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Modular Series: Unleashing Talent™
Leadership Training That's Flexible and Doable.


Are the leaders in your organization tapping into their employees highest potential? In an economy where competitive edge relies on the skills and knowledge of the workers inside your organization, today's management leaders must know how to help individuals unleash their talents. But within this radically new paradigm, traditional motivation techniques are outdated and ineffective. If workers are to make their highest and best contribution, they need leaders who understand what motivates them, what matters most to them, and what their strongest abilities are.

The Solution


To unleash this new generation's talent, leaders must have a new mind-set, skill-set, and tool-set. Compared to previous generations, the knowledge-worker generation represents a fundamental shift in individual mind-sets and motivations. Leaders who can effectively tap into their employees most valuable talents and abilities will witness extraordinary results from happier, more engaged co-workers.


About the Course

Leaders who implement the tools and skills of the Unleashing Talent program will gain:

  • The ability to engage in meaningful conversations that enable team members to contribute their talent to the organization's needs.
  • The tools to empower team members to create a clear picture of how they will contribute.
  • Consistent achievement of goals through proven processes.
  • The means for holding leaders and teams accountable in achieving individual and team goals.


"The call and need of a new era is for greatness. Tapping into the higher reaches of human genius and motivation requires leaders to have a new mind-set, a new skillset, and a new tool-set."
Stephen R. Covey Author
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