time Matrix & its application and affects of working in the 4 different quadrants with the consequences.

4 Disciplines of Execution – Cognizant – Oct 2012

The three takeaways for me are:

  1. Defining the wildly important goals and the granularity that is needed while defining the same. It shouldn’t be at a high level, as there might be difficulty in slicing & dicing the lead measures.
  2. The definition of a lead measure and how it need to be identified in order to reach the finish line.
  3. Scorecard – mutual agreement is a must with the team for any successful implementation of the score card.

I will encourage my team to come up with short term and long term wildly important goals. I will share the knowledge gained on how to define the score card, identify the lead measures and own the accountability during the actual execution phase.

4 Disciplines of Execution – Cognizant – Oct 2012

It has been a great pleasure for me to confess that in the last 10 years I have attended so many trainings and 4DX is the one of the very best training I have attended. Below are my 3 Key takeaways from this workshop.

  1. Identify my WIG which is very much aligned with my Boss’s goal. My WIG is aligned to my direct reports.
  2. Have scoreboard from/for team and track it regularly.
  3. I drive the Discipline 4 to the end.

The first thing I started is to have a scoreboard for my teams for the things I see as WIG for my team.

7 Habits Participant – ST Microelectronics – July 2012

Indeed this is the 8th week since we meet in a small training hall of STMicroelectronics, Greater NOIDA. After three beautiful days, when you were distributing your visiting card I thought not to contact you just for the sake of contacting, instead I determined to give you a very real and honest feedback and “Thanks” in 8th week.

Thank you FC for the training of the 7 habits (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People). Last 7 weeks I practised all the habits and enjoyed the beauty of it. Now I can see the difference in my life and the positive growth.

With the help of 7 habits, every week I choose a good thing in my life and then practise that till it becomes a habit. That way I implemented few good habits in me and eliminated some bad.

7 Habits Participant – Open workshop – Sep 2012

The three takeaways from the training our:

  1. Having a clear sense of direction and importance of personal mission statement. Using it as a filter to choosing life decisions and options.
  2. Seek first to understand and then be understood, and the power of empathic listening would always end in win-win outcomes. Giving away to others initially does not necessarily mean you have lost and it makes the other person more open to your winning argument.
  3. In today’s busy world where office takes most of our time, we need to discipline ourselves to keep on building capacities of mind [mental], body [physical], heart [relationships] and soul [spirit].

7 Habits Participant – Essar Services India Limited – Sep 2012

Overall it was refreshing and show us where we are in the life cycle. Gain for me was the Habit 4 & 5 and especially 5. Habit which was understood and practiced by our ancient PEOPLE about the talking mannerism we are yet to be implemented by us. I would be starting with my goal to respond rather than react to the situation.
Looking forward to more interaction.

7 Habits Participant – BNP Paribas – Sep 2012

I found living 7 habits in 7 weeks is too optimistic. But good thing is I am trying. I am trying to be proactive, to be in 3rd quadrant (More Important Less Urgent), trying to do first things first, to understand before being understood.

7 Habits Participant – Lava International- Sep 2012

The three take away I could list is the following :

• Think through before we respond as it gives the freedom to choose.
• Realise the ultimate goals I wish to achieve.
• The real meaning of the word Success.

Would also give a brief about the 7 habits which I have learnt and give them a sense of better understanding and give them the direction for putting them into practise along-side learning from them as well.

7 Habits Participant – COGNIZANT – Sep 2012

  1. The Time Matrix
    a. By imparting the knowledge gained about time matrix, I would like to emphasize with my team the effectiveness of time matrix. Once the four quadrant activities are identified, every one of them can get a glimpse of time spent on non-value added activities. This will enable them to plan their activities, so that everything falls under Q1 & Q2.

2.Ways & Means of expanding the circle of influence
a. Enhancing the circle of influence will go long way in successfully implementing the needs of the program / projects. You need to be knowledgeable and be updated on the various aspects in order to increase the circle of influence. This will enhance, sharpen the negotiating ability as well expand the knowledge base.

  1. Personal Mission statement
    a. Initially would encourage the team to split the personal mission statement with short term goals. The success achieved in short term will act as a catalyst to plan & execute the long term goal.
    b. The involvement & enthusiasm will increase based on the positive vibe created by successful short term goals.

7 Habits Participant – Godrej Agrovet Limited – Sep 2012

I am fortunate to attend this very effective & exciting programme which is going to lead my life more meaningful & effective.

Speed of Trust – The Timken Company – Aug 2012

Thank you so much Jerry (Trainer) for inspiring me. My life will not be the same going forward.
found Franklin Covey’s mission builder. it is awesome, this is exactly what i was looking for.

7 Habits Participant – COGNIZANT – Aug 2012

First and foremost, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend the 7 Habits workshop. This is the first training program I have attended since joining Cognizant. Q1 and Q3 activities have dwarfedmy time in these last 19 months in Cognizant leaving little time for training except for some on the job learning.

I went with initial impressions that here is another one of the leadership programs which will test my patience of sitting at one place for 3 full days. But I was so wrong. I was almost certain I will miss my flight back to Mumbai on 29th August but that was nothing compared to missing out on the closing comments from our facilitator.

The trainer did a phenomenal job in those 3 days and I have already started implementing some of those leanings. Although I am aware of the 7 habits and have been practicing some of it for the past few years these sessions have taught me some new techniques to apply the habits. The manner in which the facilitator beautifully combined the 7H with the principles has renewed my trust in these principles which I have been following for over 5 years now.

Leadership Participant – Haldor Topsoe- Aug 2012

My biggest take away is the positive attitude towards my it professional or personal.It helps me remind myself that i need to look at it from a different perspective too..use more of empathy.
Secondly, i am trying to first concentrate how right a thing is..and then take an action or give opinion on it.
Thirdly, im now thinking more like a owner of the company..and then making a you said what will you do if you had to run the show…
I think these three things are making me go through a lot of transition..a lot of thinking and am sure the changes which are emerging and the results we will be getting in the longer run will be much more satisfying.

7Habits Participant – Transasia Bio-Medicals – July 2012

It was indeed a valuable interaction and training that we had and the subsequent weekly follow up mails also helped significantly in constantly revising the learning of the session. I also had the good opportunity to further train the team within my organization which further enhanced my own understanding of the subject. Thanks for the well co-ordinated programme.

The 4 Disciplines of Execution – COGNIZANT – Aug 2012

I write to you to express my deepest appreciation for the wonderful session on The 4 Disciplines of Execution. You were able to demystify the concepts into a much simple and highly interactive session quoting relevant examples where required. Moreover the passion with which you delivered this was awesome. Thank you once again for the wonderful job accomplished.

The 4 Disciplines of Execution – COGNIZANT – Aug 2012

I would like to thank you for the fantastic training session on 4 Disciplines of Execution.This was lot of complex content that you have helped us understand easily, especially the aspects of Lag and lead measures for WIG’s.Also appreciate all the preparation work that you did to help us align our WIG’s to our management.

Again Thanks a lot the trainer, and I feel very glad that you are our trainer for these sessions.

7 Habits Participant – Cognizant – July 2012

I attended the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People – SIGNATURE” 3-day leadership workshop last week in Pune and wanted to share my appreciation to the trainer FranklinCovey (for innovating this great transformational program), Academy (for the fantastic choice & arrangements) and to you for providing this opportunity to me.

I read the book in the past but these 3 days took it to a whole new level. I deliberately waited for a week so that I could practice what I learned and do not write based on a ‘feel good factor’. I have started seeing a positive impact on my skills like prioritization, understanding of others, management of time and getting things done through others. The videos by Dr. Covey and real examples from project life by the trainer made it extremely relevant and practical session. The passion & trust shown during the workshop was infectious and helped the principles make inroads to our mind.

7Habits Participant – BNP Paribas – July 2012

This is very helpful and I have started following the habits. I have took Put First Things First, Seek to be understand then to be understood.

Now I listen carefully to my team members and always seeing putting me in their shoes. I have started planning for a week and daily doing as well as reviewing it.

Taking all the negatives on me, working upon it. Never will forget to sharpen the saw.. spending time to all four physical, emotional, spiritual etc.

7Habits Participant – Druk Green Power Corporation – July 2012

While i gained a great satisfaction after practicing the habit one of your 7 habits. The most thing i have gained was that i have completed and achieved my target after setting it a week before. i had become open minded and pick up a habit of more interaction with my bosses, associates, peers and staffs working within the work.

7Habits Participant – Open Workshop – June 2012

The experience of living Habit 1 was just amazing. Wow….I didnt imagine that I can also have the choice of saying NO and not get affected by it.

I also had a choice of being proactive rather than reactive when there was a big turmoil at my workplace where I was a victim of dirty politics. I chose to stay quiet rather than wash dirty linen in public – and the result was there to see. Those who played the dirty games are still in a state of shock as they do not know the consequences of what they have done to me….however I know the consequences of choosing to be quiet. I’m now more focused, high on positive energy and charged up to take on my new assignments leaving the rut behind me.

Thank you Dr. Stephen – you came at the right time in my life…..

I am the programmer…indeed I am!!!

7Habits Participant – Open Workshop – July 2012

This program was the most effective training i have ever attended.
I have been following the principles of Dr. Stephen R Covey since last 10 years and attribute all my personal victories in the toughest situations in my life to the learning of Dr. Covey.
This Training has reinforced the principle of making my life a master piece.
This training has also made me realize how important it is to be chracterically strong rather than just working on the external personality.
How I should be conscious of the value of each second in my life as it contributes to so many oersonal & professional victories.

Thank You So Much.

7Habits Participant – Cognizant – June2012

Thank you for the opportunity provided. My experience while practicing Habit 1 are mentioned below:

  • It is always a tough first step. But once done, I think it can easily become a habit. I did have resistance to change. But with a disciplined, calendar based approach, I could understand the value of time in terms of how much we can achieve in a day. This gives a sense of purpose and satisfaction.
  • This has also helped in terms of identifying the activities which are considered non/less value add and which can be avoided.
  • Helped in prioritization if tasks and optimization of time required to execute the same.
  • I could visualize the opportunity cost of not being proactive.
  • I could visualize key goals and think of the results (higher bench marks) which could be achieved more easily with small changes to the existing habits and a focused approach.
  • The Plan, Live and Teach approach is effective. Teaching leads to better understanding. That was my experience.

7Habits Participant – IBM – July 2012

First of all I would like to thank you for creating such a wonderful training program.My Recommendation to others would be -This Program”Introduces you to your inner self”.
Every bit of exercise/Role Play/Video/ was entertaining in itself.

7 Habits Participant – Druk Green Power Corporation – July 2012

three takeaways from the workshop we attended and i want to implement learning from my teams would be:

  1. To be proactive- I want to be proactively participation in every meetings and activities that management conducts, and to bring/get to better solution by listening to team kipping in mind that putting big stones in first.
  2. To become transition person-I am very lazy person, and getting fat day by day. Weak up late in the morning. Today onwards I am going to weak up early and go early before the time in office and clear pending my all the staffs, keeping in mind first thing first.
  3. Change Paradigm to listen with the intent to understand:-what ever my fallow friend have point to discussed or comment on any discussion, I will listen carefully to them and share my view to them and get to better result.

Leadership Participant – Tafe – June 2012

The workshop was very interesting and enlightening to me. The top three take aways for me were
1.How to inspire trust
2.How to clarify purpose with the team
3.How to unleash talent

I plan to implement this through engaging with my team using the essentials as given in the Leadership contract

7Habits Participant – Open Workshop – June 2012

Thanks. It was a wonderful experience to me.I am 43, should have done it 15 years ago!

Take aways:

  1. Importance of Listening empathetically: Would test on a difficult colleague with a fresh mind.
  2. Personal /Family Mission Statement: Involve my wife & kids.
  3. Win-win agreements: Would like to try out with my kid 9 yrs old.

7Habits Participant – Godrej Properties – June 2012

Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood

I tried focussing on having empathetic conversations. I did this at my workplace including my colleagues & superiors. I made a conscious effort to listen to what others are saying.

This made me better understand their point of view & truly appreciate what others are saying. So I could give better responses to cutomer’s queries & boss’s comments.

This would definitely help me to avoid conflicts.

7Habits Participant – BASF – June 2012

The workshop was excellent. The top three take aways

1-It is important to develop all sides of your life- Body, Mind,Heart& soul.Sharpening of saw may take time but it always pays more in the long run.
2-Prioritizing is the key to any accomplishment.
3-Empathizing listening means just listening. It is important to only listen not give advises or think of answers, just listen.

7Habits Participant – Cognizant – June 2012

The workshop has enabled me to introspect and self-enquire even more about myself to become a better human being and a more effective leader.

I do believe fundamental problems that we face in day to day lives (both personal and professional) are due to conditioned and conflicted mind. I think that is the reason why when there is a stimulus/paradigm, we often react in a manner that is more opinionated and subjective.

The 7 Habits (or the tenants I must say) along with the framework and methodology provides the right approach to enable oneself to transcend beyond a conditioned and a conflicted mind and provides enough opportunities for me to unlearn conditioned responses to stimulus/paradigm and learn to “sow” the better habits. I am sure over a period of time these great habits will get institutionalized “in” me

Top Takeaways –

  1. Habit 5 – Seek First to Understand Then to be Understood. This is the best Habit I would like to inherit and imbibe over a period of time. For me it presents the best opportunity to unlearn conditioned and conflicted response to stimuli/paradigm
  2. Discipline – Discipline is a character trait or as a personality trait is something that I have always thought requires significant improvement in me. Habit 3 – Put First things First and its impact on the quadrant presents a wonderful learning and approach for me. I commit myself to imbibe this habit
  3. In life and in professional world it is almost impossible to enable a win – win model (Habit 4). But I would like to see myself getting out of my comfort zones to see win – win possibilities in my personal life and professional environment

Thanks again for such a wonderful workshop

Leadership Participant – Tafe – May 2012

The workshop was indeed very effective & provided me a new tool kit to help me in my role at work as well as in personal life. Looking at my LQ1 score ,I have started working on the following 3 take always from the workshop:

  1. Setting up clear accountability of every team member w.r.t. the Big picture
  2. Taking a candid feedback
  3. Regular Goal review (at least once in a month)

I am sure the above priorities in my actions will help me in becoming an effective leader.

7Habits Participant – Asian Paints – May 2012

Its been a great learning while practising 7 habits. I am now able to plan my activities very well within Time Frame and most effective manner. My week start up with identifying big rocks and scheduling them, followed by sharpening the saw for completing those task. Helping me managing both personal as well as professional work (work-life balance) very well.

Thanks for sending mails for putting ourselves on track for practising 7 habits.

7Habits Participant – Tafe – May 2012

I have started applying the first habit in my work and personal life.

I am also involving my son to practice the same.

This gives me a better vision and I feel more comfortable in my life.

7Habits Participant – Godrej Properties Limited – May 2012

I would like to thank to my Organization for giving me a chance to think and change my thought process and also very thankful to DR. Covey for helping us to do same by this workshop.

The three take aways from this workshop are as follows.

1.Understanding what I am doing, what I have to do and how I can do it.
2.A brief trail program formulated in my mind, how to design a good paradigm.
3.How to execute the paradigm designed.

7Habits Participant – Asian Paints – February 2012

It is really helpful to go along fourth / fifth habit – “Think win-win” & “First seek to understand then to be understood”. I made win-win agreement for some important projects using the tool “DRGRAC”. My new way to handle and make commitments was really a pleasant feeling to my subordinates. When I made them (My subordinates/ colleagues) realized that I their win my win is. I found their belief on me increased and their output towards me was also increased significantly. Listening to them and replying in proactive language is also very much effective.

7Habits Open Workshop Participant – May 2012

Thank you for introducing the 7 Habits to us in such an effective manner. I believe that this is the beginning of our journey to a much more purposeful and effective living.
The top 3 key takeaways for me from the workshop:

1.Understanding of my strengths & areas of improvement from the Benchmark Survey- where I stand wrt the Seven Habits.
2.Knowledge on how to improve my listening/ communication skills.
3.Clarity on how to plan my week to be able to focus on the important/ Big Rocks

7Habits Open Workshop Participant – May 2012

Thank you for facilitating the program last weekend. I’ve enjoyed those 2 days and I’m sure the effect will be long lasting.
My 3 key learnings were:

  1. Cultivating 7 habits is a continuous journey as long as we are alive. We must practice them consciously.
  2. The importance of being willing to be influenced first before influencing others – conquer ego.
  3. The importance of Private Victory – we must first achieve complete self-awareness (love and forgive myself.)

7 Habits Participant – Maryam (KAPCO) Pakistan – April 2012

I am having trouble managing time for myself and family as well, that’s why I want to improve my habit of Putting First Things First.
I will try to place my work and activities in Quadrant-II so that it will be easy for me to manage things.

Thanks for the boosting experience given by Franklin Covey.
The seven habits are part of our daily routine in some or other ways, we just need to sharpen the saw.

7 Habits Participant – Godrej Properties Limited – April 2012

It’s been a my pleasure to be a part of this training session. I was facing a lot of problem with my attitude, lack of planning, and negative mind set i.e. thinking about the bad things first and abt the good.

As a part of the session, the trainer was very helpful and shown us the way to be an efficient person. I am looking forward to inculcate these habits as a part of my daily activities, so as to overcome my attitude, negative mind set. I would like to ask you to help me in this journey of becoming efficient person.

7Habits Participant – TCS – April 2012

As a part of 7 Habits Contract, I had picked on accountability partner. But few others, when they came to know, showed interest. So today, I planned a session for the project leaders reporting to me, my indirect reports and even my boss joined. Almost everyone appreciated the learning that they got today and I wanted to express my gratitude to you again.

The Redwood tree example and the scenario of 4 people,who wanted to cross the bridge in minimum time, touched them all.

7Habits Participant – Syngene – March 2012

The 7 habits training was the best training I’ve attended in the last 8 years of my professional career! and I must say that, I already know, I’ll use the learning’s for the rest of my life. The basic principles behind the habits makes a lot of sense. Key learning’s for me were the P and PC balance, Weekly planning and 4 dimensions of sharpening the saw.

Thanks to the trainer for making the sessions very interesting.

7Habits Open Workshop Participant – April 2012

I am glad to be in 7 Habit workshop and conducted workshop gave me immense knowledge & learning about manager skills and activities.

7Habits Participant – Asian Paints – February 2012

This work shop really helped me in managing time by using effective tools like prioritization, Time Matrix chart, Weekly and Daily planning.Immediately after returning from training program I have started weekly planning.
Currently, I am following daily planning and completing them without any tension. I am restarting the weekly planning and I will ensure good compliance in executing the planned / scheduled activities.

I need to still improve, to increase the focus on Q – 2 activities which will reduce Q1 list.

Thanks you very much for the inputs.

7Habits Participant – Asian Paints – April 2012

Really it was wonderful experience what I had during the training workshop of 7 habits. Already I am having this book for last 7-8 years & I had read it partially in bits & pieces but after undergoing this programme I have realized the difference between merely written concepts & practical experience of the same.

In addition to this I have started to implement the learning of 7 habits step by step & initially have focussed on habit-1 i.e BE PROACTIVE.

7Habits Open Workshop Participant – March 2012

The workshop has been a great experience for me. It was truly enlightening as it touched some of the area which we always think and feel but could completely define and explain. I am especially moved by the 5th habit i.e. Empathic listening because I knew about all the other habits if not by name but in practice though I was not practicing any of these but Empathic Listening was something I never thought about and this is something we all miss so much in our private and professional lives. It has amazing healing and relationship building powers. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your great research with us.

7Habits Participant – Bayer CropScience – March 2012

It was a great opportunity attending this program.
Its structure is also good to ensure that the learnings are put to practice.

My top three takeaways:

Proactive : Taking a moment before I react to something. I also saw this consciously in the conversations of my colleagues / friends, and realized how exactly the responses of individuals are, when they do not take a moment or a pause.

I was able to set some goals for myself, following which there was some sense of a ‘goal to be achieved’ and that somehow helps to drive myself. However, I still need to refine the goal and work more towards it.

Planning my week is also very important for me, and it does make a good difference when I do it.

7Habits Open Workshop Participant – March 2012

Thank you for contacting after the workshop,I am excited to be still in contact to get further benefit.Here are my top three take aways from the workshop

  • Recovery of lost self confidence to get a new start.
  • Great motivation to bring change in personal and professional life.
  • Enlightenment to strengthen the belief in the power of truth and stick to the right path.

To implement learning with my teams,first of all I am making a plan to bring changes in my ways of doing things like better listening. Previously I thought that I am a good listener but after the workshop I learnt that there is lot of room for improvement.So I have already started practice to improve myself in this area.

Look forward to receive more tasks and exercises. Thank you again.

7Habits Participant – Asian Paints – March 2012

It’s an amazing experience to have such a wonderful 3 day eye opener session. I have started implementing 7 habits, already chosen my accountability partner. The 3 take aways from this course are:

1 time matrix
2 personal mission statement
3 big rocks ( weekly planing)

and another best thing which I am already doing earlier also (unconsciously) but now implemented consciously is DrGRAC
its very useful when we have very limited resources and manpower and especially time, to get maximum output
I have already done half day workshop with my team, in which I have taken through them master piece, big rock and stone video, and tell them about time matrix, mission statement and big rocks.

7Habits Participant – Asian Paints – March 2012

First of Thanks to you for having Memorable sessions with us on “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. Learning and living with 7 habits is been so fascinating to me as it thrown light in the darkness of my Life. Darkness is something related to thought process, action to take, the way you are planning yourself and value addition that you make to yourself and Others.

Sometimes it is difficult to put in words that how such things can make your life different than the way it is today.

There are few changes I can see in my as:

Complete change of mind-set, which is Paradigm shift. The way you look at yourself and others. I am experiencing see-do-get effect at personal as well as professional life. These helping me believe in one thing that you are responsible for your destiny. It is making my thinking and doing things much easier than what it is earlier.

Every week I start up with Scheduling my plans by Going through the Objective I set for myself (Both personal as well as professional), and then Identifying Big Rocks and planning them as per time matrix.

Though I am practicing each habit every week as per your reminder mail every week. But Believe me it is not only helping me to mold myself, but also helping subordinate, colleagues, family members.

Once again thanks a lot, keep interacting with us. I will keep updating on same every week.

7Habits Participant – Linde Pakistan – March 2012

It was indeed a great learning opportunity. The 3 most important things which I picked from these sessions are as under:

The most difficult thing and true integrity is to be honest and real with my own self. Here we make promises who no one else knows and we feel easy to break these. This lays the foundation of failure in all other relations.

Being effective and successful is not a difficult science. It is common sense and the principles which our elders taught us when we were real, children. With time we put these aside and keep compromising to society. We need to revise and implement these.

Now coming to implement this in my team, I will have a teach to learn session with my team members. We will share the learning. As a start, on this weekend I am making a list of important activities (QII) which are pending and will ensure to complete these in next 2 weeks to set an example for my team.

7Habits Participant – MOL Pakistan – March 2012

Thanks for your email. The three important things of the workshop includes Think Win Win, Talking Stick souvenir given by our instructor and Put first things first. I have implemented lots of things in life including daily exercise from the day we finished the workshop. I am now focusing and trying to get some 30 minutes for book reading before I go to bed. Let’s see how and when but hopefully soon.

Regarding interacting with each other, I have practiced a lot to improve listening.

Please refer to the attached email sent by one of the participants on Put first things first. So it’s going fine. I am also sharing one more email titled “something to ponder”. So personally I am focusing more on personal victory and have realized amazing changes the way I am thinking and taking things in life.

Thanks again for writing to us and hope to receive some more stuff in helping me achieving the success.

7Habits Participant – PTCL – March 2012

This is a great which help me to improve on the 7 habits in daily life. The most I learned from the habit of think win-win. This really helps me to negotiate with my customers to move on with complex situation. Great work and great thoughts.

7Habits Open Workshop Participant – March 2012

So far so good !!!!

Trying to live the Habits and have so far tried to teach 2 (one them is my son 19 years of age). Together we also had our first interaction meeting.

It’s been wonderful experience,the training as well as the post training period.
The best part is this engagement for next 26 weeks. Certainly the impact on each participant will significant.

7Habits Participant – HPCL – March 2012

Thank you for your mail.

The trainer had made the 7 Habits Program interesting and quite absorbing. The passion with which she conducted the Program was quite amazing.
4 of us were returning from Pune to Mumbai today and the talk during the journey centered around 7 Habits Program. I think it is a tribute to the Program and the Program Facilitator.

Top 3 take aways from the program:

  • The Program has made the participants to believe that practicing the 7 habits sincerely will make us effective
  • Even if it is not practiced across the organization, if practiced by the participants,it will make an impact in the official and personal life of the participants,their team and family
  • The program has given us new energy and hope.

Leadership Participant – Quintiles – February 2012

Thanks for conducting such a fantastic workshop. It was indeed a pleasure to be given the opportunity to participate in the workshop.

My top 3 take aways from the workshop would be:

  • Importance of clarifying the purpose and the vision to the team.
  • To be able to understand the WIGS for the team and work towards it.
  • Importance of understanding the needs and talents in the team and work on helping them to unleash it.

My Plan to implement would be to start having the WIG sessions in the team. I have already introduced them to it. we are yet to decide the frequency and the day of the week. I have also sent out the capabilities questionnaire to the team.

7Habits Participant – HP – February 2012

The good or the best 3 take away from the workshop I personally feel is:

  • The way the whole content is demonstrated is excellent
  • Program suits me to a greater extent taking into account the challenges and the areas of improvements are clearly defined
  • The go forward week’s programs are organized and hope to do my best.

Thanks for the entire team and the Trainer.

7Habits Participant – Tata AIG General Insurance Co. Ltd. – February 2012

Thanks to you for the excellent course deign for all of us. Your material really touches the valuable points of life.

There are lots of learning from the course top three take away from as follows.

  • Time quadrant
  • Four methods of Sharpen the saw
  • Mission statement

I will ensure that I will develop important habits and also download in team.

Leadership Participant – Quintiles – February 2012

Thank you for your email. It was a pleasure attending the 3 day Leadership workshop.

My top three take aways from the workshop are:

  • Speed of trust
  • Shift in paradigm
  • Score card

I plan to practice speed of trust by identifying areas where I can and I have planned to have a meeting with my team and go for a team scorecard.

Leadership Participant – Societe Generale – February 2012

I consider the training was extremely useful in the following three ways:

  1. The training presented a very well researched and structured thought process on leadership;
  2. The training helped me shape and re-affirm my self-beliefs; I was able to relate my own thoughts and experiences with the presented concepts;
  3. I am sure the training will help improve the culture and work environment; including the way I my-self and my colleagues act and behave at the workplace.

My biggest takeaways include “Leadership model of aligning the Spirit, Mind, Heart and Body” and what it takes to align them. Second takeaway will be to implement dashboards and scoreboards – lead measures and lap measures. The third take away will be to get the “ultimate question” right to my customers and keep applying the 13 leadership behaviours consistently in my life improving my NPS.

7Habits Participant – ACC Limited – February 2012

I am happy to share that learning & practicing of good habits (7-habits) has helped in improving the relationship with my colleagues esp in work life. I have been able to have control on acts/ words according to the requirement of my stakeholders. Have talked to them in comparatively cool & calm manner. Let me place on record an incident of last month:

I have been for a plant round and while in a particular section – things weren’t in quite orderliness, I tried to maintain patience and just listened to the view points and agreed to the action plan of conc. persons of the same section. People eventually commented that surprisingly Boss didn’t comment and would might call for a separate interaction in the matter. They themselves put the efforts and completed the required action even before expectations. Had we have a hot discussion at that point of time – we could not have the same results.

I also chose to advise my colleagues to not disturb me while I am in an important job like planning and perhaps reduced my Q3/ Q4 time spent whatsoever it was…

I also decided to improve balance between my personal and work time spent but am yet to bring in improvement on this front.

Have also followed the habit “Sharpen the saw” and have guided my colleagues to follow as an important tool for personal development and have created action log for improvement in performance of our team.

I am confident that I will be a better/ successful person and a professional while I further practice the learning of 7-Habits programme.

7Habits Participant – Honda-Siel Power – February 2012

Thank you so much for the learnings / insight given thru this wonderful programme of yours. I am sure that this course will definitely change my life for ever.

It is really difficult to chose the three take aways from a programme like this. However after giving it a very serious thought I would go in for the below:

1) Begin with the end in mind ( The habit of vision, – mission statement, how mental creation precedes physical creation etc.)

2) Put first things first (The habit of Integrity and execution – Compass & Clock, Choosing big rocks first etc)

3) Synergise (The habit of creative cooperation – Reflect view points,use of talking stick, create new ideas etc)

7Habits Participant – Honda-Siel Power – February 2012

This programme was really fantastic.

I will work on following first to enhance my capabilties and build relationship.

H1-Be Proactive – there is gap in my work. Sometimes work done/reply become reactive .Hence needs correction in day to day work.

H3- Put first things first – Focus on big rocks for better time management.

H5 – Seek first to understand then to be understood.

7Habits Participant – PTCL – February 2012

I am depositing in emotional bank account of my Vendor, resulting progress had been increased, every daily, same is applying on my staff, results are magical.

7Habits Participant – PTCL – February 2012

Before getting training, especially reading Habit Thin WIN-WIN, I always try to be dominated on every meeting at any level. Now a days I give chance to peers and Bosses to be also at same level, resulting, relationships are changing every day in positive side please.

7Habits Participant – PTCL – February 2012

Thank you very Much.

Really it was a very informative programme.

I am implementing this Seven Habits on my daily life in official works with my higher ups and staff as well as at my home with my family.

The results are Excellent and things are going to be streamline.

Again thanks.

7Habits Participant – DSP Black Rock – February 2012

Excellent. This one word could conclude about your program we participated, enjoyed and started practicing, effectively. We shall be glad to be in. Good Wishes to all (including participants and DSPBR team too.

7Habits Participant – HPCL – February 2012

It was a good experience attending the 7 habits workshop. For me the top three takeaways are

  • Appreciate the diff between compass and clock
  • Live in Quadrant II , which means spend less time in Q 3 and Q4
  • Have a purpose for everything we do. Keep the end in mind.

As is generally the case (I suspect), my family has been getting the full benefit (brunt?) of my new found enthusiasm for a structure in everything i do. I am going to take “Teach to learn” seriously and hope to make them converts as well. In the process I hope to hone the habit of “listen to understand”.

7Habits Open Workshop Participant – February 2012

The top 3 take-aways for me was definitely in the realms of habits 1-3. Though one tends to know the problems one faces, it is more or less abstract. This workshop had streamlined it and put it into a systematic order; the habits 1-3 which I completely lack. Thus making me a victim of circumstances, a Dependent person indeed.

I am told, by this workshop, that on mastery of habits 1-3, I shall achieve independence. That is what i look forward too. The funny thing was I never suffered from the lack of interpersonal skills, but in hindsight, given the level of dependence that has set into me, my interpersonal skills have taken a slow and steady hit unawares.

Help thyself first, before feebly attempting to help others. So, on setting my course on target, I am confident that my team will surely benefit from the point of me being an agent of influence. Looking forward to the days to come and surviving through my contract.

7Habits Open Workshop Participant – February 2012

I found the 7 habits program to be very useful.

All my life I have wondered about our purpose of life. The idea of having a Personal/Professional Mission statement sounded wonderful to me. My mission statement is going to guide me during my every action in my life.

I will always keep the time matrix in my mind. I will spend more time in Q2. I realized that I waste lot of time during work in Q3. I will try to avoid that.

I will use the time between stimulus and action (Habit 1: Be Proactive) judiciously. I will think thrice before my actions.

7Habits Participant – EIL – February 2012

Top three take away from the workshop include:

  • Methodology for developing skills for Private & Public victories
  • Organize and advance planning for weekly tasks
  • Need for setting clear mission and vision to achieve the same

I would like to impart and motivate my team members the key skills required for achieving the desired objective based on learning process and methodologies provided in the training kit during the workshop updates expected from you over the next several weeks.

7Habits Open Workshop Participant – January 2012

Over a period of time, there have been several nuggets of beliefs and principles that have influenced me. More than once, I have felt these principles are like dots in the canvas of life and that eventually they get connected like a Connect-the-Dots picture by some experiences or learnings from other sources. What gets revealed after the connections are visible is a much clearer picture as compared to the one with just the unconnected dots. 7Habits has been one such dot on the canvas which has helped connect with some other dots.

7Habits Participant – Godrej Properties Limited – January 2012

The best thing I liked about the workshop

  • Coveys videos… they are amazing
  • The personal mission statement was a ‘Killer’ hooked me
  • Reminded me of a few teaching from the ‘Bible’ being a good human first
  • I have started practicing my learning’s by living a habit…taking time before responding.

Leadership Participant – TCS – January 2012

The three important take aways from the progam are as given below:

  • Inspire Trust – I am starting a new engagement and in that, I would like to stand committed to my words to build the depository of Trust. I will follow the “Whole person Paradigm” concept during this process.
  • WIG and it’s implementation – Explain the WIG (Wildly important Goal) for the team, involve them in the decision making process on how to acheive this and ensure that they have all the sufficient tools to achieve the same.
  • Lead Measures – Start with the most important lead measures for acheiving your goal and project a dashboard for depicting our progress based on the team’s inputs.

Thanks for the wonderful program.

FOCUS – Achieving Your Highest Priorities Participant – Genus – January 2012

Three of my biggest takeaways from this workshop are:

  • How to create a macro picture of my life and to see how my daily actions are linked / in synch with this macro picture. This has given me a lot of clarity on how I want to spend my time.
  • It has given me a consciousness of the Quadrant Classification of any activity I am engaged in and hence of focusing on Quadrant 2 activities more and on reducing Quadrant 3 and 4.
  • I have written my Values, made Monthly, weekly and daily action plans and have started a special focus on sharpening the saw.

Overall I feel more organized and more in control. I have shared this with my team, they have also taken the questionnaire. This will definitely be a big help in improving the effectiveness of me and my team.

One issue that I am facing now is that I am not really able to cross out every action that I have planned for the day by the end of the day. Lots of things still remain unfinished.

7Habits Participant – Target – January 2012

My three takeaways:

  • Prioritization Matrix
  • Personal Mission statement
  • Empathetic listening

My biggest challenge was how to give a good balance to my personal life along with my professional life and hence the Teach to learn exercises are helping me discuss this with my spouse and hence bridge this gap. The team and us take 5 mins in our huddles to discuss one of the Teach to learn exercises.

7Habits Participant – ACC Limited – January 2012

It was really a fantastic journey full of learning. Last month I have tried to sharpen the saw by undergoing a training program out of my own spending. The training was on “Masterclass for Directors”. Now I am confident that by 2015 I will reach out to be in the Board of Directors of a Company of my choice.

7Habits Participant – Walmart India – January 2012

I have been working on the 7 Habits, one habit at a time.
As for “Assess your Paradigm” exercise, I have undergone introspection.

I have tried to figure out the paradigm of 2 ineffective habits and how to change into effective habit.

I am currently working on both these habits and the change in people’s perception is evident.

7Habits Participant – Walmart India – January 2012

The most significant challenge which I am facing currently is being on the wrong career path. I am working to increase my circle of influence by taking training under one of the senior personnel in the field I want to be in. In the process, I have also started to show keen interest in that field and people in the company (including the senior management) is aware of my interest and I have been asked for a move.

This exercise has helped me the most.

7Habits Participant – Manipal Universal – December 2011

Let me whole heartedly express my thanks to the trainer who had dwelt exhaustively on the 7 habits with clear understanding of the underlying principles which made many executives very successful in their profession.

This Two Day Training session had made me realize the shortfalls in my dealing with the people and would go a longway in building the personal and Official bridges.

I support the entire structure of the Program and would like to follow the Golden rules.

7Habits Participant – IBM Global Process Services – December 2011

It is really highly effective training program for both personal as well as professional life. 3 best things I took away from training:

  • Stick to natural rules and principles in personal and profession life. Now I do think of natures rules and result and then decide to take the next step.
  • Upfront communication in profession. I openly talk about the dead lines to complete the task as per requirement, instead of taking risk and working overtime and stay back late night.
  • Work life balance. Which is now more into streamline than before.

Thanks again for such a beautiful concept of giving training both to creator and facilitator and media who gave me this opportunity to attend this training.

7Habits Open Workshop Participant – December 2011

I would primarily like to appreciate the dedication of Stephen R. Covey to his tremendous and generous work and the honesty with which he has allowed us participants to learn how to be honest to ourselves and in consequence, be honest to our fellow human beings.

Working in Pakistan is, no doubt, a challenging experience due to the complexity of activities and ideas. The FranklinCovey workshop has given me the opportunity to take away the following three points:

  • Respecting all perspectives to “influence” positively
  • Organizing my “Big Rocks and Small Rocks” from a day’s time to the lifetime
  • MY success is to make all people around me successful and all conditions around me favorable

7Habits Participant – Murugappa Management Services – December 2011

It was great time and impressive, the way the 7 habits program was facilitated.

I would like to focus on the following three areas.

Effective negotiations – Think win win.
Listening – Understand then to be understood
Team working – Synergise

As I have to work with the teams across 17 locations, certainly this skill enhancement in these areas will help me in bigger way.

7Habits Open Workshop Participant – December 2011

Thanks for blessing me with great learnings of Mr. Stephen Covey. I summarise my takeaways from Workshop as follows:

  • Self Introspection is the only way to improve.
  • Question your present Paradigms and keep changing it.
  • Action is the key to achievement & Teach to learn.

Implementation with team members: I am getting TTT Certification done on this and then will be running this programme in my Group Company.

7Habits Open Workshop Participant – December 2011

Thanks for the valuable training held for 7 habits signature programs.

I want to work on all 7 habits and also would like to spread in my team mates. At present we have started with Habit 1 – Be Proactive i.e. coming up with choices, then we are going to work on the vision, mind set what we want to achieve then we will go forward with next habit. We will surely implement and make them our habit. The strong base will be our PRINCIPLES.

7Habits Participant – Murugappa Management Services – December 2011

7 Habits of Highly Effective People was a well conceived program, well delivered too. It was worth investing two days of our time and 28 weeks of follow-up is a welcome support.

Three key take aways:

  • Focus on Private Victory before Public Victory – Would focus on enhancing my personal effectiveness
  • Think Win-Win or No Deal
  • Developed a all rounded personality – balancing all aspects of life

Since I lead a team & am part of the leadership team shall use this for achieving higher effectiveness.

7Habits Participant – Murugappa Management Services – December 2011

I really treasure your programme and following my top 3 takeaways for your reference pl:

  • Micro level planning
  • How to focus and execute

7Habits Participant – PTCL – December 2011

Due to cut throat competition in the Pakistani LDI market triggered by reduced margins, day to day interaction with our internal/external customers is mandatory to maintain leadership position in the market.

Thus to be proactive is one of the key requirements in today’s Int’l Business as of ours.

The week in question started with explanation of concepts in the STONE video that was shown to my team. Concepts of “lead by example” and “Perseverance” were taken as lesson.

Things planned for the week was executed fairly even, both on the professional and personal sides, with no major upsets.

7Habits Participant – PTCL – December 2011

I got the concept of putting things in order that is putting first thing first

I discovered my personal mission

I discovered the importance of character

7Habits Participant – Terex India – December 2011

Certainly it is a good experience.

New approach is really motivating.

1st habit of “Be Proactive” helping me to stream line all the activities and objectives.

2nd habit of begin with an end would certainly help me for better planning and involvement of all the team members with an objective/Roles to achieve the success in a project is interesting.

I have already briefed my team members about the program. Rather I am more keen to nominate them for the Program for the effective learning.

7Habits Participant – PTCL – November 2011

Thank you for having me on this program. I shall be looking forward for your E-Mails and as respect to the 3 takeaways I think first of all as they say its never too late, its better to be on the right track rather then being get lost. So I think we shall try to focus as to what things are more important in life rather & to strive for it then just drifting with the wind.

Leadership Participant – Essar Oil – Nov 2011

Thanks to Franklin Covey for conducting this powerful and effective program. It speaks volumes about your command and hard work/ research behind it to conduct such successful interactions. I was my pleasure and privilege to be part of it on behalf of Essar Oil.

The faculty must be complimented for his powerful skill of connecting with the audience, it created a lasting impact. Best takeaways for me were good depiction/ deliberations on the behaviors of High Trust Leader; and also various steps to unleash talent like leadership conversation and contribution statement.

I wish you success in all your future programs and once again express my sincere effort to participate in the follow up action plan.

7Habits Participant – Godrej Properties Limited – Nov 2011

Long term goals even though keeps floating in our mind everyday, every minute, but when you present it or share / write it to somebody you feel more rejuvenated and strong. This I have learnt from the workshop and I am growing day by day which is exciting. I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience.

7Habits Participant – Deutsche Bank – Nov 2011

Thanks for the wonderful training. I have started teach to learn within the team. We now plan for a week before the week begins. Time Matrix is phenomenal and is helping focus on Q2 and identify Q3 while balancing Q1. Week 1 has moved as planned.

7Habits Participant – Castrol – Nov 2011

This is One of the most effective and wonderful program which I ever attended in my life.

I am very sure and confident, I will try to implement these methodology in my life to live fruitfully and satisfactorily.

My 3 key take away are as follows.

  • Doing the weekly planner instead of doing monthly or daily
  • Putting the big blocks in weekly calendar before you finalizing the plan.
  • Compos before the calendar.

I once again very thankful to you for such a wonderful training program.

7Habits Participant – Early Childhood Education Centre – Nov 2011

I am trying to follow my commitments, and hoping that I will improve my habits to be effective in my personal as well as professional life. Thank you for the weekly guidance.

Top three take aways in me after the training:

  • My tendency to react immediately.
  • Eating habit – avoiding unhealthy in dinner
  • I am trying to say NO when needed…

Thank you for your support.

7Habits – Public Program Participant – November 2011

First of all, I am thankful for arranging such an important training session.

I am sure that the program will contribute a lot, not only towards my personal growth but also towards my team and my family members.

Now I CAN BETTER IMPROVE MY EFFECTIVENESS. Top three learning points as follows;

  • In side out approach
  • Alignment of our paradigms with principle
  • Personal regular review in the four dimensions to increase effectiveness

I will first focus on my team and family and share my learning.

Leadership Workshop Participant – Tally – October 2011

It was a nice experience attending the workshop on leadership skills which will help in me in establishing clear goals, set right expectations and motivate the team to deliver.

The 4 imperatives learned during the session are very useful and will help me to establish the required goals in a long run and help to transform into a great leader.

7Habits Open Workshop Participant – October 2011

I am really thankful to your company for the great training that I had from these 2 days. I am sure that with your support I will definitely achieve everything that I want in my life let it be personal or professional.

The 3 take away were as per me

  • to understand the issue in proper way 7 to solve it asap.
  • to guide a way to person who is important to us in right way.
  • to list things in proper way & to achieve it in desired time frame.

Once again I am thankful Franklin Covey a lot for giving such great training.

7Habits Participant – Quintiles – October 2011

Thanks for taking us through a wonderful session on 7 Habits for Managers.

I would love to receive your mails and complete the tasks as required within the time frame.

I feel my take away messages from the program were:

  • Define and focus on the desired outcomes
  • Develop an effective planning and prioritize the tasks at the hand.
  • Make an effective collaboration.

7Habits Participant – ST Microelectronics – Oct 2011

It was indeed a very memorable session with you to learn 7 habits of highly effective people.

Personally, I feel that the following 3 are my most cherished take aways from the programme:

a) The use of gap between the stimulus and reaction (being proactive) is so important to start in the right direction.

b) Prejudices – the way de-tangle oneself from the most sticky prejudices.

c) The commnet of Steven Covey in a video where he is working on his son to make the lawn grass clean and green; he says ‘we have to grow boys and girls and not grass’…makes me learn that in the pursuit of bigger goals, one must not get stuck into the complications of the path.

7Habits Participant – Star CJ – Oct 2011

It was a very interesting session I am glad that I could attend.

The three main take aways from the workshop for me would be…

  • The mission statement – very important, I think this really sets the path for you life
  • The time matrix – I found it the most simple and the most effective way to manage your days and nights.
  • Listen – I would really give lot more importance to this from now on.

And with my team, more than implementing these habits I think I will first work on survey that they had rated me on. I will get those things corrected first and then along with that I will share these habits.

7Habits Participant – Godrej Properties Limited – October 2011

I would like to share my wonderful experience journeying through the passage of learning 7 habits & applying it throughout the daily life of my personal & professional affairs. The way the entire learning session designed was awesome. Audio-Visual format for presentation followed by extensive interactions were carried out under the vibrant command of your very good Trainer.

The concept of developing first inside yourself & then taking forward for team improvement is an amazing idea. The example of the long height red trees at Canada, which are strong enough to sustain even against heavy storms over the longer periods. The key behind the effective tolerance of these tree are firstly their routes are too strong & secondly all trees stand side by side, bonding a mesh of foundation which has more strength than an individual one.

First explore yourself, turn all your negativity into a positive energy. It’s then only you become eligible effectively to connect to others yielding a strong spirit within the team.

Let’s discuss all about 7 habits below :

Habit 1>
Being proactive is very important. You can’t deliver effectively by being reactive. Growing a habit of keeping proactive is the key to a healthy personality. It has an ever motivation to proceed without hurdles. There are always negative incidents/energy/approach in your surroundings. You have freedom to choose your response towards all stimulus. Being proactive means , think of the situation in cool & decide a response keeping effective consequence in mind.

Habit 2>
You can’t move without a goal or destination. The proper planning of the requirement, optimize the utilization of time, source, hazards & finally cost. Writing personal statement both your personal & professional goals, make detailing of action to reach those goals even in micro levels, and final rigorously follow them up in order to achieve them within the stipulated time frame…these all are brilliant steps to run your journey in more effective way. The planning of goals designed in this way is visible & measurable, even if failure hits, it’s recoverable with less trouble.

Habit 3>
There are a lot of things which may happen without any prior notice, but at the same time those all are too important to be denied. Thus it’s important to format all your action points on priority wise. Choose priorities for all Big rocks i.e which have direct effect on your life mission statement. Small rocks may be filled up in your surplus timing. The right planning escort you to avoid maximum of your ‘URGENT-NOT IMPORTANT/IMPORTANT’ activities and pull & make enlarge ‘NOT URGENT-IMPORTANT’ activities so as to sail smoothly.

Habit 4>
The above three habits once adopted, you become winner of private victory. Now you are ready to undergo with public victory. Excellent way to win in others are driving the result in such a way so as it yields “win-win” situation i.e both the party feel a win good factor. Creating advance emotional accounts in others are treated like big assets. It comes to help you by withdrawing it whenever required in future. You must adhere to your commitment which gives good confidence to others & in turn, credit a heavy emotional deposits.

Habit 5>
Quality of listening is so important to enter into somebody else’s problem & crack it with a workable solution. Being emphatic while interacting to someone & listen to them carefully without giving either giving your consent or objection, are the best way to realize the problem & drawing confidence of the speaker. So seek first to understand & then be understood.

Habit 6>
The habit of creative cooperation is nothing but Synergize . Being synergized means, inviting & allowing everybody to participate, resonance of everyone’s potentials together come out with a spectacular delivery. Synergy has a record of emerging better solutions, innovations & transformed relationship. Working together with the team have more capacity than working isolated.

Habit 7>
All the above 6 habits will go into a toss if not practiced regularly & find the new way of effectiveness of applying all the habits. It’s nothing but renewal of the system. This is the basic principle of nature. The renewal of habits will attract your improved capacity, stronger relationship and will add extra fresh energy & your confidence each time your sharpen all the habits. Allocating time for sharpening the habits are not wastage at all. If you calculate the savings of effective time post sharpening, the resultant credit of time will always be higher. Thus “sharpen the saw” i.e. refreshing all the habits, is itself a habit and that is habit 7.

All the above 7 habits have really brought an improved change in my lifestyle. I have started feel a bit more confident while interacting day to day issues. There is no doubt about the authenticity of these habits which are the outcome of long experience and I do believe it to work these effectively to everyone. Finally I would like to conclude, these habits are designed for most effectiveness and not any tips for being successful. It’s implied that once you perform effectively, obviously you can find your own way of success.

7Habits Participant – PTCL – October 2011

The training program was really good. I feel that I am reawakened after this training program, and I am sure that it makes my life easy and efficient in both personal and professional capacity.

Following are the top takeaway from 7 Habit training program.

  • Always follow the principle; if you break the principle sooner or later the principle will catch you.
  • Concept of Paradigm, and always challenge or question your paradigms.
  • With proper planning I can maintain balance in my personal and professional life, and it will improve my effectiveness as well as my EBA.
  • The concept of circle of influence and circle of concern.

7Habits Participant – Godrej Properties Limited – October 2011

Thanks. It’s really wonderful journey crossing the good path of highly effectiveness. I have started feeling a change of improvement in me. It’s enjoying to think of 7 habits learning & practice it in everyday interaction in the office. One thing which I have been benefited most is the “Empathy Listening”. I have noticed a massive change in terms of the end result while listening empathically to colleagues of my department.

7Habits Participant – Misys Software – October 2011

Thanks for a lot for giving us a great session few months back. It was indeed an eye opener for few habits and refresher for few other habits.

Over the couple of months, there is a change of behavior pattern for myself. There were so many instances which happened and I could sense that most of them were controllable. I was able to choose how I would like to see the weather rather than getting influenced by it. At times, it was challenging and pushes one to brink to come back to same line. But for one to become effective, we need to have persistent thought process which will always guide.

Dr. Covey’s final brief was also great as the rest of the other messages, video links etc which was sent over couple of months.

I have to thank Misys for providing such a platform to listen and practice the 7 habits.

7Habits Participant – BASF – October 2011

Thanks a lot for the session – it was really interesting and enlightening!

My 1st key take away was the focus on circle of influence. This has impact in every other thing that I am doing and I feel a tangible difference in the way I approach any issue. May be in a couple of weeks, I will be able to share some incidental examples.

The next two take aways are the meeting planner and the presentation planner. The tools ensure that we spend quality time on whatever we take up because the clarity is established right before the discussion. I am planning to make it a habit of creating these documents and circulate them along with meeting invitations in the mail.

This is as of now from my side.

7Habits Participant – PTCL – October 2011

It was a Fantastic Workshop and I have taken away a lot of Good things however, as desired to inform you about Top Three points which will be implemented by me with my Team mates:

  • Expand own Influence of Circle by using own Choice.
  • Focus on Personal Mission Statement and Make changes for improvements on regular basis.
  • Prioritize the important Works, by giving more attention to Physical Exercise/ Health on Weekly Basis.

7Habits Participant – PTCL – October 2011

For me personally this course has opened new thinking avenues, I have always taken knowledge as key to progress but in the academic sense only. The three top take aways for me have been;

  • Resolve has become even firmer to concentrate on spiritual aspect of life as all power to have effective relationships come from within and only spiritual connection can have that impact.
  • I definitely need to work on my personal victory aspects and adopt a few new habits.
  • I most definitely need to control my emotional side I do feel that I have been taken advantage of because of my effort to go out of the way and being seen as sincere and dependable. I need to re-evaluate what my circle of concerns are and circle of influences.

7Habits Open Workshop Participant – October 2011

It was a real pleasure to learn about these habits!

Top three take aways from this workshop were

  • Learning habit 3 – put first thing first – It was shocking to know where we spend our energies and what is important for our life
  • Empower ourselves (Private Victory) before going out (Public Victory)
  • Habit 7 – keeping our self upto mark to LIVE life!

7Habits Participant – Sears IT and Management Services – Sep 2011

Thanks for the follow ups and ensuring the attendee’s are actually implementing the knowledge in workplace and trying to incorporate it as a habit. It is really helpful and highly appreciated.

Top three take-aways

  • I learned that there is a systematic way to better manage myself, team and other situation.
  • Step by step process for improvement. Try to implement and incorporate each habit in your day to day life one by one.
  • The priority task decision chart is great help.

How am I implementing the learning’s in team:

  • I have started taking initiatives to resolve the problem.
  • Started better prioritizing the task
  • I still need to work on other aspects and learnings.

Leadership Series Summit 2011 Participant

It was a great time that we had 3 days session with you at Mumbai on LEADERSHIP MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME – Workshop at JW Marriott, Mumbai.

Truly it was some thing out of the box that I came and learn from you and on our way back I was discussing the same with my COO, his perception was also the same.

With this, I take this opportunity to thank you again for the wonderful session that we had and I am sure each one of us who participated will have the same feeling on their way back to home.

7Habits Participant – ACC Limited – Sep 2011

It’s been quite an eye opening experience for me. The top 3 take for me

  • I had been blindly striving for my professional experience and neglecting some of key roles that I am required to play in my family. This workshop which also highlighted the importance of success of family relations which I could visualize by seeing myself sitting on dinner table on my 80th Birthday. I am consciously working on Emotional bank account with my family members. My wife in the first week itself commented on my changed attitude. I thank you for the same.
  • The workshop helped me putting in effort consciously in right direction for achieving professional excellence. I am in second week working to finalize my Mission Statement. It will surely give me right direction.
  • I am discussing with my team as Proactive personal, concentrating on circle of influence and telling them that we can find solution to anything if we concentrate on what we can do make a difference.

I will love to have inputs one what to read from your end as I am fond of reading books on self help.

7Habits Participant – T. D. Williamson – Sep 2011

I am feeling refreshed after attending this workshop, as being in Sales it is too hectic to plan for a break from the office.

The Training has given us an opportunity to stop and see around us.
My Three Takeaways from the Training are as follows;

  • To Begin with end in the mind : to think about the result before you do something
  • Time Matrix : To plan your life to balance work and personal life
  • Listen to others before replying to them

I would like to go ahead one by one Habit to understand and implement in my surroundings with team mates and family upto 4 weeks each. So that, I will be cultivating myself to understand the process how to do it consciously.

7Habits Participant – T. D. Williamson – Sep 2011

Let me first thank you very much for engaging us for 3 days. It was wonderful time spent with you in the program and every body enjoyed it I am sure about it and I see everybody is very excited after this program.

For me personally, I see many areas of improvement like becoming more proactive, Organised and be a good listener. (Also, trying to remove word URGENT from my dictionary).

With the team, I would like to practice more of Understanding first to be understood principle, WIN –WIN principle and plug in more synergy in the team to become more cohesive.

I look forward to have more interactions with you captain and looking forward to see you again sometime in future.

7Habits Participant – Aon Hewitt – Sep 2011

The workshop has put my life in the right perspective. I’ve realised that i tend to spend more time in Q1. I’m planning to identify few big rocks in Q2 and plan for its execution. I know the turn around is not going to be simple as it would challenged by old habits.

7Habits Participant – Apollo Munich – September 2011

I have logged in to the website and started my journey about living the habits.

The experience has been very fruitful and the Teach to learn experience is very effective as it makes learning happen at a deeper level. While doing Habit 1, I realised the importance of proactive behaviour and that the key to proactive behaviour is to make a considered choice / response to every stimulus.

Looking forward to learning these habits and putting the same into practice.

Leadership Series Summit 2011 Participant

I am very much thank full to FranklinCovey for giving me valuable inputs during Leadership Summit-2011 in Mumbai.

My top three take away are as follows

  • Leader are not born they are created.
  • Leadership means not only bossing but to understand your team, take them in confidence, win them they will follow your path.
  • Proper Leadership is key to successes.

Leadership Series Summit 2011 Participant

It was a very good experience of attending Leadership event under your supervision. There were many things know more and intake it. This will surely help most of the leaders to groom them well and mostly new ones. I am sure everybody must have benefited from this session.

Your team coordination was good and way of explaining each issue was excellent. Each and very thing was properly planned and was running accordingly.

It was great to be with you guys.

7Habits Participant – Godrej Properties Limited – Sep 2011

7 Habits, as mentioned earlier also it is a amazing workshop and the learning is abundant. Very importantly, most of these trainings are professionally driven and have no say in the personal life but 7 habits is a exception. It drives you to be happy, be contented, be aspired and live for what you have in this world. Workshop explains how strong trees are and that’s is the way ones family is the foundation and rest all are branches… I’ve got this book as well and started reading the book to hone my skills as well.

7Habits Participant – Vidarbha Management Association – Sep 2011

I have been practicing all the 3 habits Be Proactive, Begin with the end in mind and put first thing first since last 2 weeks and am getting instant results through these habits.
I am better able to connect to my team, family, friends and society, I am at peace with myself.

7Habits Participant – ST Microelectronics – Sep 2011

Hear my experiences of my first week, after attending the 7 habits training program.

  • Beginning of the this week my bike showed some signs of trouble, but I had ignored it and postponed the bike service to end of the week. In the next day morning while coming to office it was stopped in mid way to the office and there was no workshops nearby and I had pushed it over a half Km to get repaired, while taking the bike to the workshop I remember the P/PC concept taught in seven habits class. If I would have followed the P/PC formulae and more proactive I would have avoided the pain which I had.
  • During the week I have been observing many people, I could able to sense whether they are proactive and reactive people.
  • Some times after committing mistake I realize that I would have not done it, instead I would have practiced 7 habits and would have handled in better manner.
  • While practicing the seven habits I am feeling more energized and good piece of mind.

It is good week over all, I will to focus more on practicing the 7 habits in the next coming weeks for better results.

7Habits Participant – Apollo Munich – Aug 2011

It was a very good program. It fact it is touched our hearts. Though certain things we were doing earlier but now can be done in the right/organised way. One thing for sure is we can be a good human being at the end of the day. I have started following some things and looks like I will be able to achieve success.

7Habits Participant – Apollo Munich – Aug 2011

Thanks very much for the considerable & valuable qualitative attributes as 7 Habits for personal & workplace.

For 3 best takeaways, first of all I would definitely prescribe all the effective habits for every moment of life. But as asked for 3 take aways

  • Emotional Bank Account
  • Circle of Influence
  • Time Management Matrix

Once again thanks for the very valuable instinct.

7Habits Participant – Godrej Properties Limited – Sep 2011

Yes, I have enjoyed thoroughly during the course of the program and an awesome initiative by Godrej for honing skills of employees like us. I also believe that this program has done changes in both my personal and professional life over all… 7 habits is a Very effective and must wanted program for the entire middle level management. I thank Mr. Ravi Iyer for the continuous follow up and for the wonderful program. I also thank Mr. Milind Apte for creating a wonderful opportunity for this learning process and wish him all the best for creating opportunities for many more employees in Godrej group for this program…

7Habits Participant – Godrej Properties Limited – Sep 2011

Basically I wanted to change my life style and improve it but was not aware of the tools.

7 habits was the answer. My life changed automatically implementing all the theories of 7 habits.

Now my performance and efficiency as improved a lot. I was week in multitasking but today I manage many jobs together. Thanks to 7 habits. Special thanks to Mr. Milind Apte and Ms Swati for changes life of many of the people like me.

Regards to all.

7Habits Participant – Lear Automotive India – August 2011

I am really very much excited after the 7 Habits Training and like to learn and practice as much as I can from this workshop.

Its too goo that you are with me for next 8 weeks to inculcate the habits in me!

The top three take aways for me from this workshop are:

  • Concept of Paradigm.
  • Habit 2: Begin With an End In Mind.
  • Habit 5: Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

7Habits Participant – UNDP – August 2011

I feel that I am reincarnated after completing the 7 Habits Programme. My top three take aways from the workshop are:

  • Reflection of my life – both personally and professionally
  • Determination to change my ineffective habits

7Habits Participant – Apollo Munich Insurance – August 2011

I’ve had worked with some great companies and thus had the opportunity to attend the some very interesting and invigorating training sessions.

But I must confess to you, that this two days training(learning as you called it) were by far the most “life changing experience” I had attended!

My top three take aways are

  • Being pro active (Stimuli – response)
  • Begin with end in mind (internal compass…re visiting and refining my Mission statement)
  • First thing first ( Being clear about my big rocks…weekly planner)

I have started with the weekly planner and am trying to keep remembering…stimuli …response principle, as many times as possible.

I must thank you for the tip on creating a cc folder. I am having fun focusing on my priorities.(you see this mail is getting answered same time :). Would have been in queue, if not for your idea !)Thanks a million.

7Habits Participant – UNDP – August 2011

Thank you very much for your continuous follow up. It is really inspiring. With regard to top three learnings or practices, I have tried to apply in my work place and personal matters. More, I have focused on the following:

  • Win win agreement
  • Prioritize works
  • Sharpen saw

I hope that I will practice other four habits also.

7Habits Participant – Syngene – August 2011

It’s a great experience to be a part of the Training session of “7HABITS….” from FranklinCovey.

It’s really useful to make our life more easy and effective / efficient both professionally and personally.

I sincerely thank you for that.

7Habits Participant – Cognizant – July 2011

Truly the session was awesome and I would like to cite my 3 takeaways

  • Being Proactive
  • Prioritize the work ahead of me
  • Bring in Synergy in work and at home

Looking forward for your mails and on successfully practicing this in my life.

7Habits Open Workshop Participant – July 2011

The workshop was really good, especially, when combined with the insights and real-life experiences of the Trainer and other participants. It being an interactive workshop took it away from the others of the similar kind.

I learnt how to maintain a Professional – Personal Life balance. I’ve started trying to prioritize things which shall help me and my team to always be in time for meeting the deadlines comfortably and keep our lives free of any stress.

I’ve also started sharpening my saw which I earlier regarded to be leisure activities. They are really important to keep me rejuvenated all the time. This would trickle down to my team as well.

In addition to this, I’ve started taking charge of my situations and be proactive. This has given me a completely different paradigm. I’ve started finding alternative solutions to problems instead of merely worrying about them.

I look forward to receive regular emails from your end.

7Habits Participant – Misys Software Solutions – July 2011

It was truly an amazing program and the course contents are well knit in a structured way in order to make it very effective and which will make the attendees to think during and even after the course.

All the topics were in a subtle way take away in my opinion and the main ones being the following:

  • P/Pc: this is a common subject which we see during our work/personal life. When we are comfortable with a particular person, we would tend to give more work to that person by ignoring or seeing from their end and we end up losing the person.
  • Seek first to understand before being understood (Empathically listening): We always tend put our opinion on others and never listens to understand other views/opinion and always think that we are right. We don’t put ourselves in others shoes and look/understand from their angle, which we should try to correct and always we need to respect others views/opinions.
  • Put first things first: We would be always busy in Q3 and forget or push Q2, which often land us in Q1 situation. If we prioritize and give little longer time for Q2 activities, we can avoid getting into Q1 or Q3 situation, which I feel closely related to sharpen the saw also.

7Habits Participant – Bechtel – July 2011

I had the most amazing experience attending and learning from this 7 habits program. I have a new meaning and a new purpose in life., something to look forward to and to plan for.

My top three take-away’s:

  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Win win
  • Sharpen the saw

I plan to teach my team to be more proactive and not to blame circumstances for all their failures. As Bernard Shaw once said, there is no such thing as circumstance. We are all a product of our choices…

Am eagerly waiting to master these winning habits and get ready for the eighth habit!!!

7Habits Participant – Bayer CropScience – July 2011

Thanks lot FC Post workshop engagement, for the nice journey to the first step towards implementation of Seven Habits Program. It was really a nice learning all through and would help me in enhancing the quality of my professional & personal life.

7Habits Participant – Nuclear Power Corporation – July 2011

I am happy that I have gone through such a nice course. Earlier I used to think there is no need of development in soft skill, it can be developed by seeing others…My notion was little bit wrong…now I think that application of these habits make one person more successful and effective in all
spheres of life. Many things we knew already, many things you told, many things we observed and many things we have not observed yet.

Life is a journey where we meet with so many people from all walks of life. Some behaviors have an impact on you, other’s not so much. You are one among the first batch. The top three take aways from this workshop are.

  • The first one is to understand other person’s problem first, then to be understood. This is the major one because in today’s world we see people only think about themselves not about others.
  • The second one, first to give chance other person to win.
  • Third one, to build up interdependence and come out as strongest. This is a wonderful concept as most people think that individually they can conquer the world. But nothing great happens without getting help from others however small it is.

7Habits Participant – Vodafone – July 2011

Thanks for an encouraging email. While I had read the book, the practical demonstration of the same on day to day working has been a real eye opener.

My three learning are:

  • Moving from Dependence to Independence and finally to Interdependence are absolute necessities. The start to this is I have my Contribution Statement & WIGs clearly articulated and placed where I can see it the most. Quadrant 1 and 2 have been defined and a conscious effort will be move up from Q1 to Q2 to build a long term impacting activities.
  • Inside out approach makes the right beginning. Starts with taking stocks of your resourcefulness and taking initiatives.
  • Plan weekly and act daily sounds like the right vehicle to take the process from initiation to objectives. While I have put learning (1), I am yet to begin on using the tools. That is my next level challenge to me.

I have started sharing most of what I am doing with my team. The more I do this, the more that be the value add to my team and our deliveries.

I am all excited to participate in the next 16 weeks of experience into this new Habit.

7Habits Participant – Cognizant – July 2011

Thank you for sharing with us, such an important lesson…I have benefitted tremendously from these two days of training, and am committed to changing my life for the best, and following to my best capability, all these 7 Habits.

The top three takeaways for me are:

Circle of Influence Vs Circle of Control – has helped me get over my controlling nature, and let go of things I am unable to control or change, and rather focus on my own capabilities to initiate a bigger change.

Being Proactive – this has helped me rethink my views, restructure my life around what I want to do, and be able to take the responsibility for my own future.

Mission in life – I have finally been able to confront my own demons…and accepted what I really want out of my life. And I will now take steps to reach there fast.

THANK YOU for changing my life!

7Habits Participant – TCS – July 2011

This session was really great one…

My take away would be the first 3 habits so I become Independent… before my treading to Interdependence.

Towards this I would like to practice the first 3 habits – proactive, Begin with the end in Mind and Put first things first. I have started to plan for a week ahead for the week ahead. This week my big rock item was to take care of my Mom who needs medical attention and hence on leave (still catching up with backlog mails – sorry for the late reply)

7Habits Open Workshop Participant – July 2011

Thank you so much for motivating us and for offering such an amazing opportunity. I believe just like others my life will be changed too. its like a miracle I feel and totally blessed. the moment i was going through my training session i felt i was trying to change myself my thoughts. There were so many things that were uncleared to me but through this course or training my view points have changed, differences between very small things i didnt know, now I know them and trying hard to shift my paradigm from negative to positive. Am very glad that i have availed this opportunity and feel blessed in all ways.. the most difficult part is to implement these things when i work in such a place where so much pressure is on my head and its always like that. but by practicing these habits starting from the first am guessing its becoming easier for me to handle and cope with the environment around me and people. but to be very honest its not so easy to do that…

I would like to thank you for offering it and for sharing this precious information with me and with others.

7Habits Open Workshop Participant – July 2011

Its really working for me. I am so happy that in very early stage in my career i got opportunity to attend this program.
Now i can work comfortably with managing time for my personal responsibilities. And the big success of this program is I stated doing exercise (walking) regularly with out any interruption in spit of rain.

This helping me in starting my day very early in morning(5:30 am). And studies also.

7Habits Participant – SECP – July 2011

7habits workshop indeed was valuable. It not only sharpened our memory but also helped in learning new things and new ways required to be effective. Most of the time we think of our selves but this workshop truly helps to think for the benefit of others which is the true essence of successful life. I learned the following things in the workshop:

Now I try to adopt proactive behavior and not a reactive behaviour as actually proactive behaviour resolve the issue whereas reactive behaviour complicate the matter. By adopting proactive behaviour, I would be able to get positive response from my peers, colleagues and would be more effective. In the proactive behaviour we would be able to think over all alternatives and use the best one among them. Gradually, my team would also implement this behaviour by knowing its importance and continued interaction with me.

Earlier we used to set targets for ourselves while working on office and personal work but we did not take it seriously. But now we realized its importance and it is the effective way to get our work done. As a member of team, I may propose a weekly plan to the team to achieve a target and monitor our achievement in relation to time and cost. So in this way our team would be able to adopt the habit of having end in mind and to be become more effective and efficient.

We may also think of success as a group and not individual. I may inculcate the thinking of win-win habit to our team by not thinking for my self and develop trust. Once trust is developed, our team would prefer to work collectively and this is the only way which leads us to our success and optimal utilization of resources. Working as a team and share credit would be the more effective way and give higher results.

Through this workshop, I also learned the importance of prioritization, listening to the people carefully and synergy. if we adopt the said behavior as team, we would be able to achieve best results in shortest possible time and live a comfortable life.

7Habits Participant – ACC Limited – July 2011

By Prioritizing and Scheduling and taking care of the big rocks, I find I am able to get extra time to devote to my family which I was missing. At least I am able to spend 1 to 2 hours with them whenever I am in my headquarters. This is bringing in a lot of change in my family life as well I am to do all the urgent and important work and also plan and do the quadrant two work effectively.

Some times I do have a dilemma as to which big rock to tackle first! but again after giving it a thought and tackling the most urgent and important once first I am able to manage it. Hope I am doing it right.

Of course I need to practice this more and more so that it becomes a habit and becomes a part of the life right now I am doing it consciously.

7Habits Participant – Medtronic – July 2011

I have recently undergone the training, “The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People”. I found this training is very effective for professional and personal life as well. From this training the special two pickup of me are “Being Proactive” & “Put First Things First”. Presently I am working on these two habits which I believe will give me very encouraging results. Looking forward for best things to come out.

7Habits Participant – TCS – July 2011

This course was a great learning experience.

The top take away from this course are

  • Think Win-win
  • Put first things first – Prioritizing the tasks and balancing the work-life
  • Sharpen the Saw – Honing the skills while concentrating on the hectic delivery schedules.

After the session, I have spoken the same with my team on these aspects. I would like to implement/implemented the above by

  • Have requested my team to nominate for the technical training sessions, even though they are busy with the delivery schedules
  • Asked them to put themselves in client shoes and think about the change they can bring in their work
  • Bringing the collaborative environment while solving the complex issues instead of working is silos.

7Habits Participant – SECP – July 2011

“The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” workshop was a remarkable experience as the program has given a holistic, integrated, principle-centered approach for solving personal and professional problems. It revealed a step-by-step pathway for living with fairness, integrity, service and human dignity — principles that will give us the security to adapt to change and the wisdom and power to take advantage of the opportunities that change creates. It presented an “inside-out” approach to effectiveness that is centered on principles and character.

Basically, our character is a collection of our habits, and habits have a
powerful role in our lives. Habits consist of knowledge, skill and desire. Knowledge allows us to know what to do, skill gives us the ability to know how to do it, and desire is the motivation to do it.

The program moves us through the following three stages:

  • Dependence: the paradigm under which we are born, relying upon others to take care of us.
  • Independence: the paradigm under which we can make our own decisions and take care of ourselves.
  • Interdependence: the paradigm under which we cooperate to achieve something that cannot be achieved independently.

The program will certainly help to build new and lasting habits of effectiveness. However, there will be a concentrated effort of several weeks to adopt the change in habits.

7Habits Participant – SECP – July 2011

In brief it was indeed a different experience of learning things more effectively. The relevant video shots were impressive and help the participant to conceive the message hidden in the shots. As far as learning is concerned frankly speaking I happened to learn the following things immediately after completion of said workshop.

  • Strong follow-up
  • Keep on sharpen the axe
  • Prioritizing ( I can differentiate now between important and urgent )

Yesterday I applied this on a small issue in my personal life and I was successful to differentiate between important things vs. urgent things.

7Habits Participant – SECP – July 2011

This was really a remarkable and nice training session conducted by the trainer on 7 habits of highly effective people. Please accept my heartiest and warmth appreciation.

Three take aways are:

  • Quadarant I and II life style;
  • Think win-win;
  • Synergize

7Habits Participant from Bristlecone

Some of the tips that I am practicing has helped a lot in streamlining my activities. It almost every day that I read few pages of 7 habits. The very fact that I see book everyday reminds me of my learnings which I practice upon.

The CD is now once a week ritual.

The workshop has brought different meaning!

7Habits Participant – TCS – June 2011

The program was an eye opener for me. The experiences shared by the facilitator was inspiring and kindled thinking process. I would like extend by heartfelt thanks to the facilitator Mr. Vijay.

My top three take aways from the sessions would be –

  • Every small incident in life matters and teaches a lesson. We have to observe and analyze reactions and adopt best practices.
  • Sharing experiences gives more insight into what could have happened better or a sense of goodness. So share what we learn.
  • I have always thought of Independence as a mature state – but learnt that interdepence will be even better.

I would like take this to my team and share with them knowledge and learning I went through this program.

7Habits Participant – Eisai Pharmatechnology and Manufacturing – June 2011

It gives me immense pleasure in thanking you once again for the wonderful and highly interactive training program on 7 Habits of Highly effective people.

My three top take abouts from the training program are as follows:

  • The core essence of implementing the 7 Habits lies in preparing the blue print of my life both in professional and personal aspects. As rightly explained during the training session, I should not just think it rather ink it so that I have a clear vision on my desired goals and how effectively I can achieve those goals by adopting the 7 habits.
  • As told to you during the closing session of the workshop I have a special liking towards Habit – 3. Before your workshop I was having a habit of noting down my important tasks in my diary and adhering to it. May be it was a very crude way. But after the training session I have a clear understanding on the four Q’s and how to approach towards important tasks. To be frank I have started implementing from yesterday onwards my making a weekly planner for the current week and adhering to it.
  • Habit 7 is the key for any person to sustain in his field. Now after the training session I realised the importance of constantly upgrading my knowledge and I have taken a firm decision to devote some time during the week for reading guidelines, new developments in pharma industry, routine exercises, listening to favorite music and most importantly spending time with family members. By following these I am sure I will be at par to meet the demanding needs in my profession and also excel in my personal life.

I am very keen to perform the exercises and tasks with due support from you over the coming period of time.

7Habits Participant – TCS – June 2011

First of all thanks for sharing and conducting this session. Below are my key takeaways from the program

  • Sharpen the Saw : By investing quality time every week to keep up to date on very special market trends that would help me in the job. Would like to do extensive research on different avenues and allot time to do the same. This help me align the team strategically towards the future of computing.
  • Improve listening skills : Empatheic listening skills and choose the option wisely while reply
  • Health : Invest time on both physical and mental well being by doing 30 mins workouts and 15 mins Meditation atleast 4 times a week.

Leadership Participant – InterGlobe – June 2011

At the outset the Training Program was meaningful and I was able to connect to it. The content and delivery effective and relevant. The examples were to the point and can be used in everyday life.

The three take aways for me were

Leadership is about connecting to your people by touching their hearts-if you are able to demonstrate that you truly care for your people, they will go that extra mile.

  • The 13 Behaviors for Great Leadership were simple and practical
  • The 4 Imperative of Leadership-Inspire Trust, Clarify Purpose, Align Systems, Unleash Talent
  • Leadership from Control to Release

7Habits Participant – Cognizant – June 2011

Thank you so much for this follow-up email.

After attending this program, I can see so much improvement in my effectiveness.

Top three takeaways from this program are:

  • Concentrating on circle of influence and the things most matter to me( with this now I am stress free)
  • Writing mission statement
  • Empathetic listening and Sharpening the Saw

Leadership Participant – InterGlobe – June 2011

Thanks for your email.

The training last week was a nice experience. The top takeaways for me from the training are as below:

  • Behavior of high trust leaders – Good pointers to handle difficult and quite frequently encountered problems.
  • WIG – Wildly Important Goals – It will help us guide to the MOST important goal.
  • Unleash Talent : I was pretty inspired by the line – Everytime we Open our mouth we create culture. 

    7Habits Participant – ACC Limited – June 2011
      Thanks a million for transforming to new Corporate Citizen. I have started practicing this with my family members. I was proactive when my wife asked me about domestic issue (even she show the difference in me). Think Win Win. In one of the issue, my wife had come with complain which I was able to resolve by Win Win. I will be part of the journey for all the weeks.  

    7Habits Participant – ACC Limited – June 2011
      Thanks a million for transforming to new Corporate Citizen. I have started practicing this with my family members. I was proactive when my wife asked me about domestic issue (even she show the difference in me). Think Win Win. In one of the issue, my wife had come with complain which I was able to resolve by Win Win. I will be part of the journey for all the weeks.  

    7Habits Participant – ACC Limited – June 2011
      I learnt a lot during training period and hence, started practicing afterwards in real life. My level of understanding & executing the same have gone up. I am applying DGRAC effectively. I fully believe that effective long term relationship require mutual respect & mutual benefit. I am enjoying my life and delivering better results (personally & professionally as well)  

    7Habits Open Workshop Participant – June 2011
      The programe was excellent. It changed my way of looking things. The three main changes I could see in myself were:
    • When I think keeping end in mind, the whole decision making has changed. I have taken some of very rational decisions which have benifited me personally and professionally.
    • Understanding others before getting understood has improved my discussion and relationship with my childern which always use to end up in a argument.
    • The weekly plan has maded my work systamatically and give more time in Q2 instead of Q3 and Q4.
    I have made explained the & habits to my team members and plan to send them for training . Overall an excellent experience. Thanks to the trainer who did his job very well.  

    7Habits Participant – Descon – June 2011
      Thank you for your follow-up. I am working on habit 1 plan a week. The good thing is that this week I am working according to my 70% plan prepared on last week end. Next week I will live with a habit and meanwhile I have already started teaching to others and listing CD while coming to office. Hope there will be a big change. I will keep you updated.  

    Leadership Participant – Vodafone – June 2011
      It was an excellent programme & am very happy that I was able to attend it. The top take aways for me are:
    • To look at everyone as a whole & the 4 imperatives this has for a Leader – The Whole Person – body( Align Systems ), mind( Clarify purpose), heart ( Unleash Talent ) & spirit ( Inspire trust ).
    • The importance & relevance of Mindset , Skill set & Tool set and
    • The importance of Inspiring Trust & of Execution
    Would like to share these 3 takeaways with my team & get focused on the WIGs & Lead measures to excel in Execution.  

    7Habits Open Workshop Participant – June 2011
      The workshop conducted was very enriching and through implementation of the 7habits I hope to become more content personally and professionally. My three main take aways from this workshop are
    • Circle of Influence/ Circle of Concern Instead of focusing on my circle of concern, I should be focusing on my circle of influence. I should focus on what I can do to minimize my circle of concern.
    • Think win-win Often I tend to go for win-lose agreements with colleagues, friends and family. I should focus on win-win agreements to build better long lasting relationships with people. Though initially it may end up in lose-win situations, in the long run, it will be win-win
    • Focus on Character Ethic before Personality Ethic Character should be built before building personality. We generally tend to go for quick fix solutions, which focus on personality building. By building character ethic before personality ethic, strength of character emerges.
    Immediately after the workshop, I couldn’t wait to read the 7 habits for highly effective people. I’m presently reading 1chapter per week and am focusing on learn to teach. I believe this online counselling would help me alongside my preparation in becoming a more effective person. I can feel a difference already. Instead of juding people and assuming that we are objective and something is wrong with the other person, I have started accepting that different people can have different opinions but the fundamental principles remain the same. By the end of the 26 weeks, I hope to see a huge change in my personal and professional life. I believe this will be a life-changing experience.  

    7Habits Participant – Godrej Hershey Limited – June 2011
      Before attending the 7 Habits program, I used to have a working system which is based on urgency and need based activity. The plans which I could make never turned out to be 100% complete in implementation. After attending the program and understanding each of the habits, there is certainly a transformation in my approach to a betterment. Now, I am able to spend more time on my priorities as I could differentiate between the activities – which belong which quadrant. I am confidently saying “no” to certain non value added activities (which are not in my priorities) even when requested by my boss. I am maintaining simple weekly plans as goals posts for my long term objectives. I am making few important win-win agreements with my colleagues and team members. There are no heart burns and reduction in heated verbal exchanges. I am even extending these habits and win-win situations with my family members. My interpersonal skills are better after practicing the empathic listening. Though I do planning and prioritization regularly even before attending 7 habits program, the resource finder tool is very useful in actually getting the things done. The best aspect and take away from this program is change in the mindset – to get any work done, I used depend on others to help me, but now, I do my homework properly and arrange everything whatever I can do from my side first.  

    7Habits Participant – Tata AIG – June 2011
      Firstly, let me take this opportunity in congratulating your institute in organising an effective training programme like this one. For me, this three day journey was more effective as the examples given by Saran were so appealing as they related to our day to day life. In fact, I have tried some of the tools with my 14 year old daughter and found that it really works!!! Being a patient listener, changing my paradigms into positive ones which were received very nicely by my family(my husband and my daughter), trying to make some deposits in their EBA by small acts!!! Top three takeaways:
    • Think and act Positive and try spreading this positivity around you, do not let the negativities hamper your progress in anyways.
    • Try finding solutions with whatever is under your control instead of just complaining about what is not under your control.
    • Listening and understanding the other person’s stand always helps to handle the situation with better results.

    7Habits Participant – ACC Limited – June 2011
      It very encouraging and compelling to receive the follow up mail every week! Its difficult to pick any 3 take away, because all habits are equally important.  

    Leadership Participant – Vodafone – June 2011
      First of all it was a great overall Program me The Three Take away for me are:
    • Work on myself to improve my overall LQ scores in Unleash Talent, Align systems, Clarify purpose, Inspire Trust & overall NPS scores
    • WIG’s workshop to be conducted for Vodafone Mumbai Leadership Team
    • Improve upon – Focus on listen to others, show respect to others, involve others in selling vision & direction create a culture that creates high performance, regularly gather feedback from customers

    Leadership Participant – Public Program – June 2011
      Its wonderful day in my life on attending such a GREAT training today. It’s really an excellent program and today I learnt a lot about the “Essential Leadership skills”. I’ll disturb you a lot in future days.  

    7Habits Participant – Sterlite Industries – June 2011
      It’s pleasure & luck that i have attained such beautiful training. My key learning focus will be on following:
    • Productiveness
    • Win win situation
    • Seeing things from other angle (habit 5 )

    7Habits Participant – ACC Limited – June 2011
      The programme was excellent. Though we know many things but we hardly practice the same in our day today life. Top three takeaway
    • Keep myself fit. Spend time to do exercise, walk and meditate.
    • Understand and be understood.
    • Prioritize your activity personal or official.

    7Habits Participant – GSK – June 2011
      Thank you very much for the training program. The 7 habits program was very much interesting, informative & excellent. I have learnt lot of good things especially what are the advantages of being proactive instead of reactive, How to prioritize the important things in work area & in personal life & How to develop win-win situation & see the miracle happen. This week I want to implement the 1st habit of “Be Proactive”. Instead of just forwarding the mail to my subordinates for doing the necessary work & becoming reactive afterwards, I will first spend some time & simplify the work by applying techniques & skills & then tell them to do the needful.  

    Leadership Participant – Tata AIG – June 2011
      Thank you for a wholesome training. I am thankful to the trainers. I attended the training with lot of apprehension in my mind thinking it may be one of same trainings which I attended in the past without any fruitful end result. Now, after attending this training and knowing the fact that we are going to be monitored/hand hold for next 6 months will certainly help me to inculcate some good leadership practices and to use it in scientific & logical manner. My 3 top learning from the training were as under,
    • To see the people as a whole-body, heart, mind and spirit and to work to unleash their full creative potential.
    • Clear communication of goals & to ensure that it is 100% clear to each member of my team & we all are on the same page.
    • More emphasis on execution and motivate the people through scoreboard.
    First of all, I am going to send the voice finder e-mail to all my team members for their response so that next course of action is decided accordingly.  

    7Habits Participant – Godrej Hershey – June 2011
      Thanks a lot for excellent and very useful 2 days work shop. I have already started using some of the habits in my day to day life.  

    7Habits Participant – Reliance Industries – June 2011
      Its a great experience to attend such a good program. The best take aways are so many but due to time constrain I’ll highlight few in my own words
    • Build-up self with a perfect vision
    • How to respond to others in all circumstances(Overcoming the paradigms)

    Leadership Participant – RBS – June 2011
      It was indeed a great pleasure that I was one among the nominees for such an excellent workshop which has surely got impact on me and the way I shall look at people. Primarily Im into project role where I ll not be having direct reportees but need to work with various teams and get their buying for all decisions /datas. So I think the following are the top 3 three take aways from the workshop:
    • Discuss with the team and ask each member to come up with their own suggestions for improvement instead of asking them to do what we say?
    • Always make the team to feel the comfort that I am there to help them by asking a small question -“How can I help you to achieve the goal /complete the task ?”
    • Do not look at people with predetermined notions or labels and do not think that ideas that were earlier rejected as flop ones and try to see what is the actual reason why it cant be impacted.

    7Habits Open Workshop Participant – May 2011
      First of all, I would like to thank you for making such a interesting session. It was really pleasure knowing the un notice habits which are although inside us but we do not care and loose lots of advantages which we can avail keeping and implementing them in our daily life style. I wanted to give my response to this mail earlier but putting first thing first, I decided to reply today. I have started implementing be proactive, put first thing first and seek first to understand then to be understood in my life style. Although it is little difficult but I am confident slowly and gradually I will be able to do the same. Once again my sincere thanks to you for giving such a valuable effectiveness to my life.  

    Leadership Participant – Tata-AIG – May 2011
      The 3 most important take-aways have been:
    • The 360 degree feedback has given me very valuable insights about myself, some of which I knew and some I didn’t. Even on the ones I knew, had not actively worked upon improving in these areas, but after the workshop, clearly inspired to work on these shortcomings.
    • Lead measures and Lag measures were real eye-openers. How we miss keeping tabs on the lead measures in business came through very clearly.
    • Of course, the 13 attributes of a High-Trust leader will be a sort of Bible, going forward.
    Would share the crux of the learnings with my team members over mails, while thanking them for their feedback. Also propose to share the Execution piece during our periodical meets.  

    7Habits Participant – ACC Limited – May 2011
      Is wonderful experience to attend program on 7 Habits. The 3 key take aways from this Workshop are:
    • Teach to Learn
    • Prepare a Weekly schedule, giving due importance to first things first , covering all aspects of life i.e. Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual.
    • Enlarge Q2 Quadrant
    Regular practicing of these learning will ensure to develop the Habits. As a part of implementation, I have shared my learning of 7 habits with my team at work place and wife at home. My language of letters writing is changing towards Pro-active approach. Now I am preparing weekly schedule using time Matrix which will be effective from 6th of June. I have started delegating of jobs falling in Q3 matrix. I will be seeking your advise and support as and when required in the course of implementation process.  

    7Habits Participant – KAPCO – May 2011
      It’s indeed a good recap of what we have been taught by our elders in childhood, schools, and colleges. Execution part needs more attention. Secondly setting an example for others means, one should manage himself. Third is possession of Positive energy to ignite others to make a conducive atmosphere.  

    7Habits Open Workshop Participant – Barclays – May 2011
      Thanks so much for providing us the opportunity to attend this out of the world programme, the best so far I attended to date. Though there is much to implement but I’m currently focusing on the following areas.
    • Proactive (change of Paradigm – to do principally right thing)
    • Put First Thing First
    • Think Win Win
    I’m sure by implementing them into life and make it a habit, I can achieve a lot more. Thanks for the wonderful experience.  

    7Habits Participant – Aon Hewitt – May 2011
      Thank you very much for designing such a wonderful training. Never though that life could have been planned in a better way! I am confident that these simple techniques will bring a tremendous change in the way I live and work. I am grateful to you and your team for doing such a marvelous work for the society.  

    Leadership Participant – Public Program – May 2011
      The workshop was an eye opener, made me realize the small things that are key to leadership, which you helped us to understand. It was very interactive & highly enriching and now its our turn to practice the same.  

    4 Disciplines of Execution workshop – Datamatics – May 2011
      Yes, there is no compromise on WIG session. We conduct WIG session (Task Force Meeting) on daily basis for different objectives with relevant stakeholders. I would like highlight that in one of the Live project, where compelling score board turned – 100% to 100% on time delivery in 4 weeks time with the same set of stakeholders.  

    Leadership Participant – Oberoi Group – May 2011
      Post the training I realised that each member in the team needs to know what his / her goal post is. So I have set goals along with my Excom team and I will personally be sharing them with each department. Another focus area is building empowerment in the team. I will also discuss common areas where the team feels that they can make the difference but fail to do so and build on the feeling of empowerment to make the difference. I will also make a conscious effort to communicate more to my excom and will set aside 30 minutess every 15 days for one on one discussions.  

    7Habits Participant – Essel Propack Limited – May 2011
      I am feeling more confident and committed after I gone through the 7 Habits workshop. In my day to professional and personal life, I am experiencing more impact of P/PC balance which is helping me to deal with my colleagues in a better way. I, now, more meticulously plan my short term and long term assignments with a better time management. I am surprised to note that, I am now able to do more work within 8 hours of my office time. I am feeling more urge to establish emotional attachment with my friends, family members and colleagues. I am more committed to keep on increasing my emotional bank account. However, all other habits which I learnt more during the work shop are working on my behavior and work style.  

    Leadership Participant – Oberoi Group – May 2011
      Thank You for this mail. The workshop was excellent and I am giving below my key takeaways
    • Create a clear team purpose. I propose to involve the team in working this through by using the three analyzers.
    • 13 high trust behaviours . Here I have taken up a relatively simple exercise of referring to these points consciously, once a week, especially the areas identified for improvement in LQ1 feedback
    • Find your voice – Have completed the voice conversation with my team – this has been helpful in understanding my team members.
    • WIG sessions – seem to be very powerful tools for execution. Propose to take this up after team clarity meeting.

    Leadership Participant – InterGlobe – May 2011
      First of all I would like to congratulate you and your team of preparing this wonderful course. I hope lot many people must be taking advantage from this and reaching to new heights in life.  

    7Habits Participant – Bharti Infratel – May 2011
      I have attend the “7 Habits of Highly Effective people” program Oct 2010. After that my life has changed drastically. I got Best Employee award and in the Month of Feb 2011 I got promotion from Cluster In-charge to Zonal Operation Manager. I am deeply thankful to you because now I am maximum time following 2nd Quadrant(Important things first not Urgent) by Planning, Prevention & Preparation. On sunday by making time table for a week and think which is the best work I will perform in this week and daily in the morning seeing what to do in that by choosing Big rocks. Thanks to Seven habits & special Thanks to You  

    7Habits Participant – BITS Pilani – April 2011
      As I sit to plan for the week, I just wanted to send you a thank you note first. It was a nice experience going through the 7habits signature program. As I reflect on the different Habits learnt in the workshop, I see their true significance in every actions that i take. During the last 20 years or so, I had moved from ‘Dependence’ to ‘Independence’. I overlooked ‘Interdependence’ and that had started affecting my professional and personal life. The workshop came at the right moment and I am committed to practice them to the best of my ability. A big thank you to you, for conducting the workshop in a such an interesting and stimulating way.  

    7Habits Participant – SBI Funds Management – April 2011
      First of all, Thank you for giving me this “pause” where I have actually sat down and thought about managing my day to day life. It definitely is a challenge to first form the habits and then applying them on a continuos basis. The top 3 take aways for me would include: – Do not procrastinate things, DO IT NOW – Control your thoughts, they make your action – Develop self  

    7Habits Participant – SBI Funds Management – April 2011
      Thank you for mailing in My Top 3 takeaways from the Workshop has be the idea of 1) First things first has been a very good idea to let in the bigger and more responsible things first and the smaller ones can always get in later. 2) Patience before you respond to smudgy and tight situations. 3) plan with the end in sight…thinking long term suits me so i thought that was key issue that was addressed. The best was to be part of a workshop which was interactive and the exercise of learning was missing from a long time 🙂  

    7Habits Participant – Srei Sahaj e-Village – April 2011
      Thank you It was indeed as much a renewing of the mind as I expected and wanted it to be. The facilitator was especially very impressive and while he was very patient and understanding what impressed me most was his deep intention to ensure that all participants got the most out of it by following the guidelines without any compromise. My 3 main takeaways were:
    • Getting reminded that Principles are the underlying governing factor.
    • The difference between Integrity & honesty…
    • To steadfastly focus on the big rocks and not to allow the small rocks to take valuable space in my life.
    I thank you once again and assure you that the efforts made by you and your team shall not go wasted in me.  

    4 Disciplines of Execution workshop Participant – Marks & Spencer – March 2011
      Thanks again for a fantastic workshop. The top three things that I took away:
    • Setting lead measures that you can instantly see with a clear scoreboard and reviewing if this is achieving my lag measure
    • Creating simple score boards that have impact and can be seen by your whole team
    • WIGs need time to set and are harder to decide than you think!
    We are already implementing our WIGs across the organisation we started at the top and are working our way down with final versions due on 20th April. Great course that we are really utilizing!  

    Leadership Participant – Marks & Spencer – March 2011
      Fantastic training given by you. Below mentioned are 3 leanings which will help me to be a good leader.
    • 13 Behaviors of High Trust leaders.
    • Inspire Trust/Clarify purpose.
    • Align System.

    7Habits Participant – TCS – March 2011
      The overall experience since I completed this program is really great, it seems life is revealing new dimensions at every moment and I am enjoying it.  

    Leadership Participant – InterGlobe – March 2011
      Thank you very much for enlightening us at such a wonderful experience. I would love to share my experience where I guarantee that this workshop will be fruitful throughout my life not only for my profession but in my personnel life also. The top three behaviors which I take:-
    • Demonstrate Respect : I take care for this in all my future activity.
    • Show Loyalty.
    • Listen First.
    I want to state that there were too much to learn, and it is difficult to choose. Thanks a lot  

    Leadership Participant – InterGlobe – March 2011
      FranklinCovey Team, First of all I would like to thank you for this highly informative, interactive & inspiring session. I can mention the learning from this session as below:
    • Importance & ways to enhance “TRUST” in a team.
    • Importance of “Clarity of Purpose”. How ‘Purpose’ is different from ‘Responsibilities’ or ‘Jobs to be done’ of a Deptt or Team.
    • Significance & way to define “Wildly Important Goals” and way of effective Execution.
    • Significance & Techniques to Unleash Talent of “Self” and “Team”.
    Implementation of Learning:
    • First step would be to exercise TRUST BUILDING with Team. Tool provided will be a great help in execution of this activity.
    • I will use the advised tools with each Team Leader in my Deptt for Communicating the “Purpose” for their respective domains. “Job to be done- Analyser” will help.
    • When Purpose is clear, we will define “WIG” & “Critical Activities” for each domain. To monitor Progress, Score Board will be designed & Reviewed time to time.
    • Guidelines from Voice Finder will help to understand strength & areas of improvement of Domain Heads in my team. Win- Win Agreement, an excellent tool for consolidating Goals, Measures & Deadlines, might be used.

    4 Disciplines of Execution workshop – Mphasis – March 2011
      4 DX – It is a prudent course scheduled at a most appropriate time as Mphasis undergoes turbulent change and how to Embrace change, this course helped a lot. As leaders what all strategic measures a leader need to focus on and how to implement the same by way of Inclusive growth and clean determined focus.  

    7Habits Participant – Godrej Hershey Limited – March 2011
      The motivating phrases I would be using on my peers would be “EXCELLENT JOB DONE” and pat him on his back for carrying out the given assignment with “ZERO DEFECTS”. In case of my SUPERIOR the phrase would be congratulations for the excellent support extended to the team for achieving the assigned objective and goal. As far as wasting energy is concerned, the main concern of mine is to get RIGHT PRODUCT MIX from FACTORY which is a hell bent exercise. To achieve this objective I as a MANAGER proactively plan well in advance my requirement the previous day itself which facilitates me to feed the market well in time.  

    Leadership Participant – InterGlobe – March 2011
      Thanks a lot! I would like to thank you to for enlightening us at such a wonderful time in our life. I would love to share my experience where I guarantee that this workshop will be fruitful throughout my life not only for my profession but as a person as well. Below mentioned are the top three take always which I have learnt from this workshop and which I want to implement into learning with my peers:
    • Identify the purpose (in profeesional and prsonal life) then only you will be able to move forward in +ve directions
    • Create trust in yourself and amongst your peers/team by way of your actions.
    • Have a scoreboard to measure your performance, have transparency in system and create a system which inspire for a self dicipline.
    and lot more learnings are there from the workshop…but to start with, I would like to implement the above said.  

    7Habits Participant – Zydus Cadila – March 2011
      Yes – I do understand that I must get most out of the time I have invested in the fabulous programme. I have taken a goal for coming 4 week to concentrate on
    • How I should make choices and not blaim circumstances.
    • How I should plan and see I am in Q 1 and Q 2.
    • How I should increase my circle of influence.
    Lots more… but the moment I think it is overwhelming… it is difficult but, surely working towards making life more balance and structured.  

    7Habits Participant – Cairn Energy India – March 2011
      First of all I must congratulate you for putting together such a good training programme. Though I had read the book earlier but after attending this training I could correlate thing in a better way. My top three take aways from the course were as under:
    • Weekly planning
    • Change begins from within
    • I have a freedom to choose my response to any situation.

    7Habits Participant – Akamai Technologies – March 2011
      Yes I loved the training; especially the simplicity & usability of it. Here are my 3 take-away:
    • The power of “freedom of choice” – by creating space between “Response” and “Stimulus”
    • The 4 quadrants of time-management & the importance of Q2
    • Most importantly, the strength of “Character Ethics” as basis of “Personality Ethics”

    7Habits Participant – M&M – March 2011
      The Workshop was truly an excellent experience for me. I had read gist of this famous booked long back. Based on that I had interpreted meaning of each habit. The workshop helped me to clarify many things, expanded the concept to broader aspect than I had thought-off. Your facilitation of excellent. I sincerely thank you for the contribution this programme has done to me.  

    7Habits Participant – Godrej Hershey Limited – March 2011
      Thanks! Thanks for an extra ordinary experience during the 2 days! The top three take-aways for me are:
    • Habit is formed by practicing it. So, the first take-away is, “If you don’t use it, you lose it!”
    • A small change in the angle of vision or approach changes the destination a great deal! “A rigid mind-set immobilizes. Little change in the angle, a paradigm shift and breaking away from the rigidity- then we have an entirely new world of opportunities waiting for us!!”
    • The 4 Quadrants. “Be proactive and have a focus to be a QII person!”
    It was difficult to choose only 3 as there are many others who may feel bad…!!  

    7Habits Participant – Hayleys Advantis – March 2011
      Since there are so many learnings, it was difficult to list just three. However, following are the most outstanding of the lot in my opinion.
    • Looking at issues from a positive perspective (effective paradigm)
    • Being Proactive
    • Putting first things first
    It is not that I didn’t know them before; the program helped me put them in better perspective. Something I also realised is that, in the interdependent environment that I’m in, the people who are close to me also need to tow the same line as me. So, instead of being selfish in my choices, I chose to educate them also and thereby obtain their support to make a real change in me. Towards that end I decided to make my wife my Accountability Partner and involve my children in my “Teach To Learn” exercises. I also briefed my direct reports about the learnings and what I expect from them to make myself more effective. Actually, one of them was also there in the program with me; so it wasn’t such a difficult task after all.  

    7Habits Participant – M&M – March 2011
      It was indeed a great experience;there is no age bar for the learning. I acknowledge the learning we gain was fantastic. I have started with Habit-1. I have discussed on Sunday with my wife also so that in personal life also I can implement and get full support of family; Will revert with the timely progress.  

    7Habits Participant – Syngene – March 2011
      1) This training is based on principles of life and can be implemented in professional as well as personal life. 2) This training talks about overall growth-professionally as well as personally. Most of the other trainings are oriented towards professional goals and company profit. 3) Course is written in very lucid and simple language. This makes it easy to understand. In general it is simple, easy to understand, and good to implement. I will try to follow these habits. It can not happen overnight. It is a continuous process. I will try to teach these values to my subordinates and group members. I will follow the point “Teach To Learn” described at the end of every habit in the handout.  

    7Habits Participant – M&M – March 2011
      The two days program was a wonderful learning experience. The weekly planning is in place and is working for me. Will keep sharing the updates.  

    7Habits Participant – Nomura – February 2011
      Stephen Thank you for creating such a powerful course. It was fantastic. My key three takeaways are:
    • Carry your own weather with you.
    • Maintain the production capability (PC) i.e. the health of your own mind and body and
    • Seek first to understand then to be understood. Simple sentence, very deep implications.

    7Habits Participant – AHMSI – February 2011
      Thanks a lot FranklinCovey Team. I have learnt a lot from 7 Habits and I am applying all habits in my day to day leadership skill. Once again thanks lot. You all are doing wonderful job.  

    Leadership Series Summit 2011 Participant
      Thank you once again for organizing a terrific learning session in Mumbai! The 3 days were a series of epiphanies for me and I am sure I will be able to apply those with great effect on my organization.  

    7Habits Participant – Coke University – January 2011
      First of all my sincere thanks for the informative & real effective session which I had the privilege to attend. There were lot of learnings which if practised, will make a vital difference in our approach & will also improve the desired results. I have already shared with my Boss about the key learnings which I will be implementing & will try to inculcate in my Team also for optimum results. First & foremost priority will be to make all the 3 Units of our Group to be SYSTEM driven, wherein the 1st habit will be really useful & effective. This is important because we tend to do lot of things at a time & usually miss out on the important work. This will help in attaining the best results without being panic at the last moment.  

    7Habits Open Workshop Participant – Parry Enterprises – January 2011
      I must confess I participated in your program “fully awake”(after a very long time where i used to get distracted) and its the sheer intensity of the subject and your handling of it…the discussions and interactions were engaging and thought provoking. Lot of take always for me the key one being the habits associated with managing myself. I even had a small chat with my boss telling him I will spare him from my little frustrations I had had about him. Have also recommended to send more of my colleagues for this program. Thanks once again for the insight into the traits of leadership. It was enriching experience.  

    7Habits Participant – Urban Infrastructure Venture Capital – January 2011
      Dear FC Team, Thanks for the wonderful two day workshop on 7 Habits of Effective People. I personally benefited a lot. My top three take away from the program are:
    • Idea of preparing on statement of purpose of life for different roles we live.
    • Teaching others enhances your own understanding of the subject.
    • Clarity on important aspects of “Trust, Listen to understand others first than to be understood by others, Four Quadrants of Important and Urgent characteristics of the tasks”
    To be candid, it looks that we know all what was said in 7Habit workshop. However, deeper understanding and applicability came only when it was discussed, elaborated and demonstrated through videos etc. I am choosing my wife as mentor and also to “teach her” to improve my understanding of the 7 Habits.  

    7Habits Participant – Public Program – January 2011
      Just a feedback… You guys are amazing!!!!!… These mails really help your training to be effective. 🙂  

    Aon Hewitt Participant – December 2010
      Hope you are in fine fettle and just wanted to thank you again for conducting putting up such a nice session in Aon Hewitt and am sure that will a life changing event for some of us who were there. All I can say is that you are touching many lives by conducting these session. Keep igniting!  

    7Habits Participant – AON Hewitt – December 2010
      This was a wonderful experience. The training is excellent and very very useful. It is now just that we need to use it in our life and get to practice the first 3 habits. I have started the first one but not that much in control. The weekly check list is a good thing. I have followed on it but again… missing out on much of them. Still getting a hang and trying to push this in my life.  

    7Habits Participant – Public Program – December 2010
      It was indeed a great program that I attended. I have attended several programs on self development. Nothing like this one, which I am sure if practiced will yield phenomenal results. I was slightly sceptical about nominating myself about the program given the kind of mind sets in attending such seminars, but the way it was put forward, made good sense. I feel the way I feel is also because of the facilitator who was highly motivated and energetic that made the difference.  

    7Habits Participant – Qwest Telecom – December 2010
      Apart from these there were lot of stuff I understood, the mistakes I have been doing in day to day life in both personal and professional fronts. I can see relationships getting better even less than 48 hrs after the training completed. It has taught me to introspect, to look inside me rather than looking outside and finding faults in others. I can write a big email on the take aways. It was not just a session providing some preachings, but was a set of hits on the thought foundation which has shattered the basis of thinking. I would say it was hitting on the raw nerve. Thanks a lot. You guys are transforming lives.  

    Leadership Participant – TCS – December 2010
      “Be a Pioneer in everything you do” is what I remember from the conversation. It was Sep, 2007 and my boss had just returned from “Annual Business Relationship Managers Conference” held in Miami Florida. The conference is a gala affair attracting TCS business managers from all corners of North America and is also attended by India Leadership Team. It was here, Erik Weihenmayer the distinguished guest and speaker delivered his speech the spellbound the audience. An accomplished climber, Erik Weihenmayer became the only blind man in the history of the world to reach the summit of the world’s highest peak – Mount Everest on May 25, 2001. One of the premier motivational speakers in the world, Erik is a source of inspiration for thousands of us who feel frustrated even due to minor setbacks. I see Erik as a role model to grow and adapt with the environment to achieve something greater. In our personal and professional life, we have to climb many big or small mountains. Being blind to these obstacles and yet coming out as a winner is challenging yet not impossible. Our perspective can make mountains out of moles and yet make mountains into moles. Agility and strong will are the hiking boots to scale the trek and be successful in all the endeavors. I also attended the “The 4 roles of Leadership” workshop on Dec 17-18 2010 by FranklinCovey organization conducted as part of Leadership Program in Bangalore, India. The best thing about the program was the unity and wholesomeness harmonizing mind, body, soul and seeping its spirit to the multi dimensional aspect of each individual’s life. Awe Inspiring point of the program was the simplicity and overall goodness that nurtures participants. It not only teaches about what it takes to how to be a great leader but also how to “lead” a good life. Coincidently it is said to lead a life and not to live a life. The, program faculty had a unique way of connecting with the participants. He made learning fun and easy through effective and efficient use of several inspiring and thoughtful videos, course content and relevant live examples. His experiments on interactive learning by inviting participants for debriefing sessions were a true example of empowerment and leading from the sideline. The scope of the program is limitless. Its spirit unfolding in all aspects of leadership, like a wave of happiness reaching and touching lives positively of all the employees. The program helps to spread wellness and satisfaction to achieve personal and professional goals.  

    7Habits Participant – RCP – December 2010
      We have had a wonderful 3 days of exploring ourselves through the 7 habits signature programme (thanks to trainer who did an exemplary job…kudos to him). If it looks fine to all of you, I thought of forming this informal group within ourselves where we can keep all of us updated on the usefulness of this programme in our lives both professionally and personally… let’s call the group the “First RIL 7 Habits Group”. If you are upto it please keep sending the Group any useful tips/ happenings/ changes that has come into your life to make it more meaningful due to the learning’s out of this programme. These could act as triggers / positive stimuli / giving direction to our exploration as we go along…  

    7Habits Participant – RCP – December 2010
      Yes indeed it was a wonderful program, infact I felt, had it been given 10 years earlier then I would have been a different person today. Buts its never late. Thanks to FC team. Thanks for your this initiative too.  

    7Habits Participant – Cognizant – November 2010
      Hi, It is a Wonderful training program I ever attended and eye opener program as well. My take away from this program is not just 3 but all the habits.  

    7Habits Participant – Uninor – November 2010
      Three benefits which I wish to share with you are as follows:
    • I can decide in a more efficient manner for my priorities using Habit-3 Take first thing first. I really understood & I can apply Urgent-Important matrix to any situation I came across with. I can plan my days, weeks, months for my family & friends.
    • Habit-5 Seek to be understand, and then to be understood clears a lot in understanding others ideas/perspective. I understood importance of listening. Habit-5 can cause a Paradigm change.
    • Habit-4 Think Win-Win is most important since It covers our relationship with our loving ones & those with whom we spend our most of the time.
    That is all for current exercise but I truly gained a lot than this from the Workshop. With Best Wishes, Believe me.  

    7Habits Participant – Hewitt – October 2010
      These follow-up e-mails are a great tool for keeping the pulse alive. Though, I’ve not responded to any of the previous e-mails but at least i’m trying to keep up and recall as much as I can. I have shared the learnings with my team and peers. All of them appreciated without any exceptions!  

    7Habits Participant – Hewitt – October 2010
      I thoroughly enjoyed the training as it helped me open up to other’s perspective. The cream of the training was when we discussed about the role and goal that helped us frame our mission statement. The Big Rock concept helps me stay clear of my vision for the week/month.  

    7Habits Participant – IBM Daksh – October 2010
      This was the most effective training one can ever have, I have took away many things from this training. But the below are the most effective ones.
    • Being Proactive
    • Thinking Win-Win Situation
    • Sharpen the Saw. (Able to think better now in handling things)

    Focus Participant – Dialog Axiata – October 2010
      I wanted to thank you for your presentation on the 14th of October at Dialog Axiata’s Training Centre. You kept our attention I think, certainly my attention throughout the day which is something very good speakers do, I have been lucky to come across some of them. Thanks.  

    7Habits Participant – Lakson Tobacco – October 2010
      Wonderful experience. What ever planned was working and some contigencies plans coming onto road to get other things done. After all, its working. Happy to do these practices.  

    7Habits Participant – Allied Bank Limited – October 2010
      This workshop very useful for us, we have been late but since end of workshop we have started implementation of these habits in our life, thanks for follow up.  

    7Habits Participant – HCL Infosystems – September 2010
      It is nice experience. By having these basic principles enhanced and also teaching these to my family members, I feel the easyness in managing and maintaining the “work life balance”. Also I am sharing these with some of team members at work area also. Thanks to the Organisation which gave me the chance to know about the 7 habits which I strongly believe it is most effective in life. Will keep mailing about the practice.  

    7 Habits Participant – Nomura Services India Private Limited – September, 2010
      The ‘Train the Trainer’ session was unlike any that I’ve attended before as it was a one-on-one session with personal attention. The FranklinCovey Master trainer was full of experience & knowledge in relation to the subject which came out through his personal stories, examples & situations. The session had a unique flow to it with review on videos, debrief pointers & key messages to be brought out from the audience perspective. More than a training I count this as an experience in itself which was made rich with insights & examples. I’m grateful to the FranklinCovey Master Trainer for having given me this experience & for sharing candidly every experience on “7 Habits for Highly Effective People”. This experience has equipped me to conduct the training with ease & confidence.  

    7Habits Participant – MERCER – August 2010
      The learning from my workshop helped me list down the activities which fall under my circle of influence vs. circle of concern. Two important activities which I picked up in my circle of influence were – Knowledge Management and Retention of Resources. I started working towards these and am already seeing results. There are lots of learning from this workshop which are helping me improve with these constantly residing at the back of my mind.  

    7Habits Participant – Castrol India Limited – August 2010
    • My sincere thanks for arranging & imparting training on The 7Habits of Highly Effective People & showing us the way forward to make our professional & personal life more effective & meaningful.
    • I accept the challenge thrown by you during the session to honour the contract signed & to complete the same in a specified period to bring 7 Habits to my daily life.
    • Am sure this will make me more effective & focussed to have sustained superior performance.
    At last, a big thanks once again to you for taking us to a 3 days journey which was most beautiful & unexplored till now.  

    7Habits Participant – Medtronic – August 2010
      It was really a great experience to have such a program which is indeed very useful. What I found is, I am doing most of the things unknowingly, but with this program, upon implementation I know what am I doing and I have complete awareness about my activities. I can do systematically, organize my self which will definitely improve my outcomes. I thank you and your team for providing us such an extraordinary program which was filled with fun, learning and eye opening facts about life. I liked the examples you quoted which are very much related to our life. I also liked the way you took us slowly and made us explore our hidden potential. “The Mission of my life”, I wrote without much effort. Really it was an exciting program of its kind. All this excitement will continue only if I apply in my daily life, for which I need your support initially.  

    4Disciplines of Execution Participant – Mphasis – August 2010
      This was an excellent workshop and am happy to undergo this.  

    7Habits Participant – MERCER – July 2010
      It has been a wonderful experience with this program. I look forward to completing my assignments.My top three take aways are
    • Be proactive (control reactions in even the worst situations)
    • Practice habit one in office and in personal life.
    • Count every situation where I have an opportunity to apply this habit but did not. Consider how I should have dealt the situation.

    Focus Participant – Saint Gobain – July 2010
      It was a great work shop we could learn lot of things. Focus, goal setting and Time mangement which is very useful for us for our daily activities.  

    7Habits Participant – Orange Business Services – July 2010
      First of all would like to thank you for such a fantastic training and an experienced / energetic trainer:) My most important take aways from the training were:
    • Being proactive
    • Put first things first
    • Think Win Win
    I have set constant reminders for myself to practice these habits in my day to day life. Also, my spouse is constantly reminding me of the same so that I can improve:)  

    American Home Mortgage Servicing India Private Limited. – July 2010
      It was indeed an learning experience while attending the said programme or let me put it as a blend of knowledge and know-how of the machines called as Humans. It is often perceived that Management sessions are guide to get the work done in a better way, just as the definition of management says so but this session was all about first managing yourself via various methodology which we normally oversee following them and then eventually sharpening the saw. I am so much involved in these habits that I did read the 8th Habit and the trip is just going high and high. Thanks once again to the management of AHMSI for arranging this session and to you for guiding us to seek for the simple yet hidden habits to lead a better equilibrium life.  

    7Habits Participant – IDFC Ltd. – June 2010
      It was the great workshop to learn how to implement these habits into real life. The examples, videos shown by you were provided clear picture about the results. The biggest take away is diff between imp. It will help to do better time mgmt. Win-win agreement and synergy also help to build healthy relationship / team.  

    Coaching workshop participant – Dulsco – June 2010
      I am glad and honored to be part of the coaching family, and do look forward to joining all of you in effectively serving our community. The feedback session was one of its kind and I have learnt so much from it. The report is useful and have taken onboard the areas for development. I must really appreciate the skillful way in which you played the role of a client and the value you have added to me as an assessor. Finally, it would be extremely unfair if I do not commend LKC group for bringing this program to us, ensuring that we have the best team onboard and building such rigor into the program. I have taken back much more than I could have imagined in the wildest of my dreams. your trainer was one of the best trainers I have ever come across and would love to work with them in the near future too.  

    4DX Participant – June 2010
      This workshop was useful in realizing(aware) my goals and as well help in realization of(achieve) my goals. Third one is that it will help me analyze where I can improve by going through the past records written in my diary.  

    7Habits Participant – Cognizant – April 2010
      This program was really useful for my personal and professional growth. My take away from this program is how to become a proactive person and face problems patiently. How to control Emotional intelligence (my feelings). I am implementing all these habits in my personal and professional life. It shows me tremendous improvement.  

    7Habits Participant – AHMSI Participant – April 2010
      It was an excellent workshop that I have attended. In fact the best one. I have been practicing the same at work. I have started with chapter number 1 that is being proactive rather than being reactive and its working wonders for me. I have been appreciated from my seniors and even my team members for being proactive. I would keep you posted as when i start working towards the second chapter.  

    7Habits Participant – GPIL India – March 2010
      I would say thanks for been with us and spended unforgettable moment of 7 habits, hope that was beginning of the relation and foundation of looking life too. You are absolutely awesome to conveying your thought, it would take years to understand things but the moment you understood is basically a second or less than that, sometime we say realisation. Hope you are sharing pleasure with people while doing so. I also want to be alike you and doing the same too.  

    7Habits Participant – WABAG – March 2010
      Our sincere appreciation to you from all participants, self & Management for giving LEX 2010-Wabag’s flagship prog on Leadership Excellence a flying start, with your valuable insights & inputs, methodology adopted in conducting the signature program – 7 Habits truly energizing, focussed & relevant & making the interactions an enriching experience. Your ability to connect the signature program, with your introduction on research findings on Leadership building globally & getting the buy in from the participants was indeed commendable. We believe the participants will now get fully into sharing the learnings with members of their teams & start practicing this in their daily lives. Going through the 360 survey, I find the findings very apt for all those who took efforts to complete their group of 9. We now need to take this forward with a road map of individual development plan on areas they need to work on, when we start their Executive coaching session after the 2nd program.  

    6th YI National Summit: Leadership – Dream to Reality
      On behalf of Young Indians, I thank you for your presence and address at the just concluded “6th Yi National Summit, Leadership – Dream to Reality”. We appreciate the efforts taken by you to provide an enriching experience for the participants. The intensity of the discussion and interaction with the delegates created a unique character and a sustained energy at the Summit till the very end. The feedback from the participants has been extremely encouraging. Your personal presence certainly made a difference to the Summit. We look forward to your support in our future activities. CEO- Overseas Indian Facilitation Centre & Head- CII’s Young Indians Confederation of Indian Industry  

    Leadership Workshop Participant – OPI – January 2010
      I was drafting a mail an hour back for that wonderful training and there you are ahead of us. That what great leaders are all about. I have a lot of queries on my understanding, not on the training. I will start unwinding those as and when I complete a chapter. Hope that’s fine. I read a lot of spiritual/philosophical books, trying to link what I’ve learnt there and what was trained by you last week. Will come out with questions if it’s within the scope of the follow up… Or else, I’ll have to extend the trust with you that you have built in the past 3 days!! Thanks once again. A memorable one indeed.  

    Morgan Stanley Certified Trainer Participant for Time Management – January 2010
      I am convinced that the great reviews are because of the Program content – so relevant and realistic – everyone relates to it. Appreciate your continuous support on this important initiative.  

    ECT Observed session feedback – January 2010
      Many thanks for your kind words and feedback. As a matter of fact, a big thank you to you as the value addition on this program has been exceptional. Sincere appreciation to Rajan and Ajay as well for their contribution. Thank you once again for offering this wonderful experience.  

    Morgan Stanley Certified Trainer Participant for Time Management – January, 2010
      I am convinced that the great reviews are because of the Program content – so relevant and realistic – everyone relates to it. Appreciate your continuous support on this important initiative.  

    S.C.E.R.T. Certified Trainer Participant, Govt. of Chhattisgarh – January 2010
      How should I thank for the ecstacy you have given to me? Today I completed my 8th batch of training in 7 habits.., more than 160 participants in all. When participants thank me, I express gratitude to FranklinCovey from the depth of my heart.  

    7Habits Participant – Dresser Rand – December 2009
      Thanks for creating wonderful program. I had an opportunity to attend few of the other programs but this one was excellent.  

    7Habits Participant – Vodafone – December 2009
      This one has been extremely impactful. Reiterates quite a few of the basics and forces tons of introspection.  

    7 Habits Participant – S.C.E.R.T. Certified Trainer Participant, Govt. of Chhattisgarh – January, 2010
      How should I thank for the ecstasy you have given to me? Today I completed my 8th batch of training in 7 habits, more than 160 participants in all. When participants thank me, I express gratitude to FranklinCovey from the depth of my heart.  

    7Habits Participant – Druk Holding & Investment Ltd – December 2009
      I am very delighted to have attended the training on 7 habits of highly effective people and for that, i thank my Director for the opportunity given ton for the wonderful and interactive worshop that he presented. It was really helpful and realistic. Some of the important things that mattered most to me are: 1. Be Proactive: I shall henceforth plan in advance what i will be doing in the next day, week and the month.I shall have my daily,weekly and the monthly schedule prepared and also suggest my colleagues and the juniors to maintain such pre-schedules. 2. Understand to be understood: Never give my comments, feedbacks, suggestions,ideas,etc before knowing the full and the exact story and try to maintian a win-win situation for both parties. 3. Be in Quadrant II matrix and try to maintain my position in it for eternity. Hope the workshop i attended creates a win-win situation for Me and the Franklincovey team.  

    7Habits Train The Trainer Participant – Wipro – December 2009
      This is to put on record the successful completion of TTT at Wipro. Appreciate the hard work the master trainer has put during the 3 days at Wipro. He was able to strike a chord with all the trainers at Wipro and he was able to not only live but exceed our expectations. The number of examples he gave were so many for each habit that I think the trainers may not be able to exhaust them in one or two years. The examples also had good variety. Some were light and some in depth that can be used by trainers depending on the type of participants. Since most trainers were very senior trainers it was not easy for someone to match their level but the master trainer was able to show them ways they will need to mould themselves to meet the structure and process of 7 Habits program very nicely. Lastly I would like to mention that the master trainers showed tremendous patience to ensure that each trainer gets the concepts clear even while other trainers who understood were trying to push thru in some situations. Wipro looks forward to working closely with FranklinCovey. Wish you all a very merry Christmas and our wishes are with you as you grow Franklin Covey and meet your vision.  

    7Habits Train The Trainer Participant – Wipro – December 2009
      It was fantastic having you over at Wipro. The expectations I had and the apprehensions I came with were suitably cleared and am certain the journey of 7 habits is going to be a revealing one from me.  

    7Habits Participant – Reed Elsevier – December 2009
      I would like to thank you for the excellent workshop which helped to rediscover myself. Three takeaways from the workshop includes few practices which I would like to implement both in personal and work place:
    • Implementing and understanding empathetic approach in my work place and personal life
    • Prioritizing and planning both in work and personal life. Focusing on implementation of Quadrant 2.
    • I would say above all having mission for myself and how I want my friends, colleagues and relatives to look at me after I retire or a certain period of time. I would want all of them to speak and think good about me – would like to work towards that as a goal.

    7Habits Participant – Cognizant – December 2009
      It was really a great and very learning experience. 7 habits are very much capable of changing the confidence,outlook and effectiveness of a person. My experience is very good so far. 7 habits is really helping me a lot. Now i am allocated to a project. So a lot of pressure and at the same time i have to continue my study on the respective domain. But let me tell you these simple 7 habits is helping me a lot to strike a balance between my personal life and professional life. Not only this it helps alot to improve the quality of your professional as well as professional life. A sense of confidence i am feeling.It also helps in building a healthy professional relationship with my office colleague. So thanks a lot for giving me the oppurtuinity for becoming a part of this highly effective and learning session which will definitely help me throughout my life.  

    7Habits Managers Participant – Tafe – December 2009
      Programme was a very good experience for me and has thrown a new approach in working atmosphere. I have come to know some of very usefull tools in Resource Founder, work compass, Third alternative finder & work compass .Though I was aware of Priority quadrants but fact is that most of time was being spent on Q3 & Q4, where as I should not have been spending even a second in Q4. I am very much thank full for this wonder full experience to you. However in the back of mind, there is although that I may loose track or these learning’s may take back seat, when we get back to our daily routine. But with your mails, reminders I am sure that I will be able to inculcate these learnings into my habbit so that these things become routine for me.  

    7Habits Participant – Eppendorf India – December 2009
      It has been a wonderful experience in the past weeks that took me through several thought processes with very well designed tools to sharpen my abilities to become an effective Manager. Though initially I had my routine which did not allow me sufficient time to use the tools, I made sure that unless I start with, I am not in the path of getting to be an effective manager. This thought has made me use few of the tools that has now become my routine. Of all the seven habits, I am very much impressed and experiencing with Habit 5 and Habit 6, namely Seek first to Understand and then to be Understood and Synergize. But overall it was a very different experience and I really enjoyed the entire course.  

    7Habits Participant – Bhutan Government – December 2009
      I am really experiencing lot of benefits out of this wonderful program. I will let you know some of my experiences. You will be happy to know them. May be I will seek some help as well. Thank you for continuing to support. The case studies are wonderful.  

    7Habits Participant – Crompton Greaves Limited – December 2009
      Thanks, really this is a very great and useful workshop. It will help me to enhance my performance excellence. All the 7 habits are very useful and I am committed to implement all.  

    7 Habits Participant – Wipro – December, 2009
      It was fantastic having you over at Wipro. The expectations I had and the apprehensions I came with were suitably cleared and am certain the journey of 7 habits is going to be a revealing one from me.  

    7 Habits Participant – Cognizant – December, 2009
      Want to sincerely thank you for all the assistance during my stay for the program. The proof of the pudding is in eating and the delivery proved this right. Was definitely not at all surprised at the depth of your knowledge which came with the long association but what stood out more clearly was the ease at which you put the participants. You were ‘aggressively assertive’ with lot of fun.  

    7 Habits Participant – Wipro – December, 2009
      This is to put on record the successful completion of TTT at Wipro. Appreciate the hard work the master trainer has put during the 3 days at Wipro. He was able to strike a chord with all the trainers at Wipro and he was able to not only live but exceed our expectations. The number of examples he gave were so many for each habit that I think the trainers may not be able to exhaust them in one or two years. The examples also had good variety. Some were light and some in depth that can be used by trainers depending on the type of participants. Since most trainers were very senior trainers it was not easy for someone to match their level but the master trainer was able to show them ways they will need to mold themselves to meet the structure and process of 7 Habits program very nicely. Lastly I would like to mention that the master trainers showed tremendous patience to ensure that each trainer gets the concepts clear even while other trainers who understood were trying to push thru in some situations. Wipro looks forward to working closely with FranklinCovey. Wish you all a very merry Christmas and our wishes are with you as you grow Franklin Covey and meet your vision.  

    7 Habits Participant – British High Commission – December,2009
      Hope you are well. I wanted to write to you regarding my home work (7 habits). I have made a deposit in my emotional bank account. I have called one of old friends in the UK. Actually she misplaced one of my bags that was supposed to be delivered through her to my aunt in the UK. I did not like the way she reacted even after the loss of my baggage. It was a lot of embarrassment for me too from my aunt. So I decided to never talk to her. Later she tried to talk to me, I did not. I have called my friend finally few days ego. After speaking to her, I feel bad for being so stubborn and not wanting to know her all these days. We had a good laugh and forgave each other’s behaviours. Its a good feeling. Cutting the long story short, thanks to [the trainer] and the 7 Habits. Also Many thanks again, the team dynamics us have been good.  

    7Habits Participant – DBS – December 2009
      The 7 habits training has changed my perspective in terms of looking at things, and how to be organized in life, to believe in actual facts rather than perceptions. Thank you for enlightening me.  

    Focus Workshop Participant from Clariant – December 2009
      Thank you! The programme was fruitful…very well structured format by the Covey team. Nice to have such programme made available to employees to better their performance.  

    Tafe Participant 7Habits for Managers and Execution Program – Dec 09
      At the outset, once again on behalf of my colleagues in TMTL, I wish to thank FranklinCovey and especially you for the wonderful program devised and imparted to us on

    The 7 Habits for Managers
    and on

    Closing The Execution Gap
    . We assure you of the effective implementation of our learning through this program.  

    Tafe participant of 7Habits for Managers – November 2009
      Programme was very useful. Infact we have used the tool “Hidden Resource Finder” in a workshop held in Rajasthan with our team and dealer team. Quite interesting. Thanks and Regards  

    7Habits Participant – Delta Energy Systems – October 2009
      Accept my heartiest thanks for imparting such a great learning, touching our hearts, and guiding us to face personal and professional choices with confidence and dignity. The complete course content has been a wonderful learning experience.  

    7 Habits Participant – Bank Alfalah Ltd. in Pakistan – Oct 09
      The program was a wonderful experience for me and I have not only benefitted a lot from it but it has also improved my thinking about professional and personal effectiveness. The most impressive features which I am focusing on are:
    • Understanding the other person’s views
    • Prioritizing issues with the Time Matrix by realizing the difference between urgency and importance of tasks
    • Focusing on personal weaknesses and working on ways to overcome those
    Implementation of the effectiveness traits in a way that helps others adopt them involves theoretical explanation of the ideas and is fortified by practical demonstration. I believe that once a team trusts its leader’s professional capabilities and realizes his effectiveness, following his path becomes a natural consequence for them.  

    TAFE HR Department – Feedback given in September, workshop conducted in August 2009
      I would like to share with you that this particular program of 7 Habits has had a very high recall in terms of its content. I have even observed that participants keep discussing amongst each other some of the points that were taught when they meet each other till date. Some of them are sincerely trying to practice what the program has taught them in their daily lives.  

    Al Carey, CEO of Frito Lay on The Speed of Trust Program
      Al Carey, CEO of Frito Lay, called The Speed of Trust “the best program” in his 28-year career at Pepsi.  

    Leadership Program – PWC Participant – August 2009
      It was a wonderful programme over the 3 days in August… I thoroughly enjoyed the learnings, which according to me have only started. I think the course is very well designed and thought through – It is very much practice-oriented, considering that we have a defined action plan for the next 6 months! I intend to vehemently implement the action plan over the next 6 months and make the programme my ‘muscle memory’!  

    7 Habits of Highly Effective People – PWC Participant – August 2009
      I wanted to thank you personally for spending three wonderful days with us. The sessions made us reflect on what we do and what we should do better. I hope to implement the learnings over the next six months and expect to be in regular touch with you.  

    Focus Program – Deutsche Bank Participant – August 2009
      I had the good fortune of attending the FOCUS session you conducted this Month. Its been exactly 21 days and my 25th hour is becoming a reality. The planner is useful, I tend to fall back on it a lot. I am not using it to its fullest capacity, but I’m getting there. Drafting the top three governing values wasn’t easy. Honestly, the program has stayed with me and I find it adding more perspective to my original planning style. I hope to write back to you (and I will) when my values are well defined and my planning success rate (yes I am measuring it) is higher than 98%.  

    7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Airtel Participant – August 2009
      Definitely its one of the best training programme I have ever had in my last 10 years of professional experience, I enjoyed every bit of it and i am confident it would transform my life…..  

    Coach Training Participant – July 2009
      First of all let me express my sincere delight for knowing that I have the opportunity to connect with you for life time where you will be my Mentor Coach. I am truly happy for this privilege. I actually thought when I signed for this program that the fees are really very very high. But today I feel it otherwise. The value of learning cannot be calculated in terms of money. But by our human standards if it has to be money, then your commitment and structure is far more valuable. I mean it. Thanks for your guidance about the assignments coming to me. I have taken all the due note and shall act strictly accordingly. Sir, I have one more thought to share with you. It is absolutely nice to know that one must be Mindful. But how??? And I have shared this concern with quite a number of managers in the HR area. It is well known that Self Awareness is the building block of learning but in all the programs that I have attended including the ones by TMI and other organizations, I found the foundation very weak. I am all open to make a presentation with your team of trainers for a day, if you feel it prudent. This is coming out of great insight I had when I did the 7 Habits Program. I have understood that my mission is “To Create an Emotionally Intelligent Society”. Earlier I had this block that people will copy my presentations and I will become redundant, now this fear is getting lesser and lesser, although to be true, not gone all together. I just remember a autograph one of my classmates had jotted in my slam book in class 10th. It reads, ” Knowledge is proud that it knows so much, Wisdom is humble that it knows no more”. You truly exemplify this glory. Thanks a lot again.  

    Toyota Motors Participant for 7Habits for Managers workshop – August 09
      The following points are the top areas which I started following as a priority after my training. 1) Put the First Things First. For this I am using the Time Matrix tool and Work compass. I started from 10th Aug. ’09 only. I will continue the same. 2) Circle of Influence. I started focusing on What I /We can do with our R & I instead of excuses. In the beginning the response from my team was not encouraging, but week by week steady progress happening.Since for all concern issues I started with the sheet Hidden resource finder, my team also slowly following this. 3) First to understand, then to be understood. I started listening more now, instead of imposing my ideas on my team. Through this, our colleagues and subordinates share frankly there ideas and follow them seriously that will assure the results. 4) No need to manage the people, People manage themselves. I am making my expectations and guideline to follow, Making people follow their own style to meet the expectations following the given guidelines. Like this my journey started step by step.  

    Deutsche Bank AG Participant – August 2009
      Thanks for the wonderful session we had last week on 7 Habits. This was definitely a different training / workshop I had ever attended which has / will have an impact on my professional as well as personal life.  

    Medtronic Participant July 2009
      I would like to state that this was one of the best workshop ever I had attened durig my career. This has given lots of Heights and insight about the habits. All the 7 habits are equally important but some interesting or either way I can put that this three are more need to practice in my life 1) Be proactive, 2)Put First things First, 3) Seek to understand then to be understood. I should Practice these habits to make myself to change the views about the professional and personal life.  

    TITAN Participant – June 2009
      7 Habits program was just “Excellent!.” Usefulness of 7 Habits and its understanding. Video examples shown in the program are so close to life for every human. Hence the habits and learning’s are now in practice.  

    Cognizant Participant – May 2009
      This indeed making positive change in my personal & professional life. Keeping regular practice of habits will take longer time to adjust but results so-far are comparable with past. Many thanks for follow-up and making me part of the communication.  

    Public Program Participant – May 2009
      After the FranklinCovey workshop, I have found a sea change in myself. Now, even when my boss spits fire on me, I choose to convert the flames to icy breeze because I can choose to have my own stimulus! I have also started focusing on my circle of influence. I dont back bite others because FranklinCovey says not to do so and I feel guilty about it. Above all, I am at great peace with my self, inspite of so much of work pressure, I am happy, because I choose to be so.  

      The experience has been good. I carried out the planned actions (7 Habits Contract) for week 1 & Week 2 as well. Currently in Week 3. I listened to the AUDIO CD once (as part of Week 1 activity) – and that was a very good recap of the training. I felt that we should hear it every week if possible – for a period of time – so that the advice gets ingrained in us. If we are able to do that, then after some time, each time we deviate from the ‘habits’ our inner voice (or Covey’s voice for that matter) would immediately remind us to put the ‘habit’ to practice. We can also keep a measure of how many times we deviated from the ‘habits’, and then try to reduce it to ZERO every week / day / hour… Metrics maintained this way, should clearly ‘discipline’ us to follow the habits, and make us effective. I am tracking my progress on the 7 habits contract on the site itself.  

    7 Habits Participant – April 09
      Thanks for your follow up. As a participant I am more than convinced about your conviction shown in the strong follow up system. This is amazing… Kudos for this.  

      Thanks for your email, following up about my life’s best practice (7 Habits). Life now seems interesting for me, I plan each week in advance, try to make this practice as my habit and I was teaching it to my family, relatives and friends. My next habit starts next week and I will try my best to implement it into my practical life. Thank you so much for your interesting teaching and guidance.  

    GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Participant – Feb 09
      There are many learnings from this workshop. This workshop is the best I have attended so far. 1) Do not look towards others for everything you want to do it. i.e. increase the diameter of inner circle of influence. 2) Write a personnel mission statement to reach out there, without any deviation in the path. 3) I would like to transform myself to be more effective human being than what I was. I would like use the 7th habit as a guideline for this.  

    7 Habits Participant in Mumbai workshop – Feb 09 from Barbados, West Indies
      I wanted to drop you a short note to thank you for your guidance in the 7 Habits course. It was a pleasure meeting you and I hope that we maintain contact going forward. The experience will always be a part of my memories having attended the course in India, a boast that very few can match from my side of the world.  

    Clariant Chemicals Participant – Feb 2009
      At the outset, let me thank you on behalf of all my colleagues for the enlightening experience during the 3-day training on Greatness from 2nd to 4th February at Lonavala. The reason that I never tire to repeatedly sit through 3 days of 7 Habits or Greatness because each time, I experience a new dimension and perspective of these profound subjects. Your teaching style and methodology takes us to an altogether new high! What stands out in your technique is the incisiveness of your approach and the depth to which your scalpel goes into the concepts without touching the raw nerve! The ease with which you are able to delve deep into the recesses of -meanings-, leaves the participant basking in the bliss of the profoundness of each idea! It is this depth of understanding the true meaning that brings out to the participant the richness & wealth of a concept. Essentially, there are two approaches while teaching -breadth & depth. Both are necessary. However, the aim of teaching being basically to enable the participants to quickly grasp meaning, time and speed is of essence. Since time is short, speed becomes critical. While aiming for speed, one must be mindful of the risk of derailment. And while going deep one cannot get lost in the depth. The ease with which you have taught us through a balance of speed, depth and quality makes your effort remarkable with a distinct technique & style. I am looking forward to participating in many more programs with you. May your path be always lit by the Great ones.  

    Clariant Chemicals Participant – Feb 2009
      Thank you very much for your support & hand holding. The training was great, while this 7 week process has been equally rewarding. Yes, changing PARADIGM, has changed behavior and given me results. More so, it makes everyone around me positive and happy.  

    CRISIL Limited – Feedback post the Leadership Program
      The feedback received from subordinates and peers in the form filled before the session was quite enlightning and helps in correcting any errors in ones style of functioning. After the session, have signed up a contract of deliverables with my team which helps increase focus on critical areas. Have instructed them to do the same with their subordinates. The process of mentoring gives more scope to learn due to the constant exchange of ideas and helps build on relationship/s.  

    Clariant 7Habits Participant
      The program was excellent and has provided deep insight of Personal and Professional goals, way forward, in life. Many participants said that they hoped they attended this program atleast 10 years ago. We were very much impressed by your methodology of conducting the sessions. We never felt overloaded and smoothly sailed through with concepts and learning. THANKS A LOT from all of us!!  

    Ester Industries Limited participant – Leadership Program – December 08
      At the very outset I would like to congratulate you for conducting the Leadership Workshop from 1st to 3rd December 08 in the most magnificent, effective and professional manner. I am sure that after undergoing this 3-Day Workshop we will be able to act and perform in a way as Great Leader is expected to perform. The Whole-Person Paradigm indicating Mind, Heart, Body and Spirit was taught in excellent manner keeping in mind the existing systems prevailing in various organisations. I am certain that everybody went wise after this Workshop. No doubt, FranklinCovey is one of the best Professional Companies to conduct such Leadership Training Programmes / Workshops, and indeed we were very fortunate to get this opportunity to be a part of this Workshop.  

    Interra – 7 Habits Participant – November 2008
      I am writing to thank you for a wonderful workshop that you conducted for the Seven Habits Program. I learnt a lot. Your knowledge and control of the subject was awesome. We specially liked your training style. Specially the time we spent together after the session on the second day was very insightful. Thank you for your time. Your support and examples in the training session were very powerful. Inspired by you and what I learnt in the seven habits I have taken a step forward and attended the Coach Training Program of Results Coaching. I have returned from Bangalore this morning totally charged up and wanting to see life in a new light.  

    New Holland Participant – Great Leaders Program – November 2008
      It was a privilege to be a part of the follow up session on leadership conducted by you. I am really impressed with the depth of your knowledge and your ability to effortlessly communicate your ideas with conviction. I am a marketing professional with over 18 years of experience in Channel management and customer service. Self learning and development have always been my top priority.  

    Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas Participant – October 2008
      Thank you very much for conducting the 7 Habits Program. I found the program to be immensely useful. As we discussed during the lunch break, I have been a great fan & beneficiary of 7 Habits and have read the book many times over, very keenly since the year 2001.  

    Participant at workshop of Hyderabad International Convention Centre & Novotel Hyderabad – Nov 08
      At the outset I would like to thank you for taking us through the journey of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The way you delievered the program was wonderful and definitely it will change way of our life. Thanks for moulding our life in little way.  

    Ericsson Participant – Oct 2008
      Let me take this opportunity to tell you personally that I had great 2 days of training, something that leaves me with the thought “The two days taught me that the years may not have”. Now that I find myself looking down the path of introspection & action there is a lot which may come to mind during the next few weeks and in that regard may I trouble you by speaking or better still meeting if convenient to you. Finally it was a pleasure.  

    Agilent Participant
      I received the planning kit and thanks for the same. When I just started using it and when I started planning for this week, before planning I was under the impression that this week will be exhaustive to me going to be very busy in customer calls and pending works. After 20 minute planning, I am still left with one day i.e Friday will be leasure for me if I complete all my works as planned. This is something great I felt hence I am writing this mail. More to add, the hard copy is very good I realized the importance and CD version may be limited with respect to few goal reviews etc.  

    Agilent Participant
      The good news to share with you, I won the Franklin Covey Golden Goose Award amongst the three winners. Thanks a lot for all your guidance, mentoring & showing me path for this journey. It not only helped me in professional but in personal life also. In last six months I can see a significant change in my perspective of looking at the things, attitude, way of working… Though this program is officially closed, but I will seek your help, guidance as move ahead on this journey. I will be in touch with you. I will make sure to be one of your successful Brand Ambassadors.  

    Agilent Participant – October 2008
      I got the post-program benchmarking results. I took a day to go through this and can say with some relief that the post-program effects have been fair!! I really want to take a moment and thank you a lot!! I can easily say that your training session was one of the best sessions I have ever attended and has resulted in a definite positive change in my life.  

    Reliance Participant for ICT – September 2008
      Heartfelt Greetings!!! From the bottom of my heart and soul I would like to express my feelings regarding the ICT program I attended recently. Me, being the spiritual being and so much inspired by the buddhas like Buddha, Mahavir, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Osho, Socrates, Ron Hubbard… the list is endless. Until I attended this program I thought and felt all the training programs lack seriously something…they are incomplete somehow. First time in my corporate life I felt this program is so much in congruence with the teachings of buddhas so holistic and insightful…i don’t have words to express my gratefulness… All the trainers and the coordinators were so amazingly humble, committed and wise enough to enable us to look at training and coaching with fresh perspective. Am thankful to all the participants also. It’s a great encouragement to me. Up till now I felt I was wasting my time by not attending this program. I would like to further enhance my journey on this path and like to attend the subsequent programs.  

    One Mortgage Corporation ( India ) Private Limited participant – SEP 2008
      The workshop was really an enriching experience. I had already read the book, however I felt that this workshop had a deeper impact on me. The trainer was just brilliant.  

      I am writing in to THANK YOU for your role in the 3 day program at the Resort. I did share some of the discussion points with my team. They were completely thrilled to hear of the same. Especially the various Tools seem to be very high in making the program highly practical & easy to practice. Thank you once again.  

    One Source Event in Hyderabad – July 2008
      Thank you once again for your excellent presentation at our seminar last week – I know from the feedback that the audience found it very interesting and I am grateful that you took the time to attend. Look forward to meeting you again. Vice President, Sales Asia Pacific  

    HCL Participants – 7 Habits Workshop – July 2008
    • It was a real great learning experience. I feel, we came closer to our own life by way of writing personal mission statement and got opportunity to acquire skill sets thru this training to achieve the same.
    • Let us drive our life ourselves and create a WIN WIN situation all the times and come out of paradigm.
    • The 3 day workshop was one of its kind unique experience which attempted to make me a better human being (though there is a long way to go but at least I have started thinking in that direction).There was a lot of thrust on implementation than purely knowledge sharing, which made it unique and therefore been able to brush up things swiftly (sharpening the saw). Probably a lot I already knew in my sub conscious but with a right connect to the ’cause’ can now benefit me by brining same knowledge into my conscious now (thanks for the post training following mail to ensure it happens). I would like to thank you for the wonderful training programme and your promise of subsequent support – I shall surely attempt to gain as much as possible at my end.
    • It was a fantastic and scientific insight into our own self and while I was sharing some interesting parts of the training with some of my colleagues and friends, every one felt as if they have missed some thing great.
    • The training was excellent experience. This is one of the best training I have attended. With this training my Paradigm shifted totally. Now most important thing is to implement what we have learned. I am sure with effective implementation of these 7 habits we will become highly effective people.
    • Attending the workshop was an experience I could easily put among those like – once in lifetime. I am sure this is going to be a major milestone for my professional and personal lives. I sincerely thank you for being part of this experience and milestone.

    HCL – 7 Habits Workshop Participant – July 2008
      Dear [Trainer] & Friends, The training was excellent experience. This is one of the best training I have attended. With this training my Paradigm shifted totally. Now most important thing is to implement what we have learned. I am sure with effective implementation of these 7 habits we will become highly effective people. We are thankful to [Trainer] & Congratulate HCL HR team for arranging such a excellent training.  

    Agilent 7Habits Workshop Participant – July 2008
      I received the planning kit and thanks for the same. When I just started using it and when I started planning for this week, before planning I was under the impression that this week will be exhaustive to me going to be very busy in customer calls and pending works. After 20 minute planning, I am still left with one day i.e Friday will be leasure for me if I complete all my works as planned. This is something great I felt hence I am writing this mail. More to add, the hard copy is very good I realized the importance and CD version may be limited with respect to few goal reviews etc.  

    CISCO Participant – 7Habits Workshop – July 2008
      We truly enjoyed having you as our enabler for this program. Personally, I thought this was a fantastic program and have already recommended it to my colleagues/friends. I already see a paradigm shift in the way I interact with people and environment. The challenge for me would be to follow through with these habits in my life and continue to sharpen the saw! We are already talking about creating our weekly plan starting today and we are so glad you sent the compass to us. We’ll keep you updated on our progress.  

    HOLLAND TRACTERS – Great Leadership Program Participant – July 2008
      I want to convey my sincere gratitude to you for the impact you and your training has made to me personally. The training content, the delivery, the interactions and the examples you provided to clarify the subject were really excellent. In normal life you rarely see a person who practices what he preaches. It is heartening to see a person who is actually living the philosophy and the values he believes in, on daily basis, even in mundane affairs. I was able to relate to so many examples you shared. The fact is that we all know what is to be done but look for short cuts or may be do not exhibit enough courage or that we just want to avoid little inconveniences. I read a lot. I have my personal library of about 300 books. Off late because of my family and office commitments I do not get much time to read. To overcome this, I have subscribed to a site from where I get a new book summary every week. I have promised myself to really practice the learning i had from the course. First and foremost being inspiring trust. Also I have decided to spend more time with my family and try to be a Good husband and father. Thanks for teaching me to become a better human being and great leader.  

    XL SERVICES Participant – 7Habits Workshop – July 2008
      Thank you for sharing this feedback with us and congratulations on the success of the program! We appreciate your and your team’s efforts towards rolling the program out at XL!  

    XL SERVICES Participant- 7Habits Workshop – July 2008
      Thank you for the wonderful session on 7 Habits. It was truly an enriching experience, and would surely implement the habits in our day-to-day life.  

    XL SERVICES Participant – 7Habits Workshop – July 2008
      Just believe me I am actually short of words to express the benefits I am getting in professional as well as personal life after attending the workshop. The trainer was great in his job. Those two days really helped me in introspecting myself. I am feeling very confident after the session.  

    Ericsson Participant – May 2008
      I have been going through the 7 Habits and feel people in the training also trying to inculcate those things in themselves. I would like to thank to you people and appreciate the endeavor you undertake as it is also a way of improving people’s lives. In today’s time as people have unnecessarily entangled their lives, it makes them at least think about their lives and if they want to even sort it out. Thanks again  

    Mahindra & Mahindra Participant – May 2008
      I would like to share the new changes after this training with you. It is almost two weeks now past the training and I felt some changes in my routine life style and that too after I started the weekly operating plan which I named and started planning what I should target next week and measuring the effectiveness with respect to four quadrants which the trainer thought like urgent, not urgent, important and not important. This really gives the efficiency of your planning and implementation skills which I never used to do it in my earlier days. Next is the Work Life Balance – Very difficult task but some how I did find some time for my family and specifically with my relatives and that was a most memorable event which I felt. Now I have donated for poor children for their education which again a new change in my role. I have started teaching this with my Wife and to my Colleagues and they find interesting. To be specific Feb 02. We created an Emotional Bank Account and at least once a week targeted for deposits. On a whole this training has changed me a lot in a shorter period and I believe will continue to do the same.  

    ADITYA BIRLA GROUP Participant – May 2008
      It was great having the Franklin Covey trainer with us. He got along really well with all the participants and his missionary zeal and spiritual convictions were a role model for all of us lesser mortals! I personally feel that opting for the 7Habits for Managers – was a really good idea on your part and it fitted in very well with the rest of the course design. Please do convey our special thanks to the team and we shall be in touch further.  

    Lionbridge Participant – Great Leaders (Effectiveness to Greatness) Public Program Mumbai – May 2008
      I would like to thank you for the excellent training program conducted by you in the last week. Your enthusiasm and focus made the program a big success. What I liked most is, your ability to connect the theories to practical world ( while, we, participants came from diverse back ground). I have studied in prestigious institutes ( IIT, IIM) and also worked in MNCs like HLL where I had attended many training sessions conducted by experts. So, I came with a very high bar. I can say that you crossed the bar. It is really satisfying to attend a training program where in I could reflect on many important Stephen Covey principles to real world leadership challenges. I think through this program you added one more intensely loyal customer who can vouch for your excellent quality programs and your NPS will go up.  

    Ericsson Participant – May 2008
      First of all I would like to thank you for delivering The 7 habits of highly effective people training on 2-3rd May 2008 with extreme excellence. It was an experience of all of us. All the participants appreciated both delivery and content. Training for this batch was triggered while I got good feedback from one of my team member who had attend the same training in April 2008. It was really great pleasure that I myself has attended this training along with with my team and I am really impressed and choose to write this mail to you to say thank you.  

    Sri Lankan – German Development Cooperation(GTZ) – Participant – March 2008
      Thank you for sending the constant reminders, to keep improving the 7 habits. I would like to inform you, that I did learn a lot from the workshop I attended in February. Another good thing I would like to share with you is my college and I, after we attended the 7 Habits we were asked to do a presentation of what we learnt to the rest in the office. And referring to the notes we got, gave me a reminder on things I should do, and which I had forgotten, and to present the 7 Habits in a half day session, made me focus on things which are really IMPORTAINT in each habit. And I am very happy because my colleges were highly impressed. On how I presented the 7 habits, and also on how to look at it in a new way. I just wanted to share with you, my experience.  

      In my view I have never attended as beneficial and as -life changing a course like 7 habits… I relate and use all of these in daily life and that is showing wonderful results. Thanks a lot for your help.  

    CHAIRMAN AND CEO of a Rs 1000 Crore IT Company – Feb 2008
      Thank you for the best wishes and the kind words of appreciation. We are very happy with our experience so far with FranklinCovey and I am sure we will maintain the mutually beneficial relationship going forward.  

    TATA AIG participant – Feb 2008
      Thank you for facilitating the 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People at Bangalore. The programme has been very well received by the participants and we do sincerely hope that it impacts them both personally and professionally. Congratulations to you for bringing out the best in them through the programme. They found you very inspiring and adding substantial value during the workshop. While I was very apprehensive before the programme (as I did not get the opportunity to talk to you earlier), I was rest assured on day1 when I was part of the workshop in the morning that the workshop was being facilitated by a practioner of 7 Habits!  

    TATA AIG Participant – Jan 2008
      Let me first thank you for an excellent program that you had delivered. It was great learning & great fun too. After a long time I had enjoyed a program so much. Incidentally was going through the contract and am trying to live the habits. Have bought the Planner and am trying to inculcate the principles into daily life.  

    Lodha Group – Leadership Program Participant – Jan 08
      Thank you very much for the 3 days. Your openness helped a lot in sharing thoughts. Have been thinking about the course…it should actually be of 5 to 7 days duration to do justice to the contents. You did a remarkable job of managing within the 3 days.  

      It was really nice spending those 3 days with you. I have not come across any such workshop whose learnings are till date humming in my head! It helped me discover a new meaning of my life and coached me to understanding about how to achieve excellence!  

      WOW! what a workshop it was. Personally it is helping me a lot.  

      Thank you very much for your mail. I chose to do a few thing post your wonderful session. Physical – I make it a point to walk for 20 minutes at least 4 times a week. Social – I actually think before replying. It has helped. But at times it takes a back seat. Consciously trying. I think with conscious practice will improve Emotional – I have actually stopped worrying about a lot of things. These days, the principle that I follow is if the worry is something which I can’t do anything about, then better to focus on increasing my circle of influence. This has actually helped me to have a good sleep at night and that keeps me active and fresh throughout the day. Thank you so much for the same. Spiritual – I was regularly spending 20 minutes in the morning praying (like chanting Vishnu sahasranamam). Will continue to do the same. Your training was really motivating and helped me to actually do introspection on self. This has actually helped. Am choosing to read the book over the Christmas weekend, to reinforce the learning. Thank you once again. You are one of those few people, who I shall always remember.  

    Motorola participant – 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People – October 2007
      I wanted to thank you for the excellent training and experience during those 3 days. Please note that I deliberately delayed writing this mail as I wanted to re-asses my feeling at least a week after the training, just to make sure that its not like other make-you-feel-good training. I still feel great having attended 7H training and am making changes to my lifestyle and thought process, which I know will be greatly helpful in coming future. At this point, I find first 3 habits to be more fruitful but I am sure others will help when I get the private victory 🙂  

    TCS Participant – 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People – Oct 2007
      Thanks for providing us the oppurtunity to change the way we live. Those two days had been a real eye opener and a reality check of our lives. Really appreciate the program. I have started to implement the first Habit and am using the See-Do-Get model in making decisions. The perspective to making decisions has changed. I am now taking a brief mental map for each action I could take before choosing the action. Have not made any progress on the Personal Mission statement as yet. I have not put a date to it yet, (that may be the reason for not progress) but would mark some time next weekend to work on it. Thanks you again for providing me with this oppurtunity.  

    Ashapura Group of Industries – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – July 2007
      Thanks for the very enlightening 2 days. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would like to appreciate you for that. You kept the momentum and continuity in the sessions which was very important otherwise there was every chance of drifting. (Needless to say, the smile was infectious.) Please do record your sessions as a matter of habit (9th HABIT!!). It gives you the best insight and wonderful real life examples.  

    BASF Participant (June workshop – Achieving your highest priorities)
      Thanks a lot for the excellent presentation, which was an eye opener. We really appreciate your efforts and presentation skills. We hope we will be able to make effective use of the tool provided and synergize our professional and personal life..  

    Cognizant Participant – March 2007
      Thanks for the excellent presentation skills training for two days at CTS, Kolkata. Really enjoyed, and learned a lot from your training. Please keep in touch!  

    For Dr.Bliane Lee on Principle Centered Leadership – Mark Victor Hansen coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul
      What people think they want is power. But what they really need is heart-centered visionary leadership which The Power Principle so aptly teaches!  

    For Dr.Bliane Lee on Principle Centered Leadership – Larry King
      I have had the privilege to interview some of the most powerful people in the world. The Power Principle teaches that power is not determined by one’s name, title, or fame, but that true power is power with honor.  

    For Dr. Bliane Lee on Principle Centered Leadership – Ken Blanchard coauthor of The One Minute Manager and Gung Ho Profound
      Lee teaches you the essence of true empowerment through understanding the hearts and minds of those you live and work with. Begin managing yourself today and others will follow you tomorrow.  

    For Dr. Bliane Lee on Principle Centered Leadership – John Gray author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus
      Whether you are from Mars or from Venus, the balance of power in your relationships requires a delicate understanding of honor, trust, and respect. The Power Principle provides a new standard for how we can build more meaningful relationships.  

    For Dr. Bliane Lee on Principle Centered Leadership – Stephen R. Covey author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
      Blaine Lee is one of the greatest teachers I have ever known. He is a world expert on power, how to get it, and how to use it with honor. He will show you how to develop the power to practice the habits of highly effective people.  

    Maruti Udyog Participant
      The training of seven habits of effective people is very usefull for me and I want to share with my S.E. Can u help me for this? How I should do this in minimum time.  

    4 Roles of Leadership workshop Participant (Mobilink Pakistan)
      I must appreciate that it was a wonderful training and I learnt a lot of out it. Especially, I really enjoyed the co-missioning concept and wanted to implement the same in my department and among my teams. However for that I will be needing a bit of your support. You showed us lots of interesting videos on the topic out of which one on co-missioning was amazing where Stephen shared his experience of Ritz Carlton Hotel. If convenient for you, I would like to have the copy of that video as I wanted to show my team leaders the importance of co-mission and what a customer expects from us.  

    Analog Devices Participant (7 Habits in-house workshop) – October 2006
      Your presentation is excellent and learned a lot from your presentation even after reading the book. Its just my perception on the 7 Habits took a new direction and new understanding.  

    7 Habits of Highly Effective People Public Programme Participant (August 2006)
      A late start as i was bed ridden due to viral. It was really wonderful to listen to the very powerful and thought provoking facts about very small but important tools (i.e. 7 habits) to make our lives effective and the same were delivered to all of us with a great zeal and effectiveness by the trainer .you shall agree with me that the trainer was quite patient to all of us with rows of questions pouring in at one go, for I think we must be grateful to her having kept such a good attentive listening to us. I am trying to make it a point that i am able to exercise atleast two to three habits and share my experiences later on with all of you. Hope you guys shall find some time in your personal life to keep in touch and share those fruitful gains of this wonderful program. I once again thank the trainer for sharing the platform to enable us reinvent the very purpose of our life.  

    7 Habits of Highly Effective People Public Programme Participant (August 2006)
      Thank you very much for your mails.This training session was not only training but it was some sort of mutual learning and sharing of professional as well as personal experience.There was good learning from lectures of the trainer and Video of Dr.Covey.There was good discussion on topics like efficient and effective that showed the enthusiasm of all of us. I cherish all moments of this session and be in touch in future.I thank Ms Bindu for delivering excellent training session and all participants for their co-operation and active participation.  

    7 Habits of Highly Effective People Public Programme Participant (August 2006)
      Thanks for all your mails. This has happened with me the first time that after any seminar the entire group is showing such initiative in writing back. The participation of the group during the seminar was very good, Thanks to the trainer to conduct the workshop in an excellent way. I hope and wish everybody that all of us are more effective in whatever we do in our lives.  

    7 Habits Public Programme participant (August 2006)
      It was great to be with all of you during the above course and I thank you all for coming up so openly with your experiences and understanding of the contenets of the course,which really helped in making this course to be more fruitful for me and I hope for all of us too. I thank the trainer for her time and sharing the contenets of the course so effectively with us and all of you for being active participants of the course. Since, during this course, we have already formed a synergy with each other for sharing and exploring various aspects of the course, I would request all the collegues to stay in touch and share your experiences to help others in faster and effective implementation of the seven habits in real life.  

    Oracle Participant (7 Habits workshop – July 2006)
      Just a note of thanks to you for the 7 habits effectiveness programme. Appreciate your patience in taking us through this course. The best part of the course was the interactions with examples, which really helped me understand and relate it to my day-to-day activities on the professional as well as the personal front. It definitely set my mind thinking. I still have a long way to go, but i think this has been a very good start in the journey called LIFE. Would like to keep in touch with you, and learn more in times to come.  

    Oracle Participant (July – 7 Habits workshop)
      Thank you for sharing the wonderful experience of 7 habits over last 3 days. It is really a great program & I am sure it will go long way in changing the way we work & increase our effectiveness in my life. Look forward to interacting with you in future as well.  

    Citifinancial University (June 2006)
      The workshop was really inspirational and gave me a chance to gaze within. J.S. Baik, HR Head, Korea Thank you very much. This is the best training workshop I have ever attended. Neeraj Pant, Risk Management Head, Thailand This workshop is wonderful as it make you think about your life and priorities, both professionally & Personally Cynthia Loo, Training Head, Hong Kong This workshop was a welcome break from the daily hustle and bustle of work life. It has been a paradigm shift in managing myself & my team. AG Ramachrishna, Branch Network Head, Thailand The training has been a Deep experience on a personal & professional level. Thanks for making it possible for me. Ashish Bharadwaj, Division Head, Branch Network, India.  

    Read Full Review

    Transworks Participant (April 2006)
      I thank you for your sincere effort and dedication towards delivering the 7 Habits program… Personally, I gained much encouragement and insight…and I am certain that the program will a large

    in the

    Emotional Bank Account
    between Transworks and the individual manager. Best wishes for the future programs.  

    HLL 7 Habits Train the Trainer participant (January 2006)
      It was indeed a great feeling after going through the 7 Habits TTT at Mumbai. Firstly it gave me a new insight in to those areas which I never experienced earlier. Secondly the way you facilitated was truly inspiring – keeping the environment lively and filled with energy. Looking forward to gain more and more learning from you through regular interactions.  

    HLL 7 Habits Train the Trainer participant (January 2006)
      First of all let me thank you for the wonderful TTT-7 habits workshop in Mumbai.You really made such a difficult job look so easy.While I implement 7 Habits in my personal and professional life ,I would like to get in touch with you wherever I find roadblocks.Hope this is fine with you. While I was planning for the week,I really found the weekly compass an effective tool. Once again, a big thanks to you for your contribution in my life.  

    Airtel Participant (January 2006)
      We would like to thank you for the programme on the 7 Habits. I think it was no better a start for the new year to sit down for 2 days and reflect how be an effective resource to one self and the organisation. I am sure living the 7 h would definitely would be journey which would be a win win situation for all of us from the Karnataka circle.