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Modular Series: Building Process Excellence™
Leadership Training That's Flexible and Doable.


How well do your organization's core processes drive results? Every organization has processes and steps designed. How well they work is another matter. Can your leaders measure how effective their processes are? Can those processes be improved? And can process be effective in and of itself-that is, independent of any one person or leader? How you answer these questions is a strong prediction of how efficiently and productively your organization runs. If your core processes do not enable individuals to produce the results you want-systematically and predictably-then the results are left to chance. Or worse, they could disappear altogether when one of your key leaders exits the organization.

The Solution


Building Process Excellence delivers the knowledge and tools for making good processes into great processes.


The ability to achieve goals depends on the quality of the systems and steps used to achieve them. The Building Process Excellence program helps leaders understand how great systems operate and how they enable systematic, predictable results.

About the Course

Leaders attending the Building Process Excellence program learn how to:

  • Create excellent systems and processes using the Six Building Blocks of Process Excellence.
  • Systematically identify areas that need adjustment or improvement using FranklinCovey's proven process metrics and six-part Process Excellence Builder tools.
  • Improve the predictability of results.
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your organization's work processes utilizing the powerful tools from this program.
"Perhaps the best way to view leadership is as the task of architecting organizational systems… as establishing the conditions and preconditions for others to succeed."
Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert I. Sutton Author

Core competencies for Building Process Excellence include:



Deliverables Produced

Building Process Excellence
  • Create processes the ensure ongoing success
  • Identify the core processes through which work is accomplished
  • Create a means for improving the predictability of results
  • Instill a cadence of accountability for achieving results
  • Use powerful tools to maximize work processes
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