Helping Clients Succeed™ - Enabling Decisions

Proposals don't sell; people do.

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To present to the right people at the right time in the right way a solution that exactly meets the client's needs.


Proposals don't sell, people do. Helping Clients Succeed: Enabling Decisions, the focus is on advocating a solution that exactly meets the client's need and on presenting that solution in a compelling way that enables the client to decide "yes" or "no," rather than an indefinite "maybe."

Workshop Overview

The Helping Clients Succeed: Enabling Decisions corporate sales training workshop is designed to help sales professionals and their managers:

  • Present a business proposal effectively.
  • Enable clients to make informed, timely decisions.
  • Follow a process that uncovers and resolves the client's concerns, both price and non-price.
  • Close the deal.
  • Maintain and build a productive relationship-even when you are the second choice.
  • Help clients succeed.

Core competencies for Enabling Decisions:


Core Competency

Participants will be able to:

Enable Decisions (E): Day 1 Morning
Gain permission for an in-person presentation.
  • Talk in advance to key stakeholders to ensure they address the client's exact issues, criteria and timetable.
  • Present in person to the right people with an effective format and process that directly addresses the client's key needs and outcomes.
  • Focus presentations with a call for action, identifying mutually beneficial decisions and next-steps that need to be decided before the meeting is over.
Enable Decisions: Day 1 Afternoon
Prepare a presentation that enables a "yes" or "no" decision
  • Matches the business case developed in Opportunity Creation (ORD) with the client's key beliefs about what the solution needs to achieve.
  • Demonstrates how the consultant's solution addresses and resolves the client's key beliefs.
  • Uses tools (PowerPoint, etc) that allow clear communication and ease of understanding for the client.
Enable Decisions (E): Day 2 Morning
Present to close.
  • Facilitate systematic checkpoints for keeping track of price and non-price "yellow lights."
  • Use advanced questioning skills to uncover, understand, resolve or reframe "yellow lights" issues.
  • Manage and handle question that are non-price "yellow lights," and price "yellow lights."
  • Call for a decision.
  • Role-play preparations that focus on the dialogue and process of price negotiations.
  • Conduct structured conversations that confirm that price negotiation is, indeed, the last issue to be resolved before an agreement is made; thus avoiding unnecessary price concessions.
  • Develop and use methods for clarifying next-steps once the client says "yes." If the client cannot reach a decision, consultants learn how to propose steps that can lead to a decision.
  • Manage a positive, on-going relationship.

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