Helping Clients Succeed™ Consultative Sales Training

Sales isn't just about selling. It's about Helping Clients Succeed.

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The economy. Need we say more! Actually, we prefer to look at the current challenge of a difficult economy as your opportunity to get out from under the wave of economic crisis and create a wave of economic and business success for you and your organization by "selling" in a way that builds long-term, high-trust relationships by exactly meeting your client's needs.


We offer an approach that balances the art and science of sales. The art of sales focuses on the people skills that create authentic dialogue and language for building high-trust relationships. The science of sales focuses on a repeatable, consistent process for initiating, qualifying, winning, and growing sales.

HCS is a mind-set, skill-set, tool-set, and methodology that blend the art and science of sales-integrating communication skills with disciplined business thinking and execution process. It enables you to eliminate the dysfunctions in the selling / buying process and get buyers on the same side of the table-to get real, talk honestly, explore issues, collaborate and craft solutions that exactly meet the client's needs. The end result is radical success for you and your client.

Putting Sales INORDER

The Sales Performance Group offers a suite of consultative sales training called Helping Clients Succeed™ (HCS). These work sessions are designed to fundamentally change the way you do business with clients.

INORDER represents the sales model we use in Helping Clients Succeed™

Each letter in the model represents a different stage in the sales process, starting from the front end with Initiating New Opportunities (IN) and Qualifying Opportunities (ORD) and closing at the back end with Converting Opportunities (ER).

We also offer sales training and Consulting in Negotiations and Sales Leadership to improve and sustain your sales performance.

In our work sessions, you are invited to bring your own sales opportunities-this isn't lost time from working on real deals. The focus will be on your deals and how you can advance them. You will receive expert how-to training and coaching to improve your sales execution and get real results.

Core competencies for each program in the Helping Clients Succeed™ suite:


Core Competency

Participants will be able to:

Inquiry: Qualify Opportunities
  • Qualify opportunities, build a solid business case, and either exit bad opportunities or become effectively prepared to close profitable ones.
  • Understand who the decision-makers are and their process.
  • Diplomatically discuss resource issues (time, people, and especially money).
  • Know who else they are considering and how to position your solution.
  • Gain clarity of one's own strengths and weakness in communication skills and direct experience with new listening, questioning, and conversation skills that balance the art and science of selling.
Advocacy: Convert Opportunities
  • Improve close rates and profitability
  • Enable clients to make decisions in the consultant's presence.
  • Make a strong business case for a solution.
  • Present your solution in a compelling way.
  • Learn effective communication skills that facilitate understanding and trust.
  • Nurture and sustain long-term relationships.
Initiating New Opportunities
Create and Advance New Opportunities
  • Initiate new opportunities that are compelling and relevant for clients.
  • Prepare sales plans that provide insight into targeting the right marketplace and the right clients.
  • Create open, engaging dialogue with clients to mutually explore ideas and possibilities for profitable results.
  • Co-develop client-centered value propositions and business cases with clients.
Create and Claim Value
  • Improve profitability.
  • Create a common methodology/language.
  • Nurture and sustain longer-term relationships.
  • Prepare effectively for the many negotiations you're involved in throughout the year.
  • Effectively handle the top negotiation tactics.
  • Decide when and when not to concede.
  • Create the right kind of value exchanges.
  • Develop strong objection-handling skills.

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