Let's Get Real or Let's Not Play-Transforming the Buyer/Seller Relationship

"Mahan Khalsa and Randy Illig prove that you can indeed create win-win by focusing entirely on helping clients succeed-and create a culture of excellence in any organization." -Stephen R. Covey


"In ongoing relationships both buyers and sellers must engage in a symbiotic relationship of mutual satisfaction; otherwise someone is going to want out. It is important to make a sale today in a way that will lead to even more sales in the future."

So Mahan Khalsa and Randy Illig state in their introduction to Let's Get Real or Let's Not Play-Transforming the Buyer/Seller Relationship. In this sales training book, the authors transform the concept and process of doing something to someone to a concept and process of doing something for and with someone, turning a fear-based relationship into a value-based relationship-where value is created for both the buyer and seller.

To help you achieve this transformation, Let's Get Real or Let's Not Play takes you through sales and business principles that will help you help your clients succeed. These principles are based on the unique process, skills, and tools developed by the FranklinCovey Sales Performance Group, and applied by real sales leaders and salespeople around the world. These practices can help you:

  • Create new business opportunities from scratch in a way all parties can feel good about.
  • Structure the conversation to truly understand a client's real needs and build trust.
  • Engage people in honest dialogue by asking hard questions in a soft way, then listening.
  • Close the deal by opening minds.
  • Grow business.

Above all, you will learn the power of "getting real," which the authors define as being authentic, saying exactly what you mean, and acting on your values. Getting real means challenging lazy thinking and penetrating facades, games, defenses, fears, and illusions. It's the best way to build rewarding, productive business relationships and to deliver consistently better results.

Who Should Attend

This sales training program is specifically designed for professionals who have business development and sales responsibilities, including sales leaders, sales professionals, professional services consultants, implementation and delivery professionals, and executives.

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