Helping Clients Succeed™: Initiating New Opportunities-Creating and Advancing New Opportunities

Create new business whenever you want.

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Hundreds of calls. Dozens of emails. Massive rejection. A handful of appointments. A couple of sales-a lot of pain for little gain.


Free yourself from the cycle of pain and learn how to create new business whenever you want. Initiating New Opportunities is a sales training course that teaches sales managers and sales people how to confidently and predictably create and advance profitable opportunities that help current and new clients succeed. We provide the process, strategies, skills, and tools for transforming sales professionals into trusted business advisors whom clients continuously reach out to for help.

Course Overview

The Helping Clients Succeed Initiating New Opportunities sales training course is designed to help sales people and their managers.

  • Initiate new opportunities that are compelling and relevant for clients.
  • Prepare sales plans that provide insight into targeting the right marketplace and the right clients.
  • Create open, engaging dialogue with clients to mutually explore ideas and possibilities for profitable results.
  • Co-develop client-centered value propositions and business cases with clients.
  • Help clients succeed-always.

Core competencies for Enabling Decisions:

  • Select relevant opportunities and suitable accounts rather than chasing after everything.
  • Conduct the right kind of research to discover what would be compelling to the client.
  • Develop a value hypothesis that is grounded in the client's world rather than in your solutions only.
  • Identify the right people to approach, assess their business environment, and craft messages that will attract them to dialogue with you.
  • Generate business discussions vs. sales talk.
  • Pre-condition clients so they're willing and eager to explore an opportunity.
  • Get and prepare for the right meeting with the right people at the right time, and help clients make concrete decisions on the next steps.
  • Engage clients in an exploration process so they get invested and energized about possibilities for building a business case together.
  • Anticipate, handle, and resolve predictable questions and objections with confidence, and be an unbiased business advisor.
  • Learn a process that predictably creates and sustains success for you and your client.

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