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The 7 Habits Benchmark Assessment™
Real change requires honest feedback.


As training euphoria dissipates, the real work begins-that is, internalizing the 7 Habits principles until they become an instinctive way of responding to life. The first step in this process-assessing current performance-is essential for understanding accountability and what deserves the most attention. Do your employees know where they stand with you? With others?

The Solution


What if you could foster an environment that celebrates the value of giving, receiving, and responding to feedback? The 7 Habits Benchmark™ tool from FranklinCovey enables employees to assess themselves and each other. This 360° assessment gathers input from key associates-direct reports, coworkers, and supervisors-to help individuals gain a clearer picture of their performance from a range of perspectives. The 7 Habits Benchmark includes individual reports and action plans for applying new skills to real-world issues and situations.



About the Course
The 7 Habits Benchmark is administered in three steps:
  • Prework - The individual completes a self-assessment and receives feedback from trusted associates.
  • Debriefing - Results of the assessment and feedback are reviewed in combination with one of FranklinCovey's core workshops.
  • An Action Plan - The individual creates a personalized action plan for implementing workshop concepts.


During this process, participants learn to:


  • Focus on workshop concepts in light of their own Benchmark results
  • Gain insight into their performance gaps and areas of needed improvement
  • Demonstrate accountability by creating a personalized action plan that combines workshop concepts with assessment results
  • Follow their action plan for continual improvement




"You are the creative force of your life. You have a unique contribution to make that no one else can make. Start small. Start today. Remember that out of small things, great things are accomplished."
Stephen R. Covey Author

Core competencies for The 7 Habits Benchmark include:


Core Competencies

Participants Will Learn to:

Measure individual effectiveness and receive an action-oriented approach to personal development
  • Focus on workshop concepts in light of their own Benchmark results.
  • Gain insight into their performance gaps and areas for improvement.
  • Create a personalized action plan, combining workshop concepts with Benchmark results.
  • Follow their action plan to make continuous improvement.
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