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Modular Series: Clarify Your Team's Purpose and Strategy™
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At best, employees who don't understand how their jobs align with the organization's key goals and strategies are more likely to produce work that is simply adequate rather than exceptional. When management leaders fail to ensure that employees have a clear understanding of how their contributions support the overall purpose, time and resources are squandered on aimless pursuits and busywork.


Unfortunately, the percentage of individuals who really understand their organization's mission and purpose is strikingly low. Without understanding how their jobs affect the organization's purpose, employees perform to the lowest expectations of their job descriptions, not the highest.

The Solution


Create a system to Clarify Your Team's Purpose and Strategy. This powerful program helps leaders understand that clarity at every level is critical to an organization's success. They gain a clear understanding of their own purpose and how their job fits into the organization's strategy and mission.

About the Course

Participants then learn how to create a crystal-clear strategy for achieving team goals as they relate to the organization's mission and financial success. Leaders who attend the program gain:

  • The ability to connect their team's purpose to the mission, values, and strategy of the organization.
  • The means to help team members understand their jobs and how they are key contributors to the organization's goals.
  • Skills, tools, and a plan for leading their team in executing on the organization's most important goals.
  • A clear Team Purpose Statement to implement with their teams.
"Out of 12,182 people surveyed, 55 percent said they did not know what their organization’s mission and purpose were."
FranklinCovey xQ Survey and Harris Interactive Author

Core competencies for Clarifying Your Teams Purpose and Strategy include:



Deliverables Produced

Clarifying Your Teams Purpose and Strategy
  • Lead change
  • Positively influence results
  • Build teams
  • Hire the right people
  • Lead innovation
  • Plan for succession
  • Create team capability
  • Create and communicate a shared vision
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