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Licensed Facilitation
Many clients have embedded FranklinCovey programmes into their organisation's internal development curriculum. For those who wish to follow this route, we offer an accreditation process and annual licensing system.

The way this operates is that we work with you, the client organisation, to certify and accredit your own facilitators to deliver specific FranklinCovey programmes. From then on, for as long as the organisation holds the licence, you can run these programmes on your own premises and to your own schedule - with support from us in the form of course materials, 360 degree profiles and regular updates.


Clients have found that integrating FranklinCovey programmes like this can be a particularly powerful, flexible and cost-effective way to facilitate long-term change, and embed the principles of productivity, performance and effectiveness into the culture.


From there, we have the expertise to build solutions to address the appropriate people development issues - bringing the results you seek.


In our experience, the most robust and effective solutions are achieved through a complete service cycle starting with diagnosis and assessment, to programme design, development and delivery, and following through with measurement and reassessment.


To enquire about licensed facilitation in your organisation please contact Gaurav Raheja on +91 9811174446, or email