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Modular Series: The 4 Imperatives of Great Leaders™
Leadership Training That's Flexible and Doable.


In the ever-increasing war for talent, the stakes have never been higher. At a time when individuals have become the most vital economic resource we have, organizations cannot afford to lose the knowledge and abilities that exist on their team.


A recent study found that the leading reason highly talented workers find employment elsewhere is an unsatisfactory relationship with their immediate supervisor. What's more, it takes an understanding of the new demands on today's leaders to produce results and create processes that ensure ongoing success.

The Solution


Organizations that want to retain their best and brightest must have leaders who understand the radically new paradigm from which the knowledge worker operates. The 4 Imperatives of Great Leaders workshop provides the foundation for those in leadership positions to think, act, and lead from this new paradigm. Participants in The 4 Imperatives of Great Leaders program learn powerful concepts and leave with tools and skills to help them lead, support, and inspire a talented, valuable workforce.


About the Course


Participants in The 4 Imperatives of Great Leaders workshop will gain the ability to inspire trust, as well as the knowledge to identify and address the four chronic problems that undermine success. They'll work on creating an environment where productivity and creativity thrive. They'll learn how to positively respond to team feedback, dramatically improve team relationships, and to adeptly-and positively-use accountability in the drive toward excellence.


"In business as in government, family life, and other areas, people who succeed in managing their future will be those who understand how history creates generations, and generations create history."
Neil Howe and William Strauss Author

Core competencies for The 4 Imperatives of Great Leaders include:



Deliverables Produced

The 4 Imperatives of Great Leaders
  • Participants will learn how to leverage the knowledge that exists in their team
  • They'll view team members as "whole people," each with a unique talent and contribution
  • They'll understand The 4 Imperatives of Great Leaders
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