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LiveClicks™ Webinar Workshops

LiveClicks webinar workshops put the high-quality instruction of FranklinCovey in-person training into convenient online workshops. LiveClicks webinars are led by our certified instructors or yours and are presented live online. With over 50 titles, webinars are available as single 2-hour sessions as well as multiple 90-minute sessions for a more in-depth approach. Engaging and interactive, LiveClicks webinars offer compelling content and award-winning videos.


For Organizations

Are you looking for a way to train more employees without the costs of travel and time away from the office? LiveClicks webinar workshops are delivered over the web to anyone, anywhere.


Our content offerings retain the same high-quality instruction of traditional FranklinCovey training with the ability to roll it out to virtual or distant learners or workers who are not able to leave their desks for extended periods of time. LiveClicks webinars are engaging and intractive. Plus we can buid custom webinars that meet your specifics needs.


We have an ever-growing list of titles available to bring into your organizations. Click here to see all LiveClicks webinar workshops help your organization:


  • Achieve corporate cost savings mandates to reduce business travel
  • Reach more employees
  • Decrease participants time away from their jobs
  • Build custom LiveClicks webinars

Boyd Roberts

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. in one of the world's largest insurance brokerages. The company initiated staff training using FranklinCovey's LiveClicks Webinar Workshops. This interview with Meagan Proehi, Assistant Training Managers at Gallagher, summarizes the company's positive experience with online training.

For Facilitators
Are you searching for a way to increase your impact at work and reach more learners? LiveClicks is a solution that eliminates many of today's training barriers including reaching a distributed workforce and complying with budget reduction. Our online certification process will get you up in running quickly and confortably, so you are ready to conduct your own LiveClicks webinar workshops.


Certifying to teach LiveClicks webinar workshops will help you:


  • Reach more employees with your training sessions
  • Engage your learners through new-techniques of training
  • Become part of a growing delivery channel
  • Keep training initiatives alive even in turbulent times

For Individuals

Are you trying to improve your abilities at work but can't afford to take time away from your home or office?


With our calendar of LiveClicks webinars you'll experience highly engaging training right from your desk on a wide variety of topics.


Award winning videos, exciting activities and live communication with a certified instructor will help you learn and retain the knowledge you've received.


LiveClicks webinar workshops help you:


  • Save time and money
  • Get trained without the obstacles or cost of traveling
  • Increase your effectiveness and impact in your current roles
  • Decrease time away from your office and your family