Helping Clients Succeed™: Negotiations-Creating and Claiming Value

Superior negotiations require effective preparation and execution.

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How well do you or your sales people negotiate? Do you ever leave anything on the table? Do you ever "give something for nothing"? Do you ever win a deal, only to lose it-or part of it-when negotiating terms and agreements? Do your clients feel they've "gotten their money's worth"-exchanged money for a solution of comparable value?.


The ability to deliver value exchange in a way about which the client feels good is a critical part of yours and your client's success. When you apply the principles in Negotiations-Creating and Claiming Value with effective dialogue in a process that's repeatable, you are able to manage a discussion in which you can create the best value for the client-and claim the exchange of value for your organization.

Course Overview

The Negotiations-Creating and Claiming Value sales negotiation training course focuses on conducting intelligent business conversations through proven skills and disciplines for creating value and claiming your fair share. Specifically, sales people will learn how to:

  • Improve profitability.
  • Create a common methodology and language.
  • Nurture and sustain longer-term relationships.
  • Prepare effectively for the many negotiations you're involved in throughout the year.

Core competencies for Creating and Claiming Value:


Core Competency

Participants will be able to:

Day 1
Prepare and plan for negotiations by using a reliable and repeatable methodology.
  • Open and maintain healthy dialogue.
  • Start with a position of strength and confidence by asking effective questions.
  • Develop and articulate a clear rationale for your position, and use that rationale as an anchor at the beginning of your negotiation discussion.
  • Determine your walk-away point-the point at which another alternative makes more sense than the current one.
Day 2 Morning
Identify and prepare for predictable pushbacks and tactics.
  • Use carefully prepared points of persuasion, options, and alternatives to negotiate pushbacks.
  • Avoid or neutralize tactics and games.
  • Manage fears and pressures during the process.
Day 3 Afternoon
Handle changes in scope and avoid inappropriate give-aways or discounting.
  • Ask for fair value exchange by never giving something for nothing.
  • Never give something for nothing.

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